The Games Player – Innocence








You will have seen Davina Minchin on many fashion spreads and other photographs – early forties, but looks ten years younger, with long brown hair and the body many women would envy. The income and lifestyle as well – which is why I was planning, at Steve’s suggestion, to pay her a visit one Sunday afternoon while her partner was attending to the restaurant he ran.


They lived in a quiet little village on the outskirts of Oxford, with their two daughters – Angelica, who liked to be called Angel, who was fourteen and already following in her mother’s footsteps, and ten-year-old Mary.  It must have been around two o’clock as I walked down the main street, wearing a green gilet over a black jumper and black jeans, and then turned into the driveway of their home before I pulled the usual stocking down over my head, and then made my way round the side of the building.  The rear garden was clear, and as I tired the door handle I was pleased to find it opening out without any problems.


The Minchin family kitchen was certainly an old school one – Aga stove and everything as I slipped my large shoulder bag off and placed it on the wooden table.  Just in time, as it turned out, for Davina Minchin herself to walk into the kitchen and look at me.  She was wearing an elegant white sleeveless dress, with embroidered flowers on the arms and round the neckline, and a black belt around her waist, as well as white high heeled pumps – and an expression of pure horror as she saw me in her kitchen, taking rope from my bag as well as a starting pistol.


“What the…”


Now, I do have to admit – as a woman, I could see why she was so successful as a model.  Even without makeup on, she was a beautiful woman – but I have Steve, and Tammy, and I had a job to do.


“Hello, Davina,” I said, smiling under the stocking mask, “now, I know you are very protective of your image, and I imagine of your girls as well, so please, do nothing to raise the alarm.”


“Who…  Wait…  Are you the Games Player?”


“So the papers like to say – so can you guess what I am going to say?”


Davina looked at me, and then said slowly “you are going to rob me, and make sure the girls and I cannot raise the alarm – but if I pretend to make it a game, then the girls won’t be so scared?”


“Quite right.” I said with a smile.


“Well, it won’t work – not with Angel at least, but if you let me talk to her, we can persuade Mary together,” Davina said as she looked at me.  “I know you by reputation, but I’ll do this to keep Mary safe.”


I nodded and said “an acceptable compromise.”  Holding up the white rope, I continued “so we may as well start – please, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


Davina nodded as she turned and crossed her wrists behind her back, watching over her shoulder as I doubled the rope over and used it to secure her wrists snugly together.  “That’s soft – I wasn’t expecting that,” she said as I pulled the rope between her arms to tighten the binding.


“As I said, I have no desire to harm you,” I said with a smile as I took a longer length of rope out, and doubled it over before I wrapped it round her arms and upper body.  Pulling it gently tighter, I hear the soft gasp from Davina’s mouth as her arms were forced against her side, and I framed her chest in the two bands of rope.


“Okay – I can cope with this,” she said quietly as I secured the ropes, and put my bag over my shoulder, the gun in my hand.


“So – we need to have a word with your older daughter first – where is she?”


“In her room,” Davina said quietly as she looked at me.


“Good – shall we?”  We walked out of the kitchen, Davina in front of me, and walked up the stairs to the first floor.  Stopping outside a door, I knocked as Davina said “Angel – can I have a quick word please?”


“Sure mum,” a young voice said as the door opened, and Angel Minchin looked at both of us, her eyes wide opened as I put a gloved finger to my covered lips.  She had long blonde hair that fell over her shoulders, and was wearing a cream-coloured slip dress with a wrap effect top.


“Can we come in,” Davina said, Angel nodding as she stood to the side and we walked in, allowing me to close the door.


“Mum, what the hell…”


“Angel, I need you to listen carefully,” Davina said.


“You’re tied up by a masked woman, and you expect me to be quiet?”


“Because of Mary.”


Angel looked at me, before she said “you’re going to tie my sister up as well?”


“And gag all of you,” I said quietly, “but we don’t want your sister to be upset – so we need to pretend this is a game for her benefit.”


