What If… The Lady Robbers








We all know who the Gentlemen Robbers are, how they operate, their care and consideration – even with the occasional male caught up in their visits.  But here is my question – What If the genders were reversed.  In more ways than one…


“Are you both about ready for some tea?


“Yes, Gran,” Jo said as Petra nodded in agreement.  Erica nodded and smiled as she made her way to the kitchen, picking up a yellow apron and putting it over her head so that it covered her blue floral print dress.  She was also wearing blue leather heels, and a double string of pearls was round her neck.


“Now, what shall I prepare for them,” she said to herself as she opened the refrigerator- and then she hear the doorbell ring.  She walked into the hallway, stopping to check her greying blonde hair and looking out from behind her large glasses, before she opened the door.


“Yes – can I help you?”


“I believe you can Erica – kindly walk back in, nice and quietly, and do not raise the alarm.  It will be so much more beneficial if you do as we ask.”


Erica was taken by surprise y the polite, but firm instruction, as she slowly walked backwards and the two visitors walked in.  They were identically dressed – black leather jackets over tightly fitting black roll neck sweaters that were stretched over their chests, leggings tucked into short black boots, leather gloves – and black balaclavas over their heads, showing only their eyes with the black eyeshadow and their red lips.




“Allow me to make the introductions,” the taller of the two said, “I am Miss Tall, and this is my friend Miss Petite.  And today, Erica, is the day we are calling to relieve you of your valuables.  So long as you do as we ask, there will be no problems – will there…”


“Relieve me of..  Oh no, my babies…”


Miss Petite looked closely at Erica, before she said “I presume this is a lifestyle choice when you are at home?”


“No – well yes, it is a lifestyle choice, but not just at home – I live as Erica.”


“Then Erica it shall be,” Miss Tall said as Miss Petite put down the holdall she was holding, opened it and took out a length of white cord.  “We will join your babies in due source – but first, we need to ensure your hands are secured where they can cause no issues.  Please, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


Erica nodded as she slowly turned round, and put her hands behind her, feeling the gloved hands as they crossed her wrists and then the rope as it was pulled tightly round her wrists.  The rope felt soft, not harsh, but it was being tied in a way that made sure she was not going to be able to move her hands round again.


“Gran, who was – oh my!”


Miss Tall turned and smiled as she saw the teenager in the doorway, golden curls running down their head.  They were wearing a long-sleeved blue romper suit, with elasticated cuffs and a belt round their waist, a floral print on the material, and brown flat shoes.


“Hello,” Miss Tall said, “and what would your name be?”


“Jo – Gran, what’s going on?”


“It looks as if we are being robbed,” Erica said quietly, “so I need you to keep young Petra calm as well.  Is he still watching television?”


Jo slowly nodded as Miss Petite picked up the bag.  “Then why don’t you introduce us to him,” she said, Erica nodding as they walked into the front room.


Petra looked over – and the looked again before he pushed himself back into the seat and said “oh no…”  The young boy had his hair up in a bun on his head, and was wearing a party dress with elbow length sleeves and a white frilled front, as well as a wide blue sash round his waist and at the bottom of the skirt.  The pattern on the material was the same as that Jo was wearing, and he was wearing gold slippers.


“Petra,” Erica said quietly, “I know this looks scary, but these two have assured me if we do as they say, they’re not going to hurt us.  I think they are ging to tie you up, but the ropes are not hurting me, so they should not hurt you.”


Petra slowly nodded as Miss Petite came and sat with her.  “Your grandmother is telling the truth – we will have to tie you and your sister up, but I promise you, it will not hurt.  Let me show you.  Have a seat Erica – Miss Tall, kindly pass me one length of rope, and use a second one to ensure your jo is comfortably secured.”


Jo watched as the taller of the two masked women handed a length of cord to the other one, and then allowed her to take her arms behind her back as Miss Petite doubled the rope over.


“Now – can you cross your wrists in front of yourself?”  Petra nodded as she did that, then watched as the masked woman used the rope to secure her wrists together, just as Miss Tall secured Jo’s wrists together behind her back.


“It doesn’t hurt, does it?”


“No,” she said to Erica, who smiled and nodded as Jo sat next to Petra, both of them watching as Miss Tall and Miss Petite took longer lengths of rope out, and then wrapped them round both of them, forcing their arms against their sides as they formed bands round their upper arms and their stomachs.  Jo smiled as she said “I was scared – but it’s not so bad, is it Petra?”


Petra shook his head as Miss Tall said “Excellent – Miss Petite is going to make sure you stay quietly there, while I take your grandmother and ask her to show me round the house.”


“I’m very proud of both of you,” Erica said as Miss Tall took her by the arm and walked her out of the room, Miss Petite taking more ropes from the bag and kneeling down as she crossed Jo’s ankles and bound them tightly together.


She then wrapped rope round their legs below their knees and bound them together there, before she looked at Petra.  “So what is it really – Peter?”


“Yes,” he whispered as he watched the masked woman cross and bind his ankles together, “but when I’m here with gran and the rest of the family, I am Petra.”


“So this is new to you?”


“Being tied up or being a girl?”


Miss Petite smiled as she said “Both?”


Petra laughed as he said “yes – it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.”


