Gentlemen and Dolls







“It has been a true pleasure, gentlemen,” the redhead said as she showed her clients out of the door and closed it, smiling as she went back into the front room.  Her long hair hung over the thin black straps of her short dress, the hem of the skirt barely covering the tops of her black stockings, while the pink suede boots she was wearing came up over her knees.


“Have they left Becca?”


“They have indeed Bobbi,” she called back in response to the voice from the rear of the house, “and the account shave been appropriately settled.”


“Good – well, they are the last clients of the day,” Bobbi said as she came in.  She was a few inches shorter than her sister, her greying hair carefully styled, and she was wearing a cream linen tunic dress, the bell sleeves coming to her elbows, which had a floral print from her neckline, down the sleeves and to her chest.  Her lower legs were in a pair of knee length grey snakeskin boots.


“Well, the playroom has been cleaned up – although I still think we should employ a cleaner,” Becca said quietly.


“Want to explain how we tell the cleaner where the stains come from?”


Becca shook her head and laughed as she said “fair point – maybe it is time we expanded out of here.”


“Well, we can certainly talk about it – but I need to bank the week’s takings in the morning.  I’ve got them locked in the safe at the moment.”


“Good – well, I think a cup of tea is in order,” Becca said as she walked to the kitchen of the detached house, smiling as she filled the kettle and put it on.  Stepping to the back door, she opened it and looked out into the dark night – and then stepped slowly back as she stared into the darkness…




“Hey – what happened to that hot tea,” Bobbi said as she came into the kitchen, and saw Becca standing there, slowly raising her hands into the air as she stepped back.




Her sister turned and looked at her, the fear plain in her eyes as Bobbi looked to the door that led to the rear of the house – and saw a white face hanging there, looking at both of them.


No – three white faces that seemed to be coming closer, and as they approached the door both women could see the grey bodies – truly grey bodies as they stepped into the house, one of them holding a pistol which she was aiming at Becca, a second a large holdall, the third closing the door before she stood and looked at the two women.


They were dressed in grey – head to foot, in a grey bodysuit, a hood covering their heads save for where their faces would be.  But their faces were not visible – instead, there were white featureless masks, the only openings where the eyes should be.


Their hands were gloved – grey – and they wore grey short boots, so that no part of their bodies were visible.  Just the blank, staring faces as the three women looked at Becca and Bobbi.


“What…  What’s going on Becca?”


“I don’t know – I opened the back door for a breath of fresh air, and – there they were.”


“But who are they?  Who are you?”


The three stood perfectly still, their heads slowly cocking to one side before the one with a gun put a gloved finger where her lips should be, moving her head slowly from side to side.


“What’s wrong – too scared to talk?”


“Bobbi – Bobbi, I don’t think they are going to talk.”


“What do you mean,” Bobbi said as one of the woman put the bag on the kitchen table, opened it, and took out a long length of brown rope, doubled over and with a small loop tied in the middle.  The armed intruder smiled as she pointed to Becca, and twirled her gloved finger round.






Becca looked at her sister as she whispered “they won’t speak – they never do.  I’ve heard of them – these are the China Doll Gang.”


Bobbi swallowed hard as Becca said “I’ll do what you ask” and turned round, the third doll walking forward as she faced her sister, and then draping the rope over her shoulders as the lengths fell down to the floor.


“But what do they want from us,” Bobbi whispered as the white faced Doll took the length of rope and started to wind them down her sister’s arms, pulling them behind her at the same time so that her arms were forced to fold into a box as she wrapped the rope tightly round them, securing them together. 


Becca grunted as the ropes were then taken up her back and fed through the loop that had been placed at the nape of her neck, then pulled back down so that her arms were forced up her back, the strands wrapped tightly round her upper body and framing her chest as her arms were further immobilised.


