At First Sight






15th November 2013

Conservative Central Office



“You’re working late again Colin,” Sir Peter Latimer said as he looked round the young researcher’s door.  Colin Gresham-Fox was sat at his desk, the angle lamp illuminating his computer screen.


“Sorry, Sir Peter,” he said as he looked up, “I was preparing notes on the Scottish government’s white paper on devolution for distribution to party branches.”


“Well it’s important work Colin,” Peter said as he looked over, “but it shouldn’t be keeping a young man here to this time of night.”  Both men were wearing what was almost the uniform – dark blue suite, pale blue shirts, and grey ties.


“Well I don’t mind.  I enjoy this sort of thing.”


“You might not mind,” Peter said as he shook his head, “but I’m sure Lady Belinda does.”


“She might do if we were still a couple, but she gave me the boot last week.”


“For what?”


Colin smiled ruefully.  “Not paying her all the attention I used to when we were at Oxford.”


“Doesn’t that rather make the point, all work and no play after all?”


“I do play,” Colin said as he leaned back, “I’m going out with some old college friends tonight at eight.”


“You mean two hours ago,” Sir Peter looked up at the clock on the wall.


“Oh Lord! Is it that late…” Colin groaned.


“I think Lady Belinda might have had a point Mr. Gresham-Fox,” Sir Peter smiled, “Look I’m as dedicated to the party as anyone is, but really your father will be wanting my guts for garters hearing how hard I work my staff.”


“I’ll finish now,” Colin shut off his computer, “I suppose I ought to go get some sleep?”


“Well I’d advise it if you are going to be the first person here as usual in the morning.”


“Goodnight Sir,” Colin said as he picked up his coat and attaché case and walked out, turning the light off as he did.  A short walk home, some supper and then some sleep…





The grey transit van was parker on the street, the lights off, nothing to draw attention to it as the woman sat behind the wheel.


“Alright we give him another ten minutes and then we go home,” the woman in grey turned down the cuff of her glove to look at her watch, “I know you said sometimes that he works late but this is getting ridiculous.”


“Isn’t it just,” the woman standing in the back said as she drummed her fingers. “I’ve got an interview in the morning, the last thing I needed was a late night.”


“Well I just call it just damn rude and inconsiderate of him to make us wait like this,” the youngest of the women said as she tried stretching.


“Heads up he’s on his way,” the woman in the driver’s seat said as she looked in her side mirror, watching the young man as he walked down the pavement.


“About bloody time.”


“Put them on girls once he opens the door,” the driver said as she picked a white face mask out of a bag.  “Time to go to work.”







Colin whistled tunelessly as he walked under the streetlights towards the door of his parent’s town house.  Perhaps Sir Peter was right, that he was working too hard, but he was determined to prove that he had got this job on merit, that the fact that his father was an ambassador, and that six of his direct ancestors had at one time or another served in the cabinet was irrelevant.


The Rutland Street house was not the grandest his family owned but being in Kensington it was pretty convenient for his work. Two stories above ground and a basement, it wasn’t huge but it was very comfortable.


He’d have to put the central heating on tonight though.  There was a genuine feel of winter in the night air he thought as he climbed the whitewashed steps, opened the door…


The first he knew of something unexpected was the gloved hand that clamped over her mouth, and the gun he could see out of the corner of his eye.  He was walked into the hallway, dimly aware of others following him in, and the door closing before the light went on.


He could see two figures – no, two women standing there, dressed from the hood covering their heads to the soft boots they were wearing in grey.  The only other feature was their faces – white, featureless, as they both looked at him with their heads cocked to one side.


The third woman in grey he could see in the wall mounted mirror, her gloved hand across his mouth as she pointed her gun at the alarm box. Instinct told him not to be brave, if he was right these were professional criminals and as long as he did the right things then he would survive this. Slowly he punched the buttons deactivating the alarm system as the raiders watched, saying nothing.





The man was co-operating…good. It made robbery so much easier if the householders didn’t resist too much, and the silence always seemed to help.  It was also a little unusual – only a man in the house – so they had talked out the problem of where to tie the man up at great length. In the end they decided tying him to a chair in the dining room would probably be best, and that they could always untie him and move him depending what they found.


The dining room was the second door on the right down the ground floor passageway. The youngest woman in grey beckoned the man to follow and then pointed her gun to indicate where he was to go. Colin felt the gun in the small of his back and followed, watching as she pulled a high backed chair away from the dining table and set it in the middle of the floor.


