Mature and Dolled









The streetlights were coming on as Honor looked out of the large picture windows, and then drew the velvet drapes over, the light from the ceiling filling the room.  The older woman was wearing a tight olive-green top with a grey leopard print on it, and a knee length black leather skirt with a wide leather belt fastened tightly round her slim waist.  Walking out into the hallway, she stopped and looked at herself in the hallway mirror, her blonde-grey hair styled to frame her face.


“Well, I hope the others will not be too late,” she said quietly as she walked down the corridor, the heels of her over the knee black leather boots clicking on the floor as she made her way into the kitchen.  There was a bottle of wine of which at least one glass had her name on it…


The sound of the front door opening and closing made her turn round and walk back, saying “you’re a little early, aren’t…”  She stopped and stared at the three women who were standing in the doorway.


They were identical – literally identical, the grey bodysuits they were wearing covering them from their heads to their feet.  The legs were tucked into short grey boots, and they had grey soft gloves on their hands.  The only thing which was not grey about them were their faces – the smooth, white, featureless masks with only thin slits were the eyes should be.


One of them looked at Honor, her head tilted slightly to the side, before she raised a gloved hand and pointed a pistol directly at the woman, placing a gloved finger where the lips were.  She swallowed as she said “it’s you – the China Doll Gang?”


All three nodded as the lead Doll motioned with the gun, Honor slowly raising her hands as they turned as one, and she was walked into the large front room.  She turned and looked at them as a second Doll closed the door, the third one placing a large duffel bag on the long leather couch.  She opened it, Honor’s eyes opening wide as she saw her remove a skein if brown rope, and then shake it loose, a loop already tied in the middle.


The armed Doll looked at Honor and motioned for her to lower her arms, the blonde complying as the Doll walked behind her and draped the ropes over her shoulders, the lengths falling to the floor as she swallowed again.


“You never speak, do you,” she whispered, the two Dolls she could see slowly shaking their heads from side to side.  “Okay – okay,” she thought as she felt the ropes going round her arms, the Doll binding her pulling her arms behind her back as she did so, “so I’m going to be tied up, be robbed – just remain calm, remain calm…”  she closed her eyes as the ropes went further down, her arms folded behind her back as the Doll made sure they were secured tightly together, and then taking the ropes through the loop at the back of her neck, pulling them up as she pulled the ropes down and separated them.




The word came out as the ropes were passed round her body, framing her chest which was already pushed out and pulled tighter with each pass.  The thin rope was certainly making sure she was not going to be able to move much at all, but it was the way her top was stretching over her chest now, the grey leopard spots seeming to grow larger each time the rope was pulled tighter…


“Hey lover – are you in the main room?”


“Oh no,” Honor whispered as the door to the room opened, and her partner Diana came in.  she had long blonde hair, and was looking round through a pair of thin steel rimmed glasses.


“What the fuck – who the hell are you,” she exclaimed as she looked at Honor and the masked woman behind her – and then she felt the pressure on her back, slowly raising her hands as the third Doll went to the bag and drew out another skein of rope.


“I’m sorry, Diana,” Honor said quietly as the rope were tied off behind her, and she felt the lengths at the back of her legs as hey fell down.  “We’re being robbed.”


“By women in grey and no…  Shit.”


“Yeah,” Honor said as Diana was forced to walk over and stand in front of her, the two women looking at each other.  Diana was wearing a cream-coloured crochet top over an orange patterned t-shirt, a grey short leather skirt and matching knee length boots, and natural hose.  They looked at each other as Honor saw the ropes draped over Diana’s shoulder, and then as her arms were pulled back how her top moved to the sides, the knotted fastening just below her neck loosening.


“Well, this is – tight,” Diana said quietly, and then she closed her eyes, gasping as Honor leaned forward and gently kissed her neck.  “Hmmm – what was that for?”


“For being you?”


“Fine,” Diana said as she looked at Honor through her glasses, “but are you aware of jus now sexy you look like that?”


“I do?”


Diana nodded as she felt the ropes round her own chest, the two women kissing each other as she felt the pressure on her upper arms.  As they broke the kiss, she looked at the Doll who was covering them with her pistol, before she said “what – never seen two women sharing their love before?”


The Doll said nothing, watching them as the ropes framed Diana’s breasts, forcing them up and out as the two women looked at each other.  “Got to admit.” Honor finally said, “they do emphasise your best points?”


“My chest?”


“No – the way your eyes are sparkling.  Will you please remove her glasses?”


One of the Dolls walked forward and removed Diana’s glasses, before Diana said “thank you – look, you’ve got us tightly tied, and you’re going to leave us alone.  Wil you – do something to make it more exciting for both of us when you leave?”


The three Dolls looked at each other, before one stood in front of Honor and one in front of Diana, reaching between their legs and pulling the ropes through and up.


“Oh yes – that is nice,” Honor said as she closed her eyes, waiting as the ropes were tied between her breasts before she moved and felt the ropes rubbing on her between her legs as well.


