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It wasn’t my intention to spend quite as long as I did there, but this particular visit turned out to need a little more on site work…


Donna Blake is a successful business woman, a single mother with two daughters aged ten and eleven, named Karen and Belinda, and lives in the Alderley Edge area of Cheshire.  As such, she had been on the possible list for me and Janna for some time, and when a conference took me to the area, we both agreed it would be worth executing our plans.


It was about four on the Friday afternoon when I pulled up and parked on a side road, and then walked back round to the driveway of the Blake house.  I was wearing a black leather jacket and dark trousers, with a black wool cap on my head, and my rucksack on my back with my supplies.


Given it was Friday, it was quiet as I quickly walked back up the road and the driveway, and then stood in the porch, pulling the hat off and then the stocking down my head before I knocked on the door.


As it opened, however, it was not Donna Blake who opened it – Donna was in her forties, while the young woman who opened the door was in her early twenties.  She was slim, with long blonde hair, and wearing a white jumper with a lace effect at the top, dark brown suede pants and mid-calf brown felt boots.


“Yes, Can I…”  She walked slowly back as she saw me there, following her in as I closed the door before I said “hello – who are you?”




“And where is Mrs Blake, Hannah?”


“She’s…  She’s away on business, but she will be back at ten tonight…”


I looked at her, and said “so are you an au pair?”


“no – Mrs Blake asked me to babysit her daughters for a few days.  What…  What are you going to do with me?”


“I’m going to get you to play a game with the girls,” I said with a smile, “where are they?”


“they’ll be back in an hour or so – all three of them.”




“Yes – their friend Ashley is coming with them for a sleepover…”


Well, this did complicate matters – but I said quietly “well I think you are going to help them play a very special game today, Hannah.  Why don’t er have a look round the house before they get back?”


She slowly nodded as we walked round, and I noticed a few things.  One was the safe in the downstairs office – and the other was what we found in the master bedroom, as I made Hannah collect some items…



It was about five o’clock when we both heard the noise of eager young minds, and watched the three girls as they walked into the front room.  Belinda, the older sister, was wearing a green hoodie with pink trim over a white jumper, flowers on the hoodie.  She was also wearing dark jeans, the legs tucked into a pair of red and white striped wellington boots.


Her sister Karen was wearing a red jumper and tan coloured flared pants, with a pair of cream coloured jelly sandals on her feet.  As she looked at me, Karen said “Hannah, why is the man here, and why is he wearing a mask?”


“Well,” Hannah said quietly, “he’s pretending to be a robber – and your mum has hired him to play a game of hostages today with all of you.  Ashley, he would like you to play as well – please say you will.”


Their friend, like the girls, had long blonde hair, and was wearing a blue denim blouse with dark leggings and brown Ugg boots.  She looked at me, and said “how do we play?”


“Well, look on the couch?”  As they did, Belinda said “wow – are those Mummy’s scarves?”


“They are indeed – so for the first part of the game, Hannah is going to use some of them to secure your legs and wrists, and then you can have a drink and a snack.  She’s going to be doing this because the bad robber – me – told her to, so all thee of you, sit on the couch, and put your hands together in front of yourselves.”


The three girls giggled as they did what I asked them to do, and then I told Hannah to pick up three blue silk rectangles, using them to bind the wrists of the girls together in front of them.  I then told her to use three long white silk scarves to bind their ankles together as well, before taking Hannah to the kitchen, returning with a tray of drinks and snacks.


“Now,” I said as she set the tray down on the coffee table, “I am going to secure Hannah, just like you, but I’m also going to do something to stop her talking while you have your drink and food, and talk about the weekend.”


The girls nodded as Hannah sat down, smiling as I used green rectangles to secure her wrists and her ankles, and ten a red one to tie her legs together above her knees, and her wrists down to that.  I then rolled up a black bandana with a white print, and cleave gagged Hannah with it, before I handed each of the girls a drink.


“Are you going to do that to us as well,” Ashley asked after she had taken a sip.


“I will – before I take Hannah to prepare your supper,” I said with a smile.  “After that – well, we shall see.  For now, however, I need you all to eat and drink – with my help of course.”


They spent the next half hour or so enjoying the food and drink as Hannah watched them, twisting round from side to side, before I used three white scarves as cleave gags on them, and took the tray with the dirty glasses back into the kitchen.  As I did so, I could hear them trying to talk to each other – and I knew how they were going to continue to play the game later…”




“thanks for our supper, Hannah,” Karen said as their babysitter collected their plates.  All three still had their ankles and wrists tied together, but they had hopped to the dinging room before I removed their gags, and the pizzas had been devoured.


“So what happens next, Mister Robber,” Ashley said as she looked at me.


“Well, if you girls are having a sleepover, I think you all need to get ready for it – but you’re going to be watching the films unable to move or speak.  Before that, however, you all come upstairs with me and Hannah, and get yourselves into your nightclothes.”


