Gentleman and Generations







The street was a normal suburban one, quiet peaceful, one or two families walking down the road towards their homes and a few cars passing by.  As he sat behind the wheel of the Ford Transit van, the tall dark haired man took a drink from a bottle of water as he looked at one particular house.


“Remind me of why we are doing this,” he said to the man sitting next to him as he sat checking the contents of a bag.


“A request to assist an old friend,” he said as he looked over, “and besides, my researches tell me there is actually potential at this residence for far greater gain than what we have been asked to obtain.”


“Fair enough – so when shall we make our move?”


Looking at his watch, the second man smiled and said “I do not believe there is any better time than the present.  Shall we?”


Nodding, the two men stepped out of the van, closing and locking the doors before they walked towards a side alley.  Both men were dressed in black, leather jackets over jumpers, jeans, trainers, gloves, and woollen hats…





“Gran’s going to come here before we go to the club?  And more to the point – she wants to go to the club?  She’s over sixty, Mum?”


“I know,” Debbie said as she sat at her dressing table, applying the dark pink lipstick to her lips, “but she said she even had a good outfit for it, so coming she is.”  In her mid-forties, Debbie was a tall, thin woman who kept fit through tennis and yoga, her body tanned through the services of the local salon, her hair dyed blonde and freshly taken care of at the hairdresser that afternoon.  She pushed the Alice band in to hold the long locks back, and then took one last look at herself in the mirror.


“Perfect,” she said as she stood up and brushed some lint from her dress.  The black dress was more like a leotard at the top, the straps thinning as they went over her shoulders and then joined for the back panel, the skirt perhaps a little shorter than what was considered normal – but she was going to a club, and she wanted to look good.  Under the dress was a black and white striped boob tube, while her lower legs were sitting in a pair of over the knee black fabric boots, complete with three inch stiletto heel.


“Right then,” she said to herself as she collected her purse, and left the room, “I’m ready Milly – are you?”


“What do you think Mum?”


Debbie smiled as she saw her daughter walk out of her own bedroom.  The twenty year old had her hair pulled back in a ling ponytail, and was wearing a black strapless top with a sequined front, a black miniskirt in the same style, fishnet stockings and a pair of black heels.


“Are you trying to get all the guys before me Mum,” Milly said as she shook her head.


“You snooze, you lose,” Debbie said as she walked to the stairs.  “Now, we go downstairs, we wait for your grandmother to come here, and then we…”


“Well, may I say it is rare to meet two such beautiful ladies so determined to have an enjoyable evening – quite an achievement, Mister Small.”


“Indeed, Mister Tall – a pity we may have to alter their plans to have fun slightly.”


Debbie and Milly stared at the two men who were standing at the bottom of the staircase.  They were identically dressed – black leather jackets over roll neck sweaters, dark jeans, black shoes, black gloves, and black balaclavas pulled down so that only their mouths and eyes were visible – the only real difference was their height, one taller than the other by a foot.


“Who…  What…  Milly, call the police!”


“I strongly advise against you doing that, young lady,” the taller of the two men said as he produced a gun from his jacket pocket and held it in his hand, “for your own personal piece of mind and safety.  Far better for you to quietly walk down the stairs with your mother, would you not agree Mister Small?”


“I would Mister Tall, so if you would kindly make your way into the front room, hands where we can see them, then we can sit and discuss matters of import to all of us.”


“Mister Tall, Mister Small,” Milly said as she looked at the two of them, “Mum, they’re those Gentlemen Robbers!”


“Our infamy precedes us yet again, Mister Tall.  After you ladies?”


“Who on earth are the Gentlemen Robbers,” Debbie asked as she and her daughter slowly walked into the front room, sitting next to each other on the deep red leather couch with their hands on their laps. 


“We are, to coin a phrase, exactly what it says on the tin,” Mister Tall said as Mister Small unplugged the telephone.  “Now, with that in mind, we will be removing certain things from this house – and, with deep regret, I have to inform you that we must ensure neither of you can raise the alarm.”


“Any of them, Mister Tall – remember they did say the grandmother was coming as they walked down the stairs.”


“Ah, of course,” Mister Tall said with a smile as the two women looked at him.  “And when are you expecting her arrival?”


The ring of the doorbell made both men come over as Mister Tall said to Debbie “please, invite her to join us.  Your charming daughter can keep us company for this short time.”


Debbie slowly nodded as she stood and walked to the front door, opening it as the woman standing outside said “My, my – you look hot to trot tonight Debbie dear.”


“Thanks mum – you’d better come into the front room first though, there’s something Milly and I need to talk to you about.”


