The Games Player – Two Grannies








My name is Emily, and I’m ten years old.  I live with my mother in a nice flat, but I spend a lot of time with my grandmother because my mother works – and that was where I met her.


It was a Saturday afternoon, and I had been to a friend’s birthday party.  I was wearing one of my favourite outfits – a black vest top with pink trim and a pink bow on one side, a layered skirt made from black lace, black leggings and a pair of mid-calf black leather boots that had a studded strap round the ankle.


I had a great time there, but it came to an end and Granny Cath was waiting to pick me up.  She’s old, but she dresses as if she was younger – when I saw her waiting, she was wearing a black leather jacket over a tight grey dress.  One with a short skirt, as well as dark tights and a pair of knee length leather boots with a lace knotted at the back of the knee.


She smiled as she saw me, her hand running through her hair – she has long light hair, certainly lighter than my own hair.  I put on my own jacket and we talked about what I had done as we walked back to the car, laughing as she drove me to her house.


Now I should say Granny Cath lives with Granny Mary, and I was hoping she would have a snack and a drink ready for me when we got there.  When we walked into the house, however, we could not hear anything – and then we saw Granny Mary.


She’s older than Granny Cath, with short grey hair, and when I saw her she was wearing a grey sparkly dress with a thin white belt round her waist, and long black fabric boots – and I could see at her ankles and below her knees where some rope had been used to bind them together, going around and between her legs.


She also had her hands behind her back, and I saw bands of rope that went round her body, holding her arms against her.  She was looking at both of us, shaking her head and trying to speak – only there was grey scarf pulled between her lips and tied tightly round her head.


“Mary,” Granny Cath said quietly, “What’s going on?  Who did this to you?”


“I did – and I’m glad you’re both back here for Emily’s special treat.”


Oh – I’m Emily.  We both turned round to see a woman standing there.  She was wearing a brown sweater and leggings, with knee length brown leather boots – and she had something pulled down over her head that obscured her face.


She smiled as Granny Cath gripped my hand, and said “special – treat?”


“Indeed – your partner,” she said as she looked at Granny Mary,” has hired me to play the part of a burglar, and you’re all going to be my hostages for a while.  Did she not tell you about it?”


Granny Cath looked at Granny Mary, who nodded as she looked at me and then at Granny.  “I see,” Granny Cath finally said, “Emily, we’re going to play this game, all right?”


“Does that mean the lady is going to tie both of us up?”


“I think so,” Granny Cath said, “but I don’t think she is going to hurt us.  Do you need to go to the toilet?”


I nodded as the woman said “I’ll go with you.  Your other gran is going to stay here – aren’t you?”


Granny Mary nodded as we all went upstairs, Granny Cath and I hanging our coats up, and I went to the toilet.  I could hear both of them talking as I did what I needed to do – and when I came out, I saw Granny Cath had her hands behind her back.


“The lady has already tied my wrists,” she said as she turned round, and I saw the white rope going around and between her wrists.  “I promise you; it does not hurt – so let the lady do the same thing to you.”


“Okay, Granny,” I said as the lady went behind me, and I felt her taking my hands behind my back – then felt the soft rope on my wrists as she wrapped it around and between my wrists.  It was soft, but it was tight – and when she was done, I found I could not move my hands apart.


“There,” the lady said, “so let’s go back downstairs, and when I am done, you will both be like your other gran.”


“Let’s go,” Granny Cath said, and we walked back down the stairs.  I then saw a rucksack on a chair, as the lady told us to stand still and she opened it.  The next thing I felt was the way my arms were pulled against my sides as the lady wrapped some more rope round my stomach and my upper arms, and then tied it off behind my back.


I felt the band son my bare arms as I twisted round, but I really could not do much more than that – as I watched her do the same to Granny Cath, so that she was as tightly bound as me.


I saw Granny Mary raise an eyebrow, as we sat next to each other on the couch, and the masked woman knelt down.  She had taken more rope from the rucksack, and used one length to tie my ankles together.  It made a funny sound as the rope rubbed on my boots, and my boots rubbed together.  That made me giggle as I looked at Granny Cath – and she smiled as the masked lady then used some more rope to tie my legs together below my knees.


I twisted my legs around – it was as tight as the other ropes, but felt snug, and as I swung my legs up and down I felt how it seemed to tighten and then hold firm.  I watched as the lady did the same to Granny Cath, seeing how her cloth boots seemed to be lighter under the bands of rope, and then she took a black scarf from the rucksack and rolled it up.


“Open wide, Emily.”



It felt funny as she pulled the rolled-up scarf between my lips, and then tied it tightly round my head.  The taste was nice on my tongue, but I felt it pull the corners of my mouth back, and it was very difficult to talk after that.  She rolled up a blue scarf and pulled that between Granny Cath’s lips, but when she smiled at me as the lady tied the scarf round her head, I could see she was happy.


Granny Mary nodded as well as the lady turned the television on, and I shuffled over and lay down with my head on Granny Cath’s lap to watch the Paw Patrol.  The lady said she was going to pretend to look round, as she picked up her rucksack and went out of the room.


I did wonder where she had gone, but ‘I was soon more interested in the program I was watching – so when I heard the front door open and close, and then heard Mummy call out, I looked at Granny Cath and wondered if I should try and call out.  She looked down at me and shook her head, and then I heard the lady talking to Mummy, so I figured she would be playing the game as well.


A few minutes later, she came in, and I could see she was playing.  Mum was wearing a jersey dress that was white at the top, then black stars with a white band round them, and black leather boots that went over her knees – but she also had her hands behind her back, and bands of rope round her stomach and arms.  She also had a white scarf between her lips, and I saw how it was getting darker at the corners of her mouth as she sat in the other armchair.


I watched the lady as she tied rope round Mummy’s ankles, and her legs below her knees, just like the rest of us, and she winked at me to show she was enjoying it as well.  The lady then told us all to sit nice and still for half an hour, then to see who could escape, while she waited in the kitchen.


We sat watching the television for half an hour, before Mummy managed to stand up and jumped out of the room.  I wondered what she was going to do, and I could hear her in the kitchen – and then she ran in, without the ropes but with the scarf still in her mouth, before she helped me to sit up and pulled the scarf out of my mouth.


IT was so good when she hugged me, and said we were going to be all right…








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