Wriggle Like a Snake









“Maria?  Where are you big sister?”


Eighteen year old Salome Hernandez put her bag down on the marbled floor of her family home, and looked round, smiling and feeling good to be back after her first few weeks away at college.  This was also the first weekend her parents had left her alone with her big sister, and she was looking forward to some quality time together.


The young student had long chestnut brown hair, which fell down the back of her short sleeved dark blue jacket.  The shade of blue matched that of her skin-tight pants, the lower legs of which were tucked into a pair of black patent leather boots.  The front of her jacket was open, revealing a  round collared leopard print top.


“Is that you Sal,” she heard her sister calling out, and as Maria came out she held her arms out in greeting.  The twenty two year old was a couple of inches taller, and had flowing black hair that fell over the shoulders of her black sleeveless top, satin at the front and matt at the back.   Maria was wearing a pair of tight black leggings that were solid at the back, but at the front had an ornate design in silver and black, with her feet in a pair of black ankle boots.


“Welcome home,” she said as she kissed Salome on both cheeks, “I have such a wonderful time planned for both of us!!  Come on in – tell me all about college...”




Later that evening, the two sisters were sitting by the fire, as they talked about the most important topic of the moment.


“So is he nice?”


“He’s cute in a West Coast kind of way,” Salome said quietly.  “You want another drink?”


“Why not – we could crack open a bottle of wine if you...”


Both young women looked at each other as they heard the sound from another part of the house.  “Any idea what that might be,” Salome said as she looked at her sister.


“No idea at all,” Maria said as she stood up.  “You stay here while I go and have a look.”


The younger girl nodded as she watched her sister walk out of the room, looking at the empty glass in her hand.  As she went to stand up however, a hand suddenly pressed down on her mouth, forcing her back into the leather as a voice hissed “Stay right there, and don’t say a word...”


Whtssgnnnn,” Salome whimpered as she heard her sister say “Must have been the cat – now...”


Maria stood still as she saw the two men standing behind her sister, one of them with his hand over her mouth as the other pointed a sawn off shotgun at her.


“All right, little lady,” he said quietly, “do as we tell you and your little sister here stays unharmed.  Anyone else at home?”


Maria slowly shook her head as Salome looked at her.  “Please, if you want money, I know where there is some...”


“All in good time,” the man said as he threw two lengths of rope at Maria. 


“What do you expect me to do with these,” she said as she caught them.


“Tie your little sister’s ankles and wrists,” the man said, “tightly and quickly.  I only have so much patience.”




“I am sorry, Salome,” Maria said as she slowly walked over and knelt in front of her younger sister, putting one length of rope on the ground before using the other one to bind her ankles together, the rope squeaking as it rubbed on her leather boots.


She then took Salome’s hands and put her wrists together, before using the second length of rope to tie them side by side, hoping she was not hurting her too much.


“Maria, who are they,” her sister finally asked as the hand was taken away.


“Never mind – tie the older one up,” the man said, his companion grinning as he walked and knelt behind Maria, pulling her arms behind her back as she felt the rope biting into her skin.


She looked over her shoulder as her ankles were tied together side by side, before she was helped to sit next to Salome, the man grinning as he sat and watched them.


“Make sure they don’t move while I take care of the phone and alarms,” the armed man said as he walked off, Salome looking at her sister as she wriggled round.


“Who are they?”


“I don’t know – robbers, escaped convicts,” Maria said, “I’ve never seen them before.”


“All right,” the man said as he came back, “where’s your safe?”


“In my father’s office – I know the combination if you wish to...”


“Come with me,” the man said as he made Maria stand, pushing her in front of himself as she half walked, half jumped along.  “Make sure little sis there is properly secured.”


Salome watched as the second man stood up, and picked up a bag from behind the couch, her eyes widening as he opened it and took out more lengths of rope.  “What are you going to do with them,” she whispered as he picked one up and walked over, smiling as he knelt down and started to wrap it around her legs below her knees, pulling them tightly together as he took the rope around and between her legs.  He then re-tied her ankles, much more tightly this time, the rope again going between her legs as she tried to wriggle round.


Another band secured her legs around her thighs, before he looked up and smiled at her, his teeth yellowed.  Salome tried to twist her legs around, before he reached into his pocket, took out a large handkerchief, and said “Open your mouth.”


She refused, shaking her head and clamping her lips together as he stood up and walked behind her.  Salome was determined not to have that dirty rag in her mouth, but as he pinched her nostrils closed, she eventually had to open her mouth, nearly choking at the taste of the cloth as he pushed it in.


