The Midnight Caller






“In the news tonight, police have reported another attack by the man dubbed the Midnight Caller by press, making a total of seven in the last six weeks.  All the women have been surprised in their beds at night, bound and gagged and robbed, then left alone until their discovery the following morning.  Police remind all residents to lock their doors and windows before retiring at night...”


Sherri threw her handbag onto the couch as she listened to the radio in the kitchen.  “John, you home,” she called out, but there was no response, and a glance at the clock on the wall told her it was 5:30.  “Damn,” she said to herself as she walked up to the bedroom, “I wanted to see him before he went.”


It had been a hellish day at work, starting with a surprise visit from her district supervisor, a man she found it incredibly difficult to get along with who had an attitude to women employees best described as prehistoric.  Then, once he had left, she had to deal with a rather recalcitrant client who was demanding a reconsideration of her loan application.


The manager, her boss, had conveniently been “out of town”, so she also had to deal with staff disputes and rows, so that by this time she was ready for a little peace and quiet.  Sherri was glad her younger daughter had decided to pick today to go and visit her sister.  It meant she had the house to herself, and some peace and quiet before she left for the ladies’ meeting at the Chapel that night.  Looking at her watch, Sherri said to her “A few minutes sleep will help,” before she took off her jacket and placed it on the back of a chair.  Her skirt was next, neatly folded and laid down on the seat, and her blouse on top of it.  She lay down on the bed, thinking “Just a few minutes...” as she fell into a deep sleep.




The street was dark, still and quiet, with little or no traffic on the road and nobody moving about.  As the grey car drew up outside Sherri’s house, he applied the handbrake and turned the engine off, looking at the darkened windows all the time.  Allowing himself a slight smile, he reached for the glove compartment and drew out a brown envelope.  On the envelope had been a number 3, which