The Widow’s Shadow - Part 3







Holderness Manor

“Miranda, I am truly sorry this has happened to you, the girls, my family - and on your birthday as well.”

Lucinda was using a length of rope to secure her old friend’s ankles to the ropes that she had tied around her chest, holding her arms firmly to her side with smaller lengths used to tighten the coils under her arms.  The thick ropes pulled her white silk against her body, the rope also tightly wrapped around her hose covered legs.

The leader of the intruders had forced Lucinda to bind Miranda’s wrists tightly together behind her back, the rope digging into her skin, and then around her waist to keep them in place.  Her ankles had been crossed before they were bound together, and the bands of rope around her knees, both above and below, and around her thighs were making her hose tighten under the pressure.

“It’s all right, Lucinda,” Miranda said as she looked at her friend, then round the room, “All of us have been through this sort of thing before - although I fear these are no gentlemen.”  As she said this, she groaned from one other length of rope - the one the man himself had tied around her waist and between her legs, the one she was not sure of how it felt.

Jennifer and Connie were sat back to back, their legs pulled up to their chests as they stared at the armed men over their tape gags.  Connie’s leggings had been pulled down, and Jennifer’s dress had been opened from the hem at her bottom to her waist.  A long length of rope had been tied to Jennifer’s hands, passed between her legs and under her body, and then secured to Connie’s wrists.  Both women sat as still as they could, fearing what would happen even as they tried to control their breathing.

Cassie was lying on her stomach on the long couch, fuming as she stared at the men.  Her skirt had been pulled away from her, and her jumper forced up over her chest, leaving the tightened chest ropes to from two bands above and below her bra.  Her legs had been bent double, with bands holding her thighs against her calves and her ankles fixed tightly to her chest ropes.  She was looking round the room, her eyes taking in every small detail as the lead intruder turned to Lady Holderness.

“Now, Lucinda said as she turned to face him, “What of my daughters and my granddaughter - what have you done to them?  If you have hurt them...”

“You,” the masked man said as he grabbed Lady Holderness’ arm, “are in no position to tell us what to do.  We’re going - gag the older woman, and then - well, you know what to do.”

Cassie's eyes narrowed as she watched them drag Lady Holderness away, while the other man knelt by her mother and stuff a very large rag into her mouth, before rolling a black shawl into a thick band and pulling it between her lips, making her grunt in pain as the corners of her mouth were pulled right back.  As he picked up a roll of silver tape and wrapped it round her head, she started to probe at the ropes around her wrists, looking for a loose strand or knot.

“You seem very certain of not being interrupted in your work,” Lady Holderness said as she walked up the stairs, the leader of the intruders holding her arm tightly.  “Just what do you intend to do with us anyway?”

“Keep you out of the way, Your Ladyship,” she said with a sneer, “And then we may have some fun.  Where are you?”

The door to a bedroom opened and one of the masked men looked out.  As Lady Holderness was pushed in, she gasped and said “My God - Susan, are you all right?”

“What happened,” the gang leader said as he saw Susan lying on her bed, a red welt on her cheek above the white band around her head.  Angela and Anne Bowden were lying face down on the floor, trying to talk to Lady Holderness despite the fact they had their ankles tightly tied to each other’s backs.

Anne Bowden had her slacks pulled down to her knees, while Angela’s skirt had been pulled off and was on the far side of the room.  Their heads were pulled vertical, and as Lucinda looked at them she saw that a length of rope had been used to pull their hair into a ponytail, which was held to the chest ropes.  

“She tried to get out of the room,” the masked man who was guarding them said, “so I slapped her.”

“Young man,” Lady Holderness said as she glared at him, “My daughter in law has never had to face this type of situation before.  Let me speak to her.”

“Let her,” the leader said, “You two need to go and start loading the van.”  He watched as Lucinda sat down and put her arms round Susan.

“I know you are frightened,” she said quietly as she stroked Susan’s hair, “and there is nothing wrong with that, Susan.  You must not let the fear control you, however - the rest of us have been through this before, and we have survived because we support each other.  We will do the same now - together we can get through this.  Be brave, my child, and all will be well.”

