The Slumber Party







“So are you looking forward to your slumber party Katy,” Sharon asked as she looked into her ten year old daughter’s room.


“Yeah Mum,” the brown haired eleven year old said as she looked out onto the frost covered back garden, “I want my friends to come and play the special game with me – but what about – them?”


“Your brothers?”  Sharon smiled as she said “don’t worry – your Aunt Jessie and I have a special plan for both of them, so you just get things ready.” 


“Thanks Mum,” Katy said with a grin as she went to arrange once more the room, Sharon smiling as she turned and walked to the stairs.  She was wearing an orange top with thin white stripes, and tan pants tucked into a pair of short black leather boots, the outfit completed by a patterned scarf round her neck.


“She’s getting excited, isn’t she,” Jessie said as Sharon walked into the kitchen.  Her sister had long blonde hair, unlike Sharon’s dark hair, and had on a grey top with a checked front and cuffs, a white t-shirt visible underneath and a thin brown belt round her waist.  Her white pants were tucked into a pair of burgundy red leather boots n a cowboy style.


“Yeah,” Sharon said as Jessie finished preparing some pizzas, “but she’s scared Joel and Pat might get in her way.  I told her we’d take care of them.”


“I suppose we could – she wants to play the special hide and seek game, doesn’t she?”


“Yeah – so they eat first, and then we play?”


“And while they eat, we get the boys out of the way…”




As Sharon looked to the back door, she saw her sons Joel and Pat come in from their soccer game.  Joel was seven, Pat twelve, and as they sat at the table to eat their meal she said “remember your sister has her party tonight – so when you’ve eaten, go and shower and change, and you can watch something in your rooms tonight.”


“Okay Mum – and you promise they won’t disturb us,” Pat said with a smile.


“I guarantee it – so eat up, and then go and get ready.  Your aunt Jessie will come and see if you need anything Pat, and I’ll come to you Joel.”


“Okay then,” the two boys said as they finished their meal, and then headed up to their rooms.  Sharon and Jessie looked at each other, before Jessie said “I’m going to give Pat a few minutes, what about you?”


“Let Joel get to his room, see what he changes into – and then offer to do something with him…”



A few minutes later, Sharon went into her younger son’s room to find him sitting on his bed, wearing a red Carolina t-shirt and khaki knee length shorts.


“So, what do you want to watch while our sister has her friends,” she said as she sat with him.


“Can I watch a Phineas and Ferb marathon Mum, and…”




“Mum, can you stop e disturbing the girls?”


Sharon smiled – she knew what he meant, as she said “Okay then – but I want you to put something else on to protect your legs.”


“What’s that Mum,” Joel asked, his eyes widening as he saw the pair of black boots his mother was holding.  As he pulled them over his feet, they came up over his knees, as he said “so what are you going to do to me Mum?”


“I want you to sit so you can see the television, and then I want you to put your hands together in front of you, as if you are praying,” Sharon said, and as Joel did this she slipped a loop of rope over his wrists, pulling it tight and then wrapping the rope around and between his wrists.  He giggled as she then wrapped it round his legs below his knees, and then around his ankles, the boots squeaking as he tried to move his legs while his mother secured them.  She often did this to him and his brother at the weekend, and he actually enjoyed it.


“So,” Sharon said as he looked up, “anything you want to say?”


“IS Pat playing as well?”


“I think Aunt Jessie will take care of him,” she said with a smile as she rolled up a white headscarf, “now open up, and I’ll start the marathon.”  As Joel did so, she pulled he scarf between his lips, tying it round his head as his eyes twinkled, and then she started the player as he squirmed round.


Leaving the room, she closed the door and smiled at Jessie as she knocked on Pat’s door, and went to see Katy.


“Pat, are you…”  AS Jessie walked in, she saw her older nephew standing at the window, as he said “I’m ready Aunt Jessie.”


“Well, I see Patty is here tonight,” Jessie said with a smile as she looked at him.  With his short brown hair, Pat was now wearing a blue and grey patterned dress, with short puffed sleeves, and a pair of brown leggings, tucked into knee length brown boots.


“Yes I am  Aunt Jessie – Patty has been kidnapped again,” he said with a smile as he turned and crossed his wrists behind his back, waiting as Jessie doubled a length of white rope over and started to bind his wrists together.  He had played as Patty for a year now, and his brother and sister knew – but they said nothing.


