Timmy’s Dream








“Awww MUM!”


“Now you know the rules, Timmy,” his mother said as she put her black leather jacket on, “you do what Emma tells you to do, and your father and I will see you later.”


“But I’m old enough to look after myself!”


“You’re only eleven,” his mother said as she ruffled his brown hair with her hand.  Timmy was wearing a white t-shirt and knee length brown shorts, and he was not happy.


“thanks for doing this, Emma,” her mother said as the sixteen year old came into the front room.  Her long brown hair was platted into two pigtails that came over the shoulders of her light blue short sleeved blouse, the material also showing the lighter blue check.  A pair of tan pants and tan slippers completed her outfit.


“Not a problem, Mrs Craig,” Emma said with a smile, “Timmy is not going to give me any trouble, are you Timmy?”


“No, I’ll be a good boy,” Timmy said as he looked at his parents.  His mother was wearing a brown sleeveless dress, a ruffed band at her chest also going over her arms, and brown shoes, while his father was wearing his own black leather jacket over a white shirt, as well as brown trousers.


“Right – see you later,” he said as the adults left, Emma smiling as she said “do you want a drink, Timmy?”


“Can ‘I have some milk please,” the young boy said, Emma nodding as she went into the kitchen, and he sat down.  Taking the television remote, he found a film that he had always wanted to watch, and sat himself back.




The male voice was unfamiliar to him, but when Timmy looked up to see who had spoken, he pushed himself back into the seat.  It was a man, a tall and strong looking man, who was wearing an open necked blue shirt and jeans – and had something pulled down over his head which was distorting his face.


“Whhh….  Who are you?”


“Not going to tell you kid – but I want you to come with me.”




“Well,” the man said as he walked into the room, “because I told you to.  Come on.”   Something in the way he spoke told Timmy that if he did not do what he said, it would be bad – so he pushed himself off the seat and walked with the man into the dining room.


As they walked in, he saw Emma was sitting on one of the dining chairs, but her arms were over the back of the chair, and he could see a length of white rope round her waist.  “Timmy,” she said quietly as she looked at him, “you need to do what these men say, and don’t be afraid.”


“Men?”  He then saw a second man, identically dressed and with something over his head as well, as he stood up from behind Emma and passed white rope round her upper arms, pulling it tight so that her arms were forced against her sides.


“Put your hands behind your back, kid.”


“Who are you,” he whispered as he did what he was told to do, and then felt the rope on his own wrists as the masked man bound them tightly together.  It only seemed to take a moment, but when he was done, he knew he could not move them apart.  The man then made him walk over and sit on the chair next to Emma, while the second man came round and knelt in front of her.  He removed her slippers, and then the pair of nylon socks she was wearing, before he wrapped a length of white rope round her ankles and started to bind them together as well.


“Are you all right, Timmy?”


The young boy looked at Emma and nodded as she twisted round, the ropes stretching her blouse over her chest as he felt the rope round his own waist, pulling him back.  More rope was then passed round his arms and pulled tight so that they were forced against his sides, several passes going round before he felt the rope between his arms and body, making that even tighter before it was repeated on the other side.  The rope was then taken over one shoulder, passed round the band and then pulled back up so that he was held fast.


As this was going on, he watched the second man as he bound Emma’s legs together, one band round her legs halfway to her knees, a second band below her knees, and a third one above, each one lulling her legs tightly together and then cinched by being taken between her legs.  ~He then stood up, and said “I’m going to look round upstairs – you okay to finish securing them?”


“I am,” the man behind Timmy said as he tied the rope off.  He turned her head and watched as the masked man then used more rope on Emma, making the band round her upper body tighter in the same way as he had done to him – except he walked in front of Emma, and took the rope round both bands of rope that held her upper body before he took it behind her.


“What do they want,” Timmy whispered as he twisted round, finding it next to impossible to move.


“Your parent’s things,” Emma said quietly as the masked man then knelt in front of Timmy, removing his trainers and socks before he felt the rope on his own bare ankles, forcing them together.  It was something that scared and fascinated him as the man took the rope round his ankles several times, then took the ends between his limbs which made it tighter before he tied the rope off.


“Just try and relax,” he said as he then bound Timmy’s legs in the same way as Emma, three more bands tightly tied and cinched so that when he stood up, Timmy could raise his legs and see the four bands of white rope.  He lowered them again, his fete off the floor as the masked man picked up his socks, and balled them up before he stood behind Emma.


“Oh no, please, don’t…”


“Don’t what,” Timmy said as he looked over and saw the man had his socks in his hand.


“Open your mouth, girly.”


Emma looked at Timmy, and then slowly opened her mouth as the man pushed his socks in.  Timmy could see the slight worry in Emma’s eyes, and he was worried as well – was the man going to do something similar to him?  That question was answered as he picked up the two nylon socks and made them into a ball, before he said “open your mouth kid – your turn.”


He looked at Emma, who nodded, and then he allowed the masked man to push the wad into his mouth.  It tasted slightly of sweat and talcum powder, as the man said “don’t struggle, you’ll get used to it eventually.”


“Bhttwhwhh,” Timmy mumbled as the man walked behind him, and then he heard a tearing sound behind him.  There was then a tug as something was pressed against his cheek, before whatever that something which was tugging was began to be wrapped tightly round his head covering his mouth and the lower part of his face as it went round.  He could see as this happened it was some sort of silver tape, and after that initial tug it didn’t hurt – but it was tight, as the man tore the tape free and patted it down on the side of his head.


Emma looked at him, and said “huhhhlrhtthmmhh?”  Timmy nodded, as he watched the man stand behind his babysitter, and then saw him wind gold tape round her head in the same way the silver tape was wrapped round his own.  It was keeping him quiet, and as the tape went round Emma’s head he knew she was going to be the same.


