Chinese New Year







“Come in, come in,” Barbara said as she opened the door, allowing Chloe to come into her house.  The red-blonde haired woman removed her black leather jacket and hung it up as she looked at her host, and said “thanks – am I first here?”


“Yeah, you are,” Barbara said with a smile.  The forty year old had long blonde hair, and was wearing a top that had a grey striped body, slightly open at her chest, and with black sleeves and neck.  Her short denim skirt covered the top of her legs, which were in a pair of silver leggings, the lower half tucked into grey-black felt boots.


Chloe was wearing a long sleeved black top and faded jeans, the blue ankle boots with a three inch heel visible, but as they walked into the front room her focus was on the bottle of white wine in the cooler.  “So, the game plan is?”


“The others get here, we order our food, and put on the Blu-ray to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.”


“So normal Friday night then, just with a twist?”


“Indeed,” Barbara said as the doorbell rang, Chloe pouring the wine as she heard the conversation, then greeted the dark haired woman who walked in.  She was wearing a black short sleeved dress, dark stockings, and knee length black leather boots.


“Hey Chloe – want to pour a glass for me?”


“Sure, Lucy,” Chloe said as she picked up a second glass, poured some of the Chardonnay in, and then sipped from her own glass.  “So how are the kids?”


“Bob’s watching them tonight, so they’re his problem, not mine,” Lucy said as she sat down, Barbara going past as she heard the door open again.


“Suzie – come away in,” she said to the woman with chestnut hair standing there, looking along the quiet street and not noticing the grey transit van parked there as she closed the door.  The new arrival took her coat off to reveal a short sleeved burgundy top and jeans tucked into a pair of mid-calf brown felt boots.


“Thanks – so we’re going to order food?”


“In a little while – let’s all have a drink first…”



In the street outside, a few cars passed to and fro, the grey van remained silent – until the rear door opened and four women moved silently out in the dim light.  It was almost impossible to see them, as they slipped towards the side of one particular house…



“There we go,” Barbara said as she handed the bottle of wine round, “so what do people fancy eating?”


“And watching,” Lucy said with a smile.  “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m in the mood for a musical.”


“Fair enough – but NOT Mamma Mia, not again,” Suzie laughed, “the last thing I need tonight is to be subjected to Pierce Brosnan singing!”


“I second that emotion,” Chloe said with a laugh as she put her glass down.  “Anyway, I got ahold of a concert version of Cats if that’s all right with everyone.  It’s in my bag outside – shall I get it?”


“Go on,” Barbara said as Chloe stood up and walked into the hallway – and then stopped still as she saw an unexpected guest standing there.  She was struck dumb for a moment – as someone approached her from behind, and placed something round her neck, letting it drop over her shoulders…



“Hey Chloe – get back in,” Suzie called out, “we need to order some…


The three women stared at Chloe as she came back in, but a very different Chloe.  Her arms had been pulled behind her back, and they could see the bands of rope, that spiralled down her arms, as well as around her upper arms and chest, her top almost translucent as it was stretched over her chest.


But it was the three women who walked in with her that really took their attention.  They were dressed in grey, from the grey hoods over their heads to the short felt booty’s on their feet, completely in grey – save for the featureless white masks that covered their faces, meaning nothing could be seen of who was under there.


“Oh my god,” Barbara whispered as she stood slowly up, “no, please…”


“Who the hell are they,” Lucy said angrily, before she shouted “who the hell are you!”


There was no reply – no verbal reply, but the masked woman who as standing behind Chloe merely tipped her head to one side, while the two others stepped to the side – one carrying a large brown holdall, the other a gun in her gloved hand as she stood looking at the trio.


“Lucy,” Chloe said quietly, “they’re not going to reply to you.  They won’t.”


“Why the hell not?”


“Because they are the China Doll Gang,” Barbara said quietly as Suzie put her glass on the table.  The armed Doll nodded, and then indicated with her free hand that they should sit down as well.


As they did so, the third Doll put the bag on the floor, and then out her hands palm down on her head as she looked at Suzie, Lucy and Barbara.  They looked at Chloe, who nodded slowly as they put their hands on their heads as well.


“I’ve heard of them,” Suzie whispered, “but to see them…”  She watched as Chloe was sat in an armchair, the Doll taking a length of rope from the bag and kneeling in front of her as she bound her legs tightly together below her knees, and then took the rope down to secure her ankles together.


She then stood and pointed to Suzie, indicating with her fingers that she stand up and come over to her.  As she did this, Lucy and Barbara watched the Doll who had been with Chloe go to the bag and take out a very long length of rope, doubled over and with a small loop tied in the middle. 