“Your arms next,” Jessie said as she wrapped rope around Patty’s arms and body, forcing them into her sides as she formed two bands and then tied them off behind her back.  Patty then sat on the bed, watching as her ankles were secured together, and then her legs below her knees, the rope going around and between her limbs in both places, before Jessie tore a strip of brown sticking plaster from a roll and pressed it down over her lips.  This was her favourite way of staying quiet, as she heard her mother and sister walk past.


“We’ll free you once they are all asleep – enjoy the film,” Jessie said, Patty nodding as Star Wars started on the tablet by her side as she lay there…



“Are the boys busy,” Katy said as she sat in the front room, swinging her legs to and fro.  She was now wearing a short sleeved pink dress, with a thin belt round her waist, white tights and short black boots.


“Don’t worry, they’re out of the way,” Sharon said as Jessie brought a nine year old girl in, taking her quilted beige coat as she stood in her white jumper and pants the legs tucked into dark brown riding style boots.


“Hey Cassie – glad you could make it,” Katy said as she took her friend’s hand, “come on up – Mum will send the others up as they come, and we’ll have pizza before we have some fun.”


The next to arrive was Shona, a bright young girl with long wavy brown hair, wearing a white peasant top, and a yellow tiered skirt with brown suede boots.  As the two of them sat with Katy eating pizza, Cassie said “so what game are we going to play when the others get here Katy.”


“I have a very special game to play – it’s like hide and seek, in that my mum and aunt are going to hide you all round the house, and I need to find you.”


“So do we get to give you clues about where we are,” Shona said with a smile.


“Nope – and Mum and Aunt Jessie will make sure you cannot.”


“How,” Cassie said as she looked over.


“Have you had enough to eat and drink for the moment?”


As she nodded, Katy went to a drawer and took out a white bandana, which she rolled into a thick band.  “Open your mouth, Cassie, and I’ll show you,” she said as she walked over.


“What – you’re going to turn me into Nancy Drew?”


“Something like that – unless you’re too scared?”


“I’m not scared,” Cassie said as she opened her lips, Shona watching as Katy pulled the rolled up scarf between them and her teeth and tied the band tightly round her head, Cassie saying “Htssnhtshbhd” as she closed her lips over it.


“Oh wow – can you do that to me as well Katy?”


“Sure Shona,” the girl said with a smile as she found a red bandana, rolled it up and tied it between the other girl’s lips, trapping her hair against the back of her neck as she did so.




“Suhhdhuh” Cassie laughed as the door opened and Sharon came in.


“Ah – I see you’ve started already.  Listen – Laura just arrived, shall I take these two and get them hidden before she comes up?”


“Sure mum,” Katy said with a smile as Sharon showed them out, and Jessie showed Laura in a few minutes later.  The young Japanese girl was wearing a black woollen dress with a white picture of a cat on the front and white paws on the hem.  She also had on a pair of black fabric over the knee boots with leather toecaps, little sequins on the outside.


“Hey Katy – I’m not the first here am I?”


“No – but Cassie and Shona are getting ready for a game we’re all going to play – want some pizza?”


“Sure – what sort of game?”  As she sat and took a slice of pepperoni, Katy said “it’s like hide and seek, but my mum and aunt make sure none of you can tell me where you are?”


“And how are they going to do that – tie us up and gag us?”


“Well – yes.  Does that scare you?”


Laura looked at her friend, and then said “how will they do that?”  Katy walked to the door, and said “Aunt Jessie – can you come up a minute please?”  She walked back and waited as Jessie came in, saying “what is it, Katy?”


“I told Laura about the game – can you tie her legs while she eats?”


“If she wants me to,” Jessie said, looking at Laura as she thought for a moment, and then nodded.  Jessie smiled as she opened a wicker box, and took out a length of white cord before she knelt in front of Laura, and tied her ankles tightly together, the soft material of her boots compressing under the tight band.


“Oh wow – that feels different…”


“Is it all right if I tie your legs together as well, below your knees?”  As Laura nodded, Jessie took a second length of rope and did that, as Laura said “do your brothers play this game as well?”


“Yeah – but this is a girls’ night, so they’re out of the way,” Katy said as Laura smiled and ate some more of her slice of pizza.  She then heard the doorbell ring, as Katy said “sit on the bed.”  When she did so, Jessie covered her bound legs, and then went to see who the new arrival was.


“This will be a big surprise to her,” Laura giggled as Sharon brought in the last guest, her brown hair in pigtails, wearing  a grey checked dress with short sleeves and a matching belt, dark tights and black leather ankle boots with straps.


“Hey Matilda,” Katy said with a smile, “have some pizza, and then I’ll explain about the game.”