Susan looked at her mother in law and nodded her head, as both Angela and Anne relaxed.   As had happened to Angela, her skirt had been removed, and her legs pulled tightly back as her ankles were held to her chest ropes.  The front of her blouse had come open, her blue bra visible as the material was pulled back by the ropes that held her arms tightly to her sides.

“So,” Lucinda said as she turned and faced the man, “I suppose it is my turn now.  Am I to be stripped as well?”

“Yes,” the man said as he held up several coils of rope, “and then I will make you comfortable - for the time being.”

The car pulled up at the entrance to Holderness Manor, and as Barry Hammond came out a uniformed officer came quietly up to him.

“You were right sir - the lights are on, but there is a van matching the description parked outside the main entrance.  We’ve got the grounds surrounded, but we wait for your orders.”

He stared at the group who got out of the car as he talked to the senior officer - three women and one man, one in particular dressed in pink leather as she looked at him.

“Good work Sergeant,” Barry said quietly.  “I want you to take Miss Badelaine and Mr Carter with you and await my signal.  Make no move until you see it.”

“With respect, sir, the other two women...”

“Special task force - they are my responsibility.”

“Sara,” Chloe said quietly, “I know we must wait here, but please, take great care.”

Sara smiled as she followed Anne and Barry through the wrought iron gates, the three fading into the darkness as they made their way up the driveway.  As she walked quickly behind the two others, Sara tried to control her breathing, but somehow she knew this was where she was meant to be - how she did not know, but this was the place.

As the driveway widened, Barry held his hand up and the trio stood in the shadows, watching as men came in and out of the house carrying items.  “We need to get to the rear - find the kitchen entrance,” Barry whispered, “Stick to the tree line and make your way round.”

Anne and Sara nodded as they walked quickly round the edge of the lawn, staying to the shadows as much as possible.  For Anne and Barry their training kicked in, while Sara walked naturally, staying as hidden as she possible could, working her way to the rear.  As she saw the rear of the manor house, she gasped and grabbed Anne’s arm.

“What’s wrong Sara?”

“I’m sorry Anne, but - this, this is the way I have seen the house in my dreams.  This is the same house!”

Anne nodded and said “Do you think you can get over to the wooden shelter there - see what you can see?”

Sara nodded in reply and made her way across the lawn, staying low to the ground, moving from side to side as she traversed the lawn and reached the side of the shelter.  As she crept round, she could hear a low groan coming from the other side, and she slowly made her way to the entrance.

Looking in, she turned and motioned quickly for the others to join her.  As they came over, she bent down and checked the pulse of the older man who was lying on the ground, blood seeping from a wound in his scalp.

“Bloody hell,” Barry Hammond said as he looked in, “it’s George Bridges - he looks after the manor house for Lord Holderness.  Is he all right?”

“He’s injured, and unconscious, but unharmed,” Sara said as she looked at the other two, the glow of her watch turning from green to red, “Can you stay with him, DCI Hammond?  Anne and I need to go in alone.  Whatever happens, wait for our signal.”

“And if I don’t get one?”

Anne Duncombe drew a pistol from her holster.  “You’ll get one - let’s go.”


Cassie screamed through her gag as one of the two men in the room leaned down next to Jennifer and stroked his leather gloved hand down her cheek, his other hand passing over her chest.

“Hey,” the other guard said “they’ve both just had kids - leave them be.”

“I know - but it’s so hard,” the first man said, “How long are they going to be?”

“As long as it takes,” the man said as he knelt next to Miranda.  “You love your family, don’t you?”

Miranda nodded as she felt his hand on her bottom.  “You will do anything to save them, right?”

She nodded again, and then her eyes opened wide, as she got the meaning of what he was saying.  She looked at the other three, Cassie rolling onto her side to keep her hands behind her as she screamed obscenities at the masked guards.  Miranda shook her head and said “Clmdwncssee - bdurtm.”

In the upstairs bedroom, Lucinda grunted as the silver tape was wound tightly round her head, sealing in the hose that had been used both to gag her and keep the pair of panties in her mouth.  The bands of rope were digging into her bare skin, but she still tried to talk to Susan as she lay next to her, trying to keep her calm and then to reassure her.

