Racing Collection

“It’s another wonderful day here at the Yokohama race track, as we start the final preparations for this afternoon’s race.  Please, everyone, enjoy the sun and the entertainment as the racers get ready….”


Car racing in Japan is a popular sport, especially for those who like to look at the Race Girls as they populate the pit lane and the surrounding area.  A staple part of the day, they advertise the manufacturers and teams, as well as (if we are being honest) providing some eye candy for the men.


For three men in particular, however, they were casting a more professional eye over the groups of girls, and making choices…


“So, girls, go out, smile and have fun!!”


“Thank you, Aneko”, the group chorused as they turned and walked out, the heels of their white go-go boots clicking on the floor as they left.  Aneko had been the leader of the Mobilecast Girls for six months now, and saw to their every need.  She still dressed the same way as them on race day as well – red leather hot pants with a wide white leather belt, A short bodied white and red leather biker jacket over a tight red crop top, thin scarf around her neck and of course the white boots.


As she was a few years older, she tended to act as the older sister to the group, and was due to follow them out a few minutes later once she had cleared away the paperwork in the office.  This is why it was a surprise when the door to the room opened some time later.


Looking up, Aneko saw two men in racing suits standing there, white safety balaclavas over their heads so that all she could see were their black eyes.


“Can I help you, gentlemen?” she politely asked, but the reply she got was unexpected; the two men walked quickly forward and grabbed her, forcing her to lie face down on the floor.


“What are you doing” she screamed as her wrists were pulled behind her and white cord wrapped around them to hold them together.  The tow men said nothing, and the sounds of engine testing from the nearby garage effectively prevented anyone hearing Aneko’s screams.


Looking over her shoulder, she watched as one of the drivers pulled her ankles together and started to secure them with rope.  As eh did this, the second man took a small red sponge ball and pushed it into Aneko’s mouth, before placing a strip of red tape over her lips to prevent her calling out.


She was strong, but Aneko was soon secured and gagged.  She lay there as a white canvas bag was placed over head and loosely secured, before the two men picked her struggling body up and carried it quickly out of the room.  They took her to a white van, parked discreetly at the rear of the pit lane, and handed her to a person waiting inside before setting off again.



“This is a beautiful outfit, and so appropriate for me!!”


“I knew you would like it, Gin,” Suki said as she watched her friend admiring the work clothes.  It was Gin’s first day as a Race Girl, and she laughed as the sun reflected off the shiny fabric and her light brown hair.


“Hurry up and get changed,” Suki said, “and I’ll see you outside!”


Gin nodded as she unbuttoned her blouse, and hung it on a hook before pulling the silver top over her head and arms.  IT was really a “boob tube” as they are known in the west – silver with blue side panels, it covered her breasts and back while still allowing her milk smooth skin to show.  Removing her own skirt, she then pulled on the matching pleated mini skirt and fastened it around her waist, before sitting down and pulling on her white stiletto heeled boots with a blue cuff at the top.  Finally, she put on the matching short sleeveless jacket that covered her arms, and looked at herself in the mirror.


“I really am a beautiful girl,” she mumbled to herself as she locked her clothes away, and walked out of the changing room – straight into two drivers who looked at her as she blushed in embarrassment.


“Please, forgive me,” Gin started to say, but then a muffled cry reached her ears.  Walking round the corner, she saw Suki lying bound and gagged on the concrete path, looking at Gin and trying to say something?


“Suki?” was all she said before a wet, sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose.  Instinctively, she reached up and grabbed the gloved hand that held the pad in place, but it was not long before she slipped into a deep and dreamless sleep.


Suki watched, tears starting to flow down her face, as the two masked men quickly bound Gin’s wrists and ankles, gagged her with silver tape, and placed a canvas bag over her head.  A second bag was placed over her own head, before the men hoisted one girl each over their shoulder and carried them to the waiting van.



In the nearby pit lane, the Race Girls from the “Yellow Hot” team were entertaining the fans as they milled around.  They too were wearing boob tubes and short mini skirts, although in their case they were yellow with a green trim, and the skirts were split on one side to the waist band.  They were also wearing yellow stack heeled thigh length boots.


