What Are Sisters For?






“Hey, kiddo - what’s up?”


Lesley looked across the room to her older sister, who was sitting in a comfortable armchair watching the movie with her.  She looked like a cross between Lesley and her mother, about five years older than her with short blonde hair.  She worked at a bank in the city, and Lesley was spending a week with her while she looked round some of the colleges in the area.


“I’m bored,” Lesley said with a sigh, “Do you mind if I go to bed, Josie?  I have to get a few things done in the morning.”


“Any visits to make?”


“Nah - but I need to revise some notes for the day after tomorrow.  When will you be back from work?”


“About five - maybe we can go and catch a movie after that?”


“Sure,” Lesley said as she stood up and stretched.   “Good night, Josie?”


“’night, kiddo,” her sister said as she watched Lesley leave the room, wondering what was going through her mind.




As she walked into her bedroom, what was going through Lesley’s mind was the contents of the bag she had hidden under her bed.  Opening it, she looked again at the maid’s dress and high heels, remembering the incident when she had been on holiday a few months ago.  She had tried a few times to re-create that feeling on her own, but over time it had become less and less exciting.


Not that the idea of tying herself up, or being tied up and gagged, had waned in her interest.  She just wanted some new experiences - some new ideas, and for some reason she was drawing a blank.  With a sigh, she put the bag back under her bed and changed into her pyjamas - maybe tomorrow would bring more inspiration.




Lesley opened her eyes as she heard the front door shutting.  Getting out of bed, she walked downstairs to find a note on the table in the kitchen.




Had a call to go into work early.  I have to go, but the good news is that I’ll be back early.  Enjoy your day.




“Great,” Lesley said as she opened the cupboard and took out a cereal packet.  “I get the day all to myself - might as well eat and get changed.”


It was an hour or so later, as she walked out of her room, that she saw the door to her sister’s bedroom open.  She changed into a white t-shirt and a pair of blue denim shorts over some black tights, and had thought she would get right down to her revision.


As she stared at the door, however, she had an irresistible urge to go in and have a look.  When Josie had lived at home, they had shared a room for a while, and she was curious to see if her habits had changed at all.


Pushing the door open, Lesley walked in and looked round.  There was a double bed at one end, with wooden pillars at each corner, and a dressing table at the other side in front of the window.  A small chest of drawers stood against the third wall, and there was a set of doors that, when Lesley opened them, led to a walk-in closet.


She looked through her sister’s clothes, mainly business wear but some more casual outfits, before closing the door and looking through her drawers.  “Sure has a lot of scarves,” she muttered to herself, taking out a red silk square and feeling it against her bare arms.


“Mmmmmmmmmmm” she said to herself a she felt the smooth material against her skin, before looking at it, wondering if she dared to put it into her mouth as a gag.  Eventually, she settled for folding it into a band and tying it tightly over her lips.  She knew it would not be an effective silencer, but she liked the way it felt and the way she felt wearing it.


Walking back to the wardrobe, Lesley opened it and took out a pair of jeans and a leopard skin print top.  She looked at herself in a mirror on the back of one door, holding the clothes against herself and imagining how she would look in them, bound and gagged.  She moaned slightly as she let her imagination run away, feeling the ropes against her skin as she closed her eyes, and then opened them again.


As she did so, something on the floor of the wardrobe caught her eye.  Replacing the hangers, she bent down and pulled out a wooden box, fastened with a padlock through the clasp.  Lesley pulled it out, and placed it on the bed, pulling the scarf down from around her mouth as she did so.


“Now what do we have here,” she said to herself as she looked at the padlock.  It was a standard, everyday lock, and Lesley smiled as she saw this.  “You’ve got a secret, sis,” she said as she looked for the nail set she knew Josie had, “and I’m going to find out what it is.


She worked on the lock for a few minutes, smiling when she heard the click and the lock dropped, swinging to one side before she slipped it out of the eye.  Lifting the clasp, she pulled the lid up and stared inside the box, her eyes widening at what it contained.


At the top was a small black folder, which Lesley unzipped to reveal a number of silver disks neatly arranged in plastic holders.  Underneath this was a brown manila file, and as she opened it up Lesley found a number of magazines, all quite old, with titles like “Love Bondage”, “Amateur Housewives Bound” and “Bondage Life”.


Underneath that were a number of neatly coiled lengths of rope, which felt soft to the touch of Lesley’s fingers as she lightly brushed them.  There were other objects stacked between the coils - rolls of tape of different colours, rubber balls with straps or ropes running through them, and other objects that Lesley could only begin to guess at.