“Blindfold them.”

Lucinda turned her head and started to shake it as she watched the leader pull a pillowcase over the heads of Anne and Angela, and tie a scarf around their necks to keep the case over their heads.  As the same was done to her and Susan, she nudged her daughter in law and prayed that they would not tighten the scarf that was pressing against her throat more than that...

Sara slid against the wall, moving along as if she had spent her life in the town, in this place as she found the kitchen door and slowly opened it.  She looked in and then entered, Anne following her in and closing the door behind them.

There was a woman sat next to the table, bands of rope holding her upper body against the back of the wooden chair she had been placed in.  A scarf had been tied around her head, and the ends were pulled back and secured to the chair back with a short length of rope.

Sara walked round and looked into the frightened eyes of the grey haired woman sitting there, staring at her over the thick white cloth that covered her mouth.  He legs were lashed to the front legs of the chair at her ankles and knees, and it was obvious there was more than one layer under the cloth gag.

“Are you Mrs Bridges,” Anne whispered, and the grey haired woman nodded.  “My name is Anne Duncombe - I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Holderness in the United States last year.  Where are the men?”

The two women watched as Mrs Bridges nodded to the door.  “That leads to the hall, right,” Sara said quietly, and as Mrs Bridges nodded she said “My name is Sara - how many are there - more than four?”

Mrs Bridges nodded as much as she could, and then when Anne said “Six?” she shook her head a little from side to side.  “Five then - can you so it,” Anne said to Sara.

“I don’t know - we may need to split up and see what had happened.  Mrs Bridges, it is safer for you to stay exactly where you are - the house is surrounded, but we need to make sure the others are safe.  Do you understand?”

Mrs Bridges nodded, as the light in the kitchen suddenly went out.  Anne looked round, as two sources of light illuminated the room.

One was the red glow from Sara’s watch, shining against her pink leather.  Anne looked at her as she stared at the door, and said “My god - you are real.”

She then turned and looked at the doorway, at the white light that was shining there, and the form of a man who was there - a man who had not appeared before.

Mrs Bridges was looking at the light too, saying “Tsu,” through her gag.  Sara walked up to him, as the form solidified to that of a man in an outfit that would not look out of place in a Jane Austen novel.

“Who are you,” she whispered, “and why have you been calling to me?”

The man smiled and turned, beckoning with his finger.  “Go,” Anne said, “I’ll be right behind you.”  Sara nodded as she walked after the figure, wondering what was happening...

Lucinda raised her head and looked up as she heard two sets of footsteps entering the master bedroom.  Her naked body was covered in sweat, as she tried to move again the tight rope that held her arms together in a box behind her back, and her upper body in a cocoon of rope that went around her chest.  She could also feel the cord digging into her body between her legs, and hear the  moans of Susan next to her and the other two on the floor.


“We’ve cleared everything out that can go into the van, and ransacked the bedrooms.  What do you want us to do now?”

“Are the other women still secured downstairs?”

“Yeah - they’re still there.  Why?”

“We don’t need them anymore - it looks as if the legends about this place were just tall tales.  You go and have some fun - and then make sure they cannot raise the alarm.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” Lucinda screamed out as she heard the others as well, and then the feel of cold metal against her head as the man said “They’ve played their part - and so will you, Your Ladyship.”

Sara pressed her body hard against the wall as she watched the two masked men coming down the staircase and walk into the front room.  As the door closed, she saw the white figure again, standing in front of a large portrait that hung on the wall.

As she walked forward, Sara stood next to the man and looked up at the canvas, depicting a young man in a military uniform.  Underneath she saw a small metal plaque.

“Bartholomew, Baronet Holderness, 1790 - 1855”

Sara looked at the face of the man standing there, and then to the figure standing next to her as he stared up at it.

“Did you know this man?” she asked quietly, and for some reason she thought she saw him smile before he nodded and looked at her.  His stare seemed to strike at her very core, as she heard muffled screams from upstairs.  He turned his head and looked up, then turned and beckoned to her.

They walked together down the hallway, and for some reason Sara felt at perfect peace in his presence.  “Please,” she said “I do not understand what is happening - why have you brought me here?”

