Dolls Together







“Why on earth did I agree to do this,” Patricia said as she looked at her two flatmates.


“Because it would be fun – and we need something to have fun over,” Paula said as she brushed her hand through her dark hair, “we each pick our outfit, then gather for a night of wine, chocolate and movies!”


“Exactly,” Mary said with a smile, “and I for one am going retro.  So I’ll go first.”


“Okay, okay,” Patricia said with a smile, “well, I’ll stay as I am and sort some snacks out while both of you get ready.”  As Paula followed Mary up the staircase, she made her way to the kitchen, taking some bowls from a cupboard and starting to put some snacks inside.  She worked at a retro clothing store, and was wearing a brown leather coat dress, with cloth sleeves and a wide leather belt, and knee length brown leather boots with a stack heel.


She heard the door open and close softly, and without looking round said “red or white wine tonight?”  There was no answer, so she said “a bottle of both then” as he took a bottle of Pinot Gris and a bottle of Rioja from the wine rack, and turned round.


The woman looking at her was dressed from head to foot in grey – literally, from the short grey boots, up the obviously form fitting grey catsuit, to the hood that covered her head.  She also had soft grey gloves on – but it was the only feature of her that was not grey that caught her attention.  Where her face should have been was a featureless white mask.


There was one other thing – the very real and lethal pistol that she was holding in her gloved hand, and pointing at Patricia.


“Who…  Who are you,” she whispered, but the figure said nothing, only putting a finger to where the mouth would have been on the featureless mask, and then moving her hand to indicate the door. 


“You want me to walk with you,” she whispered, the woman nodding as she indicated the door again.  Patricia walked over, unable to take her eyes off the armed intruder as she cocked her head to one side, and then opened the door, the masked woman walking behind her as she went into the front room.


“Oh god, you’re not the only one…”


There were three more grey clad woman standing there, all masked, and all turning to look at her as the fourth one quietly closed the door.  One of the three opened a large holdall, taking out a skein of brown rope and shaking it out as another one looked at Paulette, and then stood still, her hands by her side.


“You want me to stand like that?”


As the woman slowly nodded, her partner doubled the rope over, and made a small loop in the middle, before she walked behind Patricia and raped the rope over her shoulders.  She glanced down as the lengths fell to the floor, and then looked at the other three.


“You…  You’re the China Doll Gang, aren’t you?”


The armed woman slowly nodded as she felt the one behind her wind the rope tightly down her arms, pulling them behind her as she felt her forearms been out together, and then the rope bound tightly round them.  She then felt the Doll move the rope up her back, and then gasped as her arms were pulled up.


She had heard of them, read about them – but to have them in her house was something even more terrifying as the rope was wrapped round her upper body, forcing her upper arms against her sides as her chest was framed in the rope bands.  It only took ten, maybe fifteen minutes, but when the last knot was tied, her arms and upper body were tightly secured, the only thing she could move her fingers.


The Doll who seemed to be their leader indicated the long couch in the front room, nodding as Patricia walked over and sat down.  Another Doll took a separate length of rope, and knelt in front of her, tying the rope around her legs below her knees and securing them together, before she took the rope down and tied her ankles together with the remaining length.  She twisted her legs round, unable to move them apart as the Doll then fetched a brown bandana from the bag, rolled it into a bag and tied it into a knot.  Standing in front of the bound woman, she held it taut in both hands, the knot against her lips.


“Oh god,” Patricia whispered as she opened her mouth, tasting and feeling the cotton mass on her tongue as it was pulled behind her teeth, the band tied round her head and trapping her hair as the ends were secured at the base of her neck.  She was then made to lie down, her ankles pulled back and tied to the chest ropes, before she rolled onto her side, watching as two of the Dolls collected ropes and a different bandana, and then leaving the room as one stood and watched her, the fourth one starting to search the room…



“Perfect,” Paula said as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She had pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and was wearing a pale blue vest top, faded jeans and long brown boots.  The smile clear on her face as she turned round.


“Time for fun,” she said out loud as she walked to the door, opened it – and then walked back, slowly raising her hands as the white faced Doll walked in as well, her gun pointed at Paula.  She was struck speechless, unsure of what was happening as the woman looked at her.


“Who are you,” Paula whispered, but there was no reply, just the blank white mask as she watched the woman place two coils of rope and a pale blue bandana on the bed.  She then pointed at Paula, before making a twirling motion with her gloved finger.


“You want me to turn around?”  The way the armed Doll stayed silent made the whole situation scarier for Paula, as the grey clad intruder slowly nodded and repeated the signal.  Nodding, Paula turned slowly around, wondering what was going on as she heard Mary call out “what the…”


She could hear the soft motion behind her, and then saw the two long lengths of rope as they were draped over her shoulders, falling down as she was aware of the Doll adjusting something at the back of her neck.  She then saw the grey arms coming round her, the gloved hands taking the ropes and wrapping them down her upper arms in a spiral as they were pulled back at the same time.  “What are you doing,” she whispered, but there was still no reply, as her arms were folded behind her back and she was aware of the rope being used to secure her forearms together.


“Please, say something,” she pleaded, but there was still no response, as her arms were pulled slightly up her back, and she watched the gloved hands wind the rope around her upper body, forcing her arms to her sides and framing her chest as they pressed on her bare arms.  Paula wriggled her fingers, she found herself unable to move her arms at all.