Bobbi could only watch as the masked Doll made it impossible for her sister to move her arms, as Becca twisted round – but there was no give in the rope harness that now held fast around her.  She looked at Bobbi, the fear clear in her eyes as the doll who had been securing her took a pistol from the bag and aimed it at Bobbi, indicating she should go with her.


“Go on,” Becca said quietly as Bobbi looked at her, “I will be fine.  So long as I do as they say, they won’t hurt me, I’m sure of that.”


Bobbi slowly nodded as the other two Dolls took Becca, by the arms, one of them holding the large bag as they walked her out of the kitchen…




“Where are we going,” Bobbi asked, but the Doll remained silent as they went along the corridor and up the stairs, then entered the room they used as a business office.  She watched as the Doll moved her head from side to side, and then pointed to the large portrait of the two sisters that hung on the wall.


“How did you know?”


The Doll remained silent, but pointed to the portrait with one gloved hand, the gun in the other one aimed at Bobbi. She nodded slowly as she felt along the side of the portrait, then after a soft metallic click the portrait swung out to reveal a large wall safe.


“Let me guess – you want me to open it?”


The Doll nodded, as Bobbi turned the dials on the front, and then swung the door open as a second Doll appeared, carrying the large canvas bag.  She took a second long length of rope from the bag and stood behind Bobbi, as she felt the rope drop on front of her before they were wrapped round her arms as they were pulled back behind her.


She felt the rough cords rubbing on her bare forearms as they were secured together, while the newly arrived Doll went to the safe, removing rolls of banknotes and putting them into the bag, as well as various books and documents.   Within five minutes, her forearms were secured together, pulled further up her back as the ropes was passed round her upper body.


As it was pulled tighter, Bobbi felt the bands rub on her body, grateful for whatever protection the dress she was wearing offered, as her arms were forced against her sides, the material stretched over her chest as she stood there.  It was strangely comforting, as she reflected on how some of her clients must have felt when she did this to them…


She could also see the safe had been emptied, as the Doll put the last of the documents into the bag, and then retrieved a large black bandana, Bobbi watching as the masked woman rolled it into a band and tied a double knot in the middle.


“So I’m going to be quiet, am I?”


The Doll nodded as she held the band in both gloved hands, standing in front of Bobbi as she slowly opened her mouth.  The cotton knot tasted clean on her tongue as it was pushed between her lips and behind her teeth, the band tied tightly round her head as she closed her red lips over it and knew she wasn’t going to be able to call for help for a while.


Still, she had to be able to take it if it was dealt, so she nodded as she got used to the pressure on her tongue, and walked with the two Dolls, the ropes rubbing on her as they walked down the staircase and into the front room.




Becca nodded as she saw her sister walk in, the black bandana silencing her as well as she lay on her stomach on the long couch.  Bands of brown rope held her legs together below her knees and round her ankles, as well as holding her ankles to her forearms as the heels sat on her bottom.


She turned onto her side and watched as Bobbi was sat on the floor, the lead Doll holding a second long length of rope which she wound round her legs below her knees.  The bands sat on the top of the grey boots as the rope was taken around and between Bobbi’s legs, and then fed down and wrapped around and between her ankles in the same way, the leather squeaking as she tried to move her legs – with little success.


Becca had more – experience than her sister of this form of pleasure, but she was struggling to remain calm as Bobbi was made to lie on her stomach, and her ankles pulled back until the heels of her boots rested on her bottom, the last of the rope used to make sure her ankles were secured to her arms as she lay there.


The two women then watched as the main lights were turned off, the faces seeming to hang in the air through the dim light from outside before they receded into the corridor, and then disappeared as the hall light was turned off.


Bobbi and Becca looked at each other before the older sister said “whttdhdhthdh?”


“Hmpthhddthsff – mhnee, bhkks, stfff.”


Becca nodded as she tried to move, but the ropes were too tight, her red suede boots rubbing together as she struggled.  She could only hope whatever reason they took their records for, it was a good one – and that they could cope until their cleaner came in the morning.


In the meantime, they could at least try to get some pleasure from their situation…









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