Ball Tied






Two hours ago



Sophia pushed the door to her studio apartment to behind her, hearing the heavy click of the lock as she walked into the corridor.  Her tennis shoes squeaked slightly on the wooden floor, as she tossed the keys into a glass bowl on a small table and looked round.


Glancing at her watch, she said to herself “I’ve got a couple of hours” before looking at herself in the mirror hanging on the wall.  Her long dark hair was pulled into a ponytail that hung down her back from the top of her head, while her sleeveless tennis top hugged her upper body like a second skin.  The front was opened just enough to show the top of her chest, while her shorts were cut to just below her crotch.


Turning from the mirror, she walked into the open living area and picked up a remote control, turning the television on.  As the screen flickered into life, she saw the start of the game from Flushing Meadow.


“And it’s Kornikova to serve,” she said as she watched the young blonde throw the ball in to the air and swing the racket.  The loud grunt as she connected made Sophia smile, as did the way her yellow dress rose as she played her strokes, showing her knickers to the watching crowd.


“Wonder how many are there to watch her rather than the game,” she said as she sat down.  “No idea,” a deep voice said behind her, but before Sophia could react a sweet smelling cloth was pressed hard over her nose and mouth.  She tried screaming, but that only allowed the fumes to penetrate deeper, as her eyelids started to flicker and she fell into a deep, deep sleep.





“Sophia?  You here girl?”


Cathy looked round the room, having let herself in through the front door.  The television was still playing, although it had now moved on to a new game.  Putting the head of her tennis racket on the table, she called out “Sophia?” but there was still no reply.


“Must have popped out for a minute,” she said to herself as she sat herself down on one of the dining chairs.  She was in her mid twenties, and had known Sophia since her college days, playing tennis with her on a regular basis.  As a result, she was in great shape, her black vest top hugging her breasts.  Her tennis skirt was white with black details, and as she sat down it rose up so that her white knickers could clearly be seen.


“Where is that girl,” Cathy said as she idly hit a tennis ball with her racket into her hand.  The white sun cap she was wearing seemed a bit incongruous in the room, but the warm and bright sun outside was her concern, nothing more.  After a few moments, however, she put the racket and ball down and looked round.


“Maybe if I give her a call she’ll tell me where she is,” she said as she took her cell phone out of the handbag on the table and dialled a number.  Placing the phone to her ear, she waited to hear the ringing tone.  The last thing she expected was to hear two tones – one in her ear, and one coming from the coffee table in front of the television.


“What the...” Cathy said as she started to turn round in her chair, but something else caught her eye at that moment.


He was big, burly, and had a black balaclava mask pulled over his head.  I none hand he held a small canvas bag, and the other a Gluck automatic which he was pointing at the young woman.  Cathy could see his muscles rippling under the tight black t-shirt, and the menace in his voice a she said “Very carefully, turn that phone off and put it on the table.  Then turn around and put your hands through the slats at the back of the chair.”


“Who are you?” Cathy said as the man walked forward, dropping the bag on the floor with a thud.  “The man who is telling you what to do,” he said as he leaned forward, his stale breath making Cathy gag slightly.  “Now, unless you want that pretty face of yours to be a bloody mess, put the phone down and put your hands through the back of the chair.”


“All right,” Cathy said quietly as she put the phone down and leaned forward to allow her to push her arms through the wide slats between the sides of the chair back and the central support.  “Please, just don’t hurt me.”


“then shut up,” the man growled as he laid the gun carefully on the floor, before opening the bag and taking out a length of rough brown rope.  Taking hold of her wrists, he forced Cathy to sit back as he held them together and started to pull the rope tightly around them, wrapping it around and between as they were lashed together.


“Christ, that hurts,” Cathy exclaimed as she balled her hands up.  She had heard that tensi9ng the muscles might help, but he was too strong for her as the loops tightened more with the rope passing between her arms.  Knotting the ends together, he then secured them down to the centre of the chair back.  As she tried moving them, Cathy found to her horror that she was unable to get any movement at all.


“What are you doing her and where’s Sophia,” she said as she watched the man standing up and removing a long length of rope from the bag.


“I’m robbing her – and she’s not your concern,” he said as he doubled the rope over, passed it around Cathy and the chair and pulled tightly, forcing her back against the wooden support as he

 fed the ends through the centre of the loop behind the chair back.  Wrapping the ropes around above her chest, Cathy could only stare as her breasts were forced up and out by the ropes, passing around her several more times as she felt the wooden supports pressing even harder against her back.