She heard the sound of the tape being torn off, and then the pulling on the skin around her mouth as he pressed several layers of duct tape over her jaw and lips, sealing the cloth in as she struggled to adjust her breathing.  Eventually, she managed to do so as he released her hands, and then pulled her arms behind her, using the rope to secure her crossed wrists just as tightly as her ankles.





“Who are you,” Maria said as she twisted in her father’s chair.  The man had produced more rope from somewhere, a lot more rope, and used it to bind her arms tightly to her sides, the bands sitting above and below her chest as her top was stretched tightly over, her breasts almost visible under the translucent upper part of her vest.


“Just some guys looking for money and a fun night,” the man said as he emptied the contents of the safe into a bag, and then looked at Maria.  “You are very beautiful young women.”


“Oh god, no,” Maria said as she pushed herself back in the chair.


“Relax – we are not like that,” the man said as he closed the safe, “but we still can have some fun.”  He leaned over Maria, looking at her as he traced his fingers over her chest.


“Please –not my sister,” she whimpered, “if you must, take me, but not her...”


“I already told you, we don’t do that,” the man said, “but you need to relax and accept your position.”


“What...”  Maria closed her eyes as she felt his hands on her chest, gently groping as despite her fear she felt her body responding.  She gasped as her breasts firmed, her nipples hardened, and started to squirm in the chair.


“See – we do not wish to hurt you,” the man said, “but you can still have fun...”


Maria nodded slowly as he walked behind her, groping her from behind now, his firm fingers sinking into her breasts as he kissed the side of her neck.




Salome was trying to wriggle away from the intruder’s grasp, as he held her from behind, his hands on her breasts as they nestled between the two bands of rope.  He had pulled them tightly together behind her back, and then passed them under her arms and around the back of her neck to make them even tighter.


She was unable to stop him as he continued his assault on her, her struggles only seeming to encourage him as she found herself pressing her chest into his hands.  There was a strange warmth between her legs as well, one she could not comprehend as she rubbed her legs together, the leather squeaking as she did so. 




“OH god,” Maria whispered, “I don’t want to frighten Salome, but if you keep doing that....”


“What this,” the man said as he pushed his hand between her legs, and Maria nodded, spreading her legs as she did so.


“Then we must make sure she does not hear,” he said as he held a cloth in front of her mouth, “open wide.”


Nodding, Maria allowed the intruder to push the cloth into her mouth, moaning into it before he used strips of silver tape to cover her mouth, and then knelt in front of her, stoking his hand between her legs as she wriggled round.


“Let’s make you more secure,” he said with a grin, “once I have added something.  Kneel on the floor.”




Salome groaned out loud as the man pressed and squeezed her chest, before her eyes shot open and she started shaking, taken completely by surprise as the man held her and she groaned, before slumping in the chair.


The intruder moved her onto the floor, taking another length of rope as she lay on her back shaking, and tying it round her waist before he laid the two long ends between her legs.  She wondered what was happening as she was rolled over, and then screamed into the cloth and tape as the rope was pulled sharply up between her legs and secured to her wrists, the rope rubbing on her very damp pants as she lay there.


As she looked up, she saw the other man carry Maria back in.  She could see she was bound the same way, including the off white rope which was between her legs.


Hmggddutt,” Maria said as she was laid on her stomach, Salome nodding as she blushed and the two men looked at them.


“Do you think we should secure them anymore?”


“Nah – I think they’re fine just the way they are,” the man said as they walked off, the two girls looking at each other as they lay in the centre of the floor.




Salome looked at her sister, and shook her head as she tried to move her wrists – and then let out a low moan as the rope rubbed against her already damp crotch.


“SMEEE!” Maria called out as she struggled – and then let out a long moan herself as the rope rubbed on her leggings.  The two women looked at each other, and then as one they started to struggle, moving their wrists as the rope rubbed on them and made them moan in unison.  They both felt the passion building again as they wriggled round, moving like snakes on the highly polished floor as they reached another climax...





“Well, we have the description,” the sheriff said as Maria and Salome sat opposite him, wearing dressing gowns.  The maid had found them when she had arrived at six, and called the police before releasing them.  The ropes had been taken for forensic examination, and the other material disposed of.


“Is there any chance...


“Every chance – have you informed your parents?”


“Yes – but they will not be back until tomorrow,” Salome said quietly.


“Well, we will be in touch,” the sheriff said as he stood and touched his hat, the maid showing him out.


“How are you really feeling,” Maria said as she looked at her younger sister.


“I don’t know – I had never felt anything like that before.  You?”


“Yes, but never in such an intense and – well, fulfilling way,” Maria said quietly.  “Does that shock you?”


Salome merely shook her head, and said “would it shock you if I wanted to feel it again?”


It was Maria’s turn to shake her head, as she said “Where can you buy rope around here?”







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