While Heidi’s Away - Part 2









Monday, 5 am


“So who is this mystery woman, who made me miss supper in such a - delightful way?”


The group were gathered in the front room as the first rays of dawn started to peep through the shuttered windows.  Chloe rubbed her eyes as he looked at the black clad woman, staring back at the group from her seated position.


“Delightful?  She knocked me out and made us lie next to each other, unable to move - that was delightful?”


Natalie rubbed her wrists as she stared at the now smiling woman.  “Not that I mind been tied like that, but I’d already had a long enough session with Veronica, thank you very much.  Who is she anyway?”


“I think we all want the answer to that question,” Amy said as she pulled the cloth gag out of her mouth.  “Well, spill it - who are you?”


The dark haired woman simply smiled, and said, “Do you want to tell them, sis, or shall I?”


“Sis?”  They all turned and looked at Anne, who was standing in the doorway with her arms folded.


“Yeah - folks, meet my older sister, Susan Duncombe, Sue to those who know her well - and big trouble for those she decides to play with.”  Anne walked forward and squatted in front of the securely bound woman.  “You really picked the wrong bunch of people to surprise this time, Sue.”


“Did I?  I distinctly remember you inviting me to come up and join you for the week/”


“And I distinctly remember you saying you could not, as you were on assignment.”  Anne stood up and started laughing.  “I should have guessed even then - you liked to play surprise visit every time we visited family as well.  When did you get here anyway?”


“Friday night - I hid upstairs and watched from the attic window as you brought everyone in.   You all looked so cute been carried or escorted onto the premises that I had to reward the adults on Saturday night.”


The adults all looked at each other.  “Oh, so it was you that did that in our sleep was it?”  Coral said as she stepped forward.  “Anne, would you mind leaving us alone with your darling sister for a little while?”


“Tempting,” Anne said as she held her sister’s chin up, “but I’ve got a better idea.  We’re going to untie her, and she will join us for breakfast - I doubt any of us are going to be getting any more sleep tonight.”


“And then?”


“And then I’m going to let the girls show her what they can do,” Anne said with an evil smile.  “She needs to see what she has walked into here...”



Monday, 10 am.


“In here, Sue - you may as well be comfortable while they take care of you.”


The group had fed well, and allowed Sue to wash, but she was still wearing her dark clothing as Anne gently guided her towards one of the beds in the attic.  Her hands had already been tied tightly together behind her back, palm to palm, with white rope, and parachute cord was wound round her fingers to hold them together as well.


“Natalie, Chloe - you may have the honour of binding my darling sister’s upper body.  Please - be creative.”


Oui, Miss Duncombe,” Chloe said as she nodded to Anne, who simply smiled back as Chloe took a length of rope and started to pull Sue’s arms together behind her back, making her elbows touch as she said “I hope you will not be too uncomfortable - you were very gentle with me yesterday.”


“Oh, OOOOO,” Sue said as she felt her elbows touch, “You are also very gentle - and I like this.  Where did you learn such techniques?”


“Practice,” Natalie said as she pulled some rope around Sue’s upper body, fixing her arms against her back as it wound tightly above and below her chest, forcing it up and out as she did so.  As she did so, she kept the ropes well layered, so that it caused no pain as she tightened them under Sue’s arms.


“I’m not going to move these for a while,” Sue eventually said as Chloe and Natalie walked back to the group.  “What’s next?”


“Cindy, Joanne - show my sister how tightly you can tie her legs.”


“With great pleasure,” Cindy said as she knelt at Sue’s feet, while Joanne helped her to sit down.  Removing her socks, she placed her ankles together and started to bind them tightly, winding the rope around and between, before she tied it off and then tied her big toes together.


At the same time, Joanne pulled rope around her legs, below her knees, and tightly bound them together, before wrapping a further length above her knees, round her thighs.  As both girls finished off, sue looked down her legs and said “Very nice, very tight - but I can still hop off you know.”


