Carmen’s Valentine Surprise









Walking down the street on the cool February afternoon, Carmen was aware of some of the glances she was getting from the men who passed her – and who could blame them?  She was tall, and had a lean body that showed the effect of good exercise and clean living.


Of course, some of that exercise had come from the numerous times she had found herself having to wriggle out of ropes and remove gags from her mouth, but that was the occupational hazard of being an amateur detective.  The admiring glances were more the occupational hazard of having a body that was fit, trim, and possessed a chest that most women were green with jealousy over.


For today, for this special day, Carmen was wearing her favourite red dress, cut at the chest to offer just a glimpse of her breasts and the skirt down to just above her knees, moving like a second skin on her pert bottom.  A brown fur vest kept the chill out, while the natural sheer hose emphasised the shapeliness of her legs – augmented by the red leather stiletto heels she was wearing.


As she walked along, her blonde hair bounced naturally, falling over her shoulders as she stopped and looked in the shop windows.  “Everything must be perfect, just perfect,” she said to herself as she stepped into the florist’s store, and ordered a dozen red roses to be delivered to a certain address.


Her next stop was a local delicatessen, where she placed an order, also for delivery later that afternoon.  Stepping out, she said to herself, “Just one more stop, and then I’ll be done for the morning.  Lunch with the girls, and then home to get ready.”


That stop was to the jewellers, situated at the end of the parade of shops.  She stood outside, smiling as she looked at the array of rings, and then opened the door to step inside.


There was no-one behind the counter, so Carmen called out “Hello?  Service?”  She could hear muffled voices from behind a door, and then a young woman walked through.  She was wearing a blue and white pinstripe blouse, with a dark blue scarf tied as a cravat round her neck, and a knee length dark skirt.  Carmen could not help noticing her hair was slightly ruffled, as if someone had been playing with it.


“Good… Good morning. Madame,” the red haired girl said, forcing a smile on her face, “How may I help you?”


“I ordered a gift to be collected today,” Carmen said as she opened her purse and took out a receipt, “I wonder if it is ready for collection?”


The young lady looked at the ticket, then at Carmen, before she said “Of course, Madame – we have it right here.”  She opened a drawer behind the counter, and removed a small box, opening it to show Carmen the small Celtic cross inside.


“Excellent,” Carmen said as she looked at it, “I paid in advance.”


“Of course, Madame,” the young girl said as she picked up a pen.  “Allow me to record the collection on your receipt.”  She made a note on the piece of paper Carmen had handed to her, folded it carefully, placed it in a small bag with the gift and handed it back to the blonde haired lady.


“Thanks,” Carmen said as she took the bag, “Have a nice day.”


“Y…. You too,” she said as she escorted Carmen out.  As she started to walk away, however, Carmen turned and saw the “Closed” sign on the door.


“Hmm – must be an early lunch,” she said to herself as she looked in the bag, and took out the receipt.  Her eyes widened as she looked at the note scribbled on the paper.




Now, the sane, normal thing for Carmen to do would have been to call the police – but it was times like this that Carmen lived for, as she put the note back and walked round to the back alley, slowly opening the first gate she came to.


The yard was empty, but she could see the rear entrance to the shop was open, and as she walked over she saw the splintered wood and twisted metal on the lock and the door frame.  She very cautiously pulled the door open, and slipped inside, hoping her shoes would not make too much noise on the floor.


The door led into a small hallway, with a door on either side.  A quick check of one revealed the staff cloak room, and as she peeked round the edge of the other she saw the shop assistant sitting on the floor, her ankles and legs encircled with bands of silver tape.  From the way her arms went behind her back, Carmen guessed her wrists were secured there as well - a suspicion given more weight by the bands of silver tape around her stomach and shoulders.


Next to her was an older woman, identically dressed with short grey hair, and identically bound.  She glanced over at Carmen and shook her head.


“IT’s all right,” Carmen said as she crept inside, “I’m here to help.”


“GTTTOTT HSSTTLLHR,” the younger woman called out through her tape gag.


Shhh,” Carmen said as she knelt down and looked at the two women, “Do you have any scissors here?”