“Thank you,” Diana breathed as she looked down, her skirt hiked up before she and Honor were helped to kneel down.  Both women heard the thin rope rubbing on their ankles, as they reached over and kissed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth as they closed their eyes.


They both twisted slightly, feeling the ropes not just between their legs, but also around their breasts – then Diana looked down, and said “I see you really are enjoying this.”


“Oh I’m terrified,” Honor whispered, “but oh my god, it feels so good to be like this with you’re here as well…”


“Oh fuck – what’s going on?”


Both turned their heads, the armed Doll looking to the door as a third woman walked in.  She had long light brown hair, falling over the shoulders of her tight black jumper, as well as a knee length leopard print brown skirt, dark tights and knee length black leather boots.


“We were kissing, Linda,” Diana said with a smile.  Linda looked at the two grey clad and masked women behind each of them, and then at the third one who motioned to her to come further into the room.


“Kiss me,” Honor whispered, Diana nodding as they both felt rope going round their legs below their knees.  Linda slowly walked in, as she said “are you the China Doll Gang?”


The armed Doll slowly nodded as she twirled a finger round, Linda watching her housemates as she slowly turned round.  The Doll put her gun down as Honor and Diana moaned, and took more rope from the bag, shaking it loose and then passing it over Linda’s neck as she stood there.


“So what are you going to do now,” Diana said as the two other Dolls stood up.  They looked at each other, and then one of them went to the bag, taking out two red sponge balls and a roll of white tape before she handed one of the sponges to the other.


“You got your answer?”


Diana nodded as the Doll compressed the sponge in her gloved hand, then opened her mouth as it was pushed in behind her teeth.  She could feel it expanding as she closed her mouth, filling the space and pushing down her tongue as it started to absorb the saliva.


She watched as the second sponge was pushed into her partner’s mouth, Honor nodding as the end of the roll of tape was peeled free, and then the taper wrapped tightly round her head, covering her lips as she looked on.


She then felt the tape on her own cheek before it was wrapped round, trapping her hair at the back of her neck as it covered her own lips.  She looked at Honor, the shape of her lover’s lips clear under the tape, and nodded with her before the tape as patted down on her head.  She then leaned forward and tape kissed Honor’s chest, the older woman nodding as she groaned.


The two Dolls stood up and nodded as they left the room, Linda grunting as she felt her arms folded and secured behind her back, the ropes now framing and pressing on her own chest.


“Well, I guess you get our valuables now,” she said “but do ema favour?  Don’t give me that extra rope.”


The Doll knotted the ropes off and walked in front of her, nodding as she helped Linda to sit on the couch.  Taking another length of rope, she knelt down and passed it round Linda’s legs under her knees, pulling it tighter as she looked at Honor and Diana.


“Two lengths of rope – and you immobilised us,” she said as the rope went between her legs, the ends knotted off before they were taken down her legs and used to bind her ankles together.


“LHttmh,” she heard Honor said as Diana raised her head, Honor lowering hers and nuzzling into Diana’s breasts as Linda shook her head.


“I get to watch this, don’t I?” she said, the Doll nodding as she held a compressed red sponge ball in her gloved hand.  Linda sighed, and then a few minutes later she felt the sponge pressing down her tongue and then pushing her cheeks out, before they were pushed back in as the white tape was wrapped tightly round her head.








The Doll looked at Linda, and then nodded as the blonde closed her eyes, winding the white tape round her head again as a blindfold.  Linda nodded and grunted as she was helped to lie on the couch, then rolled onto her stomach as the Doll pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes.




She turned and nodded at Diana and Honor as her two fellow Dolls came back in, the sacks they were carrying tinkling as they were deposited into the larger bag.  They looked at the two women kneeling on the floor, and then helped them to lie on their sides, Diana’s head at Honor’s crotch and then Honor’s facing hers.  They both grunted as they felt their ankles being pulled back, and then moaned as they were secured to the rope running between their legs.


The Doll pointed to Linda’s head, both Diana and Honor shaking their heads to indicate they did not want to be blindfolded, and then nodding as the Dolls stood up and walked beside her.  She picked up the bag and turned the room light off, then all three stepped back into the shadows…



Linda heard them walk away, the doors opening and closing, and then twisted round.  She knew she could not get free, but she wanted to try at some level.


“Stthnhhhmmmmhhhh…”  Honor closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Diana’s taped lips at her crotch, pushing the rope against her as she moved her head up and down. 


“Dhlhhktht.”  The sound was barely audible, but Honor nodded as she felt the fire growing inside her.  She glanced down, and then started to do the same to her partner, her taped lips rubbing the rope and pressing it down as she started to try to move her arms.


Diana did the same thing as they both started to bring each other on.  Linda could hear all this, and in her mind she imagined someone kissing her own breasts, her own movements adding to the squeaking of leather and rope and leather as all three women sought to distract themselves from their situation.


Linda then heard the muffled screams, and moaned softly herself as thew warmth started to spread over her own body…







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