Dolls for Dinner







“When are they due to arrive for dinner, Elaine,” her sister called out as she walked round the kitchen.


“Relax, we got plenty of time, Shona,” she heard her sister call from the dining room as she turned her attention back to the stove and the pot she was stirring.  The younger of the two sisters, she was wearing a sheer grey patterned blouse over a white top and jeans, the legs of the jeans tucked into a pair of mid-calf grey suede boots that had a brown wooden stiletto heel.


Her back was turned to the window, so she did not see the grey panel van as it pulled up outside, the sun setting in the distance…



Elaine dried her hair off and stood in front of the long mirror, admiring how good she looked despite her age.  Taking her robe off, she put on clean underwear, and then pulled on a pair of grey leggings, then a pair of knee length black leather boots over the lower half of her legs.


Standing up, she walked over to her wardrobe and took out a wrap round light grey flannel skirt, putting it on as the flaps left a little gap in front of her, and then donned a grey satin blouse, fastening the buttons at the front and turning the cuffs of the sleeves back.  A wide tan belt around her waist completed her outfit, as she checked her short and greying blonde hair, and put a pair of pearl drop earrings on.


“Right then,” she said quietly as the street lights came on outside her window, “time for a quiet drink I think.”  She smiled as she walked down the stairs – the guests that were coming were sure to provide some lively conversation.


“Right, Shona,” she said as she came into the kitchen, “I think…”


She stopped short as she saw her sister standing there – but she was not alone.  There were four other women in the kitchen, one of them holding Shona’s arm with one hand and a gun to her head with the other, while one of the other women put a large canvas bag on the kitchen table.


But the most striking thing about the women was they were identical – truly identical, each of them wearing a form fitting grey bodysuit that covered almost their entire body, from the hood covering their heads to the legs tucked into the short grey felt boots.  They also wore grey gloves, but where their face could have been seen were featureless white masks, with small slits where the eyes should be.


“They… they just walked in,” Shona said quietly as she looked at Elaine, “they haven’t said anything, they just made me turn the cooker off, and now…”


“Who are you,” Elaine said as she looked at the women, “what do you want?”  There was no answer, just the sight of all four putting their heads to the side before one of the other two put a gloved finger to where her mouth should be, and then putting her hands on her head before she pointed at Elaine.


“Elaine, for the love of god – don’t upset them.”


“But why won’t they…  Oh shit,” Elaine said quietly as one of them took from the bag a long, long length of brown rope, doubled over with a small loop tied in the middle.




“Shona,” Elaine said quietly as the woman holding her sister let go of her, before the rope was draped over her shoulders, the ends falling in front of her as Shona felt the masked and silent woman adjust something, “they’re never going to speak.  I think they are the China Doll Gang.”


The armed woman nodded as the Doll started to wrap the rope down Shona’s arms, the brown on the see through grey as the material was trapped against her arms.  All she could do was watch as the rope was spiralled down, her arms pulled behind her as she felt them been secured together, and then pulled up her back as the ends of the rope were fed through the loop and pulled back down.  She glanced down as the Doll then started to wind the rope around her upper body, framing her breasts as they were forced up and out, the material stretching to make her white top visible as it was tied around and behind her.


“Look,” Elaine said as the third Doll took a second length of rope out, while the fourth one silently walked out of the kitchen, “we’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt us.”  The armed Doll looked at Elaine, and then indicated with her finger she should turn round, Elaine complying as the second length of rope was brought over.


As Shona twisted round, trying to find some give in the ropes, she watched the skill and speed as the Doll began to bind her sister, the rope pulling her grey covered arms back as well as around them as her arms were folded together behind her, the rope used to secure them together before it was fed through the loop at the back of her neck and then pulled down so that her forearms were forced further up.  She then wound the rope around her upper body, as with her framing her chest as it went above and below, forcing her upper arms against her body before it was tied off behind her.


The two Dolls looked at each other, before they walked back to the table and took two more lengths of rope out.  “What are they for,” Elaine asked quietly as they both walked in front of her and Shona, and then tied the rope between their breasts, pulling the two bands of rope together and putting more pressure around their breasts before they let the ends drop to the floor.


“Oh my god,” Shona whispered quietly as the Dolls walked behind both of them, “you’re not going to OHMYGODYESYOUARE!”  She yelped as she felt the rope bene pulled up between her legs, rubbing on her pants as it was pressed against her crotch, and then tied to the ropes behind her back.  Looking at Elaine, she saw the ropes hiking her skirt up slightly as she looked over.


The armed Doll nodded, and then indicated they should walk in front of her, both the sisters trying to ignore the pressure they felt with each step as they made their way into the front room.  A Doll walked over and pulled the curtains over, before they were made to sit on a couch, Elaine watching as the Doll who had bound her took more rope and started to bind her legs together below her knees, the band sitting on top of the cuffs of her boots.  The rope went around and between her legs, and then as pulled down as the same length of rope was used to bind her ankles together side by side.


“What are they going to do,” Shona whispered as she watched the second Doll bind her legs as well.


“Rob us, leave us unable to raise the alarm,” Elaine whispered as she twisted round, and then let out an involuntary gasp as they heard the doorbell.  The armed Doll put a gloved finger to her covered lips and shook her head as one of the other two left the room, the sisters looking at each other.


“Oh – what on earth…”  a moment later a brown haired woman came in, wearing a black leather jacket over an short off the shoulder black dress, her hands on her head as the Doll forced her to walk in.  “Elaine?  Shona?  Shit – is this a robbery?”