“Sorry – I removed them earlier.  Now stand up, very slowly, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Oh – you wanted me to get out,” Carmen said as she stood up.  “If you’re going to use tape, do you mind if I take my vest off?  I don’t want to damage the fur.”


“Well, since you asked so nicely.”  She felt her vest been pulled down her arms, and then her wrists been crossed behind her back, the pulling on her skin as the tape was wound round them a rather too familiar feeling.



Ten minutes later, she was sitting on the opposite side of the store room from the two women, staring at them over the silver band that had been wrapped around her head, sealing her lips and allowing her no more than a muffled call as the masked man emptied the contents of the safe into the bag.  She tried wriggling her fingers behind her back, but beyond that there was no give in the tight bands of tape around her arms, chest and legs.  All she could do was kick her legs up and down in mute frustration, watching as the black clad robber turned and ran out of the room.


Swwhtdwdnw,” the younger woman said as she looked over at Carmen.  For her part, the blonde was looking round the office, until she spotted what she was looking for.


Trstmm,” she said as she shuffled forward on her bottom, bending her legs and then stretching them out again, as she slowly made her way over to a table at the adjoining wall.  The two women followed her progress with their eyes, as she inched her way over the dirty floor, clicking her heels on the stone floor as she did so.


Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, she was able to reach up with her legs, glad her legs had been taped around her thighs over the skirt of her dress, and kick on the underside of the table, watching as the pair of scissors slowly bumped along and then fell with a clatter to the floor. 


“WLLDDNNNN!” they both called out as Carmen turned herself round, looking over her shoulder as she slowly opened the blades and started to saw away at the tape around her wrists….





“I’m really sorry you got caught up in this,” the young girl said as the police finished taking their statements, “but why didn’t you call them in the first place?”


“We know Carmen of old,” one of the officers said, “and she really needs to learn to get help first.”


“But where’s the fun in that,” Carmen said as she slipped her vest back on.  “Anyway, you know where to find me – toodles.”


“Is she really that…


“Don’t say it,” the officer replied to the older woman, “now, what happened when you found him in the rear of the shop?”


Carmen walked out onto the street, and started to make her way home.  It was four already, and she only had a couple of hours before he was going to arrive – she still had a lot to do, a meal to cook, and her grey satin mini dress to put on.  A short fifteen minute walk brought her more admiring glances, and back to the house her flat was part of.


Putting the key into the door of her flat, she opened the door and bent down to pick up the package and roses that had been left outside.  Kicking the door closed behind her, she put her purse on the table and carried the rest of her load into the kitchen, placing it on the breakfast bar as she went to fetch a vase for the flowers.


So when she walked into the main room, and felt the leather gloved hand clamp over her mouth as she was pulled back, her first thought was “What the…”  Her second thought was “Oh god – not again.  Who is it this time?”


“Mister Small,” a voice behind her said, “It would appear the owner of the flat has returned before we could depart.”


Mstsrrmlll,” Carmen mumbled as a man walked into the room.  Now Carmen was about five ten in height, so the sight of the smaller man almost made her laugh – were it not for the very real pistol he held in his gloved hand.  He was dressed in black – leather jacket over a jumper, trousers, shoes, gloves, and balaclava covering his head so that only his blue eyes and his smiling mouth were visible.


“So I see, Mister Tall,” the small man said, “which is a pity, because it means we need to ensure our departure goes unannounced.  Now, will you promise not to scream if my friend removes his hand?”


“A polite robber?”  This was a new concept to Carmen, but as she nodded the gloved had was removed, and she turned to look at her captor.


He was dressed identically to the other man, but stood a few inches taller than her.  He was also smiling, and Carmen had to admit she was rather taken by him.


“Allow me to make the introductions,” he said quietly, calmly, yet with an air of authority, “I am Mister Tall, and my friend here is Mister Small.  Would you by any chance by Carmen?”


“Yes – how did you know?”


“By the rather tasteful card,” Mister Small said as he indicated the Valentine’s card sitting on the bookshelf.  “I regret to say, Carmen that we must restrain you, but I promise you we will not hurt you if you do as we say.”


“Well, you are a pair of charmers,” Carmen said quietly, “so where do you want me?”


“Standing where you are for the moment will suffice,” Mister Tall said as he took the gun from his partner, and Mister Small took some thin rope from a rucksack he had placed on the floor.  “Kindly place your hands behind your back.”


