Some Day Their Prince Will Come

“Why on earth did they think this party for the female staff was a good idea?”


Belinda was driving along the country roads searching for the turnoff to Dawlish Manor.  Sitting beside her in the car was Ella, her fellow executive secretary at Dawlish Enterprises.  Ella looked down at the invite that was sitting on her lap.


You are invited to attend a Valentine’s Night party for all senior female staff at the home of Derek Dawlish, Dawlish Manor.


Theme: Disney Princesses – come as the Disney character you feel most alike, either in name or character.


8 pm, 14th February.  RSVP.


“I’m sure the party will be fun,” Ella said, “It’s the theme that caused me some trouble.  Disney Princesses?  Do you know how hard it was to find something that would fit that theme?”


“So who have you come as?  I mean, with a name like Belinda it was harder than for you, I think.”


“Probably – so, why are you going anyway?”


“Nothing better to do – he’s away at that major conference.  You?”


“Same reason – hey, there’s the turn!”


Belinda took a left turn into a gated entry, and drove through the tree-lined avenue towards the front door of a large manor house.  Stopping the car, Belinda opened her door and swung her legs out and pulling tightly the black cloak she was wearing around her.


“Cold”, Ella said as she stepped out as well.


“Yup – let’s get in as quickly as we can.”


Pulling on the cord by the door, they waited as the door was opened by a maid, who beckoned the two women in.  As they entered, a side door opened and Jas, the senior executive secretary stepped out.


“Well, it’s easy to see who you’ve come as,” Belinda said as she looked at her boss.  Jasmine was dressed in a purple cropped top with chiffon sleeves that fell off her shoulders, matching pants and a golden girdle.  A headdress and necklace of golden metal also adorned her, and her dark hair was pulled up in a bun.


“Of course I would come as Princess Jasmine,” Jas said, “so, let’s see your costumes.”


Belinda looked at her friend, then undid her cloak and handed it to the maid.  She was wearing a long ball dress, which had a pale golden top with capped sleeves off the shoulders and a full ruffed yellow skirt.  The bodice of her dress was covered in a triangular piece of silk, the same material of which she had as long sleeved gloveless.  Her shoes were yellow satin, and a single gold broach was around her neck.


“Welcome, Belle,” Jas said with a low bow.  “And you, Ella?”


“What else?” Ella said as she removed her great coat.  Her gown was made from white and pale blue satin, with a gathered waist and a full skirt.  The puffed sleeves and waist were made of cream silk, and she wore golden slippers on her feet.  Finally, a pale blue band held her blonde hair back, and on her lower arms were long gloves that matched her waist band.


“And we welcome you, Princess Cinderella,” Jas said.  “Come on through – Rose and Debs are just getting ready.”


“Are we the first here then?” Ella asked as they walked into the front room and took a seat.


“Oh yes, but don’t worry – the others will be here soon.  Drink?”


“Thanks, but…”  As Belle stood up, the door opened and Rose Dawlish, the wife of Michael Dawlish walked in.  She had hired the authentic costume for the occasion – Light pink with a darker pink panelling around the gold laced bodice and the skirt, and white trim on the top of the dress.  She had a golden crown on her brown hair, and gold sandals on her feet.


“Sleeping beauty?”  Ella asked, and Rose nodded.  “She was also known as Briar Rose in the stories, so it seemed appropriate.  Jas, how about a drink of champagne for the ladies here – Debs is just coming down.”


Jas nodded as she turned back to the drinks cabinet and opened a bottle of champagne.  As she poured the first glass, Deborah Dawlish, the wife of Derek and known to everyone as Debs, came into the room.


“Ella, Belinda, so glad you could both make it,” she said with a smile on her face.  She had selected the classic Disney character – Snow white, with her outfit.  The dress had a yellow skirt, a dark blue satin top with red puffed sleeves and a raised collar.  She also was wearing black shoes, and her black hair was but into the classic bob with a red bow.  She sat down as Jas passed glasses of champagne around.


