Dolls Interrupted







In the higher classes of certain establishments in Soho, the trio of Ha-Eun, Ji-An and  Seo-Yun were very well known.  Always working as a trio, the three Korean women were singers, dancers and entertainers to unique and select clients – and this particular night had seen the three of them perform in every way at a very exclusive party.


All three women were tall, slim with long brown hair, and all three left the establishment wearing high black caps like a chauffeur.  Ji was wearing a pink leather great coat, tightly belted round the waist, over a black cat suit with a large opening over her chest, a pair of knee length white leather boots over her lower legs.  A pair of taupe leather gloves completed her outfit.


Ha was wearing a black leather coat over her black scop necked top and tight leggings, the lower legs tucked into her tight thigh high purple leather boots.   While Seo was also wearing a black great coat, that was over a white sleeveless top and pants, hers tucked into thigh high white leather boots.  As they settled into the rear of the limousine, their driver said “good night, ladies?”


“Very profitable,” Seo said as he closed the door and walked round, getting into the car and setting off as the three girls talked quietly to each other…




When he pulled up outside the detached house in Kensington, the driver turned the engine off and walked round, opening the door and trying n toto show his own arousal as the three women walked slowly to the front door of the house.  Smiling and shaking his head, he headed off, passing a grey panel van which was parked in an alleyway to the side of the house.


“I am so glad this night is over,” Ji said as she opened the door, the other two walking in before she closed the door and placed her hat on the hooks attached to the wall.  Unbuckling her coat, she slipped it off as her two partners walked along the hallway.


“I’ll get some champagne,” Ha said as she hung her own hat and coat up, and then walked towards the kitchen.


“Good – excuse me a moment,” Seo said as she slowly walked up the stairs, Ji shaking her head as she walked into the front room – and then stood perfectly still as she felt a small round disc pressing against her back as the door was closed.  The room was in darkness, but then a standard lamp was turned on, as she said “who are you?”


There was no reply, but as she slowly turned Ji opened her eyes wide as she raised her gloved hands into the air.  It was a woman who had pressed a gun against her back – a tall, thin woman, dressed from head to foot in grey save the white, featureless mask that covered her face.  As she stood there, her head slowly moved to one side as she seemed to appraise the young Korean woman.


“So I take it this is a – robbery?”


The masked woman slowly nodded and then indicated with a spinning gloved finger.  “You – you want me to turn round?”  She nodded again, as Ji slowly turned her back to the stranger.  “So what is your intention?”


Again there was no answer – instead, she saw thin brown ropes draped over her shoulders and dropping to the floor, before grey gloved hands came round and started to wind the rope down her arms, pulling them behind her back as the ropes bit into her limbs.


“Do you not speak?  Can you not…”  As he felt her arms being folded, the rope holding her forearms together, Ji suddenly whispered “Oh – you are not going to speak, are you?”


There was a tug as her arms were forced up her back, and then the gloved and covered arms wound the lengths of rope round her upper body, framing her chest as her arms were held in place, Ji knowing she was not going to get an answer now – to any questions…






“Now where did I put those glasses,” Ha said as she opened a cupboard door, and then took three glasses out and put them on the table.  Smiling,. She opened the refrigerator door and picked up a bottle of champagne – and then glanced to the side, the white face just seeming to hang in the air as she watched it.


“What the…  A Gwisin?”


The white face shook from side to side as Ha saw a shape form in the light from the refrigerator – a grey female body, with no exposed skin, no identifying masks.


“No – no, you are something else.  chaina inhyeong?”


The white face slowly nodded, as Ha whispered to herself “syampein-eun najungkkaji gidalil su iss-eul geos gat-ayo” and put the bottle back into the refrigerator, then closed the door.  “I know of you and your partners.  I offer no resistance.”


The Doll nodded as she held up a skein of brown rope, letting the loose ends drop to the floor as she indicated with a twirling finger that Ha should turn round.  The woman nodded and turned, breathing slowly as she felt the rope being draped round her neck, and then wrapped round her arms as they were pulled behind her.


“I know your reputation, I know you will not speak,” she said quietly, “I only ask that you leave me with Ji before you leave.  Seo can cope with what is happening – Ji will need my support.  Seo went upstairs.”  She felt the rope on her forearms as they were bound tightly together, before she said “Allow me to make an educated guess – one of you is upstairs already?”


