China Doll




?Thank you ? have a good night!?


Ai-Li closed the door of the restaurant behind the last customer, locked it and placed the sign on the door to ?Closed?.? It had been a long lunch period for her and her fellow waitresses, and she walked back to the table where Hui and Pin-Mei sat in their tunics and long trousers.


Hui ran her hand through her bleached hair and let out a sigh.? ?h஦lt;/span> xi覬t;/span> shǎng d즬t;/span> nu󦬴;/span> zhuǎn bi஦lt;/span> d즬t;/span> jiē sh?/span> ? she said as she poured a glass of wine from the bottle on the table.


? zhī d௦lt;/span>?? -?? d஦lt;/span> men yǒu wǎn shǎng lt;/span> kāi ? Pin-Mei replied as she accepted the drink.? The three girls lived together in a house some distance from the restaurant, and had a rare night off together to look forward to.


Ai-Li sat down and looked at her friends.? The shorter of the three, she had dark hair cut in a bob that swept back from her face to the nape of her neck.


?d௦lt;/span> d᦬t;/span> z੦lt;/span> liǎng , r஧ men q?/span> hu򦬴;/span> chuān f?/span> ? she said as she stood up.? ?See you tomorrow Geoff,? she called through to the kitchen as the three girls let themselves out of a side door and went up to their flat.


As the three girls climbed into a cab, a young woman with short cut fair hair and a freckled face started to make a call from her mobile phone.? Watching the cab drive down the road, she spoke quietly before ending the call and walking off down the street.


Fifteen minutes later, the three women alighted at a semi-detached house set a little back from the road, and walked up the garden path.? Pin-Mei drew a set of keys out of her handbag, and opened the front door, dropping them on a table as they went in.? ? sh즬t;/span> f஧ shuǐ h?/span> z੦lt;/span>? she called over her shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen.? Hui picked up the mail and started to sort through it, while Ai-Li started to climb up the stairs, calling back ?nu󦬴;/span> me, shǐ w?/span> fēi, t򮧦lt;/span> sht;/span> yǒu zh讦lt;/span> .?


A few minutes later, Pin-Mei carried three mugs of steaming coffee up the staircase and left one in each of the other two girls rooms.? Ai-Li said ?xi覬t;/span> xi覬t;/span> ?as she started to towel her hair, while Hui made her own way to the bathroom.? Placing her cup on a bedside table, Pin-Mei started to remove her uniform, turning on the radio as she did so.


With the combination of the music and the running water, none of the girls heard the rear door in the kitchen quietly open, nor did they hear the soft footsteps of the three women as they entered the house.? All three were similarly attired, and made their way silently across the corridor.


At the base of the stairs, they stopped and listened as Hui called out ?y?/span> sh즬t;/span> d즬t;/span> z즬t;/span> y󵦬t;/span>?.? ?d੦lt;/span>? was all Pin-Mei said as they listened to the sound of footsteps running along the upstairs landing, before the sound of running water came down again.


The lead woman signalled to her companions, and all three started to climb the staircase.




Ai-Li was sat at a dressing table, brushing her dark hair so that it fell around her face and behind her neck.? She had put on a cream silk sleeveless blouse, a short dark skirt, and short black ankle boots made of leather, and was singing quietly to herself as she plied the hairbrush.? Placing it back on the table, she picked up a stick of lipstick and started to move it over her lips when she heard the bedroom door open.


?r?/span> guǒ xiǎng yāo ji覬t;/span> d즬t;/span> dǐng, Hu즬t;/span>, zh試lt;/span> sh즬t;/span> z੦lt;/span> ? she said without looking up, but when she didn?t get a reply she looked more closely in the mirror.


There was a woman standing behind her, dressed from head to foot in grey with a hood over her head.? Where the face should have been visible was a plain white featureless mask, which seemed to be looking at Ai-Li.