The girls looked at each other and nodded as I walked up with Hannah, my rucksack on my back.  As they went into the girls’ room, I said “we’ll start by getting you ready, I think – put your hands behind your back.”


“You’re not going to hurt them, are you,” Hannah whispered as I took a length of white cord from my rucksack.


“no,” I said as I doubled the cord over, and crossed her wrists behind her back before I started to secure them tightly together, “but they are going to have fun doing what I am doing to you now.  So stand still please…”


Once I had her wrists secured, I took a longer length of rope from my bag and wound it round Hannah’s body, pulling it tight and forcing her arms against her sides as I made sure it formed two bands that framed her chest.  As I tied the ropes off, Karen and Belinda came out of the room, both wearing pink onesies with Peppa Pig on the front, while Ashley came out wearing a pair of cream cotton pyjamas.


“Oh wow – are you going to do that to us?”


“Nope,” I said with a smile, “you two are going to do this to Ashley, then you an toss a coin to see who does it to the other, and I’ll do the third girl.”  I handed the two sisters a length of cord, and said “double it over, while Ashley stands with her hands behind her back.”


“Like this,” their friends said as she put her hands behind her, while Belinda doubled the rope over. 


“Just like that.  Now, come behind her, wrap the cord round her wrists, and put the ends through the loop before you pull back.”


Hannah watched as Belinda wrapped the rope round, and then Karen pulled the ropes back, smiling as she watched Ashley’s wrists come together.  “That’s good,” I said with a smile, “now wrap it round four or five times, but keep it tight and neat.”


Karen did as I asked her as Ashley said “that feels funny.”  I then said to Karen “tuck the ends round the top end, and then let your sister wrap the rope that is left between Ashley’s arms – that makes it even tighter.”


“It does,” the young girl said as Belinda did that, and then I showed her how to tie the ends off and tuck them out of the way.  I then took the longer length and doubled it over, before I said “now, take turns to wrap this round Ashley’s upper body – bands like Hannah – so that she really cannot move them.”


Both girls had a look at their babysitter, before they managed to secure Ashely’s arms against her body – but I didn’t get them to cinch those bands, saying I’d do them once they were all ready.  As Ashley twisted round, I tossed a coin – and then watched as Belinda tied her sister’s wrists and arms in the same way as Ashley.


I then secured Belinda, before all of us walked back down the stairs, the girls talking to each other as Hannah kept her eye on them.  We walked back into the front room, Hannah sitting on a chair as the three girl sat on the floor facing the television.  They watched as, one by one, I used more rope to secure their ankles together side by side, and then their legs below their knees, cinching each band as well.


I then bound Hannah’s legs as they all watched, again at her ankles and below her knees, before I took a handkerchief and folded it up, and then rolled a red bandana into a band and tied a double knot in the middle of it.  The three girls watched as their babysitter nodded, and said “do what the man says” before  I pushed the folded cloth into her mouth, and then eased the knot between her teeth before I tied the scarf round her head.


“Hthssnhtshbhd,” Hannah mumbled as I looked at the girls, and said “so – who wants to be first, before I start Moana – and you can try and sing along as well…”




It would have been about ten o’clock when I heard the front door open and close, and heard a female voice say “I’m back girls – are you still awake?”  A moment later, the room door opened and Donna Blake walked in.  She had long dark hair, and was wearing a log grey cardigan over a pale blue top, black leggings and grey socks which were over the top of her black leather boots.


She looked at Hannah, the rolled up scarf damp at the corners of her mouth, and then at the three girls as they grinned while Belinda said “Fhnksfhrthghnmmmhmmh.”




“Hello, Donna,” I said as I stood behind her, “the girls and Hannah have really enjoyed the game of hostages we have been playing, but they wanted to stay awake so that when you came back, they knew you would be joining in as well.”


She turned her head and looked at me, before she said “well, I’m here now – but I need to go to the toilet and have a cold drink first.  If the bad man comes with me, I will be back in a few minutes.”


“Hthsshhlrhhttmhsssbhlk,” Ashley said as she wriggled round, before I took Donna by the arm and walked her out.


“A game,” she whispered angrily as she looked at me, “who do you think you are – the Games Player?”


“No, Donna, I don’t think I am the Games Player.” I smiled as I said “I am the Games Player – so you are going to play along, aren’t you?”  I smiled as she slowly nodded, and I said “good – kitchen first, and you can have that drink before you open the safe in the office.”


“Do I have a choice?”


“Not really, no,” I said with a smile, “shall we…”


Half an hour and one open safe later, we walked back into the room to find the girls and Hannah asleep.  I had already secured Donna’s upper body, and pushed a folded blue scarf into her mouth before using a rolled and knotted grey bandana as a cleave gag – so I helped her to lie on the couch, and bound her ankles as well as her legs below her knees, before placing her in a hogtie before she lay on her side.


“Thank you,” I said quietly as she nodded, and I left them with the television still on.  I made sure to inform the authorities of what was happening later.


Much later…







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