“I’m so glad you were both the first here – Rose and I particularly wanted to thank you for all the support you have given our husbands over the last few months.”


“It’s our pleasure,” Belinda said as she took a slip.  “When do you think the others will get here?”


“Oh soon, soon” Rose said as she took a sip.  The five women sat and talked for a short while, as Jas re-filled the glasses.


“Is it just me, or is it getting warm in here?”  Ella said as she wiped her brow.


“Yeah, it does seem to be a….. oh.”


Rose caught Belinda’s glass as it fell out of her open hand, while Debs took the glass from Ella’s as she slumped back into the chair.  The two women and Jas looked at the sleeping pair, and a smile crept across their faces.


“I told you Rohipnol was the drug to use,” Jas said as she put the drinks to one side.


“Yeah – they really had no idea what was happening.  Mary?”


The door opened and the main came in.  “Yes, Mrs Dawlish?”


“Help me to take Ella up to the master bedroom – Rose and Jas will take Belinda.  Did you get the supplies I asked for?”


“Yes – they are waiting in the room.”


“Excellent – let’s do this then.”


Debs and Mary took Ella by the arms, and carrying her upright between them they half lifted, half dragged her comatose body to the stairs, with Jas and Rose following behind.  With some effort, they took the two women up the stairway and left them against the wall in the master bedroom.


“Thank you, Mary, that will be all,” Debs panted as the maid left the room, closing the door behind her.  “Right – who do we do first?”


“Her,” Rose said pointing at Belinda.  “She needs to pay for screwing my husband, and I’m claiming rights as the younger sister.”


“All right,” Jas said as she and Debs picked Belinda up and dragged her to the foot of the large four poster bed, holding her up against one of the bottom posts as Rose took a length of rope from the pile and pulled her limp arms around the post.




In the kitchen, Mary filled the kettle and plugged it in.  she knew there was no party planned for tonight, but as she was a loyal employee she had gone along with the ruse as her employer had asked.  She had no interest in the family problems – she just wanted to keep her job.  Even when Debs had asked her to get four coils of washing line and a selection of new scarves, she had just done it.


Smiling to herself, she opened the cupboard to take out some coffee.  Closing the door, she stared for a couple of moments at the sight that suddenly appeared before her, and then slowly raised her hands.




“There – that should keep her nice and upright.”


Debs stood back and looked at Belinda.  Her sister had tied her wrists together behind the post, and then wrapped some rope around her upper arms so that they too were held together behind the post.  A long length of rope had then been passed around her upper body, so that her chest was held tightly against the wood.  Further lengths were around her upper legs, pulling the skirt of her dress tightly around them, and her lower legs while her ankles were bound and secured to the post foot.  Jas was tying a large yellow scarf over Belinda’s mouth, into which Rose had taken great delight in stuffing two large silk scarves beforehand.


“Ready for the next one?”  Jas said as she and Rose lifted Ella into position at the other post.  Debs nodded, picked up some rope and knelt on the bed so that she could cross and bind Ella’s wrists together.


As she wound the rope between Ella’s arms and pulled them as together as she could, Rose wrapped length after length around Ella’s body and the post, lashing her firmly into place.  Jas stood back and looked at the two sleeping princesses.


“A princess needs to be held for rescue anyway – do you two want a drink?”


“Yeah – we’ll be down in a minute,” Debs said as she pulled on the rope, so Jas left the two sisters to finish their work and headed down the stairs.  Walking into the front room, she stopped dead in her tracks.


There were three women in the room, obviously searching, but that in itself was not the most unusual thing.  Although they had their backs to Jas, she could see that they were identically dressed in grey bodysuits with cowls over their heads, grey gloves and shoes.  The other thing was, although they were obviously working together, not a sound was being made.  Jas started to back out of the room, but her arm caught a glass on a table and it smashed on the floor.  The three intruders swung round, and Jas noticed their white featureless faces before she saw the pistol that one of them pointed at her.





“There – they’re both ready.”


Ella now had a blue silk scarf covering the lower half of her mouth, which Debs was pulling tightly at the back of her head.  The tow women were secured to the foot posts of the bed and gagged.


