The Ocean View







“All right, darling, I’ll admit it – this is a wonderful view.”


“Thanks Mom,” Casey said as she stood by her mother, looking out over the Atlantic as the waves gently rolled up the shore.  She had moved to Manchester from New York six months previously, partly to start anew after the death of her husband in a car crash, but mainly because she had had enough of the city lifestyle.


She ran her hand through her light brown hair before sitting on the low wall, looking at her mother.  Alex was in her early sixties now, and like her daughter was a widower.   She was wearing a white blouse, open at the neck and with a wide brown leather belt around her waist, a pair of trousers with a green and brown sail and rope pattern on white which came to just above her ankles, and gold open toed sandals.  The slight wind was making her short cut white hair move as she looked at her daughter.


Casey had long light brown hair, and was wearing a round necked sleeveless white dress, with horizontal black stripes on the skirt and a blue stripe at the hem just above her knees.  A white jacket was over her arms, open a the front, while her feet were in a pair of white sandal held by a thin white strap between her big and second toe, as well as around her ankle.


“Well, I really enjoyed lunch,” Alex said, “so where do we go to now?”


“I need to pick some groceries up – do you mind if we stop off on the way back?”


“No – no problem,” Alex said as Casey looked in her red purse, and retrieved her car keys.





“Milk...  Pastries... Lamb... Zucchini...”


As Casey watched the clerk pass the goods down, and they were packed into the brown bags, Alex looked round the store.  “Nice and quiet – you really can get used to this, can’t you?”


“Oh yes,” Casey said as she paid the bill, and then took two of the bags, Alex carrying the other two as they headed out to the parked car outside.  As she approached, she used the fob on her car keys to pop the trunk, the lid swinging open as they got closer.


“Well, let’s get these to the house,” Casey said as she put her bags in, “and then we can relax for the rest of the day.”


“Sounds good to me,” Alex said as she put her bags in and straightened up.




“Mom, what’s wrong,” Casey said as she closed the trunk and turned to face her mother – and the fair haired man who was standing behind them.


“No funny stuff,” he said quietly, “I have a knife against your mother’s back.  Nice and naturally, get behind the wheel and your mom will sit in the back with me, understand?”


Casey nodded slowly as she opened the driver’s door and got in, Alex getting into the back of the car and moving along as the man got in beside her.  The older woman glanced down at the thin blade in the man’s hand as Casey said “Look, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt my mother.”


“Good – drive to your house, just as you were planning to do,” he said as he looked round.


“Who... Who are you?”


“Just someone who needs a place to wash and rest up.  Do as I say, you won’t get hurt.  Now – drive.”



Casey started the engine and moved off, wondering if anyone would notice the extra passenger in her car, and alert the authorities....


That wish was not fulfilled, as she pulled into the driveway of her ocean facing house, and waited for the doors to open before she drove in.


“Okay – what’s your name,” the man said as she looked over.


“I’m Casey.”


“All right Casey – out, and open the door, and then stand with your hands on your head.”


As she did this, the man got out and made Alex follow her, looking round as Casey unlocked the door to the house.


“Close the garage door,” he said as he held Alex’s arm, having picked something up off the shelf first.  As the garage door swung down, he waited until it was closed before he said “Good – inside.”


The two women walked in front of him as he looked round the kitchen, and then walked them into the dining room, the ocean view through the large glass doors greeting them.


“Right,” he said as he looked at Casey, “Pull two chairs out, and then sit down, hands on your head.”


“What are you going to do,” Alex said as she was sat in the other chair.


“Make sure you two stay here for a while,” the man said as he showed them the roll of duct tape he had picked up, “and then I’ll bring your groceries in and out things away for you.  Don’t want them to go off, do we?”


Casey watched as he put her mother’s arms to the side of the chair, and then taped her wrists and arms tightly to the wooden back.  He then wrapped tape around her arms, body and the chair back, before doing the same to her.


As he knelt in front of Alex, and taped her ankles to the chair legs, she said “What is it you want from us?”


“I told you – a place to rest up, get something to eat, and then move on later.”


As he taped Casey’s ankles to the chair legs, he said “You live here alone?”


“Yes,” she whispered as he tore the tape odd and smoothed it down.