“Alright these must be the China Doll Gang,” Colin thought to himself as he sat on the chair that one of the women indicated. As far as he knew these women had never killed anyone, though they had been known to rough up their victims, and he wasn’t in the mood to be done over or even shot. While it was true everything was insured, there were things in the house of huge sentimental value to the family, he hoped they were after something specific and might not take some of those precious things.


As the one who had hand gagged him held a gun to his head, one of the other women pulled first one of his hands sharply pulled one of his arms back between one of the spindles of the backrest, then the other.


As he felt his wrists being tied so he was secured to the chair, the woman who had been holding him at gunpoint most came round and stood silently in front of him.  She seemed to be looking intently at him, through those thin eye slits…





He wasn’t bad looking, she thought now she could see him properly. In the right circumstances she could easily see herself fancying him.  He was handsome, and looked as if he worked out…


Still these weren’t those kind of circumstances she reminded herself as the others tied his ankles to the legs of the chairs. That should hold him, but she kept watching as they rolled up a white scarf, tied a knot in the middle, and then pulled it between his teeth to keep him quiet, tying the band around his head. Quickly she indicated for her colleagues to begin their activities whilst she sat down in a chair opposite him and sat pointing her gun straight at him.


He had big hands she had noticed…  “I wonder if that means in his case what they say it does,” she thought. Only God knew why she was thinking that, in her life she had seen literally hundreds of men’s cocks…All shapes…All sizes, normally she didn’t even bother to notice, and besides she was retired from that kind of work…Why had she thought that?



Colin could hear the women starting to move round the house, the bags they were carrying were large, but he deduced what they were after was smaller easily carried items. The coin collection on display in the drawing room that his grandfather had put together was certainly lost, he had heard the glass of what he assumed what was the display case being smashed.


“The family silver is I suppose next,” he thought as he looked into the eyes of the robber holding her gun on him. He couldn’t see too much through the slits in the mask, but he could tell that she had the most amazing green eyes that he thought he’d ever seen. Or were they blue, he couldn’t decide, as they appeared to change colour as he moved her head. He wondered just what she looked like under the grey outfit, the hood, and the mask? Did she have the body that those eyes by right deserved to belong to…did she have…


“Get it together Gresham-Fox,” he told himself sharply, “you are having a fantasy about an armed thief?”  And yet, as he felt the knot in his mouth soak up the saliva, something about this situation…





The man was looking at her…hard. The robbers’ handbook laid down that she should discourage him from looking at her, but something in her wanted this particular man to do so. She wondered if he had a lot of body hair? Hairy men were one of her great turnoffs, but there should be a little…  Did men who went to Harrow and Oxford even have anything really masculine going anyway?  She’d encountered so many who were total drips. Still if she had time she thought she could enjoy undressing this bloke, maybe show him that she was boss with a few slaps from a cane…these public school types all seemed to have a thing about having their bottoms beaten, turning red as the welts came up…Mmmm this guy could have been interesting in many ways.




Those amazing eyes were still looking at him; Damn this was giving him an erection. He wondered what she would be thinking if their roles were reversed, if she was the one tied up like this? Bondage as such had never been one of his interests, nor had domination, but he thought it might be fun to have this woman tied up and fight her for the upper hand. Did she shave her pussy? He’d always fantasised about with a soft smooth body down there. Belinda kept hers trimmed, but he could never talk her into shaving it off. “I wonder, I wonder?” he thought to himself as he dreamed of having her tied to this chair and him holding the gun to her head while he used his other hand to feel between her thighs.




She could see the bulge in his pants, growing as he looked at her – and she had to admit, something was happening to her as well.  “I wonder if he’s ever had a woman?”  Staring at him, she thought “If he has I bet he never had someone like me. No the girls he would have gone out with were all probably frigid super brains, or posh little debutantes afraid of him messing up their makeup.”