The girls walked around, handing out free gifts and talking to the young men as they examined the car.  One of the most popular was Kaoru, who smiled coyly and swept her hands through her long chestnut coloured hair as she stood there.  She waved her yellow fan as she did her job, keeping the fans happy.


Eventually, Kaoru called out “I’m taking a break”, and headed to the back of the garage, closing the door to the rear room behind her as she did so.  No sooner had she done that than a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and a voice whispered in her ear “Do exactly what we tell you to do, and no-one else gets hurt.”


Looking to her side, Kaoru saw a racing driver, his balaclava covering his face, with several coils of rope in his hand.  The hand was removed from Kaoru’s mouth, but before she could speak a wad of cloth was pushed in, and a thin knotted yellow cloth pulled in to hold in into place.


“Hands behind your back,” the voice said as Kaoru was spun round and faced her captor – another man dressed as racing driver.  She glared at him as her wrists were crossed and lashed together with thin rope, which was passed between them to cinch the binding, and then more rope passed around her elbows.


“Make sure she can walk,” the man said as her ankles were tied together with rope, tightly enough to ensure she could not run, but with enough give to ensure she could shuffle her feet.  The rope squeaked against the yellow leather as it was tied off, and then her legs pulled together just below her knees.


“You are a very pretty woman,” the man behind her said in an English accent as he took a second yellow scarf, which had been folded into a wide band, and tied it over Kaoru’s mouth and nose to further gag her.  A white canvas sack was then pulled over her head.  The two men opened a rear door to the room, looked out and then frog marched Kaoru out of the room and along the rear of the pit lane.



Aneko raised her head as she heard the van door open and another person been brought in.  She tried to call out, and heard at least two to her muffled responses and calls.  She sat there, wondering what was going on and what was going to happen to all of them.


“Kimi?  KIMI!!!”


The bleached blonde beauty looked up and smiled, waving in response to the greeting.  She walked out from the garage and embraced her friend, the leather of her outfit boots squeaking slightly as she did so.


“That outfit leaves nothing to the imagination!”


“No, it does not,” Kimi said as she twirled round, her black satin skirt rising slightly as she did so and the sun reflecting off the white last trim.  Her top was a black satin cropped jacket with white collar and short arms, which laced tightly up the front, and she was also wearing knee length black leather boots.


“Do you have a few minutes for a coffee?”


“Of course I do – you go ahead and I’ll catch you up as soon as I can.”


She watched her friend walk off, her bottom moving under her tight red skirt, and sighed.  It was going to be a most pleasurable evening later, she felt, as she talked to the rest of the Girls and followed on a few minutes later.


As she turned the corner, she saw two drivers walking towards her, but as the noise of the engines was growing louder she figured that they were on their way to board their cars.  She smiled at them as she passed, and they nodded in acknowledgement, before turning round after a few paces and coming up quietly behind her.


The first that Kimi knew of what was happening was when a canvas bag was suddenly pulled over her head, and her wrists were grabbed.  She tried to scream out, but something was used to pull the bag into her mouth, and she felt something being knotted at the back of her head.  “Don’t panic” she thought as stopped trying to scream, but she also heard the rip of what sounded like tape coming off a roll.  She knew that was the case when something was stuck against her wrists, and then wrapped around both of them to secure them together.  They were them pressed against her back, and she felt more tape being wrapped around her bare midriff.


“Wht r u dng,” she mumbled as she was picked up and carried, but the engine noise was too loud for anyone to hear her screams.




“Aren’t they beautiful?  Give them a big hand, ladies and gentlemen!!”


Machiko led the rest of her Girls off the stage as the pit crews began their final preparations.  The four were dressed in white crop tops with thin shoulder straps, white buckled miniskirts and over the knee white leather boots, but each had an individual coloured trim – in the case of Machiko, it was lime green.


“Good work, girls – take a break now until after the race,” Machiko called out as she headed for the ladies room.  The other girls walked off, laughing and giggling amongst themselves, as Machiko entered and closed the door behind her.


It was some time later that the door opened again, and two men dressed in racing driver’s outfits carried the unconscious Machiko out of the toilet.  Her wrists were crossed in front of her and tied together, the rope then continuing down her chest, around her legs above her knees and finally around her ankles.  A white canvas bag covered her head as they gently carried her towards the waiting van.


