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As the grey panelled van drew up outside the house, the driver looked round and said “I thought they were one of your favourite groups.”


“They are,” the younger woman said as she watched the limousine pull up outside, “but that means the pickings are all the richer.  That’s them – we should mask up and head round the back…”



“A nondescript house – perfect,” Ami as she stepped out of the car.  Like her fellow signers, she was a Japanese girl, with long dark hair, and was wearing a gold jacket buttoned up the front and a pair of tight black trousers, the legs tucked into knee length beige leather boots that had a three-inch stiletto heel.


“At least it means we can unwind completely,” Keiko said as she stepped out.  She was wearing a beige coloured fleece over a brown top, and faded grey jeans with knee length black patent leather boots.  Soo was the last to get out, pulling her black blazer round herself.  She was wearing a black blouse and pants, but her tan leather boots were thigh high ones.


“Well, if it means we have a quiet night without fans screaming at us, I’m for it – you are sure they do not know where we are?”


“Relax,” the spectacled woman said from within the car, “the decoy car went into the hotel car park, and the fans followed.  I’ll be back in the morning to pick you up for the appearance on Loose Women – enjoy the down time.”


As the door closed and the limousine drove off, Soo nodded as she said “Well, might as well see what is in there for us.”  She walked down the path, the other two following her as they walked in the front door.


“Looks nice enough,” Keiko said as she removed her fleece.  “Ami, want to see if there is anything cool in the icebox?”


“I’ll go and have a look,” Ami said as she walked down the hallway, the heels of her boots clicking on the wooden floor as she entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door.  The light cast an eerie glow over her as she removed the bottle of champagne and then turned round – standing still, transfixed at the sight before her.


It was a human shape, grey save for the face – a smooth, featureless white face, which seemed to be staring at her before it slowly tilted to the side.


“What the…”


The main kitchen light went on as she saw three women standing there, one holding a large brown holdall, one pointing a gun at her – and all three dressed from head to toe in grey, save for the white, featureless faces.


“What on earth…”


The woman in front of her said nothing, instead gesturing to the wooden table by her side.  Ami nodded as she put the bottle down, watching as the woman with the bag put it next to the bottle, opened it, and took out a large skein of brown rope.


“Is that…  IS that for me?”


The third woman nodded as she walked in front of Ami, aiming the gun in her gloved hand at her as she slowly twirled her other hand, the finger pointing down.  Swallowing, Ami turned herself round, steeling herself for what was to come as she saw the ropes fall over her shoulders, wondering what these intruders were going to do.


“Oh – the lotus tie,” she said quietly as gloved hands came round and wrapped the rope down her arms in a spiral, pulling them back behind her as the rope tightened and she felt the way her arms were being held together behind her back.  It was tight – and as her arms were pulled up behind her back, she felt the masked woman feed the rope round the rope at her neck, and then felt it as the woman wrapped the rope round her arms and upper body.


“I…  I have heard of you,” Ami said as she looked at the woman in front of her, “The China Doll Gang.  Your reputation is formidable – and justified.”


The Doll slowly nodded her head as Ami felt the way the ropes were forced against her sides, framing her chest as she realised just how immobilized she was.


“I see- so we are your targets?”


The Doll nodded again as her binder walked in front of her, looking before Ami felt the ropes pulling tighter round her breasts as the rope went round the bands framing them, then dropped on the floor.


Ami wondered what was going on – and then she let out a gasp as the ropes were pulled back between her legs, rubbing on her as they were secured behind her.


She watched as the Doll picked up the bag, and she was ordered silently to turn round, to walk in front of all three of them…





“I wondered what had happened,” Keiko said as she turned and looked at the door – and then stopped as Ami was pushed into the room, the ropes rubbing between her legs as she stumbled in, and was followed by the three intruders.


“The…  The China Doll Gang?”


All three masked women slowly nodded as Ami said “I fear they did not believe the distraction – and we are their captives.”


Keiko and Soo slowly nodded as the armed Doll motioned for them both to stand side by side, while Ami was pushed into an armchair.  She watched as the other two Dolls took fresh skeins of rope from their large bag, shaking them loose as they held the small loop tie dint he middle before walking behind the other two, and draping the ropes over their shoulders.


It was as if she was watching a film in slow motion, as the ropes were used to force the arms of her fellow singers behind their backs, and then around their arms and chest, the ropes framing their breasts as they looked at Ami.


“This is tight…”


“Just wait,” Ami said quietly as the two dolls pulled he rope around the bands, between the breasts of Soo and Keiko, tightening the bands there as they looked at each other – and then gasped out loud as the ropes were pulled back between their legs, and secured behind their backs.


“Told you hmmwhhtttt?”  Ami’s eyes opened wider as a rolled cloth was pushed into her mouth by the armed Doll, and then she indicated that Ami should lie face down on the floor.


“This…  This is… “




Soo nodded to Keiko as they watched the doll take a second length of brown rope and pass it round their friend’s legs below her knees, forcing them together before she took the rope down and lashed her ankles together – then pulled them back as they were secured to the rope running between her legs.


“Hmghddd,” Ami moaned as she tried to move – before silver tape was pressed down over her mouth, covering the cloth as she did so.  She closed her eyes as she wriggled round – then opened them as she heard her two friends moan through cloths as they were pushed into their mouths,


They were then made to lie face down next to Ami, all three looking at each other before tape was pressed down over the mouths of Soo and Keiko.  Hey wriggled round, the three Dolls looking at them before two left the room, the third standing guard.


Soo wriggled round, trying not to show the pleasure she was starting to feel as the ropes rubbed on her tightly bound body, before she heard Keiko say “Ushswhl?”  She looked over at her friend, who had her eyes closed and was moaning softly.




Soo looked at Ami, before she shook her head and tried to move her own legs, feeling the dampness as the rope rubbed on her as well as the sensations inside her…


How much time passed was not clear to them, but then they heard footsteps as the three Dolls walked back in.  They stood there, their heads to one side as they watched the three girls wriggling on the floor, and then put various smaller bags into the larger one, one of the Dolls picking up the bag as another turned the light off.  They watched as the three figures walked backwards, fading into the darkness before they all started struggling – and then shaking,



“Do you think they knew?”


“What – that their agent had inadvertently rented the home of a diamond merchant, and so her band were trussed and gagged while we emptied their safe?  I doubt it – and I’m sure they will enjoy their down time.









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