The Babysitter







“Where are they?”


Laura looked at her watch again as her two children watched the television.  Tommy, her oldest son, was nine years old, laughing as he sat in his grey sweatshirt, faded jeans and black trainers.  His seven year old sister Lottie was next to him, in her red sweatshirt and leatherette pants in the same style as those Laura was wearing.  While she had on a pair of white trainers, Laura was wearing blue suede ankle boots, as well as a light blue sweatshirt.


“Relax, Mum,” Tommy said with a smile, “the agency ever let you down?”


“No – but still…”  The knock on the door made all three look to the doorway, before Laura went out of the room.


“Miss Duncan?  I’m Emma – apologies if I’m a little late?”


“Actually, you are right on time – hey Sue.”


Tommy and Lottie looked at each other as Laura’s friend Sue came in, a black leather jacket over her lace and sequined top. Knee length black boots came up over her black leggings, as she said “Jessie will come here after her drama class.  You must be the babysitter.”


“Eve – a pleasure to meet you both.”


A tall, red-haired woman walked in, carrying a gym bag which she lowered carefully to the floor.  She was not dressed like a normal babysitter – a crimson red leather dress with lace sleeves, dark tights, and black leather boots with a high heel.


“This is Tommy and Lottie,” Laura said as she pulled her own jacket on, “you two behave for Eve now, all right?”


“Okay Mum,” Lottie said as the two older women left, Eve smiling as she said “would you like some milk and a snack?”


“Yes please,” Tommy and Lottie said in unison.


“Good – because after that, I have a game we can play, and I think you’ll find it very exciting indeed.”



“So what is the game you want us to play,” Tommy said a short while later.


“Well,” Eve said, “I can pretend to be someone who breaks in, and has to keep you two hostage for a little while.”


“What, tied up like on the television,” Lottie said.


“Yeah – but I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt.  Do you want to play?”


The two children looked at each other, before Tommy said “all right – what are you going to do?”


“Well,” Eve said as she opened the bag, and took out some lengths of white rope, “the bad robber has to start by tying your hands behind your backs – so why don’t you both stand in front of me, and put your hands behind your backs.”


“You promise you will not hurt us,” Lottie said quietly.


“I promise.”  Eve smiled as she sat down, Tommy and Lottie standing in front of her as she gently crossed their wrists behind their back, and then tied them tightly together with the rope.


“That’s tight,” Tommy said as she pulled the rope around the bands between his arms.


“It has to be – it can hurt more if it is not.  But does it hurt?”


“No – it just feels funny,” Lottie said as she wriggled her fingers.


“Good – now,” Eve said as she stood up, “sit down next to each other, and I’ll do the same thing to your ankles.”  Lottie pushed herself up onto the seat, watching as Tommy sat next to her, and the older girl wrapped the rope round Lottie’s ankles and pulled them together.


As she cinched the binding by taking the rope between her legs, Lottie giggled, Tommy laughing as well as his own ankles were bound in the same way.


“Now, the bad robber is going to tie your legs together below your knees as well – just to make extra sure you cannot run away,” Eve said, Lottie and Tommy nodding as she found more lengths of rope, and then wound it round their legs below their knees.  As the rope pulled Lottie’s legs together, she tried to move them, her pants squeaking a little as she did so.


“There,” she eventually said as she stood up, Tommy and Lottie looking at each other, “think you can get off the couch now?”


“No – what are you going to do now, you bad robber,” Lottie said with a laugh.


“Well – put some rope round you so that your arms are fixed to your sides.


“If you don’t mind?”


“We don’t mind – this is actually fun,” Tommy said as he watched the babysitter take two longer lengths of rope from the bag, and then use them to bind his arms to his sides, and Lottie’s to hers.


The young girl wriggled round, as she said “this is fun – are you going to put something in our mouths as well?”


“I am - can you open your mouths as wide as you can?”