Alexa, Andrea?”


The two older girls smiled as they pushed Sue onto her side on the bed, and pulled her legs back so that her heels were resting on her bottom.  As Alexa secured Sue’s ankles to the chest rope, Andrea tied yet more around her thighs and calves, cinching them between her legs.


“All right, I see you girls know what you’re doing, but I can still scream for help you know.”


“Alice, Jannifer - you’re up.”


“Oh, I’m looking forward to this,” Jannifer said as she folded the scarf up in her hand, waiting as Alice pinched Sue’s nose.  Once her mouth was opened, she stuffed the scarf in and watched as Alice wound white vet wrap around Sue’s head.


As she stared over the bandage, Anne walked forward and whispered “Enjoy your nap” before pushing a pair of earplugs into her sister’s ears.  She then put cotton wool pads over her eyes, and wrapped microfoam tape around her head to keep them in place.  Finally, she pulled one of the full head balaclavas over her, leaving her with the nose holes to breathe through.


“There - we can leave her there for a few hours, and I’ll keep an eye on her,” Anne said as she patted Sue’s bottom and the group left the attic.


“So what are we going to do today?”


“Well,” Amy said to Cindy as they walked down the staircase, “Given the sun is out, let’s go for a walk in the woods round here.  There are a number of trail maps downstairs, and it will kill a few hours, as well as wake us up.”


 “So, is your sister in the same line of business as you, Anne,” Chloe said as the others went to their bedrooms.


“Yes, but in a different division,” Anne said as she took Chloe to one side.  “How is Sara anyway?”


“She is fine - I have left her in good hands,” Chloe said with a smile.  “She had been having some strange dreams recently, but nothing to worry about.  She has even given some thought to my suggestion - she wishes to discuss it with you at some point.”


Anne nodded.  “Good - we’ll talk when we get back.  For now, remember - not a word to anyone.”


As they walked back down the stairs, they met the others, who were pulling on boots and wellingtons as Amy looked at a map.


“There’s a six mile hike that takes us round a local lake,” Amy said as she looked up.  “How does that sound?”


“Sounds great,” Dorothy said as she pulled on her coat, “but what about Sue?”


“She’ll be fine - I once left her bound and gagged in a sleeping bag for 48 hours, and she loved it.  Come on - let’s get some fresh air.”







Monday, 10 pm


“That’s better,” Cindy said as she held her sock covered feet up in front of the roaring fire.  “A good dinner, good exercise - although I thought it was a five mile walk, Amy?”


“Yeah - I should have taken that left turn at the Alder tree,” Amy said as she sat back with her eyes closed.  The walk had been more like eight miles, but when they returned Veronica and Suzanne had prepared a wonderful warm meal, and now the party was assembled in the front room.


The door opened and they watched as Anne escorted Sue into the room, still hooded but released from her hogtie.


“So, that’s just less than twelve hours - think she’s had enough?”


“Oh I don’t know,” Coral said as she walked over and held Sue’s chin up, “I wonder how she’d feel spending the night like that as well.”


“She’d love it - which is why we’re not going to do it, but I propose she joins us properly instead - and then we can take our own, slow, sweet time in getting revenge.  What do you say?”


The group looked round and nodded as Anne sat her sister down and removed the hood.  “We’ve decided to let you stay,” she said as she then removed Sue’s blindfold, “Provided you play the games with the rest of us, and not on your own, all right?”


Sue nodded and looked round the room, smiling as she said “plslsstmmtu.”


“I’ll get her some food,” Suzanne said as she stood up, “while you lot release her.”  The girls went to work, and by the time Suzanne returned with a hot bowl of stew Sue was rubbing her wrists.


“Thanks,” she said as she took the tray, “I needed that - and this.”


“So you’re Anne’s sister - how come she doesn’t talk much about you?”


“Professional conduct - she loves me really,” Sue said as she swallowed a spoonful of food.  “We’re in different divisions, so we don’t see that much of each other.  So, how long have you known each other?”


