Soccer Moms

“Have you time to come round for a coffee?”


Jessie was talking to Evie, one of the other mothers she knew from the soccer team their sons played in.  Jessie was dark haired, wearing a black thin strapped vest top and denim shorts, while Evie was blonder with a pink strapless top with a brown palm tree design, denim shorts and brown horn rimmed glasses.  She had just moved to the neighbourhood, and wanted to make some new friends.


“Sure,” Evie answered, “they’re fine on their own aren’t they?”


“Yeah, the coach will watch over them, and my house is just around the corner.  I want to get know a few of the other mothers, so I hope you don’t mind.”


“Not at all – I’d seen you around and wanted to meet you anyway.”


The two women chatted as they walked back to Jessie’s house.  She was recently divorced, and this was a chance for a fresh start for her and her son, while Evie had lived here with her husband and son for a few years now.


Jessie opened the front door and invited Evie into the kitchen, while she put the kettle on.


“Do you mind if I just use the toilet?” Evie asked.


“Of course not,” Jessie replied as she switched on the coffee maker, “It’s up the stairs at the top.”


Evie stood up and started to climb the staircase, and Jessie busied herself with the coffee cups. It was when she opened the fridge door that she noticed the breeze, and turned to see that the kitchen window was open.


“I’m sure I left that closed,” she thought to herself as she looked closer – but failed to see the faint trace of a footprint on the work surface as she poured the coffee out.


“Evie, coffee’s ready” she called up the stairs, but there was no reply.  Jessie came out into the hallway.


“Evie – are you all right?”  Still no reply.


Jessie climbed the stairs, and looked in the bathroom.  The sound of the cistern filling told her that Evie had been, but where was she?


A sound in her bedroom brought her to the door, and she opened it.


“Are you in….” Jessie started to say, but the sight of Evie face down on the bed having her hands tied together behind her back by a young man stopped her in her tracks.  He looked up, grabbed a  pocket knife that was beside him and held it against Evie’s throat.


“Shut up and kneel down” he said and Jessie mutely did as she was told.


“Who are you?” Jessie asked as the man took a second length of cord from his pocket, doubled it over and wrapped it around Evie’s ankles.


“None of your business, young lady – I just came in to take what I could find only to be surprised by your friend here.  Now” he said as he tied off the rope, “I just want to make my getaway and you two are in my way.”


The man stood up, and came over to Jessie.  Taking her by the arm, he pulled her up and turned her back to him.  She grunted as she felt rope being wrapped around her own wrists, and the friction as they were pulled tightly together.


“Right, sit down on the bed,” he said, and he pushed Jessie over to the bed as Evie finally managed to sit herself up.  He took yet another length of rope from his pocket and tied Jessie’s ankles tightly together, then went over to a set of drawers and rummaged around for a few minutes before coming back over.


Jessie looked on in horror as he pinched Evie’s nose, and stuffed a pair of her knickers in so that a small amount was sticking out of her mouth.  He then did the same to her with a second pair, and watched the two women wriggling around.


“Right now – you two just stay nice and quiet while I have a look round,” he said and he closed the door on the two bound and gagged women,


Evie wriggled down to sit beside Jessie.


“Cn u gt ths to f m mth?”




“Cn u pl ths ot?”


Evie tried to lower her head to allow Jessie to pull the panties out, but leant too far and fell down on the floor instead.


“R u ll rght?”


“mmm – ys, I thnk s”


Evie rolled over onto her side, and looked up at Jessie.  The young mother was terrified about what might happen next, but was spared further thought by the door opening and the intruder re-entering the room with a  roll of red tape that she used to secure parcels with.


“Are you all right?” he asked as he knelt beside Evie, and she nodded.  He picked her up, carried her over, and sat her on the bed with her back to the headboard.


Helping Jessie to sit beside Evie, he took the panties out of their mouths and put them into a wash basket.


“Thank you,” Jessie croaked, but her thanks were short lived when he tore a strip of tape off the roll and smoothed it over her mouth.


“I need to make sure I have time tot get away and you can’t raise the alarm, but hopefully this will be more comfortable for both of you.”  As he said this, he smoothed a second strip over Jessie’s mouth, then applied two strips to Evie as well.


“So long ladies,” the man said as he threw the roll no the floor and closed the bedroom door behind him.


The two women sat listening, and then Evie tried to talk again to Jessie.


“Cn u tr t nti m hnds?”




“m hnds – cn u nti thm” Evie turned her back to Jessie and nodded toward her bound wrists, and Jessie realised what she was trying to say.  Turning round slightly, she began to pick at the knot at the top of Evie’s bound wrists with her fingers, and slowly managed to unravel the ends so that she was able to shake her wrists free.


“Ouch”, Evie said as she pulled the tape from her mouth.  “He jumped me when I left the toilet.  Here, let me get you free.”



Ten minutes and a phone call to the police later, the two women were sat in the kitchen clutching a cup of coffee.


“I’ve called Kate and asked her to take our boys home with her when the game finishes.  Is there much missing?”


“My credit cards and some jewellery, but nothing that can’t be replaced,” Jessie replied with a shudder.  “How did you manage to stay so calm?”


“It’s not the first time it’s happened to me – or to some of the other mothers.”


“What, being robbed?”


“No, that’s new – I meant tie-up games.  I’m used to it, so I knew to just relax.  Let me tell you about what our boys can get up to sometimes….”