Many Ropes to Bind Them








Jennifer stepped out from the gym, looking round and smiling as she held her bag in her hand.  She was a woman in her late forties, just over six foot tall with long dark brown hair that fell down over her shoulders.


She was wearing a long-sleeved grey top and leggings, the sides of the arms and legs decorated with red, white and black stripes, as well as a pair of black trainers.  She walked to her car, her eyes sparkling behind her glasses, and unlocked the trunk before putting her bag in, closing the lid before she got behind the wheel of the car.


Looking out for a moment, she took her cell phone out and dialled a number.




“Arwen – it’s Mom.  How are your assignments coming along?”




Her seventeen-year-old daughter Arwen smiled as she held her own iPhone to her ear.  “Coming along nicely Mom,” she said as she stood up and walked away from the table, under the window which looked out onto the street.  The young girl had long, flaming red hair, which today was falling over the shoulders of the red short cardigan she was wearing.  The cardigan was the same shade of red as her hair, and was worn over a white lace style dress, a brown lattice belt fastened round her waist and the end tucked under the belt itself.  Dark red tights and a pair of red suede ankle boots that matched her jacket completed her outfit.


“Good,” she heard Jennifer say, “so what is left?”


“My English book review – should not take me too long.”


“Right – I should be home in half an hour or so, and we can have a drink then.”


“See you then Mom,” Arwen said as she ended the call and sat down, not noticing the grey panel van which had parked on the road near their house…




Jennifer smiled as she started the engine, and moved out from the parking lot…




As she turned into her street, Jennifer smiled to herself – the sun was shining, even if it was a little cold, and that made her happy.  She had some business to take care of, but that would not take too long.


Turning onto the driveway of her home, she slowly took the car into the garage and then turned the engine off, smiling as she got out and closed the driver’s door.


“Good afternoon, dear lady.”


The voice took Jennifer by surprise, as she turned and looked at the two men who had appeared out of nowhere, standing just inside the garage.  They were identically dressed – black jumpers and leather jackets, black trousers, black shoes, black gloves – and black balaclavas pulled down over their heads, allowing only their mouths and eye to be seen.


The most striking thing about them was the disparity in size – Jennifer was over six foot tall, but one of the men towered over her, while the second one was at least a foot shorter.


“What the…”


“Forgive me,” the taller of the two men said as he produced a gun and pointed it at Jennifer, “but I must ask you not to make any demonstrative moves.  I assure you, my friend and I are not going to harm you, so long as you do exactly what we say.  Remain calm, and nothing regrettable needs to take place.”  His tone was calm, clear, and Jennifer did notice the polite way he spoke – but he was armed.


“May we know your name?”


“Jennifer – and what do I call you?”


“All in good time Jennifer,” the taller man said, “for now, I want you to close the garage door, and then allow us both to accompany you into your home.”


Looking at the two men, Jennifer slowly nodded as she said “all right – I guess I have no choice?”


“I have to admit,” the taller of the two men said with a smile, “you do not.  Shall we?”


The two men watched as Jennifer pressed a button on the wall, the garage door rolling down as she retrieved her bag from the trunk, and then opened the door to the house.  Walking in, she turned to see the two men following her, the smaller of the two closing the door.


“Thank you – a lovely home,” the tall, masked man said.  “Now, slowly, put your bag on the floor, and hand your purse to my colleague here.”


As Jennifer handed her purse to the smaller man, he said “I thank you” before she was made at gunpoint to walk into the front room of the house.  “Very tasteful,” he said as he followed her in, “I require you now to draw the drapes closed, and then to take a seat with your hands where we can both see them.”


As she walked to the large windows, Jennifer looked out, contemplating raising the alarm, but instead she drew the drapes over them, and then turned, taking a seat as she said “so do I get to know who you are now?”


“Naturally – I am known as Mister Tall, and this is my friend, Mister Small.”


“You’re joking?”


“Oh we are telling the truth,” Mister Small said as he placed a large bag on one side of a long brown couch, and then opened it up.  “And my friend is quite correct – so long as you and anyone else who should be here or call while we are in residence remain calm, and do as we say, then there is no need for anyone to be upset.”


“But you’re masked and armed – so you are robbing us, correct?”