“Well, we do not like to use fear as a way of making sure you do what we ask,” Miss Petite said as she bound the young boy’s legs together below his knees, cinching the binding between his legs as well as Jo twisted her legs round.  “There – think that is going to keep you both there?”


Jo and Petra looked at each other and nodded as she said “good – now, I have some things I need to take care of on this floor, so I need to make sure you cannot call out and raise the alarm.”  Reaching into the bag, she drew out a white silk scarf and rolled it into a band, before she said to Jo “open your mouth nice and wide…”




“Why am I not afraid?”


“Because you believe me when I say we have no desire to hurt you,” Miss Tall said with a smile as she looked at Erica sitting on the bed in her bedroom.  She tipped the contents of another jewellery box into the bag she was holding – a bag that now had Erica’s pearls, rings, earrings and watch in it.  “My turn to ask a question, if I may?”


“Of course?”


“For how long you have lived as a woman?”


“Twenty years – at first it was me, but after Jessica’s divorce the rest of the family have joined in as well.”


“Your daughter?”  Miss Tall looked at Erica as she shook her head, and laughed as she said “A silly question, but one worth asking.  Did Jessica know beforehand?”


“She found out- but she accepted me as I am.”


“As do we – ah.”


Both of them heard the front door open and close, as Erica felt the gloved hand over her mouth…





Jessica was staring at the sight before her, as Jo said “Hllhhmhmhm” through the white silk band that was pulling back on the corners of their mouth.  Petra nodded as he swung his bound legs up and down, looking at his parent.


The blonde was wearing a white slip dress with a black floral print on it, and white heels, her long blonde hair falling down her back as she stared at both of them – and then she felt the gun against her back as a female voice said “ah – and your name would be?”


“Jessica…  Who are you?”


“I am known as Miss Petite – your children are perfectly safe, but I regret to say that it will be necessary for you to be like them.  Remain calm, and do not try to panic and raise the alarm, and all will be well.”


“Do I have a choice?”


“Not really no – so please, slip your handbag down and hold it out with your left hand.”


Jessica swallowed, her Adam’s apple moving as she held her bag out and saw a gloved hand take it.


“Excellent – now, slowly put your hands behind your back.”  She did this, and then felt the rope on her bare wrists as Miss Petite secured them tightly together, taking the ropes round and between her slim arms to do this.  She then saw the rope pass round her as it was pulled tight, forcing her arms against her sides before the binder started to form two bands that framed her chest.


“Where’s Erica?”


“With my partner upstairs,” Miss Petite said as the ropes were pulled tighter, “kindly walk over and take a seat in an armchair.”


She walked over and then turned round, surprised to see the woman stood about five foot three tall as she sat down and put her ankles to the side.  Miss Petite took two more lengths of rope from the holdall and walked over, as Miss Tall walked Erica back in.


“Erica, what’s going on?”  Jessica looked at the second masked woman, a whole foot taller than Miss Petite.


“I’m being robbed, and we’re being tied up,” the older woman said as she looked at Jo and Petra.  “Are you both all right?”


Both of them nodded as Miss Tall selected a longer rope, and started to bind her arms to her sides, the two bands clearly visible over the yellow apron as she watched Miss Petite securing Jessica’s ankles and legs in the same way as the girls.


“Did you manage to find everything down here, Miss Petite?”


“I found the safe and managed to open it with no difficulty,” her partner replied as she pulled the rope tight around and between Jessica’s legs below her knees, and secured the ends where she would not be able to reach them.  She twisted her legs round as Miss Tall pulled the ropes tight round Erica and bound them behind her back, before she invited her captive to take a seat on the other armchair.


She watched as the masked intruder secured her ankles and legs in the same way as the others, before she heard Miss Petite say “open your mouth as wide as you can.”


“Mhmmmsslhkhsnh” Petra said as the rolled up white scarf was pulled between Jessica’s lips, trapping her blonde hair against the back of her neck as Miss Petite ensured she was gagged.


“I guess I will be the same way as well,” Erica said quietly, “so what happens if we cannot get free?”


“Well, normally we would inform the authorities of your predicament after a suitable gap,” Miss Tall said as she rolled up another white scarf, “but perhaps you would prefer to give Miss Petite the number of a – trusted friend.”


“That would be better – contact Michelle,” Erica said as she gave Miss Petite a number.


“Excellent - now open wide.”


Erica nodded as the rolled-up scarf was pulled between her lips and tied round her head, noting how much darker the scarves in the mouths of Jo and Petra at the corners of their mouths.  All four watched as the masked intruders cleared everything away, before they stood in the doorway.


“We thank you for your hospitality,” Miss Tall said with a smile, “and so we bid you all a good afternoon.  Please, if we ever meet again – remember how you were treated and just pass by.”


Erica nodded as she watched Miss Tall and Miss Petite walk out of the room, and she heard the front door open and close.


“Whthshwhdhnh,” Jessica said as she started to struggle, searching for a way to get free – and eventually stopping as she realized she could not reach any knots easily.


“Hdhntknh,” Erica said “bthwhllhtlhthr.”




“Hfhnksh,” Erica said to Petra as Jo managed to stand up and jump over to where Jessica was sitting.  They turned back-to-back, trying to find the knots holding the ropes round each other – with no success….







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