“Off and on, for quite a few years,” Anne said as she sat down.  “I knew Dorothy in a professional capacity, Amy and Veronica knew Coral, and I knew Veronica for a long time as a friend.  The girls know each other from school and college.”


They sat round the fire, talking until the younger girls slowly went up to their bedrooms, needing their sleep.  As Amy and Sue left the room, the others having already gone, Sue said “I have an idea for tomorrow.”


“Oh,” Anne said, “what?”


“A game of Monopoly...”


Tuesday, 11 am


“Morning, sleepy head.”


Alice grumbled and tried to hide her head under a pillow as Jannifer walked over and pulled the covers off her bed.  “Come on - time to get up.  The sun’s shining, and you’ve missed breakfast - actually, most of us have.”


Hhhhuh - what time is it anyway?”  Poking her head out from under her comfort zone, Alice looked at the old fashioned alarm clock sitting on her bedside table.  “Oh boy - we were tired, weren’t we?”


“Guess so.  Joanne’s mum is busy sorting some brunch out, and then we thought we might go down to the watering hold near here.  Cindy saw it on the map, and apparently it’s good for swimming.”


Alice sniffed, and as the aroma of freshly cooked bacon reached her nostrils she found the energy to get out of the bed.  “Everyone all right this morning,” she said as she pulled on her dressing gown.


“All present and accounted for - Anne apparently kept her sister bound to the bed during the night, just in case.”




As they walked into the kitchen, Suzanne looked round and said “Well, the last two finally rise!  Sit yourselves down, and I’ll bring breakfast over.”  She put some bacon and eggs onto two plates and carried them over, placing them in front of the two girls.


“Where is everyone anyway?” Alice said as she put a forkful of eggs into her mouth.


“Veronica and Coral have gone into town to pick up some mores supplies, Amy and Anne are upstairs helping Sue to retrieve her things, and the rest of them are getting dressed and finding their towels.  Are you going to go swimming with them as well?”


“Yeah - we’ll eat this and then grab our things.  What are you going to be doing while we’re down at the hole?”


“Oh, I’m sure we will find something to amuse ourselves with - you girls go off and have fun.  Alexa and Joanne can keep an eye on you both.”


“If they can stop looking at each other,” Alice whispered, making Joanne laugh as they finished their breakfast. 


The clock in the hallway struck one as Amy and Coral waved the party off, the girls talking excitedly as they hiked towards the path.  “They grow up so quickly, don’t they,” Coral said as they closed the door and headed back to the kitchen.


“Don’t they just,” Amy said as they walked in, only to stop as they saw set up on the table a Monopoly board.


“Monopoly?  You have got to be kidding,” Amy said as she watched Anne and Sue sorting out the bank, shuffling the Chance and Community Chest cards and setting them out.


“No joke,” Anne said as the two women joined Suzanne, Dorothy and Veronica at the dinner table.  “We are going to sit down, play a nice board game, drink a few cold ones and just chill out for a few hours while the girls are out.”


“But there are seven of us and only six pieces.”


“That’s all right,” Sue said as she smiled at them, “I’m going to act as the independent banker and rule checker.  I usually lost at this game anyway.”


“Well, if you’re sure,” Amy said as she picked out the top hat and placed it on the start square.  “Seems a bit tame, but I could do with the down time.”  She failed to notice Anne and Sue exchanging glances, as the others selected their pieces and rolled to see who would go first.


For the first few turns, the game proceeded as normal, until Coral managed to land on a Community Chest square.  Picking up the card, she looked at, and then looked at it again before staring at Sue and Anne.


“Something wrong, Coral,” Anne said as she looked at her old friend.  “No,” Coral eventually said, “it’s just these cards are a little different from the norm, aren’t they Sue?”


“They may be a trifle unusual,” Sue said with a smile.  Coral read out the message.