“True,” Mister Tall said as he handed the gun to Mister Small, and then looked in the bag, retrieving a length of white rope and doubling it over as he walked over, “and a regrettable part of that is that we must ensure you cannot raise the alarm.  I would like you to move slightly forward, and put your hands behind your back.”


Jennifer nodded as she shuffled forward and turned slightly, putting her hands behind her back and looking over her shoulder as Mister Tall knelt, wrapping the rope round her wrists and pulling it tight so that they were secured together, before he took the rope around and between her arms, securing the ends out of reach of her long fingers as she wriggled them.


“Well,” she finally said as she looked at the masked men, “you certainly seem to know how to treat your victims with respect.”


“To us, respect is everything,” Mister Tall said as he retrieved a longer length of rope from the bag and doubled it over, “on which note, Jennifer, now would be a good time to tell us honestly if anybody else is at home at the moment.”


Glancing up, for a moment Jennifer considered what she should do, and then said “my daughter Arwen is in her room.  In fact, I’m amazed she has not come down yet.”


“Well, we can look into that,” Mister Tall said as he passed the doubled over rope round Jennifer, and pulled it tight under her chest.  “Mister Small – kindly take some ropes and invite young Arwen to join her mother.”


“Of course,” the smaller of the two men said as he took two lengths of rope from the bag, and walked out of the room, Jennifer watching as Mister Tall wrapped the rope round her and formed two bands that framed her chest…




At the top of the stairs, Mister Small stopped and listened at a door for a moment, before he opened it as quietly and possible and walked in.  He could see the young red-haired woman sitting at the task, humming to herself as she wrote in a book.


Smiling, he said quietly “Mae g'ovannen!”


As he watched, the red-haired girl raised her head, before she slowly stood up and turned round.  She was a little taller than him, and slim, but she looked at him with her head slowly tilting to one side.


“ Ni'lassui – but, why Elvish?”


“With a name like Arwen, I imagine your parents are Tolkien lovers, and it seemed an appropriate way to greet you.”


“Okay,” she said quietly, “can’t argue with that – but who are you, why are you wearing a mask, and what are you doing in my room?”


“All fair questions, Arwen – you may call me Mister Small, my friend Mister Tall and I are in the process of taking from your home any valuables we can find – and I am here to secure your upper body, and take you to where your mother is with my friend.  Does that provide sufficient explanation for now?”


Arwen looked at him, the ropes in one gloved hand and the gun in the other, and then shook her head as she said “okay – I have to admit, an armed robber being polite is a new one on me, and not what I ever expected.  Which I guess means I am about to experience a Nancy Drew moment?!


“Forgive me – a Nancy Drew moment?”


Arwen glanced at her bookcase, as she said “Nancy Drew – teenage sleuth, books written by Edward Stratemeyer, seems to end up bound and gagged in every single book.  I take it I am going to be at least tied up, given the ropes in your hand?”


“Ah,” Mister Small said as he looked over, “I was a fan of Enid Blyton myself, but yes – a regrettable part of our work is we do have to secure and silence anyone resident at the time.  I hope you understand this, and will not provide any objections?”


Shrugging her shoulders, Arwen said “I guess I really do not have a choice in the matter do I?  And I respect the fact you have at least being polite.”


“We are both gentlemen,” Mister Small said with a smile.  “So to business – please, turn round and cross your wrists behind your back.”  As Arwen did this, he put the longer length of rope down on the bed and then doubled over the shorter length, wrapping it round her wrists and then pulling it tight.




“What is Arwen?”


“I expected it to be rough - but this rope feels soft.  Very soft.”


“While it is not Elven rope,” Mister Small said as he pulled the ends of the rope between her arms, “we do ensure it is as soft as possible – but be assured, we do take care to ensure it is almost impossible for you to release yourself.”


“No,” Arwen said quietly as he tied the ends off and tucked them into the bands, out of reach of her probing fingers.  “You don’t say…”


“I do say,” Mister Small chuckled as he picked up the longer rope.  “Now, I presume that Nancy Drew usually gets bound wrists and ankles, and a cleave gag, no?”


“Well…  Yes…  Why?”


“Allow me to demonstrate how one should be bound to really ensure they cannot raise the alarm,” he said as he passed the rope round Arwen and then pulled it tight below her chest, forcing her arms against her sides as she felt the rope pull her dress tighter round her.