“Sounds serious,” the two masked men said as they walked to the door and saw a woman in her early sixties come in, her grey hair cut to frame her face.  She was not dressed for a woman of her age, however, with an electric pink blouse that was open at the neck over a short black leather skirt.  A wide black belt with a brass front buckle was fastened round her waist, and they could both see the tops of her stockings over her over the knee black leather boots.


She stared at the two masked men, and said “well, I see we do have something serious to discuss.”


“Good evening,” Mister Tall said as he stood next to her, “would it be impolite to ask your name?”


“Babs – I guess by your attire I have walked into a bit of a robbery?”


“That would be correct Babs – now, if you will take a seat over there, I need to ask Debbie to come with me for a few minutes.  Mister Small, I wonder if you could ensure that Babs is kept comfortable there?”


“With pleasure, Mister Tall.  Milly – it is Milly isn’t it – I must ask you to remain where you are.  You may talk to your grandmother if you desire.  Your mother will return shortly.”


As Mister Tall took Debbie by the arm and walked her up the stairs, Mister Small opened the bag they had brought in, and took out a length of rope.  Babs looked at it, then at her granddaughter as she said “Milly, I think he’s going to tie us up?”


“Well, I will be making sure you stay in the seat first, as requested Babs.  Would you be so good as to turn slightly to the side, and put your hands behind your back?”


“Please, you don’t have to do this to us,” Milly whispered as she watched the masked man doubling the length of rope over, “none of us will raise the alarm.”


“I appreciate the offer, Milly, but there is a professional courtesy and code to follow,” Mister Small said as he walked behind Babs, and crossed her wrists at her back before he wound the rope around them and began to secure them together.


“It’s all right Milly,” Babs said as she felt the rope forcing her limbs together, “you’ve heard of these men?”


“Yeah – there have been reports in the papers about them.  They are, like the reports said, very well mannered.”  She watched her grandmother as Mister Small passed the rope around and between her arms, and then tied the ends off out of reach of her fingernails.


“I must say, even if we are not going to be able to go to the club, I find this quite – exciting,” Babs said quietly as she twisted round, then watched Mister Small as he retrieved a longer length of rope and started to double that over as well.  “And what do you intend to do with that, young man?”


“Ensure your upper body is appropriately secured, Babs,” Mister Small said with a smile as he passed the rope round the older woman’s arms and upper body, then pulled the ends through the centre loop behind her back, forcing her arms into her sides as it formed a band under her chest.  He passed the rope round her several times, above and below, Milly watching as the bands stretched her grandmother’s blouse over her chest even as it forced her arms tightly against her body.


“I see what you mean,” Babs said quietly, biting her lower lip as Mister Small pulled the rope around both bands behind her back, and then took the rope under one arm, pulling it up and around the back of her neck before he fed it under her other arm, the bands tightening even more as Babs started to tickle.


“Oh I am sorry,” Mister Small said as he secured the rope, “I did not mean to tickle you.”


“It…  It’s not you who is tickling me,” Babs said quietly as she wriggled round, “if anything, I appreciate you took great care not to touch me anywhere inappropriate.”


“Well, we pride ourselves on trying to maintain the dignity of those we visit,” Mister Small said with a smile as he selected another length of rope…




“What are you going to do when you leave,” Debbie said as she sat on her bed, watching Mister Tall use the combination she had given him to open the safe in her wardrobe.


“As we said earlier, we will make sure you are comfortable, but unable to raise the alarm.  Mister Small will be taking care of your mother as we speak up here,” the tall masked man said as he opened the safe, and started to put jewels and cash into a sack he was holding.  “I know this is an inconvenience, but I assure you we mean no harm.  This is strictly business.”


“You know, I actually believe you,” Debbie said as she watched him emptying the contents of her safe into the bag.


“Would it be rude to enquire about your husband?”


“Long gone – with his bimbo secretary.”


He looked over and nodded.  “Such is, regretfully, often the way,” he said as he found the item he had been asked to retrieve, and slipped it unseen into the bag.  “Although I must say, I feel he may have made a grave error in your case.  You are a beautiful woman.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere with me, even if good manners have,” Debbie said with a smile.


“And the desire of all three of you to spend a night at a nightclub?”


“We all get lonely – even my mother – so why not?”


“Why not indeed,” Mister Tall said as he closed the door.  “Now, your daughter’s room…”




Milly watched as Mister Small pulled the rope between her grandmother’s legs, and then tied the ends off behind them as Babs twisted round.  As she did this, the leather of her boots squeaked as they rubbed together, her ankles crossed and tied together with the rope, and now her legs secured together below her knees.


