The Voyeurs: Anyone for Tennis?










“Come in,” the DCI said as the young DS walked in.




“Oh god, not again – where this time?”


“We’re getting a trace on, but – well, you’d better come and look...”


“Hey,” Marcie Dennis said as she looked up, “how did the luncheon go?”


“It was a gas,” her younger sister said as she sat down.  “The suckers still think we’re local champions, and want us to present the awards at their open day.”


Marcie giggled as she looked at Fiona.  The two women had bought the house they now lived in six months ago, and their local clothing business was flourishing, with a new branch due to open in the next week.  As part of the purchase, the house included an extensive back yard with two tennis courts, which they had used to convince their neighbours was a major selling point.


They even had a number of trophies in the display cabinet, despite the fact neither of them had ever lifted a tennis racquet.  It was their private little joke, and nobody knew...


Marcie was wearing a white blouse and black leather skirt, with high heels, while Fiona wore a red track suit and tennis shoes.  As she stood up, she said “so, fancy a drink of tea or something?”


“Or something,” Marcie said as she put her tablet down.  Her eyes then widened as she looked to the door to the room.


“Marcie?  Is something...”


“Shut you traps, you fucking bitches,” the woman standing there said, “or I shut them for you.”  She was wearing a black boiler suit, the legs of which were tucked into short leather boots, gloves and a balaclava mask, and a very real looking gun was in her hands.


“They’re in here,” she called over her shoulder as Marcie saw more armed and masked women come in, three of them entering the room as another two made their way upstairs.  “Keep quiet, do as we say, and you’ll live to tell of the experience, understand?”


“Oh god – what do you want,” Marcie said as she slowly stood up.


“I want you two bitches,” the woman said quietly, “to strip and to shut the fuck up while you’re doing it.”


“Why is she filming us,” Fiona said as one of the women looked at her with a video camera.


“I told you to shut up,” the armed women said as she pointed the gun at Fiona, “do I need to repeat myself?”


“Fiona, just do as they say,” Marcie said as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off and letting it fall to the floor.  Fiona glared at the masked women, before she too started to remove her clothes, the two of them standing there ten minutes later with their clothes and shoes beside them.


“Very nice – very good looking,” the woman said as they were filmed.  “But I am not totally heartless – give them something to wear.”


“What are these,” Fiona said as she was handed a pair of white panties, socks and shoes.


“Come – you are both tennis players, surely you recognise the regulation dress?  Put them on.”




“Do it,” she growled as she aimed her weapon at them, the two women pulling the panties up before they sat down and donned the socks and shoes.


“That’s better – now stand still, hands behind your backs.”


The two women watched as one of the masked women put a large bag down, and took out several lengths of green rope.  Shaking some loose, she handed two to one of the other women, as Marcie felt her arms been folded behind her back, and her wrists been tied to her elbows.


“Now, here’s the deal,” the masked gunwoman said, “We are going to take all your valuables, and you are going to do nothing to stop us.  More to the point, you are going to do what we tell you, and you will not complain.”


“And why the fuck would we do that,” Fiona said as she felt her own arms been tied behind her, the forearms parallel to each other.


“Because you want to live, is that enough incentive?”


Fiona swallowed hard and nodded as she watched the two masked binders shake two long lengths of green rope loose, and then started to bind her upper arms it her body, the rope sitting above, below, and then between her breasts as it formed a harness that forced her breasts up and out.


Looking at Marcie, she saw her sister was being bound in the same way, feeling the gloved hands on her legs as yet more green rope was sued to bind her thighs together.


“Why green?”


“Why not?  You are both such well known tennis players – it makes sense that we treat you with all the respect that fact affords.”


“What the hell are they going to do,” Fiona said as she looked at her sister, feeling her legs being more and more secure as rope was bound around their knees and their ankles.


“We’ll tell you in a few minutes,” the armed woman said as both women looked to their binders, who were looking in the bag, and then they removed two large ball gags.  They were also green, with white markings like a tennis ball, and white leather straps.


“What the fuck...”


The armed woman looked at Fiona, and placed the end of her gun barrel against her panties as she said “open your mouth, bitch.”


“Just do it, Fiona, and let them take everything,” Marcie said as she opened her own mouth, and felt the green and white ball pressing on her tongue as the white straps were fastened around her head.  Fiona felt the ball in her own mouth as it was fastened in place, the armed woman saying with a smile “Now we have your complete attention, let me tell you a little home truth.


“We know you’re a pair of lying scheming little bitches, and today you learn your lesson.  Neither of you play tennis, do you?”


Fiona and Marcie looked at each other before they shook their heads.


“Good – then it’s time you learned to play a form of tennis – Human Tennis.”  She pointed to the door as she said “Move.”


They started to jump to the door, the ropes rubbing on their bare chests as one of the woman picked up the bag and followed them, the woman with the camera filming them as they were forced to jump down the hallway, out into the backyard and towards the tennis courts.  They looked to the side, with the high trees blocking their view, and then moaned as they approached the courts.


“It’s a shame to waste such a facility,” the masked woman said as the bag was put down, “so we’re going to give you both a lesson.”  She nodded to the toher woman, who took what looked like two small tennis balls from the bag.


Marcie squealed into her bag as her panties were pulled down, and the ball inserted between her legs, before her panties were pulled back up.  She could feel it on her sex, strange as she watched Fiona get a similar device out in place.


“Now,” the armed woman said as she put her gun down, and removed two racquets from the bag, handing one to the second woman as the third kept filming, “the object of tennis is to get the ball onto the other side of the court so that it cannot be returned.  In this version,” she said as the other masked woman made her way to the far end of the court, “you will both make your way to the other end of the court when the signal is given, and back again.  Simple?”