He then took the rope round the upper body of the young girl several times, forming two bands that framed her chest and made sure her arms stayed by her sides.  As she looked down, she saw how her dress had been pulled tight over her chest, how her red cardigan had been pulled to the sides.


“Oh wow,” she whispered, “I see what you mean?”


“Indeed – it is essential we make the binding as tight as possible, for your own safety and security,” Mister Small said as he fed the rope under one arm and then pulled it up, lifting her hair out of the way as he took the rope around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, making the bands even tighter.


“For MY safety and security?”


“Indeed – it is frighteningly easy to hurt yourself when like this, unless we ensure you truly cannot move much at all.”


Raising one eyebrow, Arwen thought for a moment as Mister Small pulled the rope tighter, and then secured the ends behind her back.  “You know,” she finally said “that actually does make sense in a strange way.”


“I trust it is not too uncomfortable?”


“No – I could almost get to like this,” Arwen said as Mister Small looked at her.  “So what now?”


“Well first, and with regret, you need to tell me if you have any valuables in this room – and then we take a walk down to where your mother is…”




“ARWEN?  Are you all right?”


“Strangely, Mom – yes I am,” Arwen said as Mister Small walked her in, and she saw her mother sitting on the couch.  Her hands were behind her back, and she could see the bands of white rope that framed her chest, holding her arms to her sides as her grey top was stretched over her breasts.  “Are you all right?”


“I’m not as scared as I suspect I should be,” Jennifer said as Arwen saw the taller masked man in the room.


“My friend Mister Tall.  Mister Tall, this is Arwen, Jennifer’s daughter.”


“Greetings,” Mister Tall said as he inclined his head.  “Please, take a seat next to your mother – Mister Small, what have you there?”


“Some things from Arwen’s room,” the smaller masked man said as he placed the small velvet bag in the larger one, and then drew two fresh lengths of rope out.


“He’s taken your jewellery?”


“Yeah – hope the insurance policy is up to date,” Arwen said as she sat next to Jennifer, “are you all right Mom?”


“I am – How do they strike you?”


“Polite to a fault – but I do get they are in charge.”


“A good way to view things,” Mister Small said as he knelt down and lifted Arwen’s legs, putting her feet on his knee before he used the first length of rope to bind her ankles tightly together.


As he did this, Mister Tall picked up a photo frame and looked at it.  “A family photo?”


“Yes,” Jennifer answered, “why?”


“Well it prompts two questions – one I ask because it is necessary, one out of curiosity.”  He looked at the photo, Jennifer in a blue dress, Arwen wearing a light grey dress, and a woman and an older girl standing behind them.  “Firstly, when are you expecting your husband to return home?”


“Later this evening – you’re not planning to wait for him and take him captive as well, are you?”


“Tempting,” Mister Tall said with a smile, “but no, it means we do not have to alert the authorities of your predicament.”


Mister Small then took the second length of rope and passed it round Arwen’s legs below her knees, forcing them together and making sure the rope went around and between both limbs before he tied the ends off at the back of her legs. 


“What was the second question?”


“Your older daughter?”


“Eowyn?  She is at college upstate,” Jennifer answered as Mister Small lowered her legs to the floor, standing up as Arwen twisted her legs round.


“Okay – definitely more than Nancy Drew ever got,” she finally said, “but thank you for explaining why?”


“It is a pleasure,” Mister Small said with a smile as Mister Tall helped Jennifer to stand up.  “Please, come with me as I go about my business,” he said, “my friend will make sure Arwen is kept company while he searches this room.”


“I’ll be all right Mom,” Arwen said with a smile, Jennifer nodding as Mister Tall walked her out of the room.


“I don’t believe it – you got us both bound, and we’re not scared?  How do you do that?”


“We find that being Gentlemen makes it a less – stressful experience for all, as I am sure you will agree Jennifer,” the masked man said as they walked to the top of the stairs, and then into the master bedroom.  He noticed the large paperback by the bedside, and said “I see – that explains why your daughters are called Arwen and Eowyn.”


“Yeah, my husband and I are big fans of the books and films,” Jennifer said as she twisted round.  Her top was offering some protection from the ropes, but she had to admit she was not going to get free.


“Is something the matter Jennifer?”