“Your water bill is overdue.  Pay $50 and have your wrists tied in front of you.”


“I’ll take the fifty dollars,” Sue said as she picked up a length of cord, “and I’ll tie your wrists as well.”  The others watched as she expertly bound Coral’s wrists in front of her, before sitting back down and paying the money into the bank.  Coral twisted her wrists round, before saying “Why do I get the feeling the other cards may have similar twists to them?”


“Well,” Veronica said as she picked up the dice, “We won’t know until we play on, will we?”  She rolled a double three and moved on to Broadway.  “Excellent,” she said as she counted out $400, “I’ll buy that.”


As the game progressed, more of the “special” Chance and Community Chest cards appeared.  Suzanne was unlucky enough to pick up a Community Chest card that read “Neighbours complain about your noise - pay $100 and wear a gag.”  For the rest of the game, Suzanne had a large strip of sticking plaster stuck over her mouth.


Amy had the misfortune to pick up a chance card that read “A masked man is holding a gun on you.  Pay $200 or go back three spaces.”  Amy chose the second option, which meant she landed on the Community Chest space.  That card read “A neighbour cons you.  Pay $100 and have your ankles tied together.”


The full extent of the special rules, however, did not become clear until Anne was unable to pay the rent on one property with a hotel.  “Oh dear,” Sue said when this became clear, “I guess this means we repossess and take you to debtor’s prison.”


“Debtor’s what?”  Anne said, as Sue stood up and walked behind her.  “Prison,” she said quietly into Anne’s ear as she pulled her hands behind her back, securing them together with a plastic zip tie.  “Oh,” Anne said quietly as she was helped to stand up and walked to the front room, “Now I get it.” 


“You ladies stay there,” Sue said with a smile as she escorted Anne out of the kitchen, “I’ll be back soon.


“As if we could go anywhere,” Any said as she tried to move her bound ankles from where Sue had secured them to the wooden chair.  The others watched for a moment, before Sue came back into the kitchen, smiling sweetly as she said “Right - whose turn was it?”


“Where’s your sister, Sue?”


“In jail,” Sue said as she sat down.   Coral sniggered as she threw a seven, only for her eyebrows to rise as she landed on the Go To Jail square.


“Damn - and I don’t have the Get Out Of Jail Free card,” she said to herself before Sue got up and came to take her by the arm.  “Come with me, Miss,” she said as she dragged Coral away, her hands waving in front of her.


“You know, I get the distinct feeling she is not going to be able to get out of jail,” Veronica said as she picked up the dice.


“I get the distinct feeling we’re all going to end up in jail,” Amy said quietly as she looked at Suzanne and Veronica.  “The real question is, what has she done, and who’s next?”



Tuesday, 5 pm


“Now that’s what I call an afternoon off - warmth, water and no adults.”


“Hey,” Alexa called out as she followed Cindy up the path, “We’re adults aren’t we?”


“OH you know what I mean,” Cindy said as the group approached the front door to the cabin.  As she pushed the door inward, she saw her mother emerging from the front room.


“Hey mum,” she called out, “Had a good afternoon?”


“Actually yes,” Veronica said with a smile, “I won in a game of Monopoly.”


“Neat - where are the others?”


“In jail,” Veronica said as Sue came out of the room as well.  “Hi girls,” she said with a wave, “Veronica and I are going to go and start cooking dinner.  You had better go and get changed.”


“Jail?” Andrea said as she opened the door to the front room and looked in.  “Yes, you could say they were in jail - come and look.”


The girls looked in to see Anne, Amy, Suzanne, Coral and Dorothy lying on the floor, their wrist secured behind their backs with zip ties, and their ankles bound in the same way.   These had been pulled back and held to their wrists with a larger tie, while their mouths were obviously stuffed and covered in clear tape.  Each of them also had a blindfold over their eyes.


“They look cosy,” Alexa said as she looked in the door, “but how did you manage to escape, Victoria?”


