Tonya’s Surprise








For Tonya, it had been a busy but productive week at the office, and she was looking forward to nothing more than a relaxing weekend of doing precisely nothing.  The sixty year old was one of those women who believed age should not be a barrier to looking and feeling good – and given she had lived through both the sixties and the seventies, the current fashions were allowing her almost to have a second bite of the youthful cherry.


This was reflected in the outfit she had worn to the office today – a cream and brown jersey dress, the sleeves cream to the thin brown stripes on the cuff, the same thickness of stripes on the collar and down to the top of her chest, then becoming thin cream stripes on brown.  The dress came down halfway to her knees, with a pair of dark tights visible between the hem and the top of her long over the knee light brown leather boots.


As she pulled up outside her detached house, she got out and collected her bag, before opening the front door and letting herself in.  Glancing at her reflection in the mirror, she looked through her glasses and said “I might go to the hairdressers tomorrow,” before she turned – and saw the young couple standing there.


“Actually, Tonya,” the man said as he raised a pistol and pointed it at her, “I think you’ll be doing what we say this weekend.  My name is Adam, my friend here is Eve – and you have been kind enough to agree to act as our hosts for the weekend.”


“What the hell...”  She looked at the young couple, wearing polo shirts, jeans and trainers – but one of them was armed, and the woman walked quickly behind her, pulling her wrists behind her back and crossing them before she felt the rope rubbing on her arms as they were secured together.


“Now,” Adam said with a smile as Tonya felt the rope being pulled tighter around and between her wrists, “I promise you, you will come to no harm, so long as you do as we say.  We just need to keep you – occupied over the weekend.”


“Occupied?  How?  Why?”


“All will be made clear in good time,” Adam said as he took a strip of duct tape from his top, and pressed it firmly over Tonya’s mouth as she stood there, “right now, come into your front room and sit down.  We want you to be comfortable, after all.”


“Btwwhhtrudngghrr,” Tonya said as she was led into her own front room, and allowed to sit in one of her armchairs, before the woman she had heard called Eve knelt in front of her, and started to bind her ankles together, taking the rope around and between her legs, and then around her feet so that it sat under the heels of her boots.


“As I said,” Adam continued as Eve tied a second band of rope around Tonya’s legs, holding them together as the leather stretched over her knees, “do as we say, and all will be well.  We’re going to arrange for some food to be delivered soon, and you will be able to eat at that point.”


Tonya looked round, wondering why this was happening to her, wondering if she would be able to tell anyone – and then it hit her. 




“I’m sorry, Tonya, is there something you wished to say?”


The older woman slowly shook her head, as Eve stood up and sat in the opposite chair.


“Good – then if you are...”


“Gran?  Are you in there?”


All three of them had heard the door open and close, Adam and Eve standing either side of the door as they heard something been put on the floor, and then “are you in the front room?”

The young woman who came in had long red-brown hair, which fell over the shoulders of her black jacket.  The garment had leather cuffs, while she was also wearing a pair of tight black leggings, the bottom half of which were tucked into a pair of olive green pirate style boots.


“Gran, are you – oh shit, what happened?”




“Oh no, don’t run,” Eve said as she came forward and took the young woman’s arms.  “I think you are Emma, Tonya’s granddaughter, correct?”


“Yes – but who are...”


“You live in Carlisle – and I see an overnight bag outside.  Come to visit your grandmother for the weekend.”


Emma turned and looked at Adam as she slowly nodded.


“Well then, you will experience the adventure together.  May I have your handbag, please?”


Emma slowly slipped the bag off her shoulder and handed it to Adam, as Eve started to bind her wrists together behind her back, the younger woman looking at Tonya all the time.


Ten minutes later, she was sat in the chair opposite Tonya, both women looking at each other over the silver tape gags as Adam said “do keep them company for a while my dear, while I make some preparations.”


“OF course,” Eve said as she took the gun and sat down, while Adam left the room and walked up the staircase...



“Please,” Tonya said as the tape was slowly removed from her mouth, and she gasped, “why are you doing this?  Who are you?”


“Yeah – why are you holding us hostage,” Emma said as she wriggled on the dining chair.  Although her hands been freed, her waist was tied to the chair back – and as both women moved their legs, the squeak of leather on leather, and rope on leather, was clearly audible.


“As I said to your charming grandmother,” Adam said as Eve put the fish and chips on plates, and handed them round, “all in good time.  Forgive the fact you need to use your fingers – but do eat.”