“Story of my life today,” Carmen said as she did as she was asked, feeling the soft rope as it encircled and pulled her wrists together.  “Oh,” she said as she looked over her shoulder, “That feels quite nice, actually – not too uncomfortable at all?”


“There is no reason you should be uncomfortable – given your plans for this evening.”




“We saw the packages when we entered your flat,” Mister Small said as he pulled the rope between her arms, tightening the coils holding her wrists together.  Knotting the ends together out of reach of her fingers, he then took out a long length of rope and doubled it over.


“On reflection, we should have asked you to take your vest off – my apologies,” he said as he wrapped the rope around her arms and body, below her chest, pulling it tight as he forced her arms into her sides.  Carmen let out a small gasp as he wound it above and below her chest, the vest slipping to the side as her breasts were forced up and out.


“You are good,” she said as Mister Small tied the ropes off, “I can hardly move my arms, and yet…”


“And yet,” Mister Tall said with a smile.


“And yet it feels comfortable.  Thank you – if that does not sound out of place”


“Your thanks are welcomed,” Mister Small said as he tied two shorter lengths of rope under her arms, tightening the bands still further.  “Now, if it is not too much trouble, we have found your jewellery already in your room, but do you have any other hiding places?”


“Are you this polite with all the people you rob?”


“Yes, yes we are,” Mister Tall said as he walked her over to a leather recliner, “but would you please answer my friend’s question?”


“No – but I’m not going to be able to set things up for later now.  That I do regret.”


“I am sure your Valentine will understand,” Mister Tall said as Mister Small slipped out, “Please – sit down and make yourself comfortable.”


“Well, since you ask so nicely,” Carmen said with a smile, wriggling her arms as she sat down and then lay on her side, watching as Mister Tall crossed and bound her ankles tightly together.


“What is this rope made of anyway,” she said as she watched him pass the rope between her legs, tie it off and then start to secure her legs below her knees, “it feels so soft, but it’s so strong…”


“A special blend we use on this most special of nights for lovers,” Mister Tall said with a smile.  “As you will be like this for a little while, there is no reason why it should leave any marks on you if you stay still.”  Tying the rope off behind her legs, he stood up and watched as Carmen stretched her legs out, her hose compressed and looking lighter where the rope held ha legs together.


“Well, I think I can cope with this for a while,” she said as she looked at the clock.  “He is due in an hour any…”  She stopped as she saw Mister Small walk in, placing a single rose in a stem vase on her coffee table, and then placing a dark box next to them.


“A habit taught to me by my mentor,” he said with a smile before he handed Mister Tall a cloth.   “Lie down, and relax – once we have silenced you, we will leave you to await the arrival of your date.”


“You may not know this,” Carmen said as she lay on her side, resting her head on the arm of the recliner, “but this is not the first time I’ve been tied up – not even today.”


“Oh,” Mister Tall said as he folded the cloth, “so where do we fit in on your scale of captors.”


“Right now – near the top.  I’ve never been so well treated.”


“That is because we are gentlemen, and know how to treat those we visit with respect,” Mister Tall said as he pulled her skirt down.  “Now, if you would be so kind Carmen, open wide and allow us to gag you.  A necessary precaution, I assure you.”


“That’s what nobody else says,” Carmen replied, but she smiled and opened her mouth, allowing the masked man to push the folded cloth in.  As he did so, she watched Mister Small roll a red scarf into a band, and then tie a knot in the middle.  She felt the knot pushing the cloth further into her mouth as he eased it between her teeth, and then tied the band around her head, trapping her blonde hair underneath as he secured the ends at the base of her neck.


“Well, I think we are done here,” Mister Tall said as his companion collected the rucksack.  “It has been a pleasure to meet you Carmen, but now The Gentlemen Robbers must bid you adieu – may we never meet again.”


Urwlcm,” Carmen said as she watched the two masked men leave, and then looked at the rose and the box.  It took her a few moments to realise what they were.


Chclts?” she mumbled to herself as she relaxed in the caress of the ropes.  “No use in fighting it,” she thought to herself, “For once, enjoy it and the quiet before he comes in…”







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