“Simple - I won.  I’m not a realtor for nothing, you know.  Now, you lot go and get cleaned up - then perhaps you can release the others.”


As they climbed the stairs, Alexa whispered something into Joanne’s ear, which made her smile and nod her head in silent assent.  The two girls grabbed Chloe and ran up the stairs, as the others headed to the kitchen.



Tuesday, 9 pm


The group were sat around the front room, having all eaten the dinner prepared by Veronica and Sue, when Jannifer raised the killer question.


“Who’s up for a game of Spin the Bottle?”


The group gathered round in a circle as Anne fetched an empty coke bottle and span it on the floor.  They watched, wondering who was going to be first, as the bottle slowly came to a stop.


“Andrea,” Anne said with a smile, “Truth or dare.”


“Truth,” Andrea said as she looked at the group.  “Very well, Andrea,” Anne said with a smile, “What is your deepest desire?”  Andrea looked round the room and said, in a quiet small voice, “that one day, if I am really lucky, I will meet a man whose one desire is to keep me cocooned and safe for as long as I wanted to.  Of course, that would depend on him been a person who could impress mother and father, but still...”


Coral put her arms and hugged her daughter.  “I’m sure it will happen someday,” she said with a smile as Andrea reached down and span the bottle.


“Anne,” Andrea said with a smile, “what will it be?”


“Dare,” Anne said without hesitation, “Asking me to tell the truth could be - problematic.”


“All right then,” Andrea said with a smile, “I want you to tie the arms of one of us so that we cannot move them at all.”


“Very well,” Anne said as she picked up a discarded length of rope from earlier, “Seeing as Veronica escaped earlier, I choose her.”


“Surprise, surprise,” Veronica said as she moved her arms behind her back, but she was surprised even more when Anne bent her arms up her back and put her hands together, palm to palm, against her shoulder blades.


“Oh, reverse prayer,” Sue said as she took a drink from her glass.  “You’ve got adventurous in your old age, sis.” Anne smiled as she encased Veronica’s body in a rope harness, and then span the bottle.


“All right, Cindy, truth or dare?”




Anne looked straight at Cindy and said “So, Karl, serious or not?”  Cindy blushed slightly as she looked at her mother, before saying “I hope it will be serious.”


“Oh - now we’re getting somewhere,” Alice said with a smile, a smile that soon disappeared as the bottle stopped in front of her.


“Now who’s blushing,” Cindy said as she looked at her friend.  “Truth or dare?”


Alice looked round for a moment, before she said “Dare.”


“I dare you,” Cindy said with an evil smile on her face, “to spend the rest of the evening naked from the waist up.”  Alice hesitated for a moment, before she stood up and stripped off her t-shirt.  As she removed her bra, the others smiled at her.


“Easy one,” Alice said as she span the bottle, waiting until it landed in front of Veronica.  “Like I could do a dare at the moment anyway,” she said with a laugh, “so it will have to be the truth.”


“What is the most surprising thing that has happened to you this year?”


Veronica smiled as she looked at Natalie.  “Finding my daughter after so many years,” she said with a smile, as Natalie lowered her head and smiled in return.  “Well, if someone could do the honours for me?”


Amy reached down and span the bottle, watching as the end slowly came to a stop in front of Sue.  “This could be interesting,” Chloe whispered as Sue smiled and said “Truth.”


“What’s it like having a sister like Anne?”


“It’s great,” Sue said with a smile, “We challenge each other whenever we meet.” Sue yawned and stretched.  “I need to go to the toilet,” she said as she stood up, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  The others watched as she spun the bottle round, and went out of the room.


“She’s up to something, isn’t she,” Amy said as she looked at Anne.


“Almost certainly,” Anne said as she watched the bottle stop in front of Amy.  “And she didn’t stop to ask the question, so you get to pick.”


“I’ll take the dare - but someone needs to decide it for me.”