“Oh... My... God,” Lesley said to herself as she looked at the magazines, “I never knew, never realised...”  For the first time, she felt as if she was not alone, not different - there was someone in her own family who seemed to like been tied up as well.  She knew she would have to ask Josie about this, but she was curious about something else as well - just what were these disks?


Putting the other things back into the box, she carried the holder downstairs and switched on the computer.  As the machine warmed up, she closed her eyes and opened the holder, picking one disk at random and removing it from the sleeve.


Gingerly, she opened the disk drive and placed the disk in the holder, watching as it slowly closed.  As she untied the scarf from around her neck, she watched the video player on the computer start, and her eyes widened as she watched the film that started...





Josie closed the door behind herself, dropping her bag on the floor as she threw the keys onto the table by the door.  “Do you want a drink, Lesley,” she called out, but when she didn’t hear an answer she shrugged her shoulders and made her way into the kitchen.  As she picked up a mug, she noticed a piece of paper on the table, and picked it up to read.


“Come up to my bedroom, we need to talk,” she read to herself.  Turning round, she walked up the stairs and opened the door to the room Lesley was sleeping in.


“All right, kiddo, what is...” she started to say, but stopped herself when she saw Lesley lying on the bed, looking up at her over the grey tape that covered her mouth.  She was wearing her maid’s outfit, her ankles and knees bound with white rope over the dark stockings, and her wrists pinned together behind her back with a pair of handcuffs.


“Hlzr,” she mumbled as her sister came and sat next to her.  “What on earth are you doing like this,” she said as she looked at the binding, “and do mum and dad know about this?”


“Nthdnt, ndidntwntuttltm,” Lesley said, “rlsltltmbtu.”


“I’m a big girl, Lesley,” Josie said as she pulled the tape away from her younger sister’s mouth, “but I think you and I need to have a little chat.  This isn’t the first time you’ve done this to yourself, is it?”


“No,” Lesley said as she worked her jaw, “but then I think you’d know about this sort of thing.”


Josie looked at her sister, before saying “You’ve been in my room haven’t you?  Did you put everything back?”


“Yes - but I want to hear how you got started.”


“You first,” Josie said as she picked up the key to the handcuffs.  “Get yourself free and changed - I’ll put the oven on to cook some pizzas.  You can tell me how this happened down there.”




“... So he tied the ropes, left a pair of scissors within my reach and left me there.  It took me another hour before I cut myself free, and I was cleaned up before the rest of the family got back.”


Josie took a sip of her drink as Lesley finished her tale.  “I see,” she said, “and you’ve tried it yourself at home since then - without been caught?”


“So far - I guess the thrill of the danger is part of it.  What about you, though - how did you start getting tied up?”


Lesley watched her older sister as she smiled.  “When I moved down here, I started seeing a guy called Steve.  He was gentle, kind - and treated me with respect.  One night he told me how he used to play tie up games with his younger sister, and asked if I would be interested in trying one out.


“Well, I didn’t know what to do, but he persuaded me to let him tie my wrists together in front of me with a scarf.  The moment I felt it against my skin, and felt the helplessness of being tied that way, I knew I loved it, and I wanted to know more.


“Well, he taught me a lot, and now I either treat myself or I allow my boyfriend - or some other trusted friends - to treat me.”


“Men and women?”


“Sometimes - but we take turns securing each other.  We find it a release from our daytime jobs - and we enjoy the feeling as well.”  Josie looked again at Lesley as she sat there in her shorts and top.  “So, you enjoy been tied up as well - what do you like about it?”


“The helplessness - and, strange as it may sound, I feel more secure that way.  Why?”


“Well - we don’t need to go to the cinema tonight.  We could play a game here of you wanted.  I need to ask a question, however?”




“Honestly - do you get aroused when you’re tied up as well?”


Lesley smiled.  “Yes - especially when I try to do what that man did to me.  Somehow, however, I never get it quite right.”


“Very difficult to do to yourself - look, let’s eat, and then we can get ready to act out a game.  It’s one I usually do with a couple of other friends, but I’ll do it with you tonight if you want.”


Lesley’s face lit up.  “I’s love that - what’s it called?”


“The Black Cat - get the pizzas, and I’ll explain what’s going to happen...”




Lesley walked slowly into the front room of the house, holding her glass as she did so.  At her sister’s suggestion, she had put her pyjamas on - a cream coloured camisole top with spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and a pair of matching shorts that came to just below her crotch.  A pair of fluffy slippers were on her feet as she sat down and turned the television on, watching the program while secretly waiting to see what Josie was going to do.


She didn’t have long to wait, as she was surprised by a black leather gloved hand that clamped itself over her mouth from behind the chair.  “What do we have here,” she heard Josie almost purr in a soft voice, “A little lady ready to go to bed?”