“We’d better,” Tonya said as she looked at her granddaughter, “we’ve got no idea when we may next eat.”


Emma nodded as she picked up a chip and chewed on it, while Adam said “now, Emma – and answer me truthfully – had you made any plans for the weekend?”


“No – truth be told, when I come we...”




“We try on each other’s clothes.”


Adam and Eve looked at each other, then Eve chuckled as Adam said “Perfect – then you can keep each other company as well.  Go on, eat up – a lot still to do.”


Tonya took a drink from her plastic cup, and said “Just tell me what it is you want – I’ll do it, and you van leave us alone.”


“What we want right now,” Adam said, “is for you both to eat – then we’ll see what happens next...”


“Gran, who are they?”


“I don’t know,” Tonya said to Emma after she swallowed some fish, “they were in the house when I got home, tied my wrists, my legs, gagged me – and then you came in.”


“But what do they want?”


Tonya wriggled her legs again, feeling the rope rubbing on the leather, before she said “I have no idea...”




After they finished the meal, Tonya watched as Emma was untied, while Eve tied her wrists behind her back.


“Take her into the front room,” she said as she looked at Adam, “and I’ll get Emma here settled into the spare bedroom.”


“You know what you need to do?”


“I do,” she said as she took Emma by the arm and walked her upstairs, while Tonya was made to jump into the front room, turning herself round and sitting down while Adam sat and watched her.


“No gag?”


“Not yet, no – don’t worry, the time will come...”


“What do you mean by that?”


Adam just smiled, as Tonya listened to the sounds up the stairs.  Eventually, Adam stood up and walked over, untying Tonya’s legs before she was frog marched up the stairs.


“Go in,” he said outside the bathroom door as he untied her wrists, “do what you need to do and change, and then come back out.”


“Where is Emma?”


“Don’t worry – you’ll see her,” he said as Tonya went in, sitting down and removing her boots and tights before she slipped her dress off.  A pair of cream silk pyjamas were laid out in there, along with a clean pair of panties.


When she eventually came out, she saw Adam waiting with a length of rope.  Nodding, she turned round and crossed her wrists behind her back.


“No – cross them in front of yourself.”


Tonya turned and watched as he bound her wrists together, and then passed the rope round her waist, securing them firmly against her belly before she walked into her bedroom.  It was a large room, with a king sized bed – and Emma was lying on her back on one side, looking at her grandmother as she came in.


A large green and gold scarf had been rolled into a thick band and used as a cleave gag, while her wrists were secured in the same way as Tonya.  Her ankles were secured together, as were her legs below her knees, and a length of rope ran from her ankles to one corner of the bed.


“Sit down,” Eve said, Tonya nodding as she watched the young woman bind her ankles and legs, and then rolled a large black scarf into a thick band.  She felt the band pressing her tongue down as it was pulled between her lips, and then she lay next to Emma, watching as her ankles were secured to the bed as well.


“Sleep well,” Adam said as the two women looked at each other, and the lights went off, Tonya feeling her eyelids closing as they tried to move...




“Good morning, Tonya, Emma – I trust you both slept well?”


As Tonya opened her eyes, she saw Eve standing by the side of the bed.  Her mouth was dry, but as she turned her head she saw Emma looking at her, the scarf much darker between her lips.


“I will untie your legs and the rope round your waist, and remove the gags, then allow you both to go to the toilet before you go to have some breakfast.  After breakfast, you will change into the outfits that will be laid out for you, and we have a very special morning ahead of us.”


Both women nodded as their legs were released and the gags removed, saying nothing as they went to the toilet and then down to the kitchen.


“Good morning,” Adam said as he turned from the stove, “sit down and have the orange juice.  I’ll have the scrambled eggs ready in a few minutes.”


Both women took the glass I n their hands and drank deeply, before Emma said “Gran, I don’t know about you, but – that was the best night’s sleep I’ve had for ages.”


Tonya nodded slowly as the eggs and toast were put in front of them, Eve watching closely as they started to eat.


“So what next,” Tonya said, “you make me open the safe up at the office and rob us, leaving us there?”


“Tempting,” Adam said, “But we have a different plan in mind.  As I believe Eve said, once you have eaten, we will allow you to wash and then ask you to put on the outfits we will lay out for you.”


“With one additional thing we will explain later,” Eve said with a smile.


“And then,” Emma asked as she sipped her drink.


“We go shopping.”


The two women looked at each other before Eve handed them each a mug of coffee...