The man tore the taper and smoothed it down, before he walked round.  Timmy could now see the bag the rope and tape had come from as he placed it on the dining table, and said “just stay still, and relax – nothing else is going to happen to you.”




“I speak the truth,” the man said as he looked at Emma, and Timmy nodded – he was trying to process what was going on as he felt the nylon soaking up the saliva in his mouth.  He was tied up on a chair, unable to move, only able to twist round, and by all rights he should be terrified. 


Only…  He was not terrified.  If anything, he was feeling excited – and something else as he looked at the sixteen year old girl.  Emma was also twisting round, the ropes now stretching her blouse over her chest, and the sight was one Timmy found – entrancing.


Emma looked out of the corner of her eye and then stopped, blushing as she said “shrerehhh…”


“Hmnhttt…  Ulhhknhsthrh.”


Emma blushed and said “fhnkuh” as they both heard movement upstairs.  How long were the men going to be there for?  What would happen if…


“Emma?  The show was cancelled, so we came back.”


Emma and Timmy looked at each other as they heard his father – and then saw his mother as she walked in and said “OHMYGODWHATSGGHHNHHNNNJHNNN!”  The last words were muffled as the masked man put his hand over her mouth and muffled her voice.


“Karen?  What…  Oh no…”


“I see Mummy and Daddy came back early.”


Timmy groaned as he saw the second man appear, as he took his father by the arm.  “You can come with me – you see we have the kids nice and secure, and your wife can join them.  Do what I say, that’s the worst thing that is going to happen.”


Timmy’s father looked at his mother, who nodded, but Timmy could see the fear in her eyes as the two men walked away.


“As my friend said, the kids are safe – if you do as I say,” the man behind his mother said.  “Stand in front of them, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Are you both all right,” she said as she looked at Emma and Timmy, both of them nodding as the masked man pulled her hands behind her back, and used more rope out of the bag to bind her wrists together behind her back.  She grimaced slightly – and then even more as rope was passed round her bare arms and her chest, the band sitting on top of the dress round her arms as he winked at Timmy.


His eyes were fixed on his mother, the way the band forced her arms against her sides, and then round her body below her chest.  Emma looked nice if scared, but as he watched the way the ropes stretched his mother’s dress over his chest, something else was happening as well.


He had a strange feeling between his legs as the man then cinched the binding between her arms and body, making the ropes even tighter…


“Sit down,” the man said as he pulled another chair from the table, and then set it next to Emma, Timmy’s mother sitting herself down as the man guided her arms over the chair back, and then wrapped more rope round her waist to make sure she stayed there. 


Timmy looked over and watched as the masked man then took more rope and secured it to his mother, before he took it over her shoulder and walked in front.  He then fed it down, passing it round the band between her breasts before her, then took it down and round the lower band.  He wrapped it round that band, then took it round her body, using it to separate the twin strand of rope between the two lower bands before he tied it off.


“Why are you doing this?” she said as he took more ropes and knelt in front of her, removing her shoes before he looked at her.


“We desire your valuables,” he said as he tied her ankles tightly together, and then secured her legs with three more bands in the same way as Timmy and Emma – with one difference.  He did not take the rope between her legs at any of the bands.


But then he took a long length and took it between his mother’s legs above her knees, and tightened that band – he then fed the rope down her legs, taking it between them at each band and making each one tighter before he finished at her ankles.  He then stood up and took from the bag a brown scarf, folding it into a band before he said “do the kids a favour- be brave and open your mouth.”


She looked at Emma and Timmy, and then nodded as she allowed the masked man to push the folded cloth into her mouth, her cheeks puffing out as she closed her lips.  She looked at the gold tape around Emma’s head and the silver round Timmy’s – only to mumble as the man used green tape round her head as a gag, lifting her long brown hair out of the way so that it fell over her shoulders.


She wriggled round, Timmy’s eyes fixed on the ropes round her chest before he heard his father say “hnhhh – hmshrrhekhrhn.”


Timmy, Emma and his mother looked to the door as his father was brought back in, red tape wrapped round the lower half of his head and covering his mouth.  His arms were pulled behind his back and there was rope round his upper arms and body – fixing them against his sides, and then taken under one arm, up and round the back of his neck, and then under the other arm.


“Dhdhdd – huhhlrhtht?”


He nodded in response to Timmy’s query as a fourth chair was placed next to his wife and he was sat down, his arms over the back of the chair as one of the masked men passed rope round his waist.


As he did that, the second man sat down, Timmy noticing his bare feet as band after band of rope was used to secure his legs together in the same way as everyone else.  As he wriggled in the chair, Timmy was aware that strange feeling he was feeling was getting stronger, and looking at Emma, at his mother – even as his father just made that feeling get stronger still.


“Did you get everything?”


“In the bag out there – these four?”


“They’re not going anywhere,” his partner said as the two men left, Timmy’s mother and father starting to struggle in the chair as Emma tried to call for help.  Timmy also struggled – and then he groaned as he felt something between his legs, something new, something very different…





Timmy slowly opened his eyes as he looked at his mother, lying on her side as the scarf sat between her lips, darker where it had pulled back the corners of her mouth.  He could feel the cloth in his own mouth, the pressure on the corners of his own mouth – and he could also feel the ropes round his own wrists as he lay in his pyjamas.


He looked at his mother as she wriggled round, the ropes round her body framing her chest as her nightdress was stretched over it, and then he felt the rope son him as he twisted round.  The memories came back – he had been taken from his bed and made to lie with his mother as the two men bound and gagged them, and left them there…




Timmy slowly nodded as he saw the sunlight coming through the closed drapes.  His dad and his big sister Emma would be home soon, and they would be free…







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