Polite Restraint







“What a day!”


“Tell me about it,” Laura said as she closed the door, and let her bag drop to the floor, “busy, but a good sales day all round.”


“I agree,” Sheila said as she removed her black leather jacket and hung it up.  Her long brown hair fell onto the shoulders of her taupe jersey dress, her legs in black leggings and over the knee black leather boots – these boots had five inch killer steel stiletto heels, and a pattern up the outside in gold.


“Well, I am going to put the kettle on,” Laura said as she walked to the kitchen.  Her sister was wearing a long sleeved snakeskin design grey and silver top, with black leggings and a pair of high black leather boots that were covered with little silver studs at the top.  “Coffee?”


“Sounds good – I’m going to get these off,” Sheila said as she went into the living room and sat down.  Sighing, she lifted her left leg over her right, and started to remove the boot.


“Please – keep them on.  It will help with what is about to happen in this house, to you and to your charming sister.”


Sheila turned at the sound of the deep male voice and looked at the man standing there.  He was dressed from head to foot in black – black leather jacket and jeans, black trainers, black shoes, black leather gloves, black balaclava over his head so that only his eyes and smiling mouth showed…


“Oh my god,” she whispered as she looked at him, “who are you?”


“A fair question – allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mister Tall, and my partner Mister Small is currently assisting your sister to make some coffee.  We heard you say you have had a long and trying day, and some coffee will certainly help with that.”


Sheila could only stare as Laura came in, carrying a tray with four mugs of coffee – and followed by a second man, identical to the first but a foot or so smaller.  “Hello,” he said as Laura set the tray down, and sat next to Sheila while the two men sat on the other side of the corner unit.  “You must be Sheila – I am Mister Small.”


“No kidding,” Sheila said as she looked at the two men – and the gun in the hand of the taller man.  “Who exactly are you?”


“Sheila – we read about these two in the paper,” Laura said quietly as she handed her sister one of the mugs, “remember – the Gentlemen Robbers?”


“Oh…  OH!  Does that mean you are…”


“Here to rob you?  I am afraid it does,” Mister Tall said as he took a sip from another mug.  “Exceptional coffee – Arabian?”


“Arabian-Turkish blend,” Laura said quietly.


“Well, my compliments to the vendor,” Mister Tall said with a smile.  “It is so rarely I find someone with such exquisite taste – if you have this taste in coffee, it must be reflected in other areas.”


Laura blushed as Sheila looked at her, before she said “so if you are robbing us, shouldn’t you be tying us up or something?”


“Oh we can get to that in due course,” Mister Small said, “but it would be a shame not to enjoy this blend, correct?”


“Seriously – we’re sitting with armed and masked men, drinking coffee?”


Mister Tall just smiled as Sheila shook her head, and took a sip from her own mug.


“While we are drinking, however,” Mister Small said, “would you be so good as to hand me your mobile phones?  We need to ensure they are kept suitably out of your way during our time here.”


“I should have seen that coming,” Sheila said as she picked her bag up, and handed over her mobile phone, while Laura said “mine is in my bag outside.”


“Then I shall find it later,” Mister Small said before he took another drink.  “Regretfully, we are here to rob you, but we wish to make this as painless an experience as possible, and cause a minimum of fuss.  To help with that, we ask you to tell us now where your valuables are in the house, and also the combinations of any safe we may find.”


“I could open it myself,” Mister Tall said quietly, “but that would be – messy.”


The two girls looked at each other, before Sheila said “Messy we do not want.  There are some jewellery boxes in my room, and there is a safe – I’ll give you the combination.”


“And for you my dear,” Mister Small said as he looked at Laura.


“The same – I have some money in an envelope, but that is for…”


“We are travelling to visit our parent’s graves.  It’s been a year.”


“Of course – that we will leave behind, and accept our condolences at this time,” Mister Tall said quietly as he put his mug down.  “Mister Small, if Laura has finished her coffee, perhaps we can start with her.”


“Have you finished,” Mister Small said as he stood up, watching as the younger sister nodded and put her mug on the tray.  “Excellent – please, lean forward, and place your hands behind your back.”


“Is this going to hurt,” Laura said as Sheila watched from the side.


“Only if you try to struggle or resist – I strongly recommend you do not,” Mister Small said as he took a length of white cord from his pocket, and walked behind her, crossing her wrists before he passed the rope around and between her arms to hold them together.


“How does it feel,” Sheila said quietly as Mister Small tied the ends off, and tucked them into the bands of rope.


“It’s – it’s weird,” Laura said, “I can’t move them apart, but it really doesn’t hurt.”


“Your turn, my dear,” Mister Small said from behind Sheila, Laura nodding as she watched him bind her sister’s wrists behind her back in the same way.  As she wriggled her fingers, Mister Small collected the mugs onto the tray and carried it out of the room, returning with a black leather bag which he placed on the seat of an armchair.  Opening it, he took out another length of rope as he looked at Laura.


“Mister Tall will take your sister upstairs while he selects what we take,” he said quietly, “so you must stay down here.  Please, put your feet up on the coffee table for a moment, and cross your ankles.”




“So I may secure them, ensure you will find it difficult to walk without help.  Please?”


“Well,” Laura said, “when you put it so nicely…”  She put her feet up and watched as Mister Small doubled the rope over, and wrapped it round her ankles, pulling it taut as he wound it round several more time, then separated the ends and took them between her legs to tighten the binding.  “Ah – I see what you mean,” she said quietly as she tried to move them, the leather squeaking as her legs rubbed together.


