Robbery at The Sorority House


The masked man looked down at the young lady he had just tied up.  She was wearing a purple snakeskin patterned top with spaghetti shoulder straps, purple shorts and flat black shoes, and her hands were tied behind the low back of the chair, with the rope secured to the back.  Further ropes had been wrapped around her chest and arms, holding them both to each other and to the seat back, and ropes held her lap to the seat.  Her ankles were crossed and tied, and her legs tied above her knees.  She shook her head, making her fine brown hair move around, trying to loosen the thin black band that held the cloth in her mouth, but it was not going to give.


The man chuckled, and reaching over behind her he picked up the telephone that sat on the table next to her.  


"I'm calling my partner, sweetheart. Would you like to say something to him?"




“Very funny, very – Ah, you’re there?  Good.  I’ve got into the house mother’s apartment and secured her.  Bring the van around the back – and bring a couple of dozen kits with you.  I think we should be able to secure everyone we can in this house tonight.”


The Tau Iota Epsilon house was one of the smaller sororities on the university campus, but entry was felt to be a huge achievement to be achieved only by the finest, or the richest, of the women students.  By that very fact, you would have expected that security would be tighter for this elite gathering.  Quite the contrary was actually true – the sisterhood felt they had no need for extra guards, as no-one would ever dare to try and do anything to them,


A very stupid mistake to make, as some of them were about to discover to their cost. 


On this particular night, the house mother had been working on some letters when there had been a knock on her private door to the rear of the building.  This was not an unusual thing, as deliveries sometimes came there.  This time, however, it was a masked and armed man who had over powered and bound her before making that phone call.  A half hour had passed since then, and another knock on the door made her look round.  She saw three more men coming in, masked and carrying holdalls which they dropped on the floor.


“Nice job,” one of them said as he looked over the ropes, “So what’s the plan?”


“We go in pairs – take each room in turn, secure anyone in there and take what you can.  Be quick, make sure no-one raises the alarm and get out as fast as we can.  When we’re done, we bring everyone together in one place and leave them to their fates.  Agreed?”


The other men nodded, and two pairs went off carrying a holdall each.  The house mother kept trying to loosen the ropes around her, but to no avail.


The teams split up, one heading quietly up the stairs and one taking the downstairs rooms.  The team downstairs first searched the games room, but finding no-one there they took what they could and closed the door quietly behind them.


Upstairs, the pair could hear sounds of laughter coming from the first door they came to.  Raising their pistols, the taller of the two quickly opened the door and the two rushed in.


Three students were standing having a pillow fight when the two men entered.  All three were brown haired, and the smaller of the three was wearing a white sleeveless ribbed blouse that buttoned up the front and a pink miniskirt.  She had been facing the door, and stood open mouthed at the two armed and masked men.


The other two women turned round as they realised their roommate had seen something.  One was wearing a pink slip dress with thin straps, and the other a white blouse and white mini skirt.  The three stared ahead, until the one in the slip started to open her mouth.


“Not a word, not one sound, or you all will suffer,” one of the masked men said.  “This is a robbery, so do as you’re told and no-one gets hurt.”


“All three of you, turn round and put your hands on your head.”  As he said this, the other man placed the bag he was carrying on the floor and drew three bulky paper bags from the interior.


The three young women turned around and placed their hands on their heads as they were told.  The smaller one spoke up, asking “What are you going to do to us?”


“Wait and see,” the first masked man replied as he drew a length of rope from the first of the sacks, and standing behind the student wearing the slip he pulled her hands behind her back.  Looping the rope around her wrists, he pulled them together and tightly secured them, making sure the rope passed between her wrists as well to secure them together.  Moving along the line, he then secured the wrists of the smaller of the students, and finally the last woman had her wrists bound over the sleeves of her blouse.


"I must say, I'm going to enjoy this robbery,” the second masked man said as he produced a black silk scarf from a sack, rolled it into a tight band and gagged the first student, and then did the same with scarves from the other sacks to the other two.  “The three of you are only the tip of the iceberg. We'll have some fun".


