Toe Curling

And smile... Perfect, hold that for a minute!


Courtney and Loren smiled as the photographer took the final shot of them - well, Loren smiled, while her daughter Courtney tried to look sultry. Loren was in her early forties, and had something of the look of Pamela Anderson about her, with her wavy blonde hair falling down her head onto her shoulders. She had her feet drawn up on to the couch, and her arm along the back of the chair behind Courtney. Her tight white top fitted the curves of her body, while the tan coloured jeans she was wearing covered her slim legs.


Courtney was wearing a long sleeved black top, cut to show her belly button, and with a lighter circle and star pattern on the front. Her eye shadow and makeup gave her a slight Goth look, but her hair was blonde and cut in a feathered style to accent her face. Unlike her mother, her blue jeans were skin tight, and she wore a pair of black flip flops on her feet as opposed to her mothers bare soles. She was twenty, and a student at the local college, while Loren worked at a fashion store.


Is that it, Loren said with a smile as she stood up and walked over to the photographer.


Please say it is, Courtney growled a little, I hate family photos. Especially with Dad away.


Now Courtney, Loren said with a slight hint of reproach in her voice, Dad will be home tomorrow. Ill call in to collect the prints on Friday, she said as she shook the photographers hand and walked him out of the room, while Courtney stood up and stretched.


Well, he seemed a nice enough man, Loren said as she came back in and sat down. Why dont we have a drink?


Ill get some coca cola, Courtney said as she padded into the kitchen. As she looked in the fridge, she heard the front door ring, and her mother call out Ill get it. Courtney nodded as she picked out two bottles of soft drink, hearing the front door opening and closing as she did so.


Who is it, Mum, she called out, but there was no reply, just the sound of footsteps. Mum, Courtney said as she closed the door, only to be confronted by a man as she turned round.


He was six foot tall, with short brown hair, and was dressed all in black, including the woollen cap he wore on his head. Taking Courtney by the arm, he half walked, half dragged her back into the front room, where she saw Loren sitting on the couch, shaking with her hands on her head.


There was a second man there, dressed the same way but slightly smaller and stockier. Sit her next to her mum, he said as Courtney was pushed over to Loren.


Who the hell do you think you are, she called out as she sat down and placed her hands on her lap. Never you mind, the first man said, and if you scream like that again, Ill slap you. Right, mummy - wheres your jewellery?


U.... Upstairs, Loren said with a stammer. Please, just take it and leave us alone.


I said shut up, the man growled. I want you to kneel on the floor, hands behind your head, and dont move. Mummy, lie face down on there and put your hands behind your back.


Just do as he says, Courtney, Loren said quietly as she moved and lay on her stomach, I dont want them to hurt you.


Hurt us? Mum, how do you know they wont... you know?


You have to trust us, the man said as he produced a length of rope from his back pocket. Now, shut her up.


What do you mppgggg, Courtney said as the taller man pushed a piece of sponge into her mouth and held his leather gloved hand over it. She felt the soft material expanding inside her mouth, pressing her tongue down, and as he whispered Dont spit that out she quietly nodded. There was a strange ripping, almost squelching sound, and then she felt a length of white tape been smoothed over her lips and jaw, sticking to the contours of her face as she realised she was been securely gagged.


Are you all right, Courtney? Loren looked at her daughter as she felt her wrists been crossed and lashed tightly together, the rope digging into her bare skin as it was pulled tighter and tighter around them. Courtney nodded and watched as the man cinched the wrist binding between her mother legs, then grabbed her ankles and started to tie them together, side by side, the rope going over the bottom of her trouser legs.


Dntudrrhrrtmmm, she called out as she tried to stand up, only for the man to put his hand on her shoulder and say "Dont move, sweet cakes, just stay there with your hands on your head. Looking over her shoulder and glaring angrily at him, Courtney reluctantly did as she was told.


Please, just leave us alone and take my jewellery, Loren pleaded as she looked behind her and saw her ankles been encased in rope, the coils tightening around them as the rope went between her legs.


Oh well take it all, the smaller man said as he let her legs fall to the ground, Roll over and band your knees.


With some difficulty, Loren rolled onto her back, fearful of falling off the couch. She watched as the man took another length of rope and lashed her legs together, just below her knees, then stretched them out and stroked her cheek.


Your daughters turn now, he said quietly as the other man took some rope from his pocket, and pulled Courtneys arms behind her back, making her gasp into the sponge as she felt her own wrists been lashed together, her top stretching a little as they were secured.


Whatdufnkurddngubstrd she screamed through her gag as she was pulled back and made to lie on her back. The man said nothing, but grabbed her ankles and tied them tightly together, the rope encircling her bare ankles as he held them. She tried to kick her way free, but the only result of that was a smack on her legs and an angry look, as he moved down and bound her legs together below her knees as well.


Please, dont hurt her, Loren pleaded, but then she saw the other man holding a piece of sponge in his hand, and whispered No... I promise, Ill be quiet...


Cant take the chance lady, he said quietly, Now be a good lady and open wide.


Just leave us after this, please, Loren pleaded, but the look on the mans face was enough for her to reluctantly open and let him push the sponge in, and then smooth a length of the white tape over her mouth as well.


