The Three Temptations of Tabitha Todd







It was starting to get dark as the Ford Escort drove along the residential street, and stopped outside a detached two storey house.  The driver looked over at the blonde haired girl who was sitting in the passenger seat, wearing a grey leather jacket over a floral print sun dress, sheer tights and grey heels.


“Well, we’re back,” he said as he looked at the girl, and then started to stroke the inside of her thighs with her hands – only to stop as she looked at him, a scowl on her red lips.


“NO CHARLIE…I said NO!” Tabitha Todd said as she tried to pull her legs together, “I already let you feel under my skirt, I’m not letting you feel under my knickers.”


“Tab,” the young man said, “I took you to a bloody school fete so you could get Jeannie Brewster’s autograph. I sat through that whole stupid fashion show. Now I deserve a reward for being such a good boy – don’t I?”


“You already got your reward Charlie Parsons.”


“One quick feel under your skirt,” he whispered as he looked at her, and tried to stroke her thigh again, “that’s not enough for driving you all the way from Stortbridge to Harlow and back. Come on Tab… just one little feel…”


“No Charlie…,” Tabitha said as she looked at him and shook her head.  “Look...  I have to go in, Dad’s away for the night up in Scotland and Mum’s at home on her own.”


Charlie looked at his girlfriend, and said “Don’t I even get a rotten kiss?”


“I suppose so,” Tabitha sighed as she leant over and kissed her boyfriend gently on the lips. “Thank you for taking me Charlie,” she smiled as she slipped out the door.


“You are just a bloody cocktease Tab…”


“Yes but you’ll still be here tomorrow afternoon to take me out won’t you? Tease or not?” she grinned. “Goodnight Charlie, sweet dreams.”


“The only dreams I’ll be having are you twisting my nuts off,” he called after her as she ran up the drive to the front door of the large detached house.  She turned to watch as he drove off, passing the grey panel van that was parked a short way down the road.


“I love him, but he has to know his place,” Tabitha sighed.  Oh she had been sore tempted to let him feel her up – and she knew she may have to do it herself to quell the feeling she was having – but he was rough, and she knew she could do it better herself.


“Hi Mum I’m home,” she called out as she opened the front door, closed it and locked it behind her before hanging up her leather jacket.  The lights were on, but there was no reply as she looked round.


“Are you in the kitchen Mum?” she called out when she heard no reply. “Charlie tried it on again in the car, he just won’t take no for an answer.”


Again, there was no answer, but she could see the kitchen light was on as well.  Tabitha whistled as she walked down the hallway into the kitchen – only to stop as she took in the scene.


Her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, still wearing the cream tie-neck blouse, pleated black skirt, and black heels she had been wearing when she had left at lunchtime.  The kitchen was pristine clean, but as she looked at her mother she could see the fear in the older woman’s eyes – and the reason why.


Standing behind her mother was a woman – a woman dressed in grey, from the hood that covered her head down to the grey suede ankle boots she was wearing.  She also had on grey gloves – one hand holding a very real looking gun as she held it to her mother’s head.


The strangest thing of all, however, was her face – or rather, where she should have seen her face, the white featureless mask, with only two thin slits where her eyes should have been.  She slowly cocked her head to the side, as she seemed to be staring at Tabitha.




“Don’t panic, Tabitha,” her mother said quietly, “please…”


“Oh my god,” Tabitha whispered as she considered what to do – and then gave in to her fear as she turned and tried to run out – only to stop as she saw a second grey clad figure standing on the doorway, holding a large black gun in her hand as she stood with her head cocked to the side.  She stared at the woman as she stood silently, and then indicated with her gloved finger that she should turn round and walk back into the kitchen.


As she came in, she swallowed as she saw a third woman standing in the kitchen, her arms folded, looking at her.


“Mum,” Tabitha whispered quietly, “who…  How…”


“I think they are the China Doll Gang, Tabitha darling,” her mother said quietly.  “I came into the kitchen half an hour ago to make some tea, and they were standing there.  They’ve had me sitting here since then, waiting for you to get home.”


“What do you want?” Tabitha managed to stutter the words out as the three women stood behind their mother – one of them putting a gloved finger to where her lips should have been as they shook their heads.


“Darling,” her mother said quietly, “according to the reports, they never speak.  They certainly have not said a word all the time we have been here.”


“But if they don’t speak, how can we tell what they want then?”


“Believe me,” her mother said nervously as she looked at the gun, “they get their message over.”


