The Games Player – Scarf Games







Shami Kapoor and her family lived in a detached house on the outskirts of Leicester, her husband being one of the traders in gold jewellery in the city itself.  Although the city itself was still in severe lockdown measures that particular weekend, the opportunity was there for a fruitful visit – and so it was that I made the first of a number of visits I made where I had to make a few adjustments to the way that I worked.


Specifically, I had to pick a time when her husband was not at home – and as jewellers were not considered an essential business at first, I had to wait a few weeks before I actually drove up to the city and parked outside their house, on the day he re-opened his business.  I also, though contacts, had made sure I was not infected – and I had surgical gloves on under my leather ones as I walked to the back of the house.


I was dressed in black, as usual, and as I walked round the side of the house I made sure the medical mask was covering my nose and mouth, before I pulled the stocking down over my head and tried the back door.  Slipping in, I closed the door and took a moment to listen to the sounds in the house, the laughter – and then the footsteps as I stood in waiting, watching as Shami came in.  She was wearing a white t-shirt with a black camouflage print, and black and white leggings with an Aztec print, as well as gold sandals.


Oh yeah – and a startled expression on her face as I walked up behind her and put my hand over her mouth, whispering “not a word – just do as I say, and you and your daughters get to spend a fun afternoon.  Nod if you understand.”


I smiled as Shami slowly nodded, and then took my hand away as she turned round and looked at me.  “You…  You’re the Games Player?  But the restrictions…”


“I have taken all necessary precautions – so be assured, I will not harm you in that way, or any other way, so long as you play along.  Will you do that?”


As Shami slowly nodded, I said “where are they now?”


“They are in the front room, doing a lesson for their school,” Shami whispered, “They will be doing that for at least an hour – why?”


“It gives us time to have a look round,” I said with a smile, “and also to make sure before I leave, they will both be just as secure and quiet as you are.  For now, however, I must ask you to turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


I watched as she did that, taking my rucksack off and removing a length of rope from it before I crossed and bound her wrists tightly together.  I then smiled and said “so, let’s go and have a look in your bedroom, nice and quietly, all right?”



“We’re finished, mama,” I heard her older daughter say as I opened the door and we walked in.  I could see ten year old Bhavna and five year old Nidra sitting on a couch, dressed identically – black and white striped t-shirts with a v-shaped neck line, and black skirts, with bare feet.  They looked at Shami, and said “mummy, what’s the man doing?”


“He’s come to help us play a game of cops and robbers,” Shami said with a smile as she wriggled round.  I had used one of her black dupattas to secure her arms to her sides, the band around her stomach, and tied the ends between her wrists as well, while I put down on the chair next to me a selection of coloured dupattas.


“Cops and robbers?  How do we play that,” Nidra said as she looked at me.


“Well, I am the robber,” I said with a smile, “and I need to make sure that you, and your mother, cannot tell anyone I have been here for a while.  So I’m going to use these scarves to make sure all three of you cannot move, and keep quiet, but I promise you, it won’t hurt – and you can have fun trying to get free.”


“He’s already started with me,” Shami said as she smiled at her girls, “so let him do the same to you.”


“Why don’t you both stand up and look at your mother as she sits down,” I said as I closed the lid of the laptop they had been watching, “and I’ll make sure your arms are just like hers.”


“Okay,” Bhavna said as they both stood up, and Shami sat down.  They both had black hair like their mother, Bhavna’s pulled back in a ponytail while Nidra had hers cut short.


Anyway – I started with Bhavna, Nidra watching as I got her to put her hands together, palm to palm, behind her back and then wrapped a white dupatta round her arms and body, pulling them into her sides as I passed it round twice, and knotted the ends behind her back before I used the loose ends to bind her wrists tightly together as well.


I used a second white dupatta to secure Nidra’s arms and wrists in the same way, the two girls twisting round before I allowed them to sit either side of their mother. I then took the first of three black dupattas, and used it to bind Shami’s ankles tightly together, making sure the cloth went around and between her legs before I let the ends hand loose.


“Why did you do that,” Bhavna said as she watched me start to bind her ankles together in the same way.


“I will show you in a little while,” I said as I made sure her ankles were secured tightly together, and then did the same for her sister.  I then stood up and walked to the couch.


I said I had brought dupattas, but I had also brought three red gamcha scarfs – smaller, rectangular ones.  I rolled one of them into a band as said “now I need to make sure you stay quiet before I do the next thing.  I want your mama to open her mouth as wide as she can.”


Shami nodded as she opened her mouth, her daughters watching as I pulled the rolled up scarf between her lips and she bit down on it while I tied it round her head.  “Chnhhhhrmhhh,” she said as she looked at Bhavna and Nidra, both of them giggling and nodding as I used the other two red scarves to cleave gag them as well.


I then helped Shami to lie on the floor, and pulled her ankles back, using the loose ends to secure them to the chest binding.  The girls then lay either side of her as hogtied them as well, the three of them trying to talk and wriggling round as I said “now, you can try to get free – see if you manage it before the bad robber escapes.”


Which, of course, they did not….







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