“No – just amazed it is so tight, yet not uncomfortable…”


“Ah – that does surprise a lot of the people we visit,” Mister Tall said with a smile.  “Please, take a seat on the bed, and you can tell me where to find your valuables.”


“Well…”  She suddenly looked to the window as they both heard a car pull up and stop.  Mister Tall looked out as she stood to the side, and said “it would appear you have a visitor – who looks a lot like you?”


“Oh no – Eowyn…”


He put a gloved finger to his lips as they both listened.





“Hey – is anyone home?”


As she walked into the house, the brown-haired woman closed the door and then listened.  She had long light brown hair, and was wearing a short sleeved green top, blue jeans and blue leather flat shoes.


When she heard no reply, she shrugged her shoulders and went into the front room, saying as she did so “why are the drapes closed?”


“Because we are being robbed?”


She stopped short as she saw Arwen sitting on the couch, her hands behind her back and bands of rope around her upper body, legs and ankles.  The smaller girl smiled as she said “hey big sis – guess what is going to happen to you now?”


“Arwen…  Who did this to you?”


”Hagolaþ, Eowyn síþwíf.”


The new arrival turned and looked at the smaller masked man, smiling as he pointed a pistol at her and said “You bear a strong resemblance to Jennifer.  I presume this is your older sister Arwen?”


“Yeah – this is Eowyn.  Eowyn – meet Mister Small.”


“You’re kidding?”


“Oh she is most certainly your mother’s daughter,” Mister Small said with a smile. “Perhaps you can explain to Eowyn what is happening, Arwen?”


“Well – Mom is upstairs with his partner.”


“His partner – Mister Even Smaller?”


“Nope – Mister Tall.  I guess what is going to happen now, oh older sister, is we are going to be two maidens in distress instead of one.”


Eowyn looked through her glasses at Mister Small, before she said “yeah – yeah I guess we are.  Although I could really do with a drink.”


“Well then,” Mister Small said as he selected a length of rope from the open bag, “the sooner I have you secured, the sooner I can fulfil your request, Sister Daughter.  Kindly face your sister, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Well – I guess I really don’t have a choice…”


“Don’t worry,” Arwen said with a smile as Eowyn stood in front of her, “it’s actually very comfortable, and it doesn’t hurt at all.”


As she felt the rope round her wrists, Eowyn sighed and said “I hope it is…”




“So your daughter has come home after all?”


Jennifer looked at Mister Tall and said “I forgot she was coming home for the weekend.  What’s going to happen to her?”


“Well, I am sure Mister Small is showing her all due care and consideration – and he will ensure she is as comfortable as her sister,” Mister Tall said before he opened the safe door.  “Excellent – thank you for the combination Jennifer.”


“Well, I really do not have a choice, do I?”


“I am afraid not – these legal documents are of no interest to us, but…”  He removed a long black case and opened it.  “Pearls?”


“They were my mother’s…”


Mister Tall looked at Jennifer, and saw the expression on her face.  Quietly, he said “My condolences – was it recent?”




“In which case…”


“No,” Jennifer said as she looked at her captor, “Mom meant well leaving them to me, but to be honest I never really looked as good in them as she did.  There is another box in there.”


Mister Tall put the pearls down and removed the second box, opening it and looking at the jewellery inside.


“She left me those as well – please, leave those and you may take the pearls.”


Nodding, Mister Tall replaced the second box, and said “thank you” as he put the pearls into the black velvet sack, “Such things should be left with those to whom they mean the most.  Now, what else do we have in here…”



Eowyn grunted slightly as the ropes forced her arms against her sides, rubbing on her bare flesh as Mister Small formed the two bands around her chest.


“So how long?”


“About an hour or so – I think they surprised Mom first, then Mister Small came up and surprised me in my room.”


“Doing your assignments?”


“Yeah – want to know the really funny thing?”


“Go on…”


Arwen shook her head as she said “the book report I was working on – it was for Macbeth.”


“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes?”


Eowyn turned her head and looked at Mister Small, before she said “you know the play?”


“We are not just Gentlemen, we are cultured – and I love Shakespeare,” he said as he pulled the ropes tighter, and then fed them under Eowyn’s arm between her limb and her body, then pulled it up and round the back of her head before he fed it under the other arm.


“This is – different,” she said as he secured the ends.  “I mean, it’s tight, but also – nice?”