“Whtsgngn,” Lesley mumbled as she felt the hand pressing down against her lips.  “Not a word, little one,” Josie said from behind her, “I’m going to take my hand away.  Stand up, put your hand son your head, then turn round and face me.  I have a gun, and I’d rather not use it unless you force me.”


As her sister let go, Lesley slowly stood and put her hands on her head, turning to see Josie standing there in a tight black sweater and pants, the legs of which were tucked into knee length leather boots.  She had a black domino mask covering her eyes, and deep red lipstick on her lips.  Her hair was hidden under a black woollen cap.


“Please, don’t hurt me,” Lesley said quietly as Josie looked at her.  “I won’t hurt you, if you do as you’re told,” Josie said as she smiled.  “Is there anyone else home, little one?”


“No - my sister will be back later.  Please, take what you want and go, I won’t stop you.”


“No, you won’t” Josie said as she picked up a small holdall.  “Let’s go - nice and slowly.  I want you to show me where your bedroom is.”


“My bedroom - why?”


“You’ll see,” Josie said as she took Lesley by the arm.  “Let’s go.”  She walked her sister slowly up the stairs, Lesley feeling something pressing against the small of her back as she did so, and then into her bedroom.


“All right,” Josie said as she closed the door behind both of them.  “Sit on the bed, and put your hands together in front of you.”


As Lesley did this, she watched Josie put the bag on the bed and open it, taking out one of the smaller coils of rope she had seen in the trunk earlier.  “Please,” she said quietly, “You don’t have to tie me up.  Just leave me locked in the room and I won’t be any trouble.”


“Hush, little one,” Josie said as she knelt in front of Lesley, “Or I will silence you now.  Put your hands on your lap, and cross your wrists as you do so.”  She shook the coil of rope loose and doubled it over, Lesley watching as she wrapped it round her wrists and pulled.


“Ohhhhh,” Lesley said as her sister wrapped the rope round again, “that doesn’t feel too bad.”


“I don’t want to hurt you,” Josie said as she passed the rope between her sister’s arms, tightening the silken coils around her wrists as she did so, “I just want you to be kept out of the way.  Now, hold still while I tie this off.”


“Ohhhh - that feels wonderful,” Lesley sighed as her sister tied off the rope with a double hitch and tucked the ends into the coils.  The rope felt like soft silk against her skin, but as she twisted her wrists round she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.


“Now, stay still,” Josie said as she produced a much longer length of rope and shook it free, doubling it over as she climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her sister.  Lesley watched as the rope was passed over her head and pulled around her arms, forcing them into her side as it pulled her top tight under her breasts.


She looked down at the material stretched over her upper body, and the way her nipples could be seen through it, as Josie passed the rope round twice more.  Her arms were now locked into her side, especially when her sister passed the ends around the rope under her arms, tightening them before she tied the ends off behind her back.  The rope was digging into her skin, but it felt smooth, sensual, arousing as Lesley wriggled round.


“Enjoying yourself,” Josie whispered into Zoë’s ear, her sister nodding with her eyes closed in reply.  “You said the man tied a rope between your legs, right?”


“Hmmmm,” Lesley mumbled, then she opened her eyes and said “Why?”


Josie slipped back into character, saying “Stand up” as she took Lesley by the arm.  Producing yet another length of rope, she doubled it over and then passed it around Lesley’s waist, pulling it from behind so that her forearms were held tightly against her belly.


Lesley heard a soft sound as the rope was dropped on the floor, before Josie walked round and knelt down in front of her.  Reaching to the floor, she pulled the rope up between her sister’s legs, forcing her shorts up against her crotch as she passed the ends around the rope holding her wrists together, then back through her legs and securing it to the rope around her chest.


“That should keep you occupied,” Josie said as she re-checked all the knots.  Lesley had her eyes closed, feeling the pressure against her crotch increase as Josie made her sit back down on the bed.  It was that feeling she had experienced on holiday, only somehow more intense, more exciting.


She tried moving her wrists, and felt the pressure against her as the rope moved with her.  “Mmmmmm” she mumbled, so surprised that she did not feel her sister start to tie her ankles together with more rope, drawing them together as she passed the rope around and between.


“I thought I told you to be quiet, little one,” Josie said as she started to tie Lesley’s legs together, above and below her knees, her legs clamped together as the rope moved smoothly over her skin - and over her silk shorts.


“Iahhhhhhh - I can’t” Lesley said as she opened her eyes and looked at her sister.  “Not the way you’ve tied me.”