As Tabitha watched, one of the Dolls opened a large canvas bag, and took out a long length of rope – and extremely long length of rope, which she doubled over and tied a small loop in the middle of.  She then walked over, the other two women watching with their heads to the side as one of them placed a gloved hand on her mother’s shoulder.


“What do you want,” she asked again, but there was no reply, as she sensed the third Doll behind her, and saw the rope as it was draped over her shoulders.  The second Doll with her mother looked at Tabitha, and then stood with her arms to her sides.


“You want me to stand like that,” she said quietly, the Doll nodding as the young woman copied the pose.  She was taken by surprise as she felt the rope wound round her arms, and they were pulled behind her back at the same time, so that she could feel them been secured together behind her back, and then pulled up as the Doll fed the rope through the loop at her neck.


“OW!  That hurts,” she called out, but that only made the Doll behind her mother put her gloved finger to her lips as the remaining rope was wound tighter and tighter around Tabitha’s upper arms and body, securing them in place as she stood there.


It had only taken ten minutes, but as she felt the last knot been tied Tabitha looked at her rope encased chest, and tried to move – with little success.


“Okay,” she said quietly as she looked at her mother, “now what?”


She got her answer as the Doll by her mother’s side indicated with her free hand she should stand up.  As she did so, the third Doll picked up the canvas bag, and pointed at Tabitha, then at the hallway.


“I think they want us to go into the hall,” Mrs. Todd spoke as the Doll twirled her finger round, indicating Tabitha should turn round.  As she slowly did so, the Doll who had bound her picked up the black gun, and waved it in the same direction.


“Not until you tell us what you are going to do,” Tabitha said angrily as she tried to find a knot with her fingers.


“Tabitha, I told you…”


The Doll pressed the gun to Tabitha’s head, as she swallowed and said “Alright already,” and walked into the hallway.  As she passed the front room, she glanced in, and was surprised to see a fourth Doll placing a number of items from the display cabinet in a second canvas bag.


As they reached the bottom of the stairs, both Tabitha and her mother watched as one of them pointed up the staircase.


“You want us to go up the stairs?”


As the Dolls nodded in unison, Tabitha said “Mum what is upstairs?”


“The safe with my jewellery I’m guessing.”


The Doll who was carrying the bag and pretended to clap, Tabitha scowling as she said “It’s not funny.”


“No, I know it’s not,” her mother said as she tried to remain calm, “but we don’t have a choice, do we?”  They looked at the masked women, and then started to walk up the stairs, along the corridor and into the master bedroom.


“I have a question,” her mother said as they walked in.  “What makes you think I’ll open the safe?”


The three Dolls looked at each other, before the one with Tabitha pulled her blonde hair and placed the gun to the side of her head.  “OW!” she called out as her mother watched.


“Alright – all right, point taken,” the older woman said as she shook her head, “I’ll do what you want to protect my daughter.”


“MUM!” Tabitha screamed, “You just can’t give into these bitches, Hey I bet the guns aren’t even loaded.”


“Tabitha, please…”  Both women watched the Dolls as they looked at each other – and then the one who had escorted her mother up walked over to the bed, placed the gun against one of the stack of three pillows at the headboard, and squeezed the trigger gently.


Both Tabitha and her mother heard the muffled shot, smelt the cordite, and saw the powder burns and hole in the pillow as the Doll looked at them, her head to the side.


“Shit,” Tabitha whispered as she started to shake.


“All right,” her mother said quietly, “you’ve made your point.  I think that answers your question darling.” Mrs. Todd felt herself shaking slightly as she said “alright I’ll open it.”


She started to move towards the wall when a gloved hand, palm out, indicated she was to stop.


“If you don’t want it opened yet, what do you want bitches,” Tabitha asked – and then she was pushed onto the bed, forced to lie on her back as her arms were pressed between her body and her back.  As one Doll covered her with the black gun, the third one took more rope from the canvas bag and wrapped it around her legs below her knees, pulling them tightly together as the rope went around and between her legs, and then taking it down and securing her ankles together in the same way.


She tried to move them, and then saw the Doll holding a red rubber ball in the palm of her hand.


“Oh no – no fucking way,” she said as she clamped her mouth shut – and then felt the pressure as the doll gripped her nose in her free gloved hand, holding her nostrils closed as the Doll watched her.


She struggled not to open her mouth, but in the end she had no choice as she opened and took a deep breath – allowing the Doll to push the ball into her mouth, before she was handed a roll of white medical tape.  Her head was raised as the tape was wound tightly round her head, before she was allowed to fall down and rolled onto her stomach, her ankles pulled back and tied tightly to her arms as her mother watched.