She wouldn’t care, “she was woman hear her roar.”  Well, she knew what she meant…


Dare she take a feel of him as she pretended to check if his bindings were still secure? She wanted to, but what would the others say if they caught her?  “Pull yourself bloody together girl,” she warned herself internally, “this isn’t some kinky date, remember you are here to commit a crime.”  But still…




Slowly she stood up then bent down to check his ankles were still secured.  Colin looked at her, the grey bodysuit hugging her curves as she did this, and then gasped as she ran her gloved hand over the bulge.  “What the fuck is she up to?” he felt her hand feeling his crotch through his trousers, and she felt himself throb at his touch.  He looked at her, her head cocked to the side as she slowly rubbed her hand to and fro…





“That is not a bad set of equipment,” she rubbed her hand over his masculinity, “I don’t think he’d disappoint.”  She could feel him responding, and wondered what he would do if she…


Colin’s eyes opened wide as she slowly opened the zip on his suit trousers, and slipped her hand in, feeling her stroke his member under his boxer shorts.  Closing his eyes, he groaned involuntarily, wondering just how far she would go as he wriggled round…




She sat back down in front of him and resumed looking at him with those eyes. He wondered what was she thinking behind those eyes. That touch had definitely not been her checking how secure she was, and it had felt so good....


“I wonder if I’ve ever seen her in true life?” he asked himself, “didn’t thieves ‘case the joint’ as the saying went? Had he ever seen her outside in the street watching when he came and went? Had she ever followed him to or from work?”


He had responded to her touch, and if she was honest so had she.   There was moisture running down her legs slightly as she sat watching him. No man in any situation had ever made her feel like this before. Was there something wrong? Was she sickening for anything?


“Maybe if I tape him to the chair I can look at his chest – answer that question?”



Colin watched her as she stood up and walked over, looking at him as she unfastened his jacket and pulled it down his arms, and then loosened and removed his tie.  She looked at the featureless mask, wondering what she was thinking, what she was going to do next as she stroked his cheek – and then pulled his short open, the buttons popping and flying in all directions as he stared at her.


“Not bad,” she said as she stroked his chest – a defined six pack, and hair, but not too much.  Walking to her bag, she took out a roll of builder’s tape, the grey shining in the light from the ceiling, and he heard the ripping sound as she tore the tape free, and then walked behind her.


“Why had she suddenly decided to unbutton his jacket, and then rip his shirt apart?”


The builders tape she was using to bind his upper body to the chair was going to be painful to remove, he wasn’t exactly hairy chested, but even a plaster could hurt if hair got yanked off with it.  But something else was going on – held firm against the chair back, his hands pressed into the small of her back, he was totally in her hands – and he liked that…






One of the Dolls stood in the doorway, her head tilted to a side as she watched her finish taping the man to the chair. When she had finished she looked round, nodding as her friend indicated for her to follow.  Slowly she took one last lustful and lascivious look at the man, “Damn why couldn’t she take him with her…and keep him?”


Looking in the doorway, Colin saw the three women looking at him, and then slowly disappearing into the gloom.  He sat still for a few minutes, and then weighed up his situation.  It was nearly midnight - Mrs. Hunt the daily would be here at 8.30, she’d have to release him. The police of course would want a word, so it looked like he’d be taking the entire day off work.


Ah well things could be worse he decided. “I wonder just what they took?” he thought as he looked round, resigned to his situation…




“Alright Sue, do you want to explain just what happened in there?” Kay asked as she drove the van away.  “You stayed to watch him, and the next thing we know you’re playing with him?”


“To be honest I’m not sure.”


“Keep your masks on girls,” Kay reminded her fellow dolls, “and what do you mean you aren’t sure?”


“I looked in a couple of times and both you and he were just staring at each other like you were in a trance,” Bobble shook her head.


“Why didn’t you give him a whacking so he didn’t look at you?” Jane asked.


“I don’t know…I knew I ought to, but something inside stopped me.  I…  I…”


“Are you feeling ill Sue?”


“No Kay,” Sue said with a smile, “I just think I’m in love.”


Bobbie and Kay looked at her, Kay shaking her head as she said “Oh boy – he’s not a former client is he?”


“No – but I would like to see him again in a more social setting…”



17th November

The King’s Arms, Chelsea


“You met the China Dolls?  How are you feeling?”


“A bit stiff and sore,” Colin said as he sat with his friends, “but I can get over it.  Dad was understanding when I called him as well.”  Standing up, he said “want another drink?”


His two friends nodded as he went to the bar, placing his order and looking to his side.  A slim brunette was standing there, wearing a floral top over black leggings, smiling at him.


“Hi – I’m Colin,” he said with a smile.  “Have I seen you here before?”


“No, but I’ve seen you – I’m Susan, Sue to my friends…”







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