“How are you feeling now,” Tonya asked as Emma came into the spare bedroom, wearing a dressing gown and with her hair under a towel turban.


“Better for the shower,” she said with a small smile.  “So they really have laid out some outfits for us?”


“So it appears,” Tonya said as she stood up, the skirt of her dress falling to cover the tops of her black stockings.  The dress was another short one, with vertical tan and white stripes, and a low cut square neckline.  A white shrug covered her shoulders and arms.


“Well, at least they know what you like to wear,” Emma said as Tonya pulled on a pair of mustard coloured over the knee yellow boots. As she sat back, Emma saw the play on her lips as she sighed.


“What else are you wearing?”


“You’ll find out in a minute,” Tonya said as Eve came in.


“Good – dry yourself off and then put on the panties,” she said as she looked at Tonya.  Emma saw the gun in her hand, and slowly removed the towels, pulling on a pair of panties and a bra.  She then gasped as she saw their female captor doubling over a length of rope.


“Hands on your head Emma.”


“Why, what are you going to do...”


“Emma, just let her,” Tonya said, her granddaughter nodding as Eve tied the rope around her waist, and then took the ends down and between her legs.


“What the...  OHMYGOD...”


“Hush,” Eve said as she tied the rope to Emma’s back, and then left the room.


“They expect us to wear this as well?”


“Oh yes,” Tonya breathed as Emma pulled on the black jeans, fastening the wide belt around her waist, and then the black silk blouse, folding the cuffs back before she sat on the bed – and groaned.


“Yeah – be careful doing that,” Tonya said quietly as Emma leaned forward and pulled the black over the knee leather boots on, before standing up.


“Okay – now what,” she whispered.


“Good, you’re ready,” Adam said as he came in, “stand beside each other, please, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Are we going to be tied up again?”


“Oh yes – but this is an adventure,” Adam said as he produced two lengths of rope, and bound their wrists tightly together behind their backs, taking the ropes around and between her arms.  He then smiled as he tied more rope around their upper bodies, fixing their arms to their sides as Tonya felt the bands rubbing on her chest.


As he tied the ropes off behind Emma’s back, Eve appeared with two large shawls, which she placed over the two women so that their ropes were hidden.


“What on earth are you doing this,” Tonya said.


“So that we can go for a walk in the country – but we cannot have you raising the alarm, so I want you both to open your mouths.




Tonya and Emma looked at each other, then allowed Adam to put a folded cloth in their mouths, before Eve tore strips of clear tape off a roll and carefully smoothed them down over their lips, making sure there were no creases or air pockets.


“Wonderful,” Adam said as Tonya looked at Emma, barely able to see the fact she was tape gagged.  “Walk with us to the car.”



The families walking through the country park didn’t give the group of four a second look.  The young man and woman, wearing leather jackets and pointing things out to the two women walking with them, both with shawls wrapped over their upper body.


Tonya felt the gentle wind on her face and wondered why she wasn’t trying to run away.  Her upper body was tightly bound, there was a rope rubbing on her panties between her legs, and clear tap held a gag in her mouth – but somehow, she wasn’t afraid.  IT was as if the newness, the uniqueness of the experience as holding her captive more than all the other things.


She looked at Emma, who glanced back and nodded – she was thinking the same things, experiencing the same things.  Was it so good she didn’t want it to end...


“I can see you are enjoying this, despite everything,” Eve said, the two women nodding as they stopped and looked over the lake.


“Btwwhwrudnnths” Tonya whispered.


“Oh all in good time, ladies, all in good time,” Adam said with a smile, “Now, how about we return to the car, and go for a nice drive?”


As they started walking again, Tonya closed her eyes for a moment, the pleasant warmth that had started within her getting stronger with each step.  Emma did so as well, as she wondered what else would happen...



“Home again,” Eve said as she pulled Tonya’s bound ankles back, and secured them to her chest ropes.  She looked over at Emma, who had already been hogtied, and groaned as the rope rubbed more on her.  “You two stay on the floor here for now, until it is time for you to change again.”




Tonya nodded in agreement as they wriggled on the floor of the living room, Adam watching as Eve looked at a tablet.



“That...  That was intense,” Emma gasped as she sat in the bedroom with Tonya.  Both women had eventually been untied and allowed to go to the toilet, before been led into the room.


“I know – I just wish I knew why they were doing this to us,” Tonya said as she slipped her boots off, and then rubbed her ankles.  “Have you any idea how much I wanted to scream in pleasure as we climbed that hill?”