“I will,” Dorothy said as she stood up.  “I dare you to let me kiss you.”


Amy blushed for a moment, as Dorothy walked over and placed her lips on Amy’s.  Smiling, she sat down and watched as Amy spun the bottle round, the neck stopping in front of Jannifer.


“I’ll take truth,” she said as she looked round the group, while Sue slipped back in without them noticing.  Amy smiled as she said “I know you haven’t played these games as long as the others, but what do you want to try the most.”


“The other day,” Jannifer said as she blushed, “when we were captured by Sue, it felt so liberating.  I wish I could feel that way again.”


“I am sure,” Chloe said with a smile, “we can arrange that for you, Jannifer.”  The young girl smiled as she spun the bottle, and it stopped in front of Chloe.


“I will take truth as well,” she said, to a sigh from the others.  “No dares,” Joanne said quietly.  “Perhaps when it’s our turn,” Alexa said as she hugged her partner.  Jannifer looked at her French friend and said “Tell me one secret you have never told anyone else.”


“I have met a man when I was away,” Chloe said as Anne gave her a strange look, “and some day I hope he will visit you.”  Anne relaxed as Chloe spun the bottle and it ended up pointing at Dorothy.


“I’ll take a dare, since nobody else will,” she said as she sat back.


“I have one, if you will allow me - I missed my turn anyway.”  The group looked at Sue as she spoke up.”


“All right, Sue, what do you dare me to do?”


“I dare you to let me tie up your daughter, then you.”


Dorothy looked at Cindy, and then stood up.  “All right - but I help you,” she said as she helped Cindy to stand, and the three of them left the room.


“Well,” Anne said as she watched the door close, “I hope they know what they’re getting into.”   She span the bottle and it landed in front of Alexa.”


“Oh dare, definitely dare,” she said as she reached up and stroked Joanne’s neck.”


“Tell us all how you really feel about Joanne.”  Suzanne raised an eyebrow as she heard this and looked at the two young women.


“I feel she is the centre of my life,” Alexa said as she looked round the room, “and I hope nobody is going to object to that.”


“Don’t look at me,” Suzanne said with a smile, “So long as she is happy, then I am.  Coral?”


“Oh no - let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and I’m not that person,” Coral said as she drained her glass.  “It’s getting late - I think we all need to go to our beds and get a good night’s sleep.”


“Oh no,” Alexa said as she spun the bottle, and it stopped in front of Coral, “Truth or dare?”


“All right then - truth.”


“Do you ever secretly wish your husband would tie you up and gag you?”


“Ever since the day Anne called - every single night,” Coral said as she stood up.  “Come on, everyone - bedtime.”




Wednesday, 2 am


Natalie stirred in her sleep - she felt as if someone was lifting her, but at first she thought it was just a dream.  She dreamed she was been carried down a long corridor by a handsome prince, who laid her on a soft mattress before he stroked her hair out of the way.


“Hush,” she heard him say in a soft, almost feminine voice as he took her arms and held them above her head in his strong grip.  Natalie almost giggled as his lips brushed over her eyes, and she closed them, only to open them in darkness.


Whtsgnnggnn,” she mumbled, only to feel her arm been secured as she tried to pull it away.  She started to panic, but a soft wet cloth was pressed over her nose and mouth, and within a few minutes she was dreaming of her prince again.




Wednesday, 8 am.


“Good morning,” Suzanne said as she walked into the kitchen, “Did everybody sleep well?”


“Sure did,” Veronica said as she poured herself a coffee.  Amy and Dorothy were already sat at the table, as Anne and Sue walked in.  All were dressed in their nightclothes, and were looking at a pile of pastries.


“None of the girls up yet,” Suzanne said as she poured herself a mug.  “I thought they would have been up by now.”


“Nah - nothing yet.  Just let them sleep for a while,” Amy said as Coral came in.


As they talked, in the attic eight girls were lying on beds, tied spread-eagled and still unaware that the sun had come up...







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