The man stopped and looked at her, and then he raised his arms and Sara felt a cold pressure on her shoulders.  It was not unpleasant, but she knew instinctively that for some strange reason, he was happy and - and yes, proud of her.  She had no idea how that happened, or what was happening, but she simply said “You’re here to protect the others, aren’t you?”

He smiled and nodded, then looked to the doors behind Sara.  “And you need me to protect some of them don’t you - that’s why Anne and that woman, Mrs Bridges, were not affected by me, right?”

Again he nodded and then looked to the door, as Sara heard screams from the other side of it as well.  “And you need me to take care of whoever is in there, right?”

Again she saw him nod.

“If you know who I am, then you know what is likely to happen - I am ready, but is that what you want.”

This time she saw him open her mouth, and she sensed rather than heard “For the future.”  He then took his hands off her shoulders, and started to ascend the staircase, turning and smiling before he went up.

“Well,” Sara said as she turned and put her hands on the door handle, “Here goes nothing...”  Pressing down, she swung the doors open and walked in, closing them behind her before she turned and said “Hi there - My car broke down and I can’t seem to get a signal for my cell phone - I was wondering if I could...”

Miranda looked at the new arrival, dressed in pink leather, and screamed “GTTUUUTTT” through her gag as she thrashed under the masked man who was sitting across her back, his hands pressing firmly into her rope enclosed chest.  Sara looked round the room, and said “Gee - is this one of those quaint little English tea orgies that I heard about on the Playboy channel.”

Another of the black clad man was kneeling next to Connie and Jennifer, cutting away their tops, while a third one was next to Cassie, his hand reaching down between her legs as he looked at Sara.

“Who have we got here,” she heard someone say behind her, and as a hand grabbed her arm Sara said in a frightened tone “Look - I’ll just leave you alone to your games and...”

As she was twisted round to face the fourth man, she saw the look in his eyes as his arms stroked up and down the leather jacket.  “No,” he said quietly, “we insist you stay - don’t we boys?”

“Well, when you put it that way,” Sara said as she looked at the man, “but why have you got those poor women tied up and gagged?  They look as if they do not want to be like that?”

“None of your business,” she heard one of the men behind her say as a pair of hands came round and stroked her chest, making her sigh in response as he said “We always like to have more fresh meat.”  She gasped as the front of her jacket was pulled open, and then forced down her arms, revealing a pink bra underneath as her elbows were pulled together behind her back.

“She’s a real beauty, this one,” she heard a third voice say as the other four women started to scream out.  “SHUT UP” he screamed at them, “or I’ll tape your noses shut as well as your mouths!”

“So it is them,” Sara thought to herself as she felt her arms being drawn together and the rope wrapped around them, “Then they deserve everything that is coming.”  The watch dial on her wrists was glowing a deep red now, as she allowed herself to be tightly bound, and sensed the four men crowding round her.

“What are you doing,” she said as she felt her jacket slipping off her wrists, and then her hands placed together, palm to palm as the cords bit into her wrists.

“Having a party,” she heard the fourth man say as she was spun round, seeing all of their nylon covered faces before she was pushed into the centre of the room, “and you just became the guest of honour.”

“Oh great,” Sara said, acting the part she felt would help, “Does that mean I get presents?”

“You can have whatever present you want, baby,” the man said as she was forced onto the knees, and she saw the rope start to be pulled round her arms, forcing them against her back as her breasts were pushed up and out, and she took a deep breath.  Looking over, she could see the older women struggling on the floor, and what was obviously her daughter twisting around on the recliner.  “You ladies having fun as well,” she said with a smile, hoping they would forgive for that remark later - that and everything else that was about to happen.

“that’s tight,” she said as he arms were forced into her back, and the rope went round above and below her chest, “You boys don’t have to be this rough with me.  I like to party, you know?”

She looked at the, and could begin to see the sideways glances at each other.  Looking at the other woman who could see her, she saw no family resemblance, but from the way both of the others kept looking at her with worried eyes she knew she was a member of their group.

A gasp escaped her lips as she felt the bands of rope tightening round her chest, and as she looked round she said “So what sort of party game would you like to play?”