?sht;/span> me guǐ...? was all she managed to say before a grey gloved hand was firmly clamped over her mouth.? As she looked in the mirror, eyes wide with fear, she saw that there were two other women in the room, dressed in the same way.? The woman with her hand over Ai-Li?s mouth turned and nodded to the other two, who left them alone in the room.? She then made Ai-Li stand up before removing her hand, showing the Chinese girl as she did so a large pistol which she silently placed in front of her.


? zěn me xiǎng?? Ai-Li said, but the woman in grey stayed silent.? Instead, she motioned to Ai-Li to place her hands behind her back, producing as she did so a long length of brown rope.? The frightened girl looked over her shoulder as the intruder placed her arms together behind her back, elbows resting in the palms of the hands, and then wrapped the doubled over rope around her forearms.




?bīng qiě men q?/span> zh즬t;/span> ?


Hui was singing along to the Springsteen song as she pulled her strapless black top over her chest.? Opening her eyes, she looked at herself in the mirror as the bedroom door opened.? Turning round, she saw the two grey-clad intruders looking at her, their heads cocked to one side.


?she..... Ai-Li! Pin-Mei! Pǎo!!!?


Pin-Mei poked her head round the shower door and called out ? yu覬t;/span> mǒu sh즬t;/span>??? In Ai-Li?s room, the woman in grey tied the last knot off on the ropes around her captive?s chest, signalled with her finger to her lips not to say anything, and led her out of the room.? Pin-Mei shrugged as she heard the sound of footsteps descending the staircase, and went back to washing her hair.


Hui was watching as the long length of rope was passed around her arms and chest below her breasts, before it was pulled tightly and fed back through the loop made by the women when they had started to bind her arms.? It had only taken five minutes, but she was already unable to move her arms away from each other or from her back.? Another pass was made above her breasts, and then secured at her back before they led her out of the room.


?sh򵦬t;/span> sht;/span> zhōng , ni஦lt;/span>?, Pin-Mei called down as she came out of the bathroom, a towel around her long dark hair.? She shrugged when she heard nothing, and went back to her own room.


In the front room of the house, the two girls were made to sit down on the floor as the three intruders looked silently at them.? ?W試lt;/span> sht;/span> me n஦lt;/span> d௦lt;/span> b?/span> yu覬t;/span>?? Hui said as they stood there, looking at them.? One of the women reached into a holdall that was sitting on a coffee table, and produced two white cloths and more lengths of rope.? Handing the ropes to the other two, she watched as they knelt in front of their two captives and placed their ankles together.


?Qǐng , g򵦬t;/span> liǎo , sh즬t;/span> shāng h馬t;/span> ,? Hui said as the rope was doubled over, passed around her ankles and pulled tightly.? Although she was wearing dark stockings, the sandals she was wearing as well provided little protection to her ankles as they were pulled together, and the straps that rose in a criss-cross fashion up her lower legs were little use as well.? She was thankful that she had a pair of black elbow-length gloves on, as they provided some protection against chaffing around her arms.


For her part, Ai-Li was watching silently as the rope was wrapped around her ankle boots.? She just wanted this to end, and the fear in her eyes was growing greater with each pass of the rope.? As the binding was cinched by passing the rope between her legs. She looked up and saw the third woman making small cloth balls from the white material, and realised what was coming next.


?qǐng , men qiāng b?/span> d੦lt;/span> shēng hǎn , b?/span> yāo s覬t;/span> zh?/span> men? she said, but the grey clad captor just handed the cloth to one of her partners, who knelt next to Ai-Li and gently pushed the cloth into her mouth.? The third woman finished tying some rope around Hui?s legs above her knees, before gagging her with the other cloth.? The two girls looked at each other as they heard their friend coming down the stairs.





?Sh즬t;/span> ni஦lt;/span> zhǔn b試lt;/span> yāo q?/span> huᮦlt;/span>?? Pin-Mei said as she walked into the room, and stopped dead in her tracks.? She saw her tow flatmates sitting on the floor, bound and gagged, and the three grey clad women standing looking silently at her, the white of their faces more prominent in the gathering gloom.? She swallowed hard, and then said ??ō m򦬴;/span>? - sh즬t;/span> zhōng gu󦬴;/span> w᦬t;/span> w᦬t;/span> gāng??