As she struggled, Tabitha soon realised she was in real trouble – unable to move, unable to speak, and afraid of what may come next.


“Oh god…” her mother whispered as she watched one of the Dolls lift a painting from the wall, revealing a modern looking safe with a grey steel front.  She also noticed a second Doll looking at a letter on the dressing table.


“Please,” she said quietly, “that is private…”


The Doll turned and looked at her, and then slowly nodded as the first Doll indicated she should move now.


“All right,” she said quietly as she walked over and typed a sequence of numbers into the pas on the steel door, then grabbed the handle and pulled down as she opened the door.  As she did this, the Doll looked at her and indicated she should step back.


“So what now – do I get trussed like a turkey as well,” she said as she looked at the three dolls.  The one that had been looking at her letter than shook her head slowly from side to side, and crossed her gloved wrists in front of her.


“You…  You’re going to tie my wrists in front of me,” she said quietly, the Doll nodding as she held up a length of rope, and a second one took a longer length of rope from the bag.  “Thank you,” she whispered quietly as she crossed her wrists, watching as the Doll doubled the rope over, and then sued it to bind them tightly together, and the second doll wrapped the longer rope around her arms and upper body, making two bands as she secured her arms to her sides.


As the ropes were tied off, the third Doll pointed to the bed, and she nodded as Tabitha watched her walked over and lay next to her.  “I’m sure they will leave us alone soon Tabeffmmmhhmmmm,” she said, her words muffled as one of her expensive silk scarves was folded and pushed into her mouth, and then her head was held up as the white tape was wound tightly round her head.


She turned and nodded to her daughter as her legs were secured in the same way, expecting to be turned over and hogtied in the same way.  To her surprise, however, she saw the Doll untie Tabitha’s ankles from her chest ropes, and they were manoeuvred so that they were lying back to back.


“Whtrrudnn,” Tabitha said as she felt them feed a longer length of rope under her and her mother, before the Doll used it to pull them together at their waists, her arms now pressed against her mother’s back.  She could feel her squirming round as the ropes were tightened – and then she saw the long length in the hands of the Doll.




She was powerless to stop the Doll pushing the rope between her upper legs, and then squirmed as it was pulled tight, forcing up the skirt of her dress and pressing on her panties, irritating and rubbing on her as she heard her mother say softly “nnn…”


That was provoked as she saw her own skirt been pulled up, and the ropes rubbing between her legs as the Doll tied it to her chest ropes, making sure it remained in place.  She watched, afraid to move as the three Dolls walked back to the safe, and emptied her jewellery and her husband’s coin collection into the bag.


She tried to move – and then stopped as she not only realised what the rope between her legs was doing to her, but the sounds Tabitha was making as she moved.  Instead, they stopped, too afraid to move as the Dolls closed the safe door to, and picked up the bag, all three looking at the two trussed captives with their heads cocked to the side.


Two of them eventually turned and walked silently out of the door, the third nodding as she turned the lights off, the white face retreating into the gloom.  The two captives heard the footsteps, Tabitha watching as the house grew steadily darker, and then the front door opened and closed.


Her mother was staring at the wall – her husband was not going to call, and Mrs. Crowley would not be here until after she had been to the early Mass the next morning.  The ropes were holding her firm – even if they had shown her some consideration – and the rope between her legs.


The rope between her legs…


As it started to move, she looked over her shoulder and said “whtrrudnntbffe?”


“Msreeemmm,” Tabitha mumbled as she rocked to and fro, the sensations rising, “ennnddtdths…” Her mother protested, and then moaned as the rope started to take her close to the edge as well…





The grey van pulled into the far corner of the car park at the South Mymms services, the engine and headlights turned off as the driver turned and got into the back.


“Another successful night,” Jane said as she removed the mask and pulled down the hood of her bodysuit, the other three nodding as they did the same.


“She was talkative, wasn’t she,” Sue said as she shook her hair out.


“The daughter?  Yeah – but she shut up when you fired that bullet into the pillow,” Kay said as she opened the bag.


“I wondered what that noise was,” Bobbie said as she looked at the gold plate in her bag.  “You don’t normally have to do that.”


“True – but it was effective,” Sue said, “and we made sure she got a little reward for her cooperation after that.”


Kay shook her head as she looked at the jewellery.  “You know, this is almost getting too easy,” she smiled as her friends stripped off their grey outfits.


“Yeah but it still is fun,” Bobbie laughed as she pulled on her leather trousers.


“It is at that,” Sue said quietly, “back to your place for drinks Kay?”


“Sounds good to me…”








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