“You’ll see,” one of the men said as a pair of calloused hands started to press firmly into her chest, and she felt lips kissing her neck and shoulders.  “I... I’m not sure I like this game now,” she said as she sounded frightened, “I want to go now.”

“No,” she heard the man say, “You’re staying,” and Sara screamed out as her hair was pulled back - the scream muffled by the large cloth that was pushed into her mouth.  She heard the older woman saying “Msree, Msree” as the other started to cry, and she heard the sound of tape being ripped away from a roll.

“Nddnntdtth,” she called out as the white tape was pulled tightly into her mouth, and then wrapped round her head, forcing the cloth further in as the tape was initially squeezed between her lips, and then covered them, so that her lower face was enclosed in the band of white.

“Get her on the floor,” the man said, and as Sara was forced down she looked up at the other captives, feeling her skirt being pulled off her body and then her legs being forced back before the rope was passed around her ankles and thighs, forcing her legs into a bent position as she was frogtied.  She could feel the excitement building in her as she was more restrained - and that was not all she felt, as she saw the men looking at each other with pure lust in their eyes.

“Npplsdntdthhsss,” she called out as she felt two pairs of hands on her body - one pressing firmly into her chest, making her gasp as the fingers pinched her nipples, and the other roughly stroking her between the legs.

“Hey - who said you can have her?”

“Ah come on - you’ve got four others there, one of whom is a real GILF, the others 100% MILF - take your pick of them.  We’re having this one.”

“Yeah - you can have your turn with her later, we’re going first.”

As this had been going on, Miranda had been wondering who this woman was who had just walked in.  Then, as she had been bound and gagged by their captors, her concerns had turned to what they were going to do with her, and then with the others.

Now, as she saw two of them begin to assault the young lady, her worst fears seemed to be coming true, and her thoughts turned to what might be happening with the others.

Lucinda tried desperately to squirm out of the way as she felt the leather gloved hand travelling up the inside of her bare thigh, and then the rope between her legs being pulled sharply up and back, making her scream out as well.

“I am going to enjoy tonight,” she heard the man whisper into the cloth covering her ear, “Once we have finished downstairs, then we will come and give all four of you the same form of entertainment before we leave.  I know you will never forget the experience.”

“Plsss,” she heard Anne say “Sprmdhtr.”

“No,” the man said, “all or none...”

“Oh she is hot, this one,” Sara said as she looked into the covered eyes of one of the men, who had lifted the stocking mask enough to reveal his mouth.  His lips were now caressing the front of her neck as the other groped her from behind, and she could feel the heat rising inside her loins.

“come on,” she thought to herself, “Come on...”

From her position, Cassie had seen the other two men look at each other, and then pick up a vase from the side tables.  She watched as they walked over, and raised the large ceramic objects over their heads, sending them crashing down on the other two.

Sara felt the grip tighten for a moment, and then relax as she heard two soft thumps, and looked round to see two of the four captors unconscious on the floor, blood seeping from their heads.  She looked up at the other two, and whimpered as they stared back at her.

“I’m going first,” one of them said as he stepped forward, only to be pulled sharply back and thrown across the floor by the other man, narrowly missing Miranda.

“No you’re not,” his partner said, and as Sara watched the two men square up she allowed herself a small smile under the tape...

“What the hell was that?”

Lucinda felt the hand leave her body as the leader of the group stood up, and then heard the cock of a gun.  “Don’t move a muscle,” she heard him say - and then the room was plunged into darkness.

“I don’t know who’s out there,” she heard him say as the cold metal was pressed against her forehead, “but I have four women in here, and if you don’t show yourself I am going to start shooting them, oldest first.”  Lucinda panted fast through her gag, wondering what was going on as she heard the door slowly open, and saw the white glow through the cotton covering her head.

“What the hell...” she heard him say, as the white glow seemed to come into the room.

Anne looked up sharply as she heard the gunshot.  “Fuck,” she shouted as she ran out of the kitchen, leaving Mrs Bridges screaming out as she sprinted down the hallway, and up the staircase where she could see the glow coming from.

She stopped at the door to the room, looking in and saying “Dear God” at what was in front of her...






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