In the back, Aneko called out as the door was opened again and she felt another person being placed on the floor at her feet.  From the growing murmurs, she knew there were at least four or five other girls with her, some of whom were trying to call out over the sounds of the race while others seemed to be hardly moving.


“One more to collect, and then we’ll be on our way,” she heard a man say in an English accent as the doors closed one more time.


The MacLaren team garage was quiet, tense as the managers watched the monitors and the pit crew stood by.  To one side stood Sada and the other girls in their outfits: - Black satin crop tops, satin micro skirts with a leather waistband, over the knee suede boots with a white thin band just below the kneecap, and long sleeved leather crop jackets with white cuffs.


“The car seems to be doing well,” one of the girls said to Sada as she watched the television screen.


“Yes, but we are not winning – I hope we do in the end,” she replied as she covered her eyes.  Her shoulder length black hair covered her thin cheeks as she watched, excitement growing in her stomach.




She turned to look at the team manager.


“Please go and find out if the bottles have been placed in the refrigerator for later.”


“Yes, sir,” she answered as she walked off, the click of her boot heels resounding around the garage even as the cars roared past.  She walked down the pit lane, smiling at the other girls as she did so, and then walked over to a trailer that was parked nearby.  Opening the door, she walked in, and was surprised to see tow men in drivers outfits sitting there.


“May I help you gentlemen?” she asked politely.


“Yes, I think you can,” one of them said in an English accent as he stood up and walked over.  “You will do just fine.”


“I’m sorry,” Machiko said, but her confusion turned to shock as her wrists were quickly pulled together behind her back and secured with a plastic zip tie.   She barely had time to respond before a white rag was stuffed into her mouth by the other driver, who then took the black scarf she was wearing around her neck off and used it to secure the cloth in place.


“Have the van brought round,” the English man said, and as the other driver spoke quickly into a telephone he forced Machiko to kneel on the floor before securing her ankles together with a further zip tie.  She heard the sound of some sort of vehicle pulling up outside.


“No time to hood this one – we’ll just put her in the back,” the man who had tied Machiko up said, and the second drive opened the trailer door to show the side door of a white van open.  Machiko caught a glimpse of several race girls bound and gagged before a sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her nose, and she slipped into a deep sleep.



Some time later, Machiko stirred and opened her eyes.  She found herself in a darkened room, but as her eyes adjusted to the gloom she saw that she was not alone.  Six other girls were in the room, all hooded and bound with various materials.  Two were lying on the floor, and also starting to stir, while the other four were sat against the walls with some distance between them.  She barely had time to think over what was happening to them when a blinding light went on, and a well spoke man said in English “Remove the hoods.”


Aneko blinked as the canvas hood was pulled off her head, and she looked around.  She recognised some of the girls in the room from other teams – one in particular in a silver outfit was calling to one of her fellow girls as she raised her head on the floor – but her attention was caught by the two drivers and the man who was with them.


He was tall, well built and appeared to be of African descent, but his manner and dress spoke of British style and culture.  He looked round the room, and then said “Ladies, take some time to adjust to your new situation.  You have been fortunate enough to be selected to form a new team for a client of my company.  Do as he asks, and you will have luxurious and comfortable new life.  Fight and he can be a cruel taskmaster.  I strongly urge you – all of you – to accept what has happened to you.”


The door to the room opened, and a smartly dressed woman walked in.  “My apologies, George, but this message simply could not wait.”


The dark gentlemen turned and faced the new arrival.  “Of course, Genevieve – what is the message?”


“Avon Calling.”


He frowned for a moment, and then turned back to the seven girls who were in the room.  “Ladies, my apologies, but I must leave you in Geraldine’s hands.  Prepare them for shipping out – Objects of Beauty never let their clients down.”


Leaving the girls screaming in the room, George walked briskly down the corridor to an office, and picked up the receiver that lay on the table.


“Are you certain?


“Excellent – have the teams assemble the day after tomorrow, and thank the construction team for me.


“Oh, I see – well, an addition to the first sale will not be unwelcome.  I will return as soon as I can.”