When Dreams Come True




Beryl watched from the window excitedly – her twin sister Trudy was coming to visit today, and as always she was looking forward to the time that they spent together.  Since their mother had passed away, their father had seemed to spend more time with his company, so the two only really had each other in terms of family.  She stood there, in her brown woollen jumper and skirt, counting the seconds to the time she was due to arrive.


She watched with great concentration, so none of the noises from her house were grabbing her attention.  As she saw her sister walking in the gate, wearing a white blouse, dark skirt and black leather jacket, she waved excitedly from the window and turned to go to the door.


Her attention was grabbed at that moment – as was she, as a large male hand grabbed her by the mouth and she felt the thumb pressing against her nose.  She reached up and grabbed at the hand, and saw stripes on the shirt her assailant was wearing, but her struggles were to no avail as she realised that she was growing short of breath.  Her eyes rolled up in her head as she slowly lost consciousness, the last thing she heard been a scream as her sister walked into her house……..




Beryl came to in a plain room, with a warm fuzzy feeling in her head.  Trying to focus with her eyes, she found herself lying on a white sheet, and to her horror she realised that she had been stripped to her red bra and panties, and her tights.  For some reason, the brown Alice band she had in her bobbed brown hair was still in place, but try as she might she could not figure out why.


As she struggled to sit up, a voice came from nowhere.


“Hello, Beryl.  Please, do not try to move for now.  You have been given a mild sedative, so that although you are awake you will only do what I tell you to do.  Allow me to demonstrate, Beryl – raise your right hand.”


Although she fought against it, Beryl could not stop herself raising her right hand, and then dropping it down.


“Very good.  Now, you will do as we tell you, and when we have finished you will be allowed to go free.  As you have seen, you have been stripped to your underwear, but you are still warm.  Nod if that is true.”


Beryl nodded, as she wondered what was happening.


“Beryl, please sit up and pull your knees up slightly.  When you have done so, you will see a coil of rope to your left hand side.  Please pick it up, unroll it and find the middle.”


As Beryl sat up, she saw the rope and picked it up.  Unravelling it, she doubled it and found the middle.


“Now, Beryl, wrap the rope around your ankles, put the two ends through the loop, and pull tight.  Slowly wrap the rope around until we tell you to stop.”


Despite fighting the order, Beryl did as she was asked and felt her ankles being pulled together.  She wrapped the rope around once, twice, three times, four….


“Stop.  Now take the separate ends, wrap them between your ankles, pull tight and tie the end together behind your ankles.  Do it now!”


Beryl did as she was commanded, and looked at her bound ankles.  There was a humming noise coming from somewhere, but she couldn’t locate it at that time.


“Very good, Beryl, very good.  Now, look again to your left hand side and you will see another coil of rope.  Once more, take it, unravel it and find the middle.”


Beryl looked, and although she could have sworn she had not seen it there before now a coil of rope was lying there.  She took it, and as before found the middle.


“Beryl, now use the rope to tie your legs together, above your knees, in the same way you tied your ankles.  Do it now.”


Despite herself and her wish to stop, Beryl tied her legs together above her knees as she had tied her ankles together.  When she was done, she realised that she would not be going anywhere – and that humming seemed to be getting louder.


“Beryl, by your right side you will see two scarves.  Take the light brown one, and tie it over and in your mouth, wrapping it around twice.  This will keep you from calling out.  Then take the dark scarf and tie it over your eyes to blindfold yourself.  Do it now.”


Taking the thin chiffon scarf, Beryl did as the voice had commanded and used it as a gag, keeping her tongue fixed to the floor of her mouth.  Blindfolding herself with the dark scarf, she sat wondering what was going to happen next.


“Attendants, see that Beryl is secured completely.”


Beryl sensed rather than heard two people join her.  One took her hands and gently pulled them behind her back to tie them together, while another tied rope around her waist and then used that rope to tie the bindings around her legs together.  Beryl could not resist – and in fact she felt she was beginning to enjoy it.


She felt rope being wrapped around her arms and breasts, pulling them together and raising them, and then around her neck and between her breasts.  Beryl knew she was securely tied, and began not only to relax but even to enjoy the experience that the binding and helplessness was giving her.


“Now, Beryl, you will stay this way until our work is done.  Listen tot eh sounds of our group as we chant, relax, and move with us.”


She heard the humming growing louder, and she began to sway in time with the gentle noise.  Gradually she felt a growing sense of euphoria, of excitement, a feeling that she had never really felt before.  She swayed more and more and struggled more and more, and the feeling grew as the humming grew louder and louder.




The euphoric feeling grew stronger and stronger.




Stronger, wilder, freer…..




It sounded almost as if someone was calling her, trying to talk to her….”







“BRYLL!!!  WKP!!!”


Beryl opened her eyes.  Directly in front of her was Trudy, trying to scream and shout at her, but the sound was being stopped by the blue silk scarf that was tied in her mouth as a gag.  Her wrists were tied together behind her back, and held by a length of rope to the rail that ran around her back room.  Her wrists were pulled up so that Trudy was almost bent double.


Beryl looked down at herself, and realised that although she was not stripped to her underwear she was securely bound and gagged, with her own wrists held to the same rail by a length of rope.  She was seated, and her legs were pulled up against her chest and bound there with ropes.


Two men were standing watching them, one talking on a mobile phone.


“Good – we’re on our way.  Ladies, your father paid up, so hang in there and you’ll be rescued soon.”


The twins looked at each other as the door was closed on the room, leaving them to struggle and for Beryl to wonder if her dreams would all turn out to be like this.