“I can imagine – so what do you think they will have us wearing next?”


Both women looked up as Eve came in.  “We have your clothes laid out in the other room – come and change, and then we will have dinner.”


“All right – but will you then tell us why you are doing this?”


Eve just smiled and took them to the room, both women staring at the outfits laid out on the bed.



“Ah – may I say you look divine, Tonya,” Adam said as the older woman came in, wearing a grey woollen jersey dress with a cowled neck, sheer stockings and black over the knee leather boots.  Her wrists were secured together in front of her, and as she sat on the couch Adam knelt down, crossing her ankles and securing them together, as well as her legs below her knees.


As he took the rope between her legs, Eve brought Emma in.  The younger woman was wearing a black short sleeved v-necked jumper over a grey and white striped top, black jeans and knee length tan leather boots.  She also had her wrists tied together, and watched as her own legs were secured.


“Dinner will be here shortly – finger food obviously,” Adam said.


“Will you please tell us what you want to do,” Tonya said as she twisted her legs round.


“You’ll find out – tomorrow,” Adam said, “for now, why don’t we find a film to watch?  A musical perhaps?”


“Oh – and are we going to sign along with our lips taped?”


As Emma looked at Adam and Eve, and saw the smiles on their faces, she realised she had just given them an idea...







“Srrygrn,” Emma said as she tried to speak, the white tape moving with her lips but blocking any understandable words from coming out.  They were both sat on the couch, their wrists now tied down to the band of rope below their knees, the remains of the Chinese takeaway on the coffee table in front of them, while Adam and Eve looked at the tablet. 


Tonya was wondering what was on there that was taking their interest – and why this was beginning to feel good to her.  By all rights she should be terrified, held hostage all weekend, unable to contact anyone – but it didn’t.  She was actually enjoying it!


“Right,” Eve said as she started playing Mamma Mia, “sing along if you want to.”


Tonya and Emma looked at each other, before they sang.






As the film ended, Adam lifted Tonya up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed before untying her wrists from her knees, and securing them to the headboard.  As she looked up, she felt him tying her ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Fnkuu, btwhnnrugnnttllswhtshppnn?”


“Tomorrow,” Adam said before he left, Tonya watching as he carried Emma in and secured her on the other side of the bed.


“Sleep well,” he said as he turned the light off, the two captives looking at each other before their eyes closed...




“Grnn?  GRrrnnntstmmtwkpp.”


Tonya opened her eyes and looked at Emma, who was twisting round, her boots squeaking as she tried to lower and raise her legs.




Emma nodded as Eve walked in, wearing a jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath.  “Ah – do you need to go to the toilet, Emma?”


As she nodded, Eve untied her, Tonya watching as she was escorted from the room.  A moment later, Adam came in, wearing a smart suit, shirt and tie.


“We’ll allow Emma to shower and then take her to change,” he said as he untied Tonya, “and then you can do the same.  Once we have had breakfast, we will secure and silence both of you, and we will tell you then what is going to happen.  The gag stays until you go the bathroom – and we want you to put some makeup on today as well.”


Tonya nodded as she rubbed her wrists, and started to remove her boots.  Eventually, she heard the toilet door open, and Adam walked her into the smallest room.  Looking in the mirror, she peeled the white tape away, and looked at herself in the mirror.


“Well, might as well get ready,” she said as she started the shower, and removed her dress.




“Hey – how are you feeling,” Emma said as Tonya came into the room.  Her granddaughter was wearing a tunic dress with a Jackson Pollock style splatter pattern and a v-shaped neckline, and over the knee quilted black leather boots.


“Strangely relaxed – and afraid of what’s going to happen.  Did they pick that?”


“Yeah – your outfit is there.”


Tonya nodded as she picked up the brown tweed jacket and skirt, and then looked at the brown leather boots.  Smiling, she started to dress, saying as she did so “I wonder how this is going to end today?”


“Tell me about it – I never thought been held hostage would be like this.”



A few minutes later, the two women walked down with Adam, as Eve set the breakfast out.


“Not going to tie us to the chairs,” Emma said as she looked round.


“No – time enough for that later,” Eve said, “sit, eat.”


“So what is going to happen,” Tonya asked.


“We’re going to take you both to where we need you to be,” Adam said, “and then you will find out.  For now, eat, drink – it may be a little while before you do so again.”


“And that place is?”


Adam just smiled as he ate some toast.




“There – I trust that is not too uncomfortable?”