Tommy and Lottie nodded as they watched Eve roll up a white scarf, and then she pulled it between Tommy’s lips, tying the band round his head as he tasted the cotton on his tongue.


“Are you all right, Tommy?”


“Hmffhhnnn – lthhedhththuh,” Tommy mumbled as Lottie opened her mouth, allowing Eve to tie a second rolled up scarf between her lips as well.


“There now – two little hostages.”  Eve smiled as she walked behind the children, hearing them trying to talk to each other before Lottie said “whtshtthth?”


“This,” Eve said quietly as she gently put a folded cloth over the nose and mouth of both children, their eyes opening wide before they slowly closed.  Eve held the cloths there for a few minutes, before she put them to one side, and lifted Lottie in her arms, carrying the unconscious young girl up the stairs…








Eve looked out from the room to see a fifteen year old girl, her long red-brown hair over the shoulders of her red checked lumberjack shirt.  She could see the white t-shirt under the shirt, as well as her blue jeans and black trainers.


“Oh – you must be Jessie.   I’m Eve, the babysitter.”


“You’re a bit older than the usual babysitter?”


“Well, I am – do you want anything to wat or drink?”


“No thanks – so where are the terrors?”


“Tommy and Lottie – they are asleep upstairs.  I was just sorting a few things out in here.”


“Oh – well, can I watch some television,” Jessie said as she walked into the front room – and then saw the black bag, and what was sticking out from it.


“What on earth hLLPPMHHHHHH!”  Jessie called out as Eve clamped the cloth down over her mouth and nose, holding her around her waist with the other arm.  Her eyes were open wide in shock as she tried to scream again – and then she inhaled the sweet smelling fumes, and she felt her mind start to cloud over.  Jessie reached up and tried to pull Eve’s arm down, to loosen the grip, to get air – but as she did, she inhaled more of the fumes, her mind clouding more and more as she felt herself slip into unconsciousness…


Eve waited until Jessie had fully relaxed before she put the cloth down, and lowered the teenage girl gently to the floor, lying her on her stomach with her head to the side before she crossed her wrists behind her back, and her ankles.  She walked back to herbage, drawing out several lengths of white rope before she knelt by Jessie, and used the first length to bind her wrists tightly together, the doubled over band going around and between her limbs. 


Satisfied, she bound Jessie’s ankles together in the same way, and then secure her legs together below her knees, before she rolled Jessie over and sat her up, taking the longest length of rope and winding it round her arms and body so that they were held firmly against her sides.  The bands made her shirt open up a bit more, but Eve took care to do only what needed to be done.


Finally, she took a white scarf and rolled it up, gently opening Jessie’s mouth and using it as a cleave gag, the band tied tightly round her head and trapping her hair against the back of her head.


Standing up, Eve managed to get Jessie onto her feet and then picked herself up, carrying her up the stairs.  As she passed one door, she looked in and smiled, before she took the bound, gagged and unconscious teenager into the next room.




“We’re back.”


Eve smiled as she walked down the stairs and saw Laura and Sue in the hallway, taking their coats off.


“How are they,” Sue asked as she looked at the babysitter.


“Oh, they’re resting upstairs,” Eve said with a smile.


“Jessie?  Resting?  That surprises me – she’s a ball of energy,” Sue said as she looked in the front room.  “Tommy and Lottie in bed?”


“They are – sound asleep,” Eve said with a smile as Laura looked in.


“Well, you can go now, Eve.”


“Well, I will in a moment, but there is something I need to ask you first.”


“Oh – and that is?”


“To put your hands in the air – both of you.”


Laura and Sue slowly turned round to see Eve now had a gun in her hand, as she said “don’t call for help – your children are indeed asleep upstairs, and before I go, I need to make sure you are as secure as they are.”


“What…  What have you done to them?”


“Come and see – hands in the air, please,” Eve said as Laura and Sue looked at each other.


