The Photographer







“All right then – if I can have the oldest member of the family in the middle?”


“This is a great idea Mum – getting a group photo done for Dad’s birthday,” Sandra said as she stood to the side of the room.   The blonde haired woman was wearing a mustard coloured jumper, dark trousers and over the knee tan leather boots, smiling as she looked round the room.


Her daughter Sandy was standing with her younger cousin Zoe.  She was dressed in a red lumberjack shirt over a blue top with thin white horizontal stripes, grey jeans with a slight rip on her left knee, and black Dr Marten boots with red laces.  In contrast, Zoe had a white sweatshirt with “Chocolate is a girl’s best friend” written in brown on the front, faded blue jeans and white mid-calf leather boots.  She had her red-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, while Sandy let her hair flow down.


On the other side of the room, Zoe’s mother Debra was sipping from a glass of water.  Her white top had black bands around it and a round neckline, while her black skirt came to above her knees.  Dark hose covered her legs, with the black leather ankle boots over her feet.


“So,” Agatha said with a smile, “you wish me to sit here?”  The matriarch of the family was in her earl sixties, slim with short reddish brown hair, and wearing a long sleeved off-white top with black polka dots, a black scarf with larger white dots wrapped loosely round her neck.  Her blue velvet pants were tucked into a pair of knee length cuffed black leather boots.


As she took her seat, Sandra and Debra sat wither side of her, then their daughters on their laps, as the photographer smiled and said “that’s good – hold that pose please and smile!”




Thirty minutes later, he looked up and said “That’s great – I’ll prepare the framed photo and let you know, Mrs Hammond.”


“Thank you – and the other matter we discussed?”


He looked at Agatha, and then the others as he said “are you sure you wish me to proceed with that?”


“I am – my daughters agree, and it will be fun for their daughters to join in as well.”


“Are you sure Grandma,” Zoe said quietly, “I’m a bit scared.”


“There’s nothing to fear,” Sandy said with a smile as she took her cousin by the arm and walked her to the drinks table, “Mum can start with me, and then Aunt Debra can do the same to you…”


“It’s been a while since we did this,” Sandy said as she and Debra looked at Agatha, “but I have to admit, I’m looking forward to it?”


“So, we do the girls first, then you two, then me, and then all together, agreed?”


The two women nodded as the photographer left the room, coming back with a large Perspex box.  Opening it, he took out a length of brown rope, and said “so, who will be first?”


“I’m going to take care of Sandy,” Sandra said as she took the length of rope, and indicated to her daughter she should sit at one side on a double seater chair.  Zoe watched as her aunt took the rope and passed it round Andy’s arms, pulling them into her sides and tying it in front of her, before she took the rope and used the remaining lengths to secure her wrists together in front of her.


“There you go Zoe,” she said as she stood up, “have a look, and see if Sandy is unhappy.”


The younger girl looked at her cousin as she twisted her wrists around, and smiled as she said “all right – do it to me as well.”  She sat down as Debra took another length of brown rope from the box, and soon she had her arms tied to her sides and her wrists tied together as well.


“See – nothing to fear, is there,” Sandy giggled, Zoe nodding as she tried to move her wrists.  “Ready for your ankles now?”


Zoe nodded as Sandra took a length of the brown rope, doubled it over, and then tied Zoe’s ankles together side by side, the leather of her boots compressed underneath as she took the rope around and between her legs.  She lifted her ankles up and looked as her mother bound Sandy’s ankles.


“So – ready to have your photo taken?”


Both girls nodded as the photographer started to take their pictures, posing and laughing as their mothers and grandmother looked on.  “Zoe is enjoying it now,” Debra said with a smile as she sipped from her glass.


“Indeed – so are you both ready?”


“I will be in a few minutes,” Debra said as she put her glass down, “Sandra, you get to go first.”  As she left, Agatha stood up and went to the box, taking a length of rope and walking behind Sandra as her daughter put her hands behind her back.  She smiled at the two younger girls as her own mother crossed Sandra’s wrists behind her back, and started to bind them tightly together with the doubled length.


“Why are you tying Aunt Sandy’s wrists behind her back,” Zoe said as she looked over.


“Well, this was the first time for you,” Sandy said, “so I said we should both be able to see our wrists.  Maybe, if you want, when our mums and Grandma are ready, we can be the same as them?”


“If you want,” Agatha said as she tied the rope off, and then went to the box, bringing back two longer lengths and a third shorter length of the rope, while Debra came back in.  She waited as Agatha guided her wrists behind her back, and tied them together, before she walked over and let the two girls see the way they were tied.


“Oh wow – that looks tight Mummy,” Zoe whispered.


“It is – but it’s not uncomfortable,” she said as Agatha doubled over one of the longer lengths of rope, and then passed it round Sandra’s arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest and then passing it round several times above and below her breasts, her yellow jumper stretching and tightening over it as her daughter looked on.


“That looks funny, Mum,” Sandy said as Agatha tied the ropes off behind Sandra’s back, but she smiled as she said “it feels all right though.  Your turn Debra, then we can have our photo taken.”


Debra smiled and nodded as she came back over, and allowed Agatha to bind her arms to her body, the bands framing her chest as well, before she and Sandra sat down and stretched their legs out while their own mother bound their ankles.


“Very nice,” the photographer said as he came back, and started to take their pictures while Agatha walked over to talk to her granddaughters. 