As this was happening, Courtney was been rolled onto her stomach, and grunted NNNNNNNNNNNN as she felt her ankles been pulled back and secured to her wrists with rope. She tried to wriggle round, and kicked her legs up and down a little, but as she felt her arms been pulled up and back she stopped and panted through her nose.


Watch them, the smaller man said as she walked out of the room. Courtney looked over her shoulder and saw her mother lying there on her side, looking down at her with a tear running down her cheek as the second man slowly stroked the tan coloured cloth of her trousers.


Such cute feet, he eventually said as his fingers stroked the soles of Lorens feet, making her squirm a little and giggle through the gag. Whoever does your pedicure knows what they are doing.


Whrudng, Courtney mumbled as she tried to look round again, only to watch as the man rolled her mother over, lifted her up and laid her on the floor next to her daughter. Rolling the older woman back over, he then pulled her ankles back and hog tied her as well, before he started to gently stroke the soles of Lorens feet.


Thsttcklsh, Lorne called out as she tried to squirm out of the way, but then her eyes opened wide and she squealed as the man put his lips over one of her big toes and started to suck on it. The sensation was one she had never felt before, as he sucked on her tow and then moved down her foot, kissing and sucking each one in turn - and it was one she was surprised to find herself liking.


Mmmmmghmmgd she called out, her eyes closed as Courtney looked over at her. Mmmmwhtsrng, she mumbled as she saw her mother twisting from side to side, but as she looked behind her and saw the man sucking on Lorens toes she called out Nweee and tried to roll out of the way.


Dont the man said as he looked at her, before he returned to kissing and sucking on Lorens toes, making her moan out as he did so, and then gently massaging the soles of her feet. As he planted his lips on the soft flesh, Loren giggled and wriggled round, her daughter watching her and saying mmmdnt.


Btecnthlpt, Loren said as she opened her eyes, tears starting to appear, but Courtney was not sure if it was fear, happiness, enjoyment - what. Plsttptt she called out as she frantically tried to free herself, but all she managed to do was kick one of her flip flops off, hitting the man as it flew into him.


Oh. He said quietly as he looked at Courtney. So you would like to feel what this is like as well. He took hold of the young girls feet, and as she felt the pressure of his sucking on her big toe she screamed out NNNNNNNNNNN


Tslrrtcrnte, ltmdt - ullkt, Loren said as she looked at Courtney, panting through her nose. Courtney looked back, wide eyed as she felt the gentle pressure on each of her toes in turn, trying desperately to wriggle out of the way, but it was no good - his grip was too strong, and as they both heard the sound of drawers been opened and emptied she screamed again in to her gag as the man removed her other sandal, and started to lick the soles of her feet.


Hmmmmm - they taste so lovely and fresh, the man said as he went on to kiss her feet, and massage them, Courtney calling out Plsssdnttt.... Pllsss..... oomgd..... pllskpgng. As his assault on her feet continued, she slowly relaxed and closed her eyes, realising that she was actually enjoying the feeling this attention was giving her - and that she was feeling something else as well. The constriction of the ropes, the way she felt so helpless - it was making her feel slightly giddy with excitement and more.


Crtnee, Loren said as she watched her daughter close her eyes and sigh.


mmmmmm - sreemmm, tflssgd, Courtney said as she opened her eyes and looked at her mother. Loren simply nodded - she was having similar feelings as well, especially as she felt something pulling her toes together. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the young man was tying her big toes together with a length of string, securing them at their roots, and she actually sighed happily at how it felt to have her feet this way.


Tssrrng, btfllssgddd, she sighed as she felt her feet been licked and kissed all over, Courtney agreeing as the man switched his attention between the two of them, binding the younger womans toes as well.


plssssdtgn, Courtney moaned as she felt the mouth caressing her skin and the muscle, the tongue running gently along her sole as she squirmed playfully round. the rubbing on the ground of her body was having another effect, and as she glanced over at her mother she knew that she was feeling the same thing, experiencing the same sensations.


Whhrrdngts, Loren finally said as she was rolled over onto her side, looking at Courtney as she was rolled in the opposite direction to face her mother.


Because I can, and because you like it, the man said as he pulled Courtneys top up slightly, Loren looked on as he started to kiss her side and belly, making Courtney squirm again, unsure of how to respond to this teasing of one of her more ticklish spots.


Plssddntdt, Loren said, but the man just stopped, and walked over to kneel behind her, pulling her top up and kissing her sides and belly as well. She screamed in laughter - just as the other man returned, carrying a holdall that Courtney recognised as hers.


We dont have time for this, he said sharply, We need to get a move on.


A pity, his colleague said as he rolled the two women back onto their stomachs, slapping their bottoms as they felt the cold wood on their bare bellies. Perhaps another time?


Hhhh - whtbts, Courtney called out as the two men walked out of the room.


You - someone will be along soon enough Im sure, the taller man said as they both turned and left the room.


Swhtdwdnw, Loren said as she looked at her daughter. nnaasssrsnnfsrnkshn.


Courtney sighed and closed her eyes, then started to wriggle round. Wfrrrslfs, she mumbled as she started to rub her mouth over her mothers foot, hoping to remove the tape, but only making Loren squirm again at the tickling feeling it produced...







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