“Concentrate on the job at hand first,” the first man said as he sat the students down on the floor, and used ropes to secure their arms to each other as they sat in a circle.  “Make sure they can’t stand up and get away, and then we can strip this room bare.  There will be time later for anything else.”


The second man nodded, and tied the bare ankles of each of the students together in the same way as his colleague had bound their wrists.  The three girls stared up at the robbers as they checked each other’s work, after which they began to search the room for jewellery and valuables.


Eventually the men out their finds into the bag, and closed it up.  “Right, you ladies just sit tight, and we’ll bring your friends to you as soon as we are finished checking the rest of the house out.”


The three tried to call out as the two men left the room, but their struggles and calls went unnoticed as they moved down the corridor.



Downstairs, the other pair of masked robbers paused outside a door which had a notice on it saying “Meeting in Progress – Do Not Disturb.”


“Funny – never did like taking notices like that seriously.  Ready to begin?”


The other man nodded, and the two burst into the room.


Sitting around a table were three of the sorority, discussing an upcoming event, when the arrival of the two intruders caused one of them to breath in quickly.  Before she could scream, the two men pointed pistols at them and one said “Not a sound if you know what’s good for you.  All three of you, stand up and come over here.”


The three women stood up and moved into the centre of the room, in front of a three seat settee.  The men put down the bag they were carrying, and as one continued to cover the women with his pistol the other opened the bag and produced three paper bags.


“Right, ladies, this is a robbery, so do exactly what we tell you and nobody gets hurt.  You,” he said pointing at a dark haired girl who was wearing a white blouse, black miniskirt and mid-length black boots, “sit down on the floor, legs crossed and hands on your head.”


“What are you going to do to us?” the student asked as she sat down.


“You’ll see – you two come over here.”


The other two walked over to where the men were standing.  One student was an Asian girl, with long brown hair and wearing a pink blouse, black skirt and knee length black boots with straps around the top.  The other was red haired, wearing a brown cardigan, patchwork brown leather skirt and tan leather boots.


The masked man turned and looked at the Asian girl.  “I want you to turn around, put your back to your friend here and put your arms behind your back, resting your elbows in the palms of your hands.  Do it now.”


The frightened girl did as she was asked, and the other man took three lengths of rope from one of the paper bags.


“You,” the first man said pointing at the redhead, “take those ropes and tie her wrists to her elbows, and her arms together.  Do it properly – I’ll be watching, and you don’t want me to be the one to tie those ropes.”


Shaking, the redhead took the lengths of cord and tied the Asian girl’s arms together as she had been told.  The other man handed the redhead a longer length of rope, and she was instructed to wrap the rope around the Asian student’s arms and chest, above and below her breasts, and make sure it was pulled tight.


“Are you all right?” she asked her friend as she tied off the chest ropes, and the Asian girl nodded.  The redhead was then handed a small scarf and a longer white silk one.


“Open your mouth,” the first man said to the Asian girl, and as she did so the redhead was told to put the small scarf into her mouth, then to tie the long white scarf tightly over her friend’s mouth.  Doing this, she pulled the scarf tightly and tied it at the base of the Asian girl’s neck.


The first man took the Asian girl by the arm and sat her down on the couch.  “I hope you were watching,” he said looking at the dark haired girl, “because I want you to do exactly the same to the redhead here.  My colleague will give you the ropes.  Get up and get started.”


The dark haired girl stood up, and crying quietly she went over to the redhead, who had already placed her hands behind her back.  As the second man started to hand her ropes from a second bag, the first man took more rope from the first bag and started to wrap it around the Asian student’s ankles.  Cinching and tying the rope behind her legs, he took the last length of rope from the back and tied her legs together above her knees.


Standing up, he saw the dark haired girl tying anther long white scarf over the redhead’s mouth as the gag was secured.  Taking her by the arm, she nodded at the other man, who started to take ropes from the third bag and tie the dark haired student as her friends had been.


Ten minutes later, the three bound and gagged sorority sisters were looking up at the men as they cleared the bags away, and started to search the room.  Finishing their search, the men turned and looked at the frightened students.


“Now you three sit tight. I have a few more of your sisters to take care of, and then I'll be back."  Saying this, the two men left the three women in the room, and moved on along the corridor.