“Whthffkkrusdngg,” Fiona said as she glared at the other two women, and then yelped in surprise and pain as she was hot on the bottom with the racquet – and she felt a small electric shock between her legs.


“Get going,” the masked woman said as she hit Marcie, the shock running through her as she jumped forward – and then a different sensation as the ball started to vibrate.  As she and Fiona jumped down the court, that vibrating continued, making them squirm as they struggled to keep their balance until they reached the other side.


“turn round,” the other masked woman said, and as they jumped round they felt the sting and shock of the racquet as it hit them, followed by the much different vibrations as they started to jump to the other end of the court.   Looking at each other, they knew what each of them was thinking – this sensation was getting stronger with each jump, the vibrator seeming to get stronger and faster with each length they jumped.


Fiona in particular was starting to moan, the thin line of drool running down her chin as she stood for a moment, shaking before she stated to jump again.  Marcie was feeling the same thing – a warm, pleasant dampness that seemed to make the vibrations more intense, and a feeling inside her of pure, unadulterated desire...


“You’re both proving remarkably good at this for a pair of lying bitches,” the leader said as they started their tenth length, but as they reached the half way line Marcie screamed and dropped to her knees, shaking as she experienced a full orgasm.  Fiona jumped a little further, before she too collapsed and lay on her side, both women shaking as their panties turned darker with the dampness.


“Well, I think the lesson is over for now,” the masked woman said as they replaced the racquets in the bag, the one with the camera taking great delight in filming the faces and crotches of the two captives, “I think you should both come back to the changing rooms.  Get up.”


Marcie and Fiona were forced to their feet, before they were made to jump back to the house, both of them feeling the low vibes as they did so.  As they entered the changing room at the rear of the house, one of the other masked women looked in and said “we’re done.”


“Excellent,” the leader said as she took a coin out and tossed it.  “You,” she said as she pointed at Fiona, “come here.”


Marcie watched through eyes filled with desire for that feeling again while Fiona jumped over, one of the women untying the ropes around her legs, removing her soaking wet panties and the vibrator before she was made to lie down on a long bench.  Her legs were spread apart, and tied back to the bench as her body was lashed down, while Marcie felt the buckle on the straps around her head loosen, and her gag removed.


“Please, why are you doing this tussssmgddd” she said as a different gag was put in her mouth, one with two plastic bars that held her tongue down and slightly out from her lips, as if it was a bridle that was secured round her head.


“Kneel down,” the woman said as Marcie watched them secure some sort of pads to the inside of Fiona’s thighs, her hips and her Mound of Venus, and then she was forced to her knees, ropes used to frog tie her legs as she knelt between her sister’s legs.


“Now, here is the deal,” the leader said as Marcie was made to shuffle forward, and a rope tied between her breasts, then pulled down and secured to her legs so that her face was in Fiona’s crotch.  “The gag in your mouth, dear sister, has special sensors that will activate the pads on your sister here – but only if you use your tongue to lick her soft places.  At the same time, that lovely little device between your own legs will become active.”


“Ndffeddnt,” Marcie said as she looked at the woman, not noticing the one who had been filming everything setting up a tripod and securing the camera.


“Well, then it could be shocking – when I press this button, you will both feel increasingly strong electric shocks – and the only way to stop them is to get those sensors working.”


As she stood up and walked to join the others, she turned and said “one more thing before we go.  Learn your lesson – take up tennis or move.  We – and others – will be watching.”


As they picked up their bags, the leader pressed a button on a device in her hand, and Fiona and Marcie both felt the electric shocks in their bodies.  They turned and watched as the women left, and then started crying as the shocks grew stronger.


“Mssreeefeene,” Marcie said as she leaned forward and started to lick her sister, the chocks turning into vibrations as they both moaned, Marcie wriggling round as Fiona felt her tongue bringing her on again...





“There they are!”


“Hfnkgddd,” Marcie said as the fifth orgasm subsided, and she saw through her misty eyes the police come in, Fiona shaking as she yet again came, her juices covering her sister’s face as they were both released.


“How... How did you find us,” Fiona panted as she was helped to sit up.


“The gang – we call them the Voyeurs,” the police woman said.  “I’m afraid you’ve been shown in a live stream on the net.”


Fiona and Marcie looked at the camera, and then at each other, as the ambulance crew came in.




Three months later...


“Well done, Fiona,” the tall and well built tennis coach said as Fiona hit the winning return, Marcie nodding as the second coach looked on.  Both girls were wearing tennis dresses, and smiled as they walked to the net.


“You’ve both proved brilliant pupils today,” the second coach said, “but now we need to decide what we are going to do with you.  Let’s head back to the changing room.”


“I’m so glad you agreed to be our personal trainers,” Marcie said as she walked back with her sister, “in every way.”


“Well, given you won the tournament at the weekend, I don’t think Human Tennis is on the cards today,” they said as they walked in, and both Fiona and Marcie removed their dresses, the two men collecting the lengths of green rope from the side.  “Fiona, as the victor you get to choose.”


“I’ll kneel,” she said as one of the men tied her arms behind her back, wrist to elbow, while Marcie lay on the bench, crossing her wrists above her head as the second coach secured them to each other and the seat, and then pulled her ankles back and tied them in position.


As the ball gag was inserted in her mouth, and the pads secured in place, Marcie watched as the bridle gag was used on Fiona, the rope holding her arms and breasts tightly in place before she knelt in front of Marcie, allowing herself to be frog tied and her head pulled down.


“Two hours before you need to shower and eat, all right?”


Both girls nodded as he pressed the button, the shocks running through them before Fiona got to work...







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