Tonya looked at the way the bands of rope forced her chest up and out, and said “no – could be worse.”  Her wrists were crossed and secured behind her back, and a further length of rope around her waist held them tightly against her back. 


Looking to her side, she saw Emma grimace slightly as Eve bound her arms to her sides, and then tie the ropes off behind the young girl’s back.  She looked over and nodded as well, while Adam picked up one of Tonya’s scarves and folded it into a pad.


“Open wide please Tonya – time for you to be quiet.”


Nodding, she opened her mouth, feeling the silk on her tongue as she closed her lips over it, and then feeling the slight tugging on her skin as he smoothed a large length of white micropore tape over her mouth and jaw.  She looked over as Emma was similarly gagged, before they were walked into the hallway.


Eve opened the front door, looked round, and then went out, Adam waiting as she opened the rear doors of a large black car before he walked the two captives over and helped them to sit in.  Both then watched as their ankles were crossed and tied, and their legs secured together below their knees, the leather once again squeaking as they rubbed their legs together.


“One final thing,” Adam said as he put a black sleep mask over Tonya’s eyes.  She assumed the same thing was done to Emma, as she heard the car doors close, and then the front doors open and close.


The radio started playing as the car moved off, both women wondering where they were going...




As the car stopped, and she heard the front doors of the car open and close, Emma wondered what was going on.  She nudged Tonya, who grunted “Gsswwfndttnw” as they waited for their two kidnappers to move them.


And waited.


And waited.


Eventually, Tonya felt Emma rubbing her head on her side, and then heard her say “thrrnthrrgrnn.”




“nnn – wrlnnn.  Lntmmm,”


Tonya leaned to her side, and felt a finger on her head as Emma managed to pull the sleep mask away.  As she blinked, she saw they were in the back of a car – but they were the only ones there.


She looked at Emma, who was working her jaw, and saw the tape slowly start to come away from her mouth and jaw.  It took some time, but eventually she was able to push the scarf from her mouth and shake the tape of her face.


“What the heck is happening, Gran,” she said quietly, “we’re alone in the car, and – that’s your handbag!”


Tonya looked down and saw her large bag there – and saw her mobile phone at the top.  Turning round, she managed to take it in her hand, and dial 999 before leaving it on the top.


“Emergency – which service please?”


“Police – we’ve been kidnapped, and we’re tied up.”


“Where are you?”


“No idea – we’re in the back of an unfamiliar car.”


“all right – we’re going to trace this number.  Be patient – help is on the way...”




“I just don’t get it,” Tonya said as she opened her front door, “nothing taken, my bag left here – they just left us?”


“It sounds crazy,” Emma said as she closed the door.  The police had come and freed them, then taken them to hospital, but they had been discharged.


“Check your things,” Tonya said, “I’ll make some coffee.”  She went into the kitchen as Emma went upstairs, and put her purse on the table before she put the kettle on.


As the water boiled, she opened her purse – and took out a silver USB stick.


“What’s that?”


She looked at Emma, and said “no idea – you make the coffee, I’ll switch my laptop on, and we’ll have a look.”


A few minutes later, they sat in front of the coffee table, as Tonya plugged the stick in and waited.  After a moment, a pop-up window opened.


“Thank you, Sheila, for allowing us to be with you this weekend.  And thank Emma as well for taking part.  Click here if you wish to see why we did what we did.”


“Well, shall we,” Emma said, Tanya nodding as she clicked on the link.  A web page came up, with pictures of Adam and Eve on it, and in a banner header the words CUSTOM KIDNAP – TELL US WHO, TELL US HOW, TELL US WHAT.


“What the hell...”  Tonya clicked on a button labelled “latest update” – and there she and Emma were, in their outfits over the weekend as they struggled and slept.  Next to each picture was a piece of text, sent in by someone, saying what they should wear, and what should happen to them.


A second window opened, saying she had a new e-mail.  Opening it, she read...




“Many thanks for your hospitality this weekend.  To compensate, the sum below has been deposited to your current account.”


Tonya’s eyes widened when she saw the amount, as did Emma’s, and then they read on.


“Second, allow us to tell you who nominated you.”


She looked at the name and said “I didn’t know she felt that way?”


“Who is she?”


“My boss,” Tonya said quietly.


“Finally, we offer the opportunity for you to nominate someone.  Use the button at the website, and we will seek to meet your request.”


Sitting back, Tonya thought for a moment, and then said “okay then,” as she clicked on the “nominate” button...









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