“Yeah – we have a drink, take the photos of them and then make it look as if we were robbed.  Then, if they don’t stop seeing our husbands, they get to see their photographs on the company web site.”


“Harsh, but fair – they screwed our men, so we screw them.”


“Come on,” Debs said as she slid off the bed, “let’s get that drink.”


The two women descended the stair case, and called out “Jas – we’re coming for the drinks” as they entered the room.  The sight they saw made them stop in their tracks.


Jas was standing in the centre of the room, her arms pulled behind her back and a woman dressed all in grey methodically passing a long length of grey rope around her chest and upper body.  A large purple bandana had been folded into a band, knotted in the middle and the knot pulled tightly into Jas’s mouth as the ropes cut into the bare flesh of her arms.  She shook her head and tried to call out, but before either Rose or Debs could react they both felt a pistol against their foreheads.


The woman binding Jas had had her back to the other two, but now she turned round and looked at them with her head to one side.  Debs saw that where her face should have been visible in the cowl, there was only a white featureless mask with eye slits.  A sickening feeling began to grow in her stomach.


“Debs?”  Rose whispered, “Did you plan for this to happen?”


“No,” Debs replied quietly, “I think we really are been robbed, Rose.  Have you not heard of this group?”


“You know I don’t watch the news, sis.”


“I think they’re the China Doll Gang.”


Two other women walked round in front of the sisters, pistols raised, and simply nodded their heads.  Debs and Rose looked at each other, Rose quizzically and Debs fearfully.  The third Doll took Jas by the arm, walked over and looked at the two sisters in their ball gowns, head cocked to one side and no sound being made.  Then, signalling to the other two, she picked up a holdall and took Jas out of the room.  The other Dolls each took one of the sisters by the arm and followed their leader.  Through the door to the kitchen, Debs could see Mary lying face down on the floor, with her upper body encased in rope and her ankles bound together.


On entering the room, the three Dolls looked at Ella and Belinda as they stood against the bed, their heads down against their chests, and then at each other.  The lead Doll sat Jas down where the other two women had originally been sat, and placing the bag on the floor she took two skeins of grey rope out before handing one to each of the other dolls.  She stood in front of Debs and Rose, covering them with a pistol, while the other tow unravelled the ropes and doubled them over, making a small loop in the centre.


“I guess we’re next,” Debs said as the rope was looped over the back of her neck and dropped down in front of her.  She stood still as the Doll took the rope and quickly wrapped it around her arms, pulling tightly as she did so and forcing Debs to put her wrists behind her back.  She felt the rope as it was wrapped around them, and then realised that the same thing was being done to Rose.


She looked over and watched as the rope was passed around Rose’s arms and chest, pulling the golden silk tightly across her breasts as her arms were pinned to her sides and the rope secured behind her beck.  The growing pressure she could feel in her won arms was confirmation to Debs that exactly the same thing was happening to her.


“Who are these women?”  Rose said as her wrists were further pulled up behind her back.


“I’ve heard of them – they don’t say a word, but they make sure you can’t stop them robbing you.  Obviously,” she winced as another knot was tied, “their reputation is well deserved.”


“So this is a real robbery now?”


“YSSS!” Jas shouted through her gag as the lead Doll examined the ropes around Debs and Rose.  Satisfied she nodded and watched as the other Dolls took the two sisters and sat them on opposite sides of the bed.


Rose watched as another length of rope was taken, doubled over and passed under her legs and over her knees.  The loose ends were passed over the fabric of her dress, through the loop in the centre of the length and then suddenly pulled tightly so that the silk gathered around her legs.  This was repeated twice more before it was passed under the top of the legs and down between her knees.


Debs was watching the same thing being done to her, as the loose ends were then wrapped around her ankles and used to bind them tightly together.  She looked over her shoulder at Rose.


“Are you all right, girl?”


“Not really, but you tell me what we can do about it!”


The lead Doll came round in front of Debs and held a notepad in front of her.  On the pad was written “Safe combination.”