“Look, whatever it is you want, just take it, I can’t stop you,” Paula said as a tear started to fall down her cheek, but there was still silence as the Doll walked and stood in front of her, before pointing to the bed.  Slowly, Paula walked over and sat down, watching as the masked woman took the second length of rope, and bound her legs together, the brown rope rubbing on the leather and making a squeaking noise, as did her boots as she tried to move her legs once the rope was tied.


The Doll stood and looked at her, and then swept an arm round the room as Paula looked at her.  Nodding, she swallowed and said “top drawer – my rings and things are in there.”


Nodding, the Doll looked in, finding the box and emptying the contents into a velvet bag as Paula tried to find some sort of give, some way to reach a knot or loosen the ropes, but nothing seemed to give.  She suddenly became aware of the Doll looking at her, and picked up the blue bandana from the bed, rolling it into a band as Paula said “oh god no – please, I promise I will be quiet…”


The Doll merely stood in front of her as she sat, holding the bandana taut in her gloved hands as she pressed the knot against Paula’s lips.  She looked up with pleading eyes, and then opened her mouth, allowing her binder to insert the gag and tie the band around her head, making sure the knot sat behind her teeth.  Paula could feel it starting to absorb the saliva, as she was pushed onto her side, her ankles pulled back and tied to her chest ropes with a final length.


Whrruuhhhh,” she mumbled as the Doll looked at her, her head to one side, before she left, closing the door behind her.







“What the…”


Mary looked at the woman who had come into her room, the plain white face intriguing her, as she looked at the gun in the gloved hand, and the ropes and bandana in her free one.


“You’re one of those China Dolls, aren’t you,” she finally said, and as the woman slowly nodded she started to smile.  “Well, this is better than a film night,” she said with a grin, “so you’re going to tie me up.”  She was wearing a pair of black corduroy dungarees, the legs tucked into a pair of red leather boots, a purple blouse open at the neck under the bib.  A red scarf as tied over her head, the knot on the top of her head and holding her hair back.


The Doll cocked her head to one side, Mary nodding as she said “I know – I bet it’s a rarity to have the people you visit want you to tie them up.”  The woman nodded as Mary said “well, I’m a rarity – and I have wondered how it would feel.  So, what do you want me to do?”


The Doll unwound the longest of the ropes, doubled it over and made a loop in the centre, before she walked behind Mary, and draped the ropes over her shoulders.  “Intriguing,” the woman said as she saw the brown rope drop to the floor, “you only need to use this for my arms?”  Her answer came as the rope was wound round her arms, pulling them back at the same time as Mary continued “oh I get it – use the rope to pull my arms back and secure them together.  And you’re putting my forearms together – yeah, I get that too, I can’t use both my hands, or even one, right.”


There was no reply, but as she felt her arms bene pulled up her back and felt the rope on her chest as it was wound round her upper body, Mary bit her lower lip.  “Now that is interesting – traps my arms, and makes me feel – very different…”


The Doll walked round and looked at Mary, her head cocked to one side, before she took another length of rope, and tied it between her breasts, Mary saying “oh my goodness – that is tight” as the ends dropped to the floor – and then she turned her head as the Doll walked behind her.


“So what are you OH MY!  Oh my.” Mary whispered as the rope was pulled between her legs, and then pulled further up as the Doll secured the ends to her chest ropes as well.   She twisted round, feeling the rope rubbing on her as the corduroy squeaked, and sighed as she said “so what now, my legs?”


The Doll walked in front of her again, and gently pushed Mary over to her bed, the young woman sitting down and watching as more rope was tied round her legs below her knees, going around and between them, before it was taken down and used to tie her ankles together.  Mary wriggled her upper body round as this was taking place, enjoying the experience and the feelings that she was causing before the Doll stood up and looked at her, her head to the side again.


“Oh my - now this is good,” Mary said as she looked up.  “I guess you’re going to gag me – please, make sure I can’t call out or escape.”


Nodding, the doll rolled the black bandana into a band and tied a double knot in the middle, Mary licking her lips before she opened her mouth, feeling the cotton knot on her tongue as it was eased behind her teeth, and then the band tied tightly round her head, pressing in on her cheeks.


Fnkkhuu,” she mumbled as she lay on her side, groaning as her ankles were pulled back – the Doll looked at her back, and then instead of tying her ankles to the chest ropes, she tied them to the crotch rope.  Mary tried to move and groaned more, watching as the Doll took her jewellery in a black sack, and left her in the room.


She stopped and nodded to the second Doll, before they went into the third bedroom, locating and taking more jewels before they walked back down the stairs.  Patricia looked at them as they came in and nodded to the other Two, one of them holding the holdall up as black velvet bags were dropped in, before the light was suddenly turned off.  Patricia could see the white faces slowly fading into the gloom as she struggled on the couch…



“Well, that seems to be a good night,” Kay said as she sat behind the wheel of the transit van, the other women pulling their hoods down and shaking their hair out.  “Good to be back on the job after the break Sue?”


“Yeah it was – thanks for arranging this as a welcome back girls,” Sue Gresham-Fox said as she smiled.  “The look on that girls face when I was binding her…”


“That wasn’t the weirdest – my one actually wanted to be tied,” Bobbie said as she took a drink of water, “she thought it was an honour.”


“So you did the special tie?”


“Oh yes – always willing to oblige a fan,” Bobbie said, the others laughing as they drove off…






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