“Don’t worry – once I’ve gone I’ll let someone know where you are.  Now, put your lips together – I need to make sure you two stay quiet for a little while.”


The two women looked at each other as he tore several strips of the tape off, and smoothed them over their mouths, before he went out, both of them looking mutely over the ocean through the windows.





For the next half hour, they could hear him moving round, as Casey tried to pull her wrists free with little success.  Eventually, their captor came back, smiling as he said “I’ve put your groceries away.”  Looking out of the window, he said “Impressive view – certainly better than the one from my cell wall.”



“Yeah – so I need you both to behave and do what I tell you, because I have no intention of going back,” he said quietly.  Looking at Alex, he said “So, I’m going to cut you free, and allow you to go to the toilet, and then I’ll re-tie you in the front room.  Your daughter can then prepare some supper for all three of us, and then I’ll make sure you’re both really comfortable before I go.  Understood?”


Both women nodded as he took his knife, and cut Alex from the chair.  “The tape gag stays for now,” he said as she reached up to remove it, watching as she nodded and he took her to the bathroom.  Casey could hear her going in, and then the sound of flushing, before there were footsteps behind her.


As Alex walked into the front room, she saw several lengths of rope neatly arranged on the coffee table.  “I want you to kneel in front of the long couch,” the man whispered into her ear, “and put your hands behind your back.”


Nodding, Alex knelt on the wooden floor, looking straight ahead as she felt the young man cross her wrists behind her back, and start to bind them together with rope.


“I meant to ask, what’s your name?”


“Lxxx,” she said as she felt the rope pull her wrists together.


“Sorry,” he said as he tied the rope between her arms, and then removed the tape, “what did you say?”


“Alex – and does it have to be so tight?”


“Yes it does,” he said as he took a longer length of rope, and moved back, crossing her ankles and then binding them together in the same way.  “So you are Casey’s mother?”


“Yes,” she whispered as she felt the rope around her bare legs, “why?”


“You’re both good looking women – I see the resemblance,” he said as he took a longer length of rope, and started to bind Alex’s arms to her side, winding it above and below her chest as her blouse stretched over her breasts.  As the ropes tightened, they rubbed on the older woman, making her feel very strange.


“Why...  Why do you...  Why do you have to do this,” she gasped as he tied the ropes off behind her, and then passed the ends under her left arm, below the lower band.


“To make sure you can’t move,” he said as he pulled it up, Alex gasping as the ropes tightened on that side, and then he passed the rope around the back of her neck and under her other arm, before securing it behind her back.


“What...  What have you done to me,” Alex gasped as he helped her to lie face down on the long couch, and then started to tie her legs together below her knees.


“Why – does it feel uncomfortable?”


“No,” Alex whispered, “I...  I can’t put words to it...”


“Then don’t try,” he said as he pulled her ankles back, and tied them to her chest ropes.  He then picked up a white cloth, and folded it as he said “Open your mouth.”


Alex shook her head and closed her lips together, but the man just smiled as he reached around her and started to massage her chest.  Alex’s eyes shot wide open, as this was the first time a man had done this for – for decades.  She tried to keep her mouth shut, but as his fingers massaged and squeezed her chest, she started moaning, and eventually had to open her mouth to let out a long, loud moan.




“Hmgddd,” Alex said as she felt the cloth on her tongue, and then the man smoothing the grey tape over her lips again, before he smacked her bottom and said “stay there now,” walking back to the dining room and removing the tape from Casey’s mouth.


“What did you do to my mother,” she gasped as he cut her free from the chair.


“Made her comfortable,” he said as he took Casey to the front room, the young woman gasping as she saw her mother roll onto her side.


“You are both very fine women,” he said quietly, “so you don’t want her to get hurt, do you?”


Casey shook her head as the man said “Good – sit down.”  As she did so, he took two lengths of rope and secure her ankles, and her legs below her knees, allowing a short length of rope between them.


“Up,” he said as he made Casey stand, and she walked with short steps, “time to prepare supper.”





She could see the sun starting to set on the horizon, as Alex struggled on the couch.  Her blouse had started to come undone, which only made matters worse as the rope bands rubbed on her bare chest and under her bra, but more disturbing were the feelings that had been building inside her for the last half hour.  The feeling that she was enjoying this, and that somehow she was been slowly, slowly aroused by being unable to move, unable to speak...


