Take Three Dolls









Angel was nervous. Her two visitors had been her friends, but they had not seen each other for ten years and the last time they had met, it had not been the happiest of times.


She looked at herself in her mirror, and adjusted the shoulder straps of her lightning blue dress, the wrap effect top with a deep neckline that showed her chest off. The skirt came to her knees, the dark hose covering hr legs and then the knee length black leather boots over her lower legs.


Picking up the brush, she pulled it through her long blonde hair, as a memory came to mind.


“Get in there and lie face down “


Angel shook and held herself, before she put the brush down and then walked slowly down the long staircase to the lower floor. She could hear the car pull up outside, and took a deep breath before she opened the door.


“Dyan it’s been a long time.”


“Ten years, Angel may I come in?”


“Of course,” Angel said as she stepped to one side and looked at the new arrival. She had black hair cut in a bob, and was wearing a knee length black leather dress with white details, and knee length white leather boots.


“That’s a different look from the old days.”


“Not really just a different style,” Dyan said quietly, “I could never fully forget the old days despite what happened.”


Angel nodded, before she said “do you want a drink?”


“Yeah a long and very strong one,” Dyan said as they walked into the front room, Angel going to a drinks cabinet and poured two glasses of whiskey. Handing one to Dyan, she raised a glass and said “memories.”


“Memories,” Dyan said quietly as she took a drink. “Do you ever think of that day,” she eventually said as she closed her eyes.


“Please, you don’t have to do this, we whnnynyhhnnhhhh .


“Sometimes, in my dreams,” Angel finally said.


“Dreams or nightmares?”


“Both,” the blonde said as she sat down, and took a drink.


“Is Rhonda coming as well?”


“That should be her now,” Angel said as another car pulled up. Dyan watched as she walked out of the room, and then heard her say “Rhonda welcome.”


“Long time no see,” she heard a voice reply, and then another blonde walked in, wearing a blue silk blouse and a purple leather miniskirt with a black belt round her waist. She was wearing over the knee black leather boots, and a smile as she said “Dyan? I would never have recognised you.”


“Or you, Rhonda,” she said as she stood up and looked at the latest arrival. The two then embraced as Angel poured a third drink, and handed it over to the latest arrival.


“So, how are you Angel,” Rhonda said as she sat down with the glass, “I heard about Ben.”


“I’m getting there,” she said as she sat, “and he did leave me well looked after. But lately well, that day keeps coming back to my mind.”


“Want to talk about it?”


“I think we should it’s long past time we Who the hell “


Angel was looking to the door, Dyan and Rhonda turning their heads to see four women had walked into the room. They were identically dressed, in grey bodysuits that covered them from their feet to their heads, grey short boots and gloves covering their feet and heads and white featureless masks over their faces with only thin eyeholes visible.


Both women looked at Angel as the grey clad women just stood there, before Angel said “get out of my house, before I call the police.”


All four women cocked their heads to the side, before the one in front put a gloved finger where their lips should be, and raised their other hand, all three women seeing the gun.




“Angel,” Rhona said quietly, “they’re not going to answer you.”


“Why are they dumb?”


“No they’re the China Doll Gang.”


Angel suddenly went pale and looked at the four women as they all nodded, one of them stepping to the side and putting down a large canvas bag. Their leader then point at Dyan and Rhonda, as another Doll stepped forward and put her gloved hands palm down on her head.


“Do as she says,” Rhonda said quietly, Dyan nodding as both women put their hands on their heads. The lead Doll then pointed at Angel and indicated she should stand up, the fourth Doll opening the bag and taking out a doubled length of brown rope, a small loop tied in the centre.


“What are they going to do to me,” Angel said as she stood up.


“They are ging to tie us all up,” Rhonda said, “and rob us.”


“Oh God, not again Please “


“You need to be brave, Angel just as we were that day. Believe me, they are not going to say anything, and it is better to do as they say.”


“But “


The armed Doll slowly shook her head from side to side as her partner walked behind Angel, and drape the rope over her shoulders. She saw the ropes drop down and the grey gloved hands as they came round and started to pull the rope round her limbs, taking them behind her at the same time as she felt the rope against her bare skin. As they went behind her, the Dol continued to wrap the rope round, as he mind went back ten years .



“Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the new Palermo Esprit!”


As the curtains drew back, the audience saw the new sports car on a rotating plinth, and the three blonde haired models posing by the car. They were all wearing short sleeved mini dresses, made of white material that hugged their bodies, and white knee length leather boots. They smiled and waved as the photographers took their pictures, the flash bulbs going off as Angel said “not bad for a couple of hundred quid, is it?”


“Not too bad at all,” Rhonda said as she out her hand on the car and pushed her hips out, Dyan shaking her head as she posed on the bonnet. They were all students, in their final years, with bills to pay -so the offer had been too good to pass up on.