She felt her arms being forced up her back, and then saw the grey arms as the rope was passed round her upper arms and chest.  “I will take that as a yes,” she said quietly as the ropes framed her breasts…




Seo could not quite believe what she was seeing in her bedroom.  The fact her drawers were open, and there was a small velvet sack on the bed told her it contained her jewels – that, and the grey clad figure that was standing there, the white masked face cocked to one side as they pointed a gun at the young woman.


“Who are you?”


The woman – she could tell from the way the grey suit hugged the curves, merely raised their head, and then shook it slowly from side to side as she put a gloved finger to where the lips should have been on her face. 


“Are you… No, you are not going to speak. Are you?”


The face shook from side to side, and then she twirled her finger.


“You want me to turn round?”


The intruder nodded, as Seo slowly turned, and then she saw the ropes as they were draped over her shoulders.  It only seemed to take five minutes, and her  arms were folded behind her back, the thin brown rope circling her upper body so that hey framed and rubbed on her breasts, and she could only twist round.  And the way the rope rubbed on her.


She could then feel the gloved hands removing the jewelry from her hands, her neck, her ears – and then the figure walked round with another rope in her gloved hand s- this one with some knots tied along the length.


“What is that for?”


The figure still said nothing – she merely passed the rope under the bands that framed her upper body between her breasts and made a loop which she pulled tightly -  and as then she walked behind Seo, as she whispered “no…


“Oh no…”


The soft gasp came as the rope was pulled back between her legs, and she felt the binder secure it to the rope above her arms – so that if she twisted at all…


The pressure on her back made her walk forward, and then fall onto her stomach on the bed, as she felt more rope forcing her legs together below her knees, and then around her ankles, leaving her unable to move them apart and also with a squeaking sound of leather on leather as she tried to move them.  This was before she felt the binder pull her ankles back – and then the increased tension between her legs as her ankles were secured to the rope running from between her legs to her neck…


“Oh god – do you know how that feels,” Seo said as she rolled onto her side - and then she saw the compressed sponge in the grey gloved hand.  She nodded, and then opened her mouth as the sponge was eased past her teeth, expanding and filling her mouth as the soft material pressed her tongue down.  There was a peeling sound, and then a wide strip of white micropore tape was pressed firmly down over her mouth.  She could only move a little -but that was enough for soft moans to come from under the gag as her captor picked up the grey sack, and left the room…






“Ji – are you all right,” Ha said as she walked into the front room, the rope between her legs rubbing on her as she looked at her friend.  Ji was sitting on the floor, watching as the grey clad woman was securing her ankles tightly together.


“I am – coping.  Who are they?  How many are there?”


“Three of them,” Ha said as she walked in.  “They are the China Doll gang, and we are their latest victims.”


“Ah – so they are professionals?”


“Absolutely,” Ha said as she was helped to it on the floor, letting out a sigh as the Doll with her collected more rope from a large canvas bag.  “Has she?”


Ji nodded as the second Doll stood up, and Ha saw the brown rope running between her legs.  “I strongly suggest we make the best of the situation – I imagine Seo will not be joining us,” she said quietly as a third Doll walked into the room.  She then saw the brown rope contrasting with the purple leather as her legs were secured together below her knees, the rope going around and between her limbs before it was taken down and used to secure her ankles together in the same way.


She twisted her legs from side to side, as she watched two of the masked omen take sponges from the bag and compress them in their gloved hands.  “May I make a request?”


One of the dolls looked at her and slowly nodded as she said “!Make sure we truly are together – we can comfort each other then.”  The Dol nodded in response and then held the sponge in front of Ha’s mouth, both women opening their lips to allow the sponges to be pushed in.


Wide strips of white tape were then pressed down over their mouths, before the two women were laid on their stomachs, side by side.  Ha glanced back as her ankles were pulled back, and then saw the Doll secure them to Ji’s crotch rope.  She sighed as she tried to move, hearing her partner’s groan as Ji’s ankles were secured to her own crotch rope, and the gesture was returned.


Both women watched as the Dolls gathered the materials that were left over and packed them into the bag, before they turned the light off, all three retreating into the light outside the room as Ji and Ha looked at each other – and then started to move their ankles to keep each other entertained…







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