“Does it hurt, Gran?”


“Surprisingly, no,” Babs said as she looked at her granddaughter, “I think I might be able to cope for a while like this.  You are very good at this, young man.”


“I accept the compliment in the way it was given,” Mister Small said as he walked back to the bag, and took out two more lengths of rope.  “And now, it is time to begin to ensure you stay in the chair, Milly.  Please, put your feet up on the coffee table, and cross your ankles.”


“Somehow, I knew this was coming,” Milly said as she obeyed the request, watching as Mister Small wrapped the rope around her crossed ankles and secured them together in the same way he had with her grandmother.  He then took a second length, and secured her legs together below her knees, Milly looking to the doorway as Mister Tall brought Debbie back in.


“MUM!  Are you all right?”


“I’m fine, darling,” Babs said as she twisted in the chair, “and besides, given what this young man is doing to my granddaughter, I suspect you are going to be in a similar position to me before too long.”


“That is indeed the case,” Mister Tall said as he took two lengths of rope from the bag.  “Debbie, kindly take a seat next to your daughter.  Mister Small, perhaps a small drink for each of the ladies before they are unable to appreciate it?”


“What can I get for you, Babs,” Mister Small said as he looked at her.


“Just some water please,” Babs said, the other two nodding in agreement as he headed to the kitchen.  Both watched as Mister Tall crossed and secured Debbie’s ankles together, the ropes compressing the black fabric of her boots around her limbs as he did so.  He then bound her legs together below her knees, the band of white rope sitting on top of the black tops of the boots as the rope went around and between her limbs.


Mister Small returned with three glasses of water, handing one each to Debbie and Milly before he put a straw in the third one, and held it while Babs took a drink.


“Thank you,” Debbie said as she looked at the two masked men, “I don’t know why I should say that – you’re tying us up and have tied my mother up, and I suspect you’re going to gag us – but still, thank you.”


“That was very kind of you, young man,” Babs said as she took one more sip, “but if I have any more, I may regret it later.  So what now?”


“Now,” Mister Small said as he held a folded cloth in his hands, “I need you to allow me to put this in your mouth, and then I will use some tape to cover your lips.  It will not hurt you, but it will keep you quiet.”


“And as for you two beautiful ladies,” Mister Tall said as he looked at Debbie and Milly, “I want you both to sit back to back on this leather sofa, your legs over the arms, and then hold hands.”


“Well, at least we will be together,” Debbie said as she turned herself and put her bound legs over the arm of the couch, Milly nodding as she did the same on the other side, watching Mister Small as he gently, but firmly, pressed a long wide strip of white tape over her grandmother’s mouth.  Babs looked over and nodded to show she was all right, while Mister Tall took two lengths of cord and used them to secure Debbie’s wrists to those of Milly.


“We’re going to be all right, Mum,” Milly said as she watched the rope been passed round her upper arms, securing them to her sides above her chest before Mister Tall did the same to Debbie, and then started to bind them together at their waists.  She then looked up to see Mister Small holding a folded blue cloth in his hand, the roll of white tape in his other gloved hand as he said “your turn, young lady.  Please, open your mouth.”


“Well, since you asked so politely,” Milly said as she opened her mouth, feeling the cotton on her tongue before she closed her lips and watched Mister Small tear a strip away from the roll of tape, and then press it over her mouth.  He was gentle, but firm, as he made sure the covering adhered to the skin on her jaw and around her mouth, and she gave her mother’s hand a squeeze.


“It is your turn now,” Mister Small said as he walked round, Mister Tall tying the rope holding their waists together off as Milly looked at her grandmother.  Dhsshhttphllhnuhrrmffhswhlll?”


Hlhhttlt,bhthhsnhtthbhddd,” Babs replied as she watched the smaller of the two masked men gag her daughter in the same way as her and her granddaughter, and then put the roll of tape into the bag before he collected the glasses.


Whrshshthkhnthm,” Debbie said as her lips moved under the tape.


“To put them into your dishwasher and start it off of course – no sense in leaving too much waste,” Mister Tall said as he tided other ropes away and closed the bag.  “Would you all care to listen to some music to pass the time?”


As they all nodded, he turned the radio on as he said “We will contact the appropriate authorities in a few hours, once we have had time to make a safe exit.”  As Mister Small came back and picked up the bag, both men looked at the bound and gagged women and smiled.


“The Gentlemen Robbers bid you all adieu,” Mister Tall said with a smile, “may we never meet again.”  Debbie, Milly and Babs all watched as they left them in the front room, Radio Two playing as the footsteps retreated to the rear of the house…








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