“What are you going to do with that,” Suzie asked quietly, but there was no reply, only the motion and the soft sound of the rope dropping to the floor as it was placed round her neck and down her front.  She wondered what was going to happen next, as the grey gloved hands came round and started to wind the ropes round her arms, forming a spiral while at the same time pulling her arms behind her back.


It took less than five minutes, but as she flexed her fingers with her arms parallel to each other behind her back Suzie knew there was no way she was reaching the ropes, never mind untying the knots which held the ropes forcing her arms together in place.


“Did they do this to you outside, Chloe,” Barbara asked as they watched the Doll wrap the ends of the rope around Suzie’s arms and chest, further securing her upper body. 


“Yeah – they made me stay quiet.”




“With a gloved finger to where their mouth should be,” Chloe said as she looked at Lucy.  “These are the flaming China Dolls, Lucy – they never, NEVER say a word.”


Lucy turned to look at the friend, her burgundy top now stretched tightly over her chest as the Doll finished binding her upper body, then indicated a seat she should go and sit in.  As she sat down, the Doll then indicated to Lucy that she should come over, while a fourth woman in grey came in, took another rope and stared to bind Suzie’s legs and ankles together.


Chloe twisted her legs round, before she said “seriously – less than ten minutes, two lengths of rope, and I can’t move?”


“Neither can I,” Suzie said as she saw the way the ropes compressed the brown fabric of her boots at her ankles.  “But it’s actually happening.”  They turned and looked at Lucy, a look of thunder mixed with fear on her face as her arms were pulled behind her back.


“That the best you can do,” she said as she felt the Doll secure her forearms together – and then gasped as the ropes were fed up her back and through the small loop at the nape of her neck, pulling her secured arms further up her back before she started to secure her arms to her sides.  She glanced down to see the way her black top seemed to be turning grey over her breasts, the coarse bands rubbing on her bare arms as she was further secured.


“Ouch,” was the only other thing she said before she was walked to sit next to Suzie, the two women looking at each other as the Doll knelt down and secured Lucy’s legs together.  The two women twisted round, Lucy’s boots squeaking – and then she saw a fourth Doll walk in, taking a length of rope as tow of the others made Barbara stand up.


“Girls, I get the feeling I have to show them where our valuables are,” she said quietly as the rope was draped over her shoulders.  As the rope was wound down her arms, Barbara was struck by how efficient the masked woman was – the ropes already had her arms under control, and as her forearms were made to stay parallel by the ropes around them she could feel the tightness through the black cloth of her top.


The ropes were tied off, and then fed up her back, taken through the loop at her neck as she felt her arms been pulled up behind her, and then the pressure on her chest as the ropes were taken around her upper arms and body, forming two bands which stretched her top and exposed a little more of her bare flesh than she was comfortable with.


As the first Doll was doing this, the other three each took a black scarf from the large canvas bag, rolling them into bands and tying a large double knot in the middle of them, before they each walked behind one of the bound women, and held the knot in front of their lips.


“No – no freaking way,” Lucy said as she twisted round.


“Lucy, they’re going to do it no matter what,” Suzie said quietly, “do you really want to see if they can hurt you while they do that?”


“No – but…  I’ve been robbed before, it brings back memories…”


“Were you alone then?”


As Lucy nodded, Chloe said “but you’re not this time.  Come on – we’ll face this together.”  She opened her mouth, trying not to gag as the Doll pulled the knot between her teeth and into her mouth, and tied the silk band tightly round her head.  Suzie did the same as Lucy watched, and then she allowed them to gag her as well, tasting the silk on the tongue and feeling the pressure on her cheeks as the band was tied round her head.


“Whthnhhh,” Suzie said as she looked at the Dolls, but two of them just stood there, their heads to one side, a gun in their gloved hands.  The third one, however, left the room and returned with a Blu-ray box, Chloe looking at her as she moved towards the television…



“Hmhgghddd,” Barbara said as she was walked back into the living room, a knotted black scarf now tied into her mouth and round her head.  Lucy, Suzie and Chloe were lying on their stomachs on the floor, their ankles pulled back and secured to their forearms with more rope as they turned their heads and looked at her.


The lead Doll then made her sit on the floor, Chloe looking back and watching as her friend had her legs and ankles secured in the same way as her.  Barbara was then made to lie down on her stomach by her, the two women looking at each other as Barbara’s ankles were pulled back and tied to her forearms.  She could see the darker black of the silk at the corners of Chloe’s mouth, as she felt her own mouth getting drier and drier, before one of the Dolls turned the television on, and pressed the play button on the remote.


So as the Jellicoe Ball started to play, the lights in the room were turned off, and the Dolls seemed to fade into the dark as all four started to struggle, almost in time to the music…







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