“So – would you like to be the same as your mothers?”  Both girls nodded as she untied Zoe’s wrists and arms, and then took the younger girl’s wrists behind her back.  Sandy watched as Zoe felt her grandmother cross her wrists, and then tie them together, taking the rope around and between her arms as she did so.


“Did you do this for Mum and Aunt Sandra as well, Granny?”


“I did when they were your age,” Agatha said as she tied the rope off, then went to the box and took out another long length of rope, Sandy continuing “Mummy has done this to me a few times as well” as Agatha started to wrap the rope around Zoe.


The young girl giggled as she felt the rope tighten on her, pulling her white sweatshirt against her body as well as her arms, while her grandmother made two bands on her upper body.  Once she had tied the ropes off, she untied her cousin’s arms and wrists, Sandy immediately putting her own arms behind her back and waiting until she was as tightly bound as Zoe.


“See – it’s really snug,” she said as the photographer looked over.


“I think we should take some mother and daughter photos – but do you want to complete the tie first?”


“Our legs?”


“Our legs?”  Zoe watched as the man handed Agatha a new length of rope, and she tied Sandy’s legs together below her knees, taking the rope around and between her legs as she did so, before the photographer picked the young girl up and carried her across the room, sitting her next to Sandra and starting to take photos.


She watched her grandmother tie her own legs together, feeling the rope below her knees but also seeing how comfortable it was, before she giggled as her mother tickled the back of her legs.


“Up you come,” the photographer said as he picked Zoe up and carried her over to Debra, the young girl putting her head against her mother’s arm as Debra reached down and kissed her head, while the photographer took some more photos.


“Can we get a shot of all four now,” Agatha said, “unable to talk?”


“How do you do that Granny?”


“Like this,” Agatha said as she took from the box a piece of white cloth, folded it into a pad and then put it into Sandy’s mouth as she opened it, and then doing the same for her mother and aunt before she held a fourth piece and stood in front of Zoe.  The young girl opened her mouth, feeling the cotton on her tongue as her grandmother put it in, and then closing her lips over it as Agatha picked up a roll of wide white tape.  She tore off a long strip, and then pressed it gently over Zoe’s mouth and face. The tape formed to the contours of her face as her grandmother pressed it down, and she was amazed to find she could not move her lips at all under it.


She watched as Sandy, Sandra and Debra all had their mouths taped over as well, before the photographer took a picture of all four of them, wriggling round and smiling as their lips moved under the tape.


“Ssssfnssnt,” Debra said, Zoe nodding as she looked at her grandmother take a seat in an old chair.


“Indeed - and now, you may proceed,” Agatha said as the photographer took her wrists behind her own back, leaning forward as he started to bind her wrists together.


Zoe started to try and move her legs, hearing the squeak as she looked at her Aunt and mother.  They both also had their legs secured together below their knees, in her Aunt Sandra’s case sitting over her long boots, and they also squeaked as she tried to move them as well.  Sandy was swinging her legs up and down, her blouse pulled to the sides by the ropes, while Debra rubbed her cheek on Zoe’s head and looked down, the smile clear under the tape.


“See – I’m going to be the same as all of you,” Agatha said as the photographer then took a long length of rope, doubled it over, and tied it round her upper band, as with the other forming two bands that framed her chest as her jumper was stretched over it.  She twisted round, getting comfortable as he tied the ropes off, and then knelt in front of her, securing her ankles and then her legs below her knees in the same way as the others.


“Well then,” Agatha said as she twisted her body round in the seat, “my turn for a photograph I think.”  She watched as he picked his camera up, and walked round, the rest of the family watching as he took the photos of her.


“Excellent,” he finally said, “are you ready to be quiet?”


“In a moment,” Agatha said as she looked at her daughters.  “I want another family group shot, before we have some fun.  Are you in agreement?”


Zoe and Sandy looked at their mothers as they nodded, and then Agatha said “remember – be gentle with all of us.”


He nodded as Agatha opened her mouth to accept the cloth, and then smiled before the white tape was pressed firmly over her lips and chin.  As more photos were taken, Zoe wondered what else was going to happen – then she stared as he took some lengths of rope, and used two of them to tighten the bands around her chest.


Placing a cushion on the floor, he helped Agatha to kneel and then lie down, the older woman turning her head and smiling at the others as he slowly bent her legs back, and then tied her ankles to her chest ropes. 




Agatha nodded as he then helped Sandra to stand up and jump over, before she knelt and he tightened her chest ropes as well.  A few minutes later, she too was hogtied and looking over as he helped Debra to be the same.


“May I ask about the younger girls?”


“Nttthchstrrppss,” Debra mumbled as they shook their heads, so he lifted Sandy over and hogtied her next to her mother, and then Zoe next to Debra.  As she felt him tie the rope between her ankles, and then to the ropes around her chest, it was the strangest and yet most wonderful feeling in the world.


“There – now look up at me,” he said, all five looking up and smiling as he took a few more photos.  Eventually, he looked at them and said “enjoy yourselves for a while and I’ll get these developed.”


He left them alone in the room, Zoe looking at her mother as she said “whthtnnnw?”


“Trrnndgtfrrrr,” Debra mumbled as she saw the other start to twist round, and she joined in the game, wriggling and trying to find the knots.  The only sounds were their muffled grunts, and the squeak of the ropes and their boots as they tried to get free…







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