“Please, you’re hurting me,” she squealed as he passed a length of rope between her back and the chair, using it to tighten the ropes beneath her breasts still further.  “Didn’t I tell you to shut up,” was his only response as she felt him pulling her head back.  “Yes, but please...” Cathy pleaded, her eyes looking directly into the blue through his eye slits.


“I need to make sure you keep quiet,” he said as he reached into the bag and pulled out what looked at first to Cathy like a small black leather belt.  As he turned back, however, her eyes widened as she saw the strap was fed through a large red rubber ball.


“Oh god, o god, oh god,” she mumbled as he walked behind her and lifted the ponytail she had put her brown hair into out of the way.  “Open up like a good girl,” he said as he cupped the round ball in one hand and held it in front of her mouth.  Shaking, Cathy slowly opened her mouth, trying not to retch at the taste of the rubber as it was forced between her teeth.  Pulling the straps around her neck, the masked intruder fastened them under her ponytail, forcing the ball back as far as he could into Cathy’s mouth.


“Now,” he said as he knelt in front of her, “If you try and kick at me you will be dead.  Do you understand?”


“Ysss,” Cathy mumbled, a small strip of saliva appearing at the side of her mouth.


“Good,” was all the man said as he lifted Cathy’s legs up and crossed them in front of her, the heels of her tennis shoes resting on the patterned seat cushion.  She watched, trying not to cry as he wrapped more of the rope around her ankles and lashed them together.  At least her socks offered some protection there, unlike on her arms and wrists, where she could feel the chafing of the rope as she tried to wriggle her hands.


As he passed the rope between her legs and tightened the loops holding her ankles together, Cathy looked forlornly over to the table, where her phone was sitting.  Perhaps he would leave her alone, let her try and kick her shoes off, get to the phone and...


“NGGG!” she screamed as the man took a last length of rope, secured it to her ankles and pulled back, forcing her legs apart as he passed it through the ropes around her lower chest in front of her.  He pulled the rope up her chest, around her neck and then back down, wrapping it round the first strand before tying it off to the lower ropes.


“You’re going nowhere,” he grunted as he walked off, leaving Cathy alone as she tried to get herself free.  Her thighs ached already from the position they were in, and she was desperate for relief.  “USNTDDTS” she screamed as he watched him pick her handbag and empty the contents out, pocketing her wallet and cards as he did so.


“Can’t I” he said a she picked up the gun and walked back.  “I’m going to talk to your friend now – and if you keep struggling like that, you’re going to puke.  Imagine how that will feel when you choke on it.”


Cathy stopped and stared at him as a smile appeared on his thin lips.  “Enjoy your afternoon,” he said as he walked off, leaving her staring at a picture of Sophia in their younger days.


“What am I going to do,” she thought to herself as she heard him climbing the metal staircase to the bedrooms.  “More to the point, where is Sophia?”




In the master bedroom, Sophia was asking herself the same question as she slowly opened her eyes.  She could see she was sitting on her bed, but her arms felt stiff, sore and almost as if they could not move.  Something was digging into her skin in various places, and as she came to she realised with a start that something was in her mouth – something large that tasted of plastic and made it impossible for her to speak.


Glancing over at her dressing table mirror, Sophia’s eyes widened at her reflection.  Her hair was loose, hanging in limp curls down her back and face, but around her lower jaw was a wide black leather strap.  The strap was not the immediate problem – that was the large black ball that it was holding in her mouth.  She could also see strands of black rope around her arms and chest, holding her upper arms firmly against her side.  As she probed with her fingers, she could feel there was more rope around her wrists, holding them firmly together.


Panic started to rise in her as she screamed out “HLP!! SMBDYHLPM!!!!”  All she heard in response, however, was somebody else shouting back, and then a rough around her neck as a deep voice said “shut the fuck up, you little bitch!”


His breath stank as it reached her nostrils, and her eyes widened as she felt his hand on her throat.  “If you don’t shut up,” the voice said, “It will be much worse for you.”  Looking in the mirror, Sophia could see a large man behind her, in a black t-shirt and jeans with a balaclava covering his face.


“I’ve left your friend downstairs,” he whispered, and Sophia realised who it was she had heard calling back.  “CFE!” she screamed out, only for the pressure on her throat to tighten.


“Shut the hell up and get on your stomach,” the man said as he pushed Sophia forward from her position against the head board.  She tried kicking out, but was helpless to stop him grabbing her legs and pulling her shoes and socks off, and then her shorts.  As he crossed her ankles and started to tie them together, she also realised there was more rope around her neck and shoulders, which tightened as he pulled her legs up and continued to lash them together.  She closed her eyes and tried to scream out, but the only thing that happened was a small dribble of saliva escaping down her jaw.