“I know – it really is the strangest feeling, isn’t it,” Arwen said as Mister Small helped Eowyn to sit next to her.  “I mean, we should be terrified and trying to get free, but instead…”


“It’s like we’re both getting ready for something – what is wrong with us?”


“Nothing at all,” Mister Small said as he knelt and lifted Eowyn’s legs so that her feet rested on her knee, the rope going round her ankles as he began to secure them together.  “You have accepted the situation, and with acceptance comes the knowledge that you may as well enjoy what is happening.  Now, please remain still…”




Mister Tall tipped the contents of the white box into his sack, and then replaced the box before he closed the drawer.


“Well,” Jennifer said, “if I am to be robbed, at least there is not much mess left behind.”


“A tidy mind is a clear mind – and a tidy house allows for less opportunity for hurt,” Mister Tall said with a smile.  “So, we have finished in here I think – please stand up, and we can re-join your daughters.”  He helped Jennifer to stand up, and then walked with her out of the bedroom and down the stairs.


“Hey Mom – looks like we are all going to be the same.”


“Hi Eowyn – welcome to our quiet time together,” Jennifer said, Arwen shaking her head as her mother sat in the armchair, and then watching as Mister Tall selected two more lengths of rope from the bag.


“Well, if you ladies will excuse me for a few minutes, some refreshments were called for,” Mister Small said as he left the room.




“I said I needed a drink – that drive left me thirsty,” Eowyn said as both girls watched Mister Tall kneel and begin to bind their mother’s ankles in the same way as theirs.


“Okay – and how do we drink this drink?”


“Carefully,” Arwen said with a giggle, as Jennifer saw the rope round and between her legs, the grey of her pants lightening under the tension of the binding.  Mister Tall secured the ends off, and then wrapped more rope round her legs below her knees to force them together there as well.


“This is tight,” she said quietly as Mister Tall pulled the rope between her legs, and then secured the ends as Mister Small returned with three glasses of water a straw in each.


“I regret it is not Miruvore, or mead or beer,” he said as he held one glass in front of Eowyn, allowing her to take a drink, “but it should prove refreshing nonetheless.”


“Well, it certainly helps,” Eowyn said as Mister Small wiped her chin with a napkin, and then allowed her to take another drink.


“Have you had enough for now?”


“Yes – thank you,” the older girl said as Mister Small put the glass down, then picked a second one up to allow Arwen to have a drink, Mister Tall taking the third glass and allowing Jennifer to have some water as well.


“I hope you can stick round for dinner when your father comes home Eowyn,” Jennifer eventually said.


“Oh I think I can stay for a while – in fact, I don’t think you can take me away,” Eowyn said with a smile as the glasses were put back, Mister Small taking the tray out of the room, “so what can we talk about.”


“Ah – I am afraid any discussion will have to take a more – muted approach,” Mister Tall said as he took from the bag a large black silk square, rolling in into a band as he looked at Jennifer.


“Should have seen that coming,” Arwen said as Jennifer shook her head.


“You girls are far too relaxed about this.”


“And you’re denying you don’t feel different, Mom?”


Jennifer blushed as she said “no – no, I can’t say that.  I guess we will have a lot to talk about later.”


“As you say, for later – for now, Jennifer, please open your mouth.”


“Talk to you later Mom,” Arwen said as Mister Tall eased the rolled-up scarf between Jennifer’s lips.  She felt the silk on her tongue as the band pulled back at the corners of her mouth, and then the pressure on her cheeks as the masked robber tied the scarf round her head, also trapping her long hair against the back of her head as she closed her lips over the material.


“Htshshlrht,” she said as she looked at the girls.


“So are we going to be the same?”


“Actually,” Mister Tall said as he produced two white cloths, and a roll of white tape, “we need to make sure it is a little more difficult for you both to communicate.”  He looked at both of them, and then at Arwen as he said “is something wrong Arwen?”


“It’s just…”  She looked at the two masked men as she said “I just got over the flu, and when I went for a run earlier, I still felt a little out of breath.  I don’t want to take the risk I need to breathe in and cannot do it properly.”


“Nevertheless, my dear girl,” Mister Tall said, “we need to ensure you cannot raise the alarm.”


“I understand that – so let me be like Nancy Drew in that at least.  I know you have to gag me – but if you gag me like Mom, then I will feel safer.”