Angel stared at me, before she said “shit – you’re one of the Games Players?”  I nodded, as she said “I should be  glad it’s not your friend – somehow, it’s not so bad when it is a woman.”


“So you’ll play along,” Davina asked as I saw the genuine concern in her eyes.


“For Mary, yes – but I don’t like it?”


“You may surprise yourself,” I said as I put my bag on the bed, and took some rope out.  “So, turn round, and cross your wrists behind your back.”


Davina watched as I secured Angel’s wrists together, and then wrapped the rope round her upper body so that her arms were held tightly against her sides.  As I tied the ropes off, she said “okay – that’s tight…  Where is Mary Mum?”


“In the front room – can we go to her now and get her to do this?”


“I agree – then her sister can watch over her while you and I take a walk round the house,” I said as I picked up my bag again.  Both mother and daughter nodded as we left the room, and walked back down the stairs, going into the front room as I heard the television playing.


Mary Minchin was sitting on a chair, and I could see that like her sister she was going to be  a beautiful woman when she got older.  The ten-year-old was wearing a white blouse with short, capped sleeves, and a pink skirt that had several layers, as well as a fringed hem.  Her feet were covered with white short socks, unlike the shoes both her mother and sister were wearing.


“Wow,” she said as she looked over, “what’s going on Mum?”


“Mary,” Davina said as she smiled, “we’re all going to play a game of hostages.  Your dad and I thought you might like the surprise.”


“Hostages?  So the masked lady is pretending to be a robber?”


“that’s right,” I said with a smile, “and as you can see, your mother and sister are already playing.  IT doesn’t hurt, does it?”


“No – no, it doesn’t” Angel said, “come and have a look at both of us, Mary.”  The young girl got off the chair and walked over, looking at both of them before she said “wow – and you are going to do this to me as well?  That looks exciting.”


Angel and Davina exchanged a glance as I said “good – so why don’t you put your hands behind your back, and your sister can sit on the couch while your mother watches me, makes sure I don’t hurt you accidentally.”


“Okay,” the young girl said as Angel sat down, putting her ankles to the side as I secured Mary’s wrists together behind her back, and then her arms to her sides.  She giggled as I pulled the ropes tight, and said “look at me Mum – I’m a hostage” as I secured the ends behind her back.


“Yes – but I need to make sure you and your sister stay here while your mum comes with me,” I said with a smile, “so go and sit next to her.”


“Okay,” she said as she sat down, her feet hanging off the edge of the seat as I knelt down and used more rope to secure her ankles together.  I then did the same to her legs below her knees, taking the rope between her legs to cinch the binding, and then let her watch as I did the same to Angel.


“Well, we’re stuck here kid,” she said with a smile as Mary twisted her legs round.


“Yeah – do we have to be quiet as well?”


“You do,” I said as I took a white silk scarf from my bag, rolled it into a band and tied a knot in the middle.  “Watch what I do to your sister.”  Mary nodded as Angel opened her mouth, and ~I eased the knot between her teeth, tying the band round her head as she closed her lips over it.




“Yhsss,” Angel said as I rolled and knotted a second scarf, and used it to gag Mary as well.  I then turned the television on, as Mary smiled before I took Davina out of the room.


“Thank you – she doesn’t seem to be scared,” she said as we walked back up the stairs.


“My pleasure – now, let us make as little mess as possible.  Just tell me where your valuables are…”




“Hllhmhm,” Angel said as I brought Davina back in.  she was also gagged int the same way as them, the white band pressing her cheeks in as the knot sat between her lips.  She sat in an armchair, the girls watching as I secured her ankles together and then her legs below her knees.


“Now, keep watching the television,” I said with a smile, as I looked at my watch.  “I think your father is home in an hour – think you can remain hostages until then so he can see how much you enjoyed the game?”


Mary nodded, Angel and Davina looking at each other before she nodded as well.


“Good – have fun,” I said as I slipped quietly out…







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