“Ths hrts,” she mumbled as she felt her legs been pulled up and back.  The man only laughed as he passed the rope up and through the loops against her back, forcing her heels to almost touch the back of her thighs as she was hogtied very, very tightly indeed.


“Don’t move,” she heard him say as he slapped her bottom and walked off.  Sophia looked round the room, seeing if there was anything that she could use to free herself and raise the alarm as the ropes rubbed against her bare skin.  As she realised there was nothing, she heard the intruder coming back and kneeling beside her on the floor.


“Don’t make a sound,” she heard him say as the straps were loosened around her jaw.   She watched as he pulled the large ball from her mouth, noting the saliva streams that ran down it as it hung loosely around her neck.  “Please,” she pleaded, “take my money and things and just go.  I promise I won’t scream and sh...”  again, her eyes widened as she saw a small box been placed on the bed in front of her, the contents of the box following.


“Oh Christ, please don't, I promise I’ll be good and quiet, just don't stfffmmsdmfmmsdfmm” she screamed as her hair was pulled back.  Her eyes widened again as she saw two pairs of her panties in the man’s hand, hovering in front of her for a second before they were pushed tightly into her mouth, forcing her tongue to the floor of the cavity and silencing any other sounds she made to a “MMFDGMDFMGD”


“Stay still,” the man said as he tore the end of the roll of medical tape loose and pressed it to her left cheek.  Sophia could only lie there, helpless as he wound the tape tightly around her mouth and jaw, forcing her hair against her neck as it stuck to her skin, each pass progressively muffling her calls more and more until all she could say was a quiet “mmmmmm”.


“Better”, the man said as he threw the now empty roll onto the bed in front of Sophia.  “For the record, little lady, I already took your valuables while you were asleep.  I only left you alone when your little friend called in downstairs, and I had to take care of her.  She’s nice and comfortable now – although I have a little something for her.  Something I found while raiding your cupboard.”  He held a small, light blue object in front of Sophia, the light in her room reflecting off the smooth plastic.


“be right back,” he said as he slapped her bottom again and left the room.  Sophia lay quite still, wondering what was happening as the voices came up from downstairs.


“Comfy?  Cosy?”


“ubstrd, ll”


“No, you won’t.  I’m going to have some fun upstairs now, but I don’t want you to feel left out.”




“Do you know what this is?”


There was a low humming sound, which Sophia recognised as she heard Cathy say “npls...”


“Oh yes,” the man said, and then there was silence save for the occasional “nnng...   omgd.....  nggg....”  Sophia looked over her shoulder as the masked man walked back in and knelt on the bed behind her.


“I think your friend is happy now,” he said as Sophia felt his hands rubbing up and down her thighs.  As she felt him pulling up the side of her panties, Sophia tried screaming again, but no sound was escaping her gag as she felt her panties been pulled down her legs and around her knees.


“Nice butt,” she heard the man say as his hands kneaded her buttocks, “but I’m more of a foot man myself.”  Looking over her shoulder, she watched as he took her foot and started to place his lisp around her big toe, sucking gently as he did so.


“Pervert – I’m been attacked by a pervert,” she thought as he released her toe and started to lick her foot, moving around the joint and her sole.  She didn’t know what to do – scream at the insanity, laugh at the way his tongue was tickling the sole of her foot, or – or realise that she was actually enjoying this.


“How are you feeling,” he said as he continued to suck on each of her toes in turn, making Sophia groan at the sensation.  “It’s a pity you thought hiding your feet in those heavy shoes and socks was a good idea – these should be displayed for all to see and worship,” he continued as he massaged the balls of her feet with his hands, sucking on the toes all the time.



“Whyrudngths,” she mumbled as she closed her eyes.  “Because I can, and because I want to,” he said as he stood up.  Opening her eyes, Sophia watched a she slowly unbuckled his belt.  “Can you guess what I’m going to do now,” he said with a smile as his pants dropped around his ankles.



In the living area, Cathy was crying as she heard the man upstairs, and felt her own throbbing in her crotch getting stronger and stronger.  She closed her eyes, the drool from her bal gag falling onto the chair as she fought against what was happening to her, against how she was feeling, but to no avail....


Sometime later, she opened her eyes to see the masked man walking down the staircase, smiling at her as he left the apartment.  Slowly, carefully, she started to rock the chair towards the table, her cell phone lying there ready for use, if she could only reach it....






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