The two men looked at each other, before Mister Small said “very well then” and put the cloths and tape down, looking in the bag before he took out a large white silk square and rolled it into a band.  “Please open your mouth.”


“Fhnnkuh,” Arwen said as the silk band was pulled between her lips, the band tied tightly round her head as she closed her lips over the soft material.  Jennifer nodded as Mister Small made sure the gag was secured, and then went back round, folding one of the white squares as he looked at Eowyn.


“Yeah, I know,” the older girl said quietly, but she opened her mouth and allowed the masked man to push the wad of cloth into her mouth, closing her lips as he peeled a long length of the white tape away from the roll, then pressed it firmly down over her mouth and jaw with his gloved fingers.


Jennifer saw the shape of Eowyn’s lips under the tape, and said “Hwshsshht?”


“Hllbhfhn,” Eowyn mumbled as Arwen looked at her.


“Now, we just need to make sure you truly cannot move,” Mister Tall said as his partner came over.  They watched as Mister Small selected two cushions from the seats, and placed them on the floor a few inches apart.


"Allow me to assist you, Lady Of Rivendale,” he said as he helped Arwen to shuffle forward and kneel on the floor, then lowered her so that she was lying on her stomach, her head on one of the pillows.  Looking at Eowyn, he then said “Permit me to help Shieldmaiden of Rohan,” Eowyn nodding as she helped to lie on the floor next to Arwen.


Jennifer watched as their ankles were pulled back so that their heels rested on their bottoms, and then more ropes were used to secure their ankles to their chest ropes.  They looked at each other as Mister Small removed Eowyn’s glasses, folding them and placing them safely away from her.


“Whjlhlhrwhrhr,” Eowyn said as she looked at Arwen.


“Yhhh,” she mumbled, the silk soaking up the saliva in her mouth as Mister Small ensured the skirt of her dress was covering her.




“Well, we think given your obvious athleticism, we should make some slightly different arrangements for you, Jennifer,” Mister Tall said, the two girls watching as he and Mister Small helped her to jump over to the couch and take a seat on it, then turned her round and bent her legs so that her feet were flat on the cushions.  Mister Tall then took another length of rope and tied her legs together above her knees, then took the ends of the rope and tied them to the rope round her chest. 


Jennifer looked at it, and nodded as she said “Whhlhhmshthcknh.”


“Whhllhhr,” Eowyn said as the two girls tried to move – without much success. 


“We would normally offer to inform the authorities of your predicament,” Mister Small said, “but given you have said your husband will return home soon, I think we can trust to him to take care of you then.”


“Vhrrhkhndhfuthhfr,” Jennifer mumbled as she tried to move, with little success.


“Well,” Mister Tall said as Mister Small picked up the bag, “I think it is time for us to leave.  The Gentlemen Robbers bid you ladies adieu – may we never meet again.”


Mister Small looked at the three trussed and gagged women, before bowing low and saying “Namaarie, fair ladies.”  Jennifer inclined her head in response as the two men walked out and turned the corridor, and then she tried to twist round again.  The bands of rope held firm, the grey definitely lighter under each band – and darker where she could see some sweat stains as well.  The scarf between her lips was also getting wetter – but it was tightly secured as well.


She looked down at Arwen and Eowyn as they struggled on the floor – the ropes were also holding firm on them, and she could see the sweat on their skin as well, but they were as stuck as she was.  Eventually, they both rolled onto their sides and looked at her.




“Hdhnhknh – whchntmhf, nkhffshrhnd, nsshsshrs…”  She looked at Arwen, the white scarf noticeably darker at the corners of her mouth, before she said “whchldphllhsph…”






It was getting dark as Dudley pulled up outside the house, getting out of his car and walking in.


“Hey – is anybody home,” he called out as he closed the door and turned the light on.




“Jennifer?”  He walked into the front room and turned the light on, seeing his wife and daughters trussed and gagged as he stared at them.


“Whlldhntjhststhndthtrr – ghthsfhrr!”


Dudley slowly nodded as he said “yeah – yeah, just let me do one thing.”




All three looked at him as he left the room, coming back with his cell phone and taking pictures of them.




“Just for evidence,” he said with a smile as he came over and eased the gag from his wife’s mouth.


“Evidence – right, we’re going to talk about that.  Get us free…”







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