“You want the combination to the safe?”


The Doll nodded, and looked at Debs with her blank face.  “What if I don’t tell you,” she asked, and as if in answer Rose let out a muffled grunt.  She turned to see one of the Dolls holding her gun to Rose’s head and her other hand over her throat.


“All right,” she whispered and she recited a series of numbers, all of which the Doll wrote down.  She nodded to the other two, and as she left one of the Dolls also went elsewhere, while the third Doll take another length of rope and started to bind Jas’ legs and ankles together.






“Yes, Rose?”


“Do you think we’ll be all right with them?”


“I hope so – but there’s no way we can get our revenge on these two now.  WE never planned for this to really happen.”


The Doll stood up from the floor, and the two sisters looked over to see Jas lying on her side.  Her legs and ankles had been bound in the same way as theirs, but she had also had her ankles secured to her wrists with a further length of rope.  Jas was twisting round on the ground, trying to get herself free as the Doll started to rummage through the drawers in the bedroom.


Eventually, she selected some items and walked over to the two women no the bed.  Rose looked up at the white face as it stood over her, and then at the items in her gloved hand.


“No, you can’t be serious, you can’t mmmmm” Debs looked over her shoulder again to see the Doll tying the ends of a yellow bandana behind her sister’s head, then she walked round and stood in front of Debs.


“You have got to be joking me,” Debs said when she saw what was in the Doll’s hand, but the masked woman merely shook her head.  In her hand were two pairs of knickers, one white and one black, but both with a picture of Minnie Mouse on them.


“And Rose got the Daisy Duck ones?”  Debs asked.  The Doll nodded in reply, as one of the others came back in with a pillow case that jangled as she carried it.


“Well, let’s get this over with,” Debs said and she opened her mouth wide.  The Doll stuffed the two pairs of panties into her mouth, and then produced a blue bandana that had already been knotted.  Placing the knot in Debs’ mouth, she sat still as the scarf was pulled tightly back and the ends knotted together behind her head.


The two Dolls then lifted Debs’ feet and rolled her over so that she lay facing the centre of the bed, and she felt her ankles being pulled back.  She watched as the same thing was done to Rose, who now faced here sister with the yellow bandana pulled deep into her mouth and tears starting to fall down her cheeks.


“Dnt cr, rs – tl b fn” Debs mumbled as Rose was also placed in a hogtie, and the two Dolls left the room.  The two girls lay in silence as they listened to the soft sound fo footsteps downstairs, and then silence punctuated by the striking of the clock in the hallway each quarter hour.


There was also the rustle of silk as Rose started to twist round on the bed, trying to get some movement, and then rolling round.  As she turned her back to Debs, her sister could see the intricacy of the rope work that held her arms and wrists firmly against her back, and in particular the way Rose’s wrists were bound perpendicular to each other.


With a sinking feeling, she realise two things – there was no way she could help her sister or Jas on the floor, and equally there was no way they could complete their revenge on the two women bound to the bedposts.


“Rs?”  she called out, and her sister rolled over to face her.




“Wht r w gng t d?”


Rose shook her head and continued to twist around to get some loosening.  Debs looked down at Jas, who was lying on her side and trying to feel he rown ropes, and closed her eyes in frustration.





Belinda slowly opened her eyes.  She tried to stretch her arms out, but they felt oddly stiff and unable to move.  She tried to call out, but there was something filling her mouth and she found she was unable to speak.  Allowing her eyes to fully open, the dim light of the dawn showed her the comatose form of Jas lying on the floor, hogtied and with a large scarf tied into her mouth.


“Hlp… Hlpm….” She tried to say, but as she turned her head to her right she saw Ella standing there, lashed to the post and a scarf over her lower face, pleading with her eyes.  A grunt behind her told her that the other two women must also be secured there somehow, as the rustle of silk and satin could be heard as well.


Jas opened her eyes and looked up at the two upright women staring down at her. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was five in the morning, and she knew it would be another two hours before the morning staff arrived.  She let out a low moan of frustration as she waited for the hours to slowly pass.