“Well now,” the man said as he walked into the room, laying some plates down on the low coffee table, “I hope you’re hungry.  I’m starving.”


Casey followed, bringing a bottle of wine and three glasses as she said “mom – I’m allowed to untie your arms and remove the gag, but your legs need to stay tied, all right?”


Alex nodded as Casey released her ankles, and then helped her to sit up, untying the ropes that held her arms and wrists before Alex peeled the tape away from her mouth, and spat out the cloth.


“Here,” the man said as he handed her some water in a glass, and made Casey sit next to her, “drink this, and then you can eat.”


“How much longer are you going to be here,” Alex asked as the man sat down.


“Not much longer – once it gets dark, I’ll be on my way.  Did you enjoy your time in here?”


Casey expected her mother to say no, so when she was silent she turned and said “Mom?”


“I’m sorry, darling,” Alex said, “I can’t say I didn’t totally enjoy it, but as time wore on...”  She buttoned her blouse and looked at the man as he smiled.


“What happened?”


“The ropes – when they rubbed on me, well...”


“Don’t worry, Casey, before I go I’ll make sure you both feel that sensation,” the man said, “so eat up – enjoy your meal and drink.”


Casey looked at him, the knife in his hand, and then at her mother before she began eating.


“What...  What are you going to do to us,” Alex said as she sipped her drink.


“Make sure you are occupied before I leave,” the man said with a smile, as she slowly ate some food.



The sun had set even more, a red line on the horizon, as he said “Well, time to get started.  Alex, I wish you to lie face down where you are, hands on your head, while I take care of your charming daughter.  Casey, put your hands on your head, and your legs on the coffee table.”


As both women moved, the man started by untying the rope under Casey’s knees, and then re-tying it, forcing her legs together as she watched.  Her jacket was on a chair in the kitchen, her bare arms visible as her legs, and then her ankles, were secured with rope around and between her limbs.

Alex could only watch as he made Casey stand up, and then moved her hands behind her back, holding her wrists as he slowly unzipped her dress and allowed it to drop down to her waist before he took a length of rope, and pulled her arms together behind her back, securing them just below her elbows.


“Oh my god,” Casey whispered as she felt her shoulder blades drawn back, her chest forced out, her cream silk bra straining as the man then bound her wrists tightly together as well, before he wrapped the rope around her, framing her chest in the bands, and then tightening it the way he had for Alex earlier.


He then walked behind Alex, her daughter watching as he unfastened her belt and removed it, and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, Alex gasping at the feel of his fingers on her white bra as he pulled her blouse off, and then proceeded to bind her arms and chest in the same way as Casey.  While he did this, Casey tried to move, the ropes rubbing on her as she began slowly to realise what her mother had been talking about...


Alex could do nothing as he made her stand as well, her blouse falling to the floor, and look at Casey in her bra and panties.  To the side, he picked up another length of rope and stood in front of the younger woman, her gasps getting louder as he tied one need between her breasts and brought the bands even more firmly together around her.


The ropes caressed her, aroused her as he pulled the band down, and then between her legs, the feeling on her panties as it was forced against her crotch instantaneous as she almost buckled at the sensations.  As he secured it to her elbows behind her, he looked over at Alex, smiling as he said “You next.”


She nodded, almost eager with anticipation as he slowly made Casey lie face down on the floor, pulling her ankles back and securing them to the rope that ran from her crotch to her elbows, before he tied and secured her mother in the same way next to her.  As they raised their heads, they saw the sky darken at the rear of the house, while allowing him to stuff new cloths into their mouths, and then cover their mouths with strips of duct tape.


“There now,” he said as he gently pulled on the hogtie ropes, both women gasping as they felt the dampness between their legs, “I’m going to get cleaned up, and then take your car, Casey.  Do enjoy yourselves.”


As they heard him walk out, they tried to struggle, at first in an attempt to escape, and slowly, slowly that turned into a desire to increase the pressure on their bodies, Alex groaning as she felt the dampness on her trousers, her breasts throbbing as the rope rubbed on them, the ecstasy building until her could not hold it in any more...


As she screamed and writhed round, Casey arched her back and let out a long, low, muffled groan as she felt the first orgasm, wondering if it would be the last, and praying that was not the case...








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