On the upper level, the pair of intruders had been making their way along the rooms, taking in each one in turn and taking any valuables they had found.  Most were empty, but where there had been students in residence they were now bound, gagged and waiting to see what would happen next.  As they approached one of the last ones they heard singing coming from within.


Quietly opening the door, the two men saw sitting at a dressing table a young student signing to her self and combing her long dark hair.  Her white blouse was tight over her chest, and the short dark skirt barely covered the top of her black stockings.  The strapped high heels she wore completed the ensemble.  She had her eyes closed, but as she opened them she saw in the mirror the two masked and armed men looking at her.


Turning quickly round, she called out “Who are you?  What are you doing here?  I’ll scream and my sisters will come running….”


“I strongly doubt that any of them are in a position to come running,” the first masked man said, “We’ve been very busy along this floor today.  Are you going to do as we tell you, or are you going to cause us trouble?”


She looked at the two men pointing guns at her, and with a resigned look shook her head.


“Hot date tonight?”


The girl nodded.


“Pity – you’re not going to make it.  Stand up, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


The girl stood up, revealing the black belt she had buckled over her blouse, and stood in front of the two men with her wrists crossed behind her back.


Fifteen minutes passed, during which the two men took turns between standing pointing a pistol at the girl and applying ropes, until she was sitting on the floor.  Her wrists were secured behind her back, and ropes wrapped around her chest above and below her breasts.  Small ropes had been used to cinch the chest bindings above and below on each side, which had the effect of pushing her breasts out.  Rope around her waist held her wrists against the small of her back, her ankles were crossed and tied and her legs tied together above and below her knees.


The masked man produced a blue silk scarf, and used it to cleave gag the young lady.  “You just sit there, and we’ll be back in a few minutes.  If your boyfriend truly loves you, it will be all right” they said as they closed the door behind her.


On the lower floor, the two men had completed their sweep of the rooms.


“Do you think that’s the last of them?”


“I hope so – the girl in that last room was a right little minx. I can still feel where she kicked me.”


“Yeah – it looked painful.  Perhaps the hogtie you put her into will give her time to think.”


“Maybe – anyway, we’d better start bringing them together.  Where do you wan tto start first.”


“We’d better get – hang on, someone’s coming.  In here!”


The two men ducked into a side alcove, and listened as the front door of the sorority house was opened and closed again.


 “Clare?  Suzie?  Anyone?”


Looking round the corner, the two men saw two more students standing in the hallway, looking around as if they were expecting someone to respond.  Both were dressed as if they had been behind the bar in a club – one wore a long sleeved blue top with a small v-neck, short black skirt, tights and flat shoes.  The other student was wearing a tight fitting cream silk blouse, black leather skirt, fishnet stockings and flat shoes.


“We’ll need to take care of these two first,” one of the men said as he put their bag down and retrieved two more bulky paper bags.  “Why don’t you invite them to join us in that room there?”


The other man nodded, and crept out of the alcove with the pistol raised.  The sound of his footsteps echoed down the hallway, and the two women turned at the sound.  Both started to scream, but when he pointed the pistol at them and shouted “QUIET!  No-one can come to help you, so come with me and do as you’re told!” the screaming stopped.


“Hands above your head and over here” the armed and masked man said, and the two girls walked towards him.  As they passed, he followed and escorted them into the room where his colleague was waiting.


“Right, we have to be quick here, so no messing about with us or you will regret it.  Both of you stand with your backs to us, put your hands behind your backs and don’t move unless we tell you.”


The two terrified girls looked at each other, then turned round and put their hands behind their backs.  Taking a bag each, the two masked robbers took a length of rope from the bags and wrapped it around their wrists, pulling the rope tightly.  Once the ropes were cinched and tied off, the two men took longer lengths and began to wrap it around the student’s chests, above and below their breasts, three times.


The one tying the young woman in the blue top knotted the long rope behind her back, and then passed it over her left shoulder.  Turning the girl round, he passed it between her breasts, under the rope that had been wrapped below them and then back over her right shoulder before knotting it off in her back.


The other man passed the long length of rope under the left armpit of the other student, up and around her neck and under her right armpit, pulling the rope tightly to secure it in place, and then tied it off behind her back as well.