“Yes, you can,” Josie said as she held up a folded handkerchief.  “Open your mouth.”


“Alrrggmgmgfmddfgm” Lesley mumbled as Josie pushed the cloth past her teeth.  T was clean, freshly laundered, and tasted like it had just come from the loom.  She heard a ripping sound, and looked up to see Josie holding a strip of white tape in her hands.


“This won’t hurt your skin,” she said as she pressed it over Lesley’s mouth, the tape forming to the shape of her lips and jaw as it held firmly in place.  “Mmmmmmsdfmsdf” Zeo mumbled as her sister helped her to lie on her side, placing a pillow under her head as she did so.


Lesley was in heaven, secured and unable to speak, but this was far better than the first time in the hotel, or even the attempts she had done on herself.  Josie had somehow made her both comfortable and immobile, her legs pinned together and her arms held firmly to her side.  The only thing she could move was her hands, but as she raised them up and down it pulled the rope between her legs against her crotch, and she was starting to feel warmth there, a throbbing that delighted her.


She closed her eyes and started to slowly, rhythmically move her hands backwards and forwards, the rope moving and her voice going “ngggggg..  mmmmmm.......  mmmdsmdsmd....  MMEWASFSFSFSFA....” with increasing intensity as the warmth spread, as the throbbing continued to increase in intensity.


She opened her eyes to see Josie standing in the doorway.  “I think your sister has come home,” she said a she looked at the trussed and gagged girl, “I’m going to go and deal with her.  Have fun, little one.”


She walked out , closing the door behind her, and Lesley closed her eyes again, the throbbing turning into a pulsing, the warmth into a burning, as she continued to move the rope between her legs.  She was immersing herself in this, feeling the warmth spread and dampness between her legs which was not unpleasant as she did so.


She dimly heard Josie say “Who the hell are you...” and then some muffled noises, but she was lost in herself, feeling the aching in her crotch as the rope continued to rub up and down, forwards and backwards with her hands, her back arching as she groaned and the movement more fluid as a result.


“NGDSNGSDNAFNFDGNDFNDFFNADGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she screamed through her gag, feeling the sweat on her body as the burning grew, as the throbbing and aching seemed to reach a fever pitch, until finally she felt a flow from between her legs - something she had never, ever experienced before, but that felt, so natural, so right that she wanted it to continue as her crotch seemed to explode within her.  “YSASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” she screamed as she tensed, and then relaxed, feeling the warmth spread throughout her as her breathing became calmer, less rushed, more shallow.


Lesley slowly opened her eyes, looking down at the damp patch between her legs and smiling as she did so.  Looking to her right, she saw a pair of scissors lying there, and from across the hallway she could hear a low moaning.


She lay still for a few minutes, waiting for the feelings to subside enough, before she edged her way across the bed and grabbed the scissors in one hand,  Slowly, carefully, she opened the blades and placed one against the rope just below her wrists, moaning as the rope rubbed her again while she gently sawed away at the ropes, forward and backwards, to and fro.....






Twenty minutes later, Lesley removed the last rope from around her legs and stood up, stretching her limbs and working her jaw as she did so.  The ropes and tape lay in a heap on the bed, a wet cloth lying on top of them.  She walked to the set of drawers, took out a pale blue cotton nightdress and changed into it, placing her damp and stained pyjamas in the wash basket.


Opening the door to Josie’s room, Lesley looked in and saw her sister lying on the side on the bed.  She had changed into a white t-shirt and black shorts, and had tied her own legs together at the ankles, thighs, calves and near her crotch with coils of rope.  Her arms were held tightly to her side by a length that criss-crossed her upper body between her breasts, the nipples clearly visible under the stretched material, and her wrists were tied together in front of her and to the chest ropes.  A thick black scarf was tied into her mouth, and a second one covered her eyes.


Lesley could also see a bulge in her sister’s shorts by her crotch, and from the sound of the moans coming from her she figured what was in there.  Closing the door, she made her way downstairs and put the kettle on, deciding a hot drink was just what she needed at that point.


It was another thirty minutes before Josie came into the front room, looking at Lesley as she sat on the couch.  “So, how do you feel now?” she said as she sat beside her.


“Different, excited - what the hell did you do to me with that rope?”


“Nothing I can’t teach you to do for yourself.”  She put her coffee mug down on the table and looked at Lesley.  “A couple of my friends are coming over tomorrow night.  I was going to ask if you wanted to go out on your own, but seeing how much you enjoyed yourself tonight...”




“Want to be my assistant for the night?  I’ll show you how to tie someone up for pleasure in a real way.”


Lesley nodded her head slowly up and down.  She wanted to learn - she wanted to learn it all.




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