“That was an amazing show,” Helen said as she sat in the passenger seat, looking at Jessica as they made their way out of the town.  Jessica nodded as she looked into the red band caused by the setting sun, and said “oh yeah – the Chippendales Mk 2 do that for you.”


“Me too,” Helen said with a grin.  She was wearing a black smock dress with a grey and gold Celtic design on the front, dark tights and knee length black patent leather boots, while Jessica wore a white jersey dress with a wide tan leather belt studded at the front, brown leggings and knee length brown leather boots.


“I can imagine – but you’d have to get them to come to you.”


Helen looked over, her blonde hair falling over her shoulders, and fluttered her eyelids as she said “and you think I could not get them running after me?”


Jessica just shook her head as they left the town centre, heading for the estate Jessica lived on at the edge of the town.  She and Helen were friends from University days, and they visited each other regularly for the weekend, spending time together and enjoying the things young women should enjoy.


As she approached her house, Jessica passed a grey transit van parked a short way down the street, but paid no attention to it as she pulled into the driveway, and turned the engine off.


“Give me a minute,” she said as she left the car, Helen nodding as Jessica walked to and opened the front door, then opened the boot of the car and lifted out the wheelchair.  Securing it, she brought it round to the side of the car and waited as Helen eased herself out of the passenger seat and into the chair, closing the door and starting to wheel herself up the ramp as Jessica closed and locked the car door.


“Is there any chance of a drink,” Helen said as she turned the hall light on, and moved towards the front room.


“Sure – tea, coffee…”




“Sounds good,” Jessica said as she walked into the kitchen, turning on the light as she headed to the cupboard, and opened the fridge.  Removing the bottle, she closed the door and turned round – only to stand as she looked at the figure standing behind her.  She was about the same height as Jessica, but was dressed from head to toe in grey.  Literally from head to toe – a tight grey bodysuit framed her body, her hands in grey gloves and her feet in short grey boots.  The only thing which stood out was her face – a white, featureless mask in the place where the hood of the body suit would normally be open.






“You…  You need to come in here.”


The masked woman nodded slowly as she indicated the doorway, Jessica seeing for the first time the gun in her hand, as she slowly raised her hands and walked in front of her, entering the front room as Helen said “oh my god…”


Two more masked women were in the room, clad in grey and with featureless faces, one of them holding a gun as Helen sat in her chair.  The second held a large brown leather bag, which made a soft thud sound as she put it on the coffee table.


“What’s going on,” Helen said as she looked over.


“I’ve heard of them, Helen – this must be the China Doll Gang.”


One of the women nodded as they stood in a line, the third one opening the bag and taking out a long length of brown rope.  Both Jessica and Helen watched as she doubled the rope over and made a small loop in the middle.


“They’re robbing you?”


“And tying me up I think,” Jessica said as the Doll walked behind her and draped the rope over her shoulders, moving her strawberry blonde hair to check the loop was at the nape of her neck.  Helen watched, fascinated as the Doll started to wind the rope down her friend’s arms, pulling them behind her back as she did so and then folding her arms before she secured her wrists together, the rope dropping to the floor as she did so.


“I’ll tell you where my valuables are,” Jessica said quietly as the rope was wound round her arms and upper body, framing her chest and forcing it out as her arms were forced to her side.  “Just don’t hurt us.”


The Doll who seemed to be in charge looked at Jessica, her head to her side, before she turned and looked at Helen.


“What – are you going to do that to me as well?”


The Doll slowly nodded as the third woman walked to the bag, taking more rope out as Jessica said “no – leave her alone, she won’t…”


The Doll turned and looked at Jessica, putting a gloved finger where her lips should have been, before she nodded and Jessica was frogmarched out of the room.  Helen looked at the two Dolls remaining in the room, scowling as she said “go on – I’m not helpless, I can still raise the alarm, can’t I?”


They looked at each other, before the lead Doll indicated Helen should shuffle forward in her chair, the second Doll walking behind her as she did so.  She watched as the rope was draped over her shoulders, then looked up as she said “I’m sorry – been in a wheelchair, people seem to think I’m helpless.  But you don’t, do you?”


The Doll shook her head as the rope was wound down Helen’s arms, the young woman nodding as she said “thank you,” and her arms were pulled back.  She could feel the rope as her forearms were held tightly together, the Doll working with speed and skill as she wriggled her fingers.


“I’m not going anywhere,” she said as she looked at the Doll, her head to the side as the ropes were used to secure her arms to her sides, wrapped above, below and around her breasts as her dark dress was stretched over it.  When the ropes were tied off, Helen wriggled round as the two Dolls stood and looked at her, their heads to the side.


“What?”  Helen looked down at the chair, and then looked back up as she said “don’t let this put you off.  If you have to secure my friend, you secure me.”


The lead Doll nodded in agreement as her partner took another length of rope, kneeling in front of Helen as she wrapped it around her legs below her knees and bound them together, taking the rope around and between her limbs, and then taking it down and using the same rope to secure her ankles together.


“I would twist them if I could,” Helen said as the Doll stood up.  “But thank you – for treating me like a normal human being.”


The Doll nodded as she indicated the long couch.


“I…  I may need some help.”


The white faced woman nodded as she and the second Doll stood up, then she took Helen’s ankles as the second Doll took her arms, and they lifted her out of the chair and onto the couch.


“You’re going to keep me quiet as well, aren’t you,” Helen said as she lay with her head on her side, the Doll nodding as she took from the bag a black bandana, rolling in into a band and tying a knot in the middle before she walked over.  Helen nodded as she raised her head and opened her mouth, tasting the black cotton on her tongue as the knot was eased behind her teeth, and then the pressure on her cheeks as the band was tied tightly round her head.


“Oh my god – NO!  HELEN!”


The Doll slowly stood and turned, looking at Jessica with her head to her side, as the third Doll put a sack on the table, Helen hearing the jingle as she did so.   The Doll then looked at Helen, as she shook her head and said “hmmfhnnnjhuussechhhplssdhntmhkthmhngree


Jessica looked at the Dolls, and nodded slowly as she was made to sit on the floor, the rope taken and used to secure her legs below her knees and then her ankles, the rope squeaking on the leather as they were forced together.


“What are you going to do to me,” Jessica asked, Helen knowing the answer as a brown bandana was produced, rolled into a band and a knot tied in the middle.  Jessica looked at Helen, and slowly nodded as she opened her mouth, the Doll gagging her before she was made to lie on her stomach, and then hogtied.


The Dolls looked at Helen, who was staring at Jessica as she rolled over and laid her head on a cushion that had been tossed down.  She knew the question they were asking, and knew there was really no need, but she did not want to be treated differently, so she slowly nodded.


The lead Doll walked over, as she was rolled onto her stomach, and she looked over her shoulders as her legs were bent back, and then her ankles secured to her arms.  She turned her head and nodded at Jessica, as the Dolls collected the bag and put it in the brown leather bag, then looked at the two captives, before they walked slowly back, closing the door as both Jessica and Helen heard their footsteps, and then the doors opening and closing.


As Jessica struggled, Helen lay there, happy for once, someone had understood…







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