One of the women nodded her head, then motioned for Pin-Mei to come into the room.? She walked slowly in, looking at her friends as they stared back at her, the cloth sticking out of their stuffed mouths, and faced the woman who seemed to understand her.? ? . . . .?? qiāng zu򦬴;/span> r讦lt;/span> w讦lt;/span> , d஦lt;/span> qǐng bi覬t;/span> sh򵦬t;/span> shāng d즬t;/span> p鮧 yǒu.?


The Doll nodded, and motioned Pin-Mei to turn around as she was handed a long length of brown rope.? Looking over her shoulder, she watched as the silent Doll placed her arms together as the other two had, and wrapped the rope around her forearms in the small of her back.? Pin-Mei was wearing a gold top held up by a thin strap around her neck, a black microskirt split up the side and high heeled patnet leather shoes.? She watched as the rope used to secure her arms together, holding her arms in a box behind her back.


Looking round, she could see Ai-Li and Hui struggling on the floor.? Hui?s breasts were starting to come over her top, so she said ?Qǐng, sh즬t;/span> t?/span> f஧ sōng.? yǒu tīng yu覬t;/span> guō zh試lt;/span> xiē f?/span> , 鲦lt;/span> men sh즬t;/span> hěn jīng y?/span> men suǒ zu򦬴;/span> d즬t;/span>.? R?/span> guǒ men zu򦬴;/span> děi xi஧ men w讦lt;/span>, men yīng gāi sh즬t;/span> hǎo bɑ.?? Ai-Li looked, up nodded and settled against the couch they were sat in front of.? Hui grunted, but did the same.


By this point, the rope had been passed around Pin-Mei?s arms and chest, above and below her breasts, was now been passed between her arms and torso to tighten the binding.? The Doll nodded to the other two, who left the room as she helped Pin-Mei to sit on the floor.? As her ankles were bound together, she asked ?sh즬t;/span> liǎng ch?/span> zh試lt;/span>??? Hui nodded, while Ai-Li started to silently cry.? The Doll then took a piece of cloth, and stuffed it into Pin-Mei?s mouth.


From the bag, the Doll then produced three rolls of differing tapes.? Kneeling next to Ai-Li, she tore a strip off a roll of thick brown packing tape.? Pushing the cloth into her mouth so that only a small piece was visible between her lips, she smoothed the tape over the frightened girl?s mouth, and repeated the process three times.? Stroking her hair back, she nodded at her captive as she replaced the tape, and picked up a roll of white tape from the bag.


Hui tried to twist her head out of the way as the Doll came over, but she picked up one of the guns that was on the table and placed it against the blonde?s head.? Hui glared back at her as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, and then strips of white tape smoothed over her mouth.? Pin-Mei looked on as the process was repeated on her, only this time with silver duct tape.? The Doll checked the ropes on each girl, and as the three of them stared back she left them alone in the room, closing the door behind her.


All three could hear the sounds of drawers and cupboards been opened in the rooms of their house, but other than that there was an eerie silence over the whole situation. Hui started to twist around, trying to find some give in the ropes, but with little success.? Looking over, the two girls could see the tears starting to come down Ai-Li?s cheeks as she sat there, shaking slightly.? She then started to shake herself violently, trying desperately to free herself from the ropes, but all that happened was that she fell over onto her side, and started to move herself round so that her head was at Hui?s feet.


Pin-Mei sighed, and tried to rest her head on Hui?s shoulder to offer some moral support.? Misjudging the distance, she slipped onto the floor and looked up as the door opened and the three Dolls came back into the room.? The three bound and gagged girls stared silently at the intruders, who in turn stared back, the featureless masks glowing in the dimming twilight.? Each was carrying a small canvas bag, and by the way they clinked the girls knew that their jewellery and other valuables were about to leave their possession.


The Dolls looked down, turned and left the room, closing the door behind them.? All three girls listened as the front door was closed, and then started to scream through their gags, in the forlorn hope that someone somewhere would hear their calls for help.