“We’d better do as she says,” Sue said quietly, Laura nodding as they both raised their hands and walked in front of Eve, climbing the stairs and stopping as she opened the door to Tommy’s room.  Looking in, they saw Tommy and Lottie on their sides on Tommy’s bed, their eyes closed and the cleave gags darkening at the corners of their mouths.


“What did you do to them,” Laura said angrily.


“A mild sedative – they’ll wake up in the morning just fine.”


“Where’s Jessie?”


“In here,” Eve said as she opened the door to Lottie’s room, and Sue saw her daughter also asleep, bound and gagged, lying on the bed.


“You see, I wanted your valuables, and it was easy for me to waylay the original babysitter and take her place.  And now, I want to make sure you two stay nice and quiet.  The main bedroom – now.”


“What are you going to do to us,” Laura asked as they walked slowly in, and saw the ropes on the bed.


“Secure you, silence you – but you won’t be alone.  I want you to face each other, and give each other a big hug – and don’t let go of each other.”


“Sue, the kids…”


“We have to trust they will be all right – just hold me, we can comfort each other,” the smaller woman said as she put her arms round Laura’s body, her friend doing the same as Eve walked behind her and crossed Sue’s wrists, then started to bind them tightly together with rope.


“How can I be sure you’re telling the truth,” Laura grunted as the ropes were pulled tighter.


“You just have to trust me,” Eve said with a smile as she tied the ropes off, and then walked round, crossing Laura’s wrists behind Sue’s back and starting to tie them together.


“Well, this is interesting,” Sue said quietly as she looked at Laura.


“Interesting is one word.”


“Oh – do you know a better one?”


“What do you think?”  Laura looked at Sue, before they started to kiss as Eve wrapped rope around their upper bodies, forcing them together in two bands around their waists and their upper arms.


“That was nice,” Laura eventually said, “if we’re going to be like this, at least we can comfort each other.”


“Of course we oooff.”  Sue grimaced as Eve pushed them both over onto the bed they were standing at the foot of, and then passed a further length of rope under their legs, binding them tightly together below their knees as they started to kiss again.


With their eyes closed, and lost in the moment, they barely noticed as the intruder bound their ankles tightly together, and then pulled them back, securing them to each other’s wrists so that they were hogtied together.


“If you two lovebirds would stop kissing for a moment?”


Laura looked over Sue’s shoulder as they both heard the soft peeling sound, and said “we’ll talk later.”


“Or something?”


“Or something,” she said with a smile as Eve smoothed the long strip of white tape down over Sue’s mouth, the shape of her lips visible underneath, and then felt the tape over her own mouth as she was gagged.  They looked at each other, and then rubbed together as their taped lips met, Eve shaking her head as she turned the light off, and closed the door…







Jessie slowly opened her eyes and shook her head, noticing the dim light through the closed windows, before with a shock she realised she had been bound and gagged.  She lay there for a minute, wondering what had happened, before with an effort she managed to sit up, and swung her legs round before she slowly managed to stand up.




There was silence as she looked round, recognising Lottie’s room before she started to jump across the floor, opening the door and then jumping down the corridor to the main bedroom.  Looking in, she saw her mother and Laura, hogtied on the bed, gently snoring through their tape covered lips.




Hearing the noise, she jumped back down the corridor and into the room, where Tommy looked over at her.


“Jhsshsshh?  Whrsshfff?”


“Nfrrmhnd  hruhllrht?”


Tommy nodded as Lottie slowly opened her eyes, and said “Jhdssheee?  Ehsrrmhm?”


“Whtthrr,” Jessie said as she jumped over, and knelt by the bed in front of Tommy’s hands.  “chnnuusurhfhnghrs, ghtthsht?”

Tommy nodded as he slowly slipped his fingers under the white band.  It took a while, but eventually he eased the soaking scarf from Jessie’s mouth.


“Thanks – now, let me see if I can untie your wrists,” she panted, “and then you can free Lottie and me.  Then we need to call the police…”









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