Eventually, the crowd moved off as the three girls made their way backstage. “As I said, easy money,” Angel said, Dyan nodding as they walked into the room and then all three stared at the stocking masked men, as one of them aimed a gun at them and said “Well now - three little chicks to truss up “




She opened her eyes and looked at Dyan and Rhonda, then looked down as the grey gloved hands wrapped the ropes around and between her breasts, holding her arms firmly against her sides. She was aware of the fact her arms had been pulled up her back, and the fact she was unable to move at all except to twist round.


“Sorry I was just “


“I can imagine,” Rhonda said as she looked at her friend, the brown ropes tied like a harness round her upper body. The Doll then motioned with her hand to Angel to sit on the floor, as the one who had bound her went back to the bag and took out a second length of rope. As she knelt on the floor and wrapped it round Anel’s legs below her knees, another Doll went and fetched out a second long doubled over rope, as the armed leader pointed at Dyan and told her to stand up.


“How tight is it,” she asked as she slowly stood up, putting her arms by her sides as the Doll walked behind her.




“As tight as “


“In a different way,” Angel said as Dyan felt the rope going down her arms, hearing the squeaking as it rubbed on the leather and then the way her arms were folded behind her. She could feel her forearms been forced together, and then felt them being pulled up her back as the memories came back.


Dyan grunted as the ropes were pulled tighter round her body, forcing her arms against her sides as she looked at the other two. The masked man was securing the ropes behind Angel as Rhonda twisted her body round, the top of her dress opening slightly as she did so.


“Please, you don’t have to do this, we whnnynyhhnnhhhh .


Dyan’s words were cut off as a red ball was pushed int her mouth, and then white tape was pressed down over her mouth, keeping the ball in place and stifling her attempts to speak. She could only watch as both Rhonda and Angel were gagged in the same way, before the second man opened an internal cupboard.


“Get in there and lie face down “


The three women were forced to walk into the closet, Angel kneeling and then lying down as the other two lay beside her. They looked at each other as the men knelt behind them, crossing their ankles and securing them together with more rope



Dyan turned her head to look at Angel as she sat there, shaking while the Doll pulled her legs together below her knees, and taking the rope between her legs, before the rope was taken down and used to secure her ankles together.


“Stay calm,” Dyan said quietly.


“Have you any idea how scared I am?”


“As scared as me but like then, we need to calm ourselves. If we do anything to upset each other or ourselves “


Angel slowly nodded as she watched the Doll binding Rhonda in the same way, while Dyan felt her legs being forced together, the rough brown rope robbing on the white leather.


“I think we may be here a while,” she said quietly, as one of the Dolls came in and deposited a smaller canvas bag into the larger one.


“Well, there goes my jewellery,” Angel said quietly, “I’m just glad most of the inheritance is at the bank or in a safe deposit box, where these silent devils cannot reach it.


Dyan slowly nodded as Rhonda sat next to her, looking over as her legs were bound. “I hope they leave us like this this time,” she said quietly.


“So do I “




Angel was trying to control herself as her legs were bent back, her ankles crossed and bound tightly together and then secured to her chest ropes with more rope.


Jshhrhrmhnchlm,” Rhonda mumbled as the rope forced her own legs together below her knees, and then her ankles were pulled back and secured like the other two women.




Hkknnhhh,” Rhonda said as she turned her head and looked at the masked man.


“Emptied the safe?”


“Yeah and the witnesses are going nowhere, are they?”


All three of them shook their head from side to side as the two men left them there, struggling on the floor as the door was closed and locked.



“Look, I know you are not going to talk,” Rhonda said as the ripe was tied off under her ankles, “but may I ask a boon?”


The armed Doll looked directly at her, and then slowly nodded as Angel looked at her.


“Last time this happened to us, nobody came to find us for hours I know this may not be your style, but she,” Rhonda said as she looked at Angel, “is recently widowed. May I ask you to raise the alarm after a suitable interval.”


She looked at the masked woman, before she slowly nodded and then turned to look at another of her companions. The second woman took a red bandana from the large bag, and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle before she held it in front of Rhonda’s mouth.


“Thank you,” she said, the Doll inkling her head as the red knot was pushed between her teeth,, and then the band tied tightly round her head to secure the gag. Dyan looked at her as she rolled and knotted a second gag, before she accepted it in the same way.


Angel took several deep breaths, before she nodded as she was gagged in the same way as the other two, the band pressing in on her cheeks as she felt the red mass pressing her own tongue down.


Fhnkkuh,” she mumbled as the four Dolls looked at them, and then they slowly walked out, one of them picking up the bag as they did so. All three could hear them walking out, and then a vehicle leaving as Rhonda tried to twist free.




Rhona nodded as Dyan nudged Angel and said “Huuuhhhkrht?”


She saw the tears as Angel slowly turned her head and nodded, before saying “htssnhthsbhdthsthm.”


Nhththsnht,” Dyan said as she smiled, the other two doing so as well as they struggled in the tight bands








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