Turning the two women around so that they were facing the robbers, each man took the small scarves and long white ones from the bags and gagged them to prevent them crying out.  Taking them by the arms, they were walked down the corridor to the meeting room where the other three sisters were still securely bound and gagged.


“Sit down there,” the man said to the two new arrivals, and as they looked at the three who were tied earlier their ankles were crossed and bound with thick rope.  As they watched their legs been bound above their knees, the three earlier victims tried to call over to them and make contact.


The air was thick with muffled cries as the two men stood up.  “Right – let’s get the rest of the sorority members from this floor in here and get out of this place.  I hope they’ve finished upstairs.”


In the upstairs dormitory, over a dozen sisters in various states of dress were now in the room with the three, who had first been tied and gagged, struggling to get free and trying to call out.  The two masked men put the last of the women on the floor, and stood looking at the assembled group.


“We’ve checked all the rooms, haven’t we?”


“I think so, yes. Why?”


“Just been certain.  Let’s get a move on.”


Closing the door on the assembled sisterhood, the two men were about to head down the stairs when a sound caught them by surprise.


Looking down the corridor, they saw a door closing that they had not noticed before.  Running down, they burst in to find themselves in a toilet block, and one of the booth doors closing.  The two men walked up to the door, and kicked it in to reveal a brown haired student desperately trying to dial out on her mobile phone.


Knocking it out of her hand, the two men took her by the arms and frogmarched her down to the other bedroom.  Entering, the other students stopped struggling and looked up as they brought their sister in.


“All of you cooperated with us.  We need to show you what would have happened if you had fought.”


As he said this, the masked robber pushed the young woman in front of him.  “Strip, now” he said, and the frightened girl removed her clothing to reveal a white girdle.


Pulling her hands behind her back, he used a length of rope to secure her wrists together.  “Get the special tape” he said to the other man as he pushed the woman down onto her knees, and used a length of rope to tie the calf and thigh of her left leg together, cinching the rope so that it held her in a kneeling position, and repeated this on her right leg.  While he was doing this, the other masked man brought out of the bag a roll of wide white micro foam tape and tore a strip off, which he placed over the girl’s mouth.  Five more strips were torn off and pressed into place, as the poor girl’s wrists were secured to the railing that was on the step in the room.


There was a knock on the door, and the two men from downstairs came in.  “How are we doing?” one of them asked.


“I think we have everyone who was home now,” the other man replied looking at the group of eighteen struggling and gagged women.  “How many do we have downstairs?”


“Eight, not including the house mother.  Too many to put in one room as we intended, so they’ll have to stay separate.  Did you get a good haul?”


“I think so,” the man said lifting his bag, which was now filled with the jewellery, money and other valuables they had taken from the bedrooms.  “So, do we get to have a bit of fun now?”


The girls began to scream into their gags and writhe around as they heard this.


“No time, I’m afraid – but I think it would be a shame to leave all these ladies like this without helping them to get some enjoyment out of this.  Hang on – let’s go downstairs and I’ll make a phone call…..”



“Hey what happened to you – I thought you had a hot date with that girl from Tau?”


“She didn’t show up – and when I went by, all the lights were out.  Probably some last-minute fraternity party she had to go to.  Would have been nice if she’d let me know….”


The telephone rang in the lobby of Gamma Alpha Gamma, the first amongst equals of the male fraternities on the university campus.


“Hello, reception desk.


Wait a minute – you’re kidding, aren’t you?


No, I understand what you’re saying, but why are you – hello, hello?”


“Who was that?”


“No idea, but they just told me that the entire sorority at Tau Iota Epsilon is bound and gagged and locked into two rooms at the house, ‘if we wanted to make use of that fact.’”


“It might be a hoax, but you never can tell.  Try calling them.”


The young man put the telephone on speaker mode and dialled the number of the sorority house.


“We weren’t joking – there are over two dozen bound, gagged and helpless women here, waiting for you.  What are you waiting for?”


A number of assembled fraternity members stood, looked at each other and then ran out of the front door.  If rescue was on their mind, other thoughts were certainly starting to creep in as well.