“I’m afraid so Terri,” Elaine said as the Doll left the room, returning with the large canvas bag which she set down on a chair, and then removed yet another long doubled over length of rope from. 


“Who are they?”


“Elaine thinks they’re the China Doll Gang,” Shona said as they watched the masked intruder indicate Terri should remove her jacket, waiting as she let it drop to the floor before she draped the rope over the shoulders of the older woman.  “And I think dinner is going to be delayed.”


“I also think conversation may be a problem,” Terri said as the rope was wound round her arms, pressing on her bare flesh as they were forced behind her back and she was swiftly, tightly bound, only able to move her fingers by the time the Doll had finished.  “Although – oh no, don’t tell me…”


“I think you’re about to find out,” Elaine said as the Doll tied the next length of rope between Terri’s breasts, forcing the bands together, and then walked behind her, Terri’s eyes opening wide as her skirt was forced up, and then the rope tied off behind her.  She was then walked over and made to sit on the floor in front of a chair, the two sisters watching as her legs and ankles were secured in the same way as hers, the Doll removing her heels form her stocking covered feet once she had secured them.


“So what are they going to do with us,” Terri said as she twisted round, and then gasped as the ropes worked on her.


“Keep us as still and quiet as possible,” Shona said quietly as the Doll started to remove her jewellery, taking her watch off her wrist, and then did the same to Elaine, dropping the earrings, rings and watches into a grey bag, as another of the Dolls came back in.


“Hey – are those my knickers?”


Elaine stared at the Doll as she slowly nodded, and folded up a pink pair, before she looked at Terri. 


“You want me to open my mouth?”


The Doll slowly nodded as Terri said “I guess I will talk to you later,” and then opened her mouth wide, allowing the Doll to push the folded panties in as another took a wide roll of white tape from the bag, and tore the end free, the sound soft and squelchy before she wrapped the tape tightly around Terri’s head, pressing her cheeks in as the shape of her lips could be clearly seen.


Nhhwwhhtt,” she mumbled as the Doll helped her to lie face down on the floor, and then pulled her legs back, the sisters watching as her ankles were tied to the rope between her legs while Terri started to moan.


“Oh my god – they’re going to do this to us, aren’t they,” Shona said as she looked at Elaine, and then they both looked at the three Dolls in the room, all three of them nodding slowly as the doorbell rang again.


They listened as the door was opened, and then a fair haired woman walked in, staring at all three of them as she said “sweet Jesus…”


“I’m sorry Anna,” Shona said quietly, “but I think we’re all going to be like…  All right, all right, I’m going to.”  She spoke as one of the Dolls pushed her gently onto her knees, trying not to gaps as she was made to lie next to Terri.


The gagged woman turned her head and looked at Shona, seeming to smile as she mumbled “hurrthrrnnh.”  Shona nodded, determined not to cry as she felt her ankles been pulled back, and then the sudden increase in pressure as her ankles were tied to the rope between her legs.  She then looked at the folded blue panties in the gloved hand of the Doll, and then at Anna as the rope was draped over her shoulders.


Anna was still looking at the other three as the rope fell to the floor in front of her.  She was wearing a short sleeved Laura Ashley vintage dress, with a skirt that fell half way down her thighs.  It was blue, with a white cornflower print, and the pleated skirt shifted slightly as the blonde twisted round while her arms were secured.


“Are they….  Are they the China Doll Gang?”


“I’m afraid so,” Elaine said as Shona felt the tape pressing on her cheeks as it was wrapped tightly round her head.  “We’re all going to be like those two I fear.”


Anna nodded slowly as she felt the rope on her forearms, and then the pressure as they were pulled up her back, before it was wound round her upper body, forcing her upper arms into her sides as it was passed above and below her chest.  She had only come into the house ten minutes ago, and already her arms and upper body were secured expertly, tightly, differently…


“Are you all right?”


“hmmm – sorry, trying not to think about what’s happening,” Anan said quietly as she then felt the ropes tightening still more in front of her, and then the pressure as the rope was pulled between her legs, hiking her skirt up before it was tied behind her as well.  “How do you feel?”


“HOW DO I FEEL?”  Elaine shouted at Anna, and then she saw the Doll look at her, shaking her head slowly from side to side as a second Doll held a folded pair of her black panties in her gloved hand.  Elaine stared at them for a moment, and then allowed the masked intruder to push them into her mouth, tasting the soap and silk on her tongue as she closed her lips over it, and then the tape as it pressed on her, wound tightly round her head as her sister and friend looked over at her.


She was then made to lie beside Shona as Anna was sat down, the heels of her shite sandals clicking as her legs and ankles were secured tightly together.  She looked at the three hogtied captives, twisting round as the ropes rubbed on them, before she was made to lie on the couch and hogtied in the same way.


She looked at the white panties before they were pushed into her mouth, and then the tape wound round her head as well before the Dolls stepped silently back.  She lay there, trying not to show the pleasure she was feeling as the ropes rubbed on her, for fear of upsetting the others…


Terri was in a similar predicament, relishing the fact she was in a position she had enjoyed many time in the past, but not knowing how her friends would react if she did…


Elaine and Shona looked at each other, and then rolled over so that they were back to back, trying not let the way their bodies responded to the rubbing distract them as they tried to free each other, their struggles only adding to their distractions as they tried to get free, the sound of their boots squeaking as they rubbed together the only other sound in the room…


Why it happened to all four at the same time was never quite clear, but as they looked at each other when their bodies started to shake, they knew what was happening.







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