“Thanks – comfy Laura?”


“Actually yeah – so are you wanting to see Pat tonight while you’re here?”


“Pat?  Why?”


“Matilda has such a crush on him…”  Katy looked at her friend as she blushed, before she said “nah – the boys are off limits tonight, but maybe tomorrow…   Have some pizza…”


“So how do we play this game,” Matilda said as Jessie took the boxes.


“Well, Mum needs to make sure you can’t give any clues to where I am – do you see what’s int hat basket?”  When Matilda looked in, she said “ropes?  She’s going to make us hostages?”


“No – but she will make sure none of you can tell me.   Want to give it a try?”


“Okay,” Matilda said, “but my hands in front, all right?”


“All right,” Sharon said as she put the young girl’s hands together, palm to palm, and then tied her wrists tightly to each other, the rope going around and between her arms.  She then passed more rope round her waist to hold them in place as the other two watched.


“Wow – look at me Laura.”


“Now, you come with me – Katy is going to try and find you in a few minutes,” Sharon said as she led Matilda out, Katy giggling as Jessie came in.


“You go downstairs and wait,” she said as she took more rope, “the game starts soon…”




When Sharon and Jessie came in, Katy said “can I start looking now Mum?”


“Of course you can – but remember, the boys’ rooms are out of bounds, all right?”


Katy nodded as she went out of the room, Jessie smiling as Sharon followed her.  She started by looking in the kitchen, but there was nothing there, so she then looked in the back room.  Everything seemed to be in place – and then she decided to look behind the recliner.


“Uhffhnnddmmhhh,” Cassie said with a smile as she wriggled round, the leather of her boots squeaking as they rubbed together, the bandana a dark grey at the corners of her mouth.  She was sitting up, her hands behind her back and bands of rope round her arms, her legs and her ankles.


“I did indeed – so now you get to go back up to my room with Mum, while I look for the others!”


“Stand up,” Sharon said as she helped the young girl to her feet and then walked with her as she jumped towards the door, Katy waving before she went back to the front room.  There was something there that she had not realised until she had found Cassie…


She slowly walked round the room, and then looked under the table, lifting the cloth as she did so.  Shona was lying there, giggling as she twisted round and her skirt twisted with her – it had a band of rope round her legs, holding it in place, but otherwise she was as tightly bound as their friend.


“Ah – you found her,” Jessie said as she knelt down, “all right Shona?”


“Yhssfhnlsl  nhhwhtt?”


“I take you upstairs,” Jessie said as she knelt down and pulled the bound and gagged girl out, before she lifted her up and carried her to the staircase, Katy following her.  As Jessie walked into her mother’s bedroom, she looked under the bed, and then in the walk in wardrobe.




“Yes I did,” Katy said as she saw Laura sitting there, her hands tied behind her back and bands of rope round her arms and body as well, before she managed to stand up and started to jump out.  A black scarf was tied between her lips, as she smiled and said “Thhhfrhs?”


“I’ll take you to them,” Jessie said as she helped Laura out of the room, Katy smiling as she searched the rest of the rooms – but there was no sign of Matilda anywhere.  For a moment, she wondered where she had gone – and then she heard a voice in Pat’s room.  A muffled voice – but it was a girl’s one.


“But…”  Katy slowly opened the door to look in, and saw Patty watching a film – and Matilda looking over her shoulder as well.




“Well, she broke the rules, Katy said with a grin as her mother appeared.  “Right – come with me,” she said as she came in and lifted Matilda out, Patty blushing as Katy blew her a kiss, and then went to her room as Matilda was sat with the others.


“And now, it’s your turn,” Sharon said as she took Katy’s wrists behind her back and tied them tightly together, then secured her arms to her sides before she sat with the others.


“Swhhthhphhnsnsnh,” Matilda said as she twisted round, watching as her friend sat down and her aunt secured her ankles and legs.


“Gag Karaoke,” Sharon said as a green bandana was pulled between Katy’s lips, and then tied round her head, her lips closing over it, before Jessie turned the television on and started to play High School Musical, with the lyrics so they could sing along.




“Wine,” Sharon said as they walked down the stairs…”



“So how are they?”


“Asleep in their sleeping bags,” Sharon said as she came back into the room, “I taped her wrists, and ankles, and covered their mouths because they asked me to.”


“And the boys?”


“Pat and Joel are in their pyjamas and fast asleep.”


“So – Matilda and Pat?”


“I think it’s more Matilda and Patty – wonder if they would like to be tied up together again…”








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