“Perhaps we should make a start,” Mister Tall said as he stood, and helped Sheila to stand.  “I trust you will be all right down here, Mister Small?”


“Naturally,” the smaller of the masked men said as they watched the two walk out of the room, and up the stairs.


“Why,” Laura said with a smile, “do I get the feeling this is not the full extent of how I am to be tied up?”


“Your perception does you credit,” Mister Small said as he took a second length of rope from the bag, and started to bind her legs together below her knees, Laura watching intently.


“Trying to see how the knots are tied,” Mister Small said with a smile.


“No – just curious.  I read about this sort of thing, but to have it done to you – it’s unsettling, and also intriguing.”


“I can imagine,” he replied, smiling as the rope was taken between Laura’s legs, and then tied off.  As she lowered her legs, she felt the binding tighten even more, and was surprised to find herself smiling.




“Surprisingly, no,” Laura said as she looked down.  “It’s – kinda fun, if you must know.”


“You would be surprised, I suspect, how many people say that,” Mister Small said with a smile as he took a longer length of rope from the bag, and doubled it over, wrapping it around Laura’s arms and body as he pulled it tight under her chest.


“Oh,” she said quietly as she watched him pass it around her several times, above and below her chest, seeing the way it framed her breasts and they were forced up and out a little.  “Oh…”


“Is there a problem?”


“No – no, it’s just not what I expected,” she said quietly as she felt the bands tighten even more, Mister Small pulling them together behind her back, before he used two smaller lengths to cinch them between her arms and body, making it tighter still.


“There – I trust it is something you can cope with for a while,” he said as he sat and looked at Laura while she wriggled round.


“As if I have a choice,” she giggled.  “No – it’s not too tight, but it is tight enough.  So, how do you keep us quiet?”


“Would you like me to show you?”




“I have to admit, if this is what it is like to be robbed, it’s nowhere near as bad as I had imagined.”


“Well, it may sound as if we are blowing our own trumpet, but Mister Small and I like to consider ourselves as the uncommon kind of robber,” Mister Tall said as he put several items of jewellery into a black velvet sack.  “This ring – a family heirloom?”


“It was my grandmother’s” Sheila said, Mister Tall nodding as he replaced it in the box, closed it and put it back into the drawer.  “Now, you mentioned a safe?”


“In the cupboard over there,” Sheila said as she nodded to the side, Mister Tall nodding as he revealed the metal door.  “Excellent – the combination, please?”


As Sheila gave a series of numbers, she said “how are we going to be able to get free?”


“Oh we will inform the authorities of your plight – once we have allowed sufficient time to ensure we are far enough away,” he said with a smile as he opened the door, and placed some rolls of notes in the bag.  “Now – your sister’s room?”





“Oh my goodness – Laura, are you all right?”


Whllsshnhhtthbhd,” Laura said as she watched her sister walk back in with Mister Tall.  She was lying on the coffee table, her ankles pulled back and secured to her chest ropes with more rope, a knotted grey scarf pulled between her teeth and tied round her head, the band pressing her hair against her head.


“Your sister wanted to ensure you had enough room on your couch,” Mister Small said with a smile as he doubled over another long length of rope.  “Before you take a seat, we need to secure your arms to your sides.  Please stand still.”


Sheila nodded as he passed the rope around her, Laura watching as her dress was stretched over her chest by the bands of rope above and below it, and then heard her grunt as the ropes were tied off.  She then saw him take the smaller lengths between her arms and body, seeing the way the bands tightened and understanding why they felt the way they did on her.


“That’s – different,” Sheila finally said as the ropes were tied off.


“Indeed – please, sit on the couch, but put your legs on the cushions and cross your ankles.”


Sheila nodded as she walked over and sat down, twisting round as she put her legs on the cushions, watching as Mister Tall crossed her ankles and started to bind them together, the rope going around and between her legs, and then around her feet as he tied the ropes off under the soles of her boots.


“I’m not going anywhere,” she said quietly, Laura laughing and shaking her head as he took more rope, and bind her legs together below her knees, the rope rubbing on the leather as it was pulled tight.  She watched as he completed the binding, and said “so am I going to be the same as my sister?”


“On the couch, yes,” Mister Tall said with a smile, “but first, we do need to ensure your silence.”


“Excuse me,” Mister Small said as he left the room, Sheila and Laura listening as they heard the sound of water running.


“Is he – is he washing the mugs?”


“I do believe he is – we do like to leave a home as tidy as possible,” Mister Tall said as he folded a white cloth into a pad, and then rolled a black scarf into a band and tied a knot in the middle of it.


Thssswhtmshhtrshmmlldhdthmm,” Laura said, watching as Mister Tall said “any last comments before I do this?”


“Just to thank you for – being you, I guess,” Sheila said as she wriggled round.


“Thank you – please, open your mouth as wide as possible.  It will get more comfortable fairly quickly.”


As Laura watched, Mister Tall pushed the folded white cloth into Sheila’s mouth, and then eased the knot of the black band between her teeth, tying the band round her head and trapping her hair as he did so, and then helped her to lie down and roll over, pulling her bound ankles back and securing them to her chest ropes with another length. 


“I believe we are finished her,” Mister Small said as he came in, putting some ropes back into the bag and closing it.


“I do believe we are.  Ladies, the Gentlemen Robbers bid you adieu – may we never meet again.”  They watched as both men bowed, and then walked off, a door opening and closing before they looked at each other.


Hlll,” Sheila said as she struggled in the tight ropes, and then opened her eyes wide as she said “Hmghddd…”


Yhssehkn,” Laura said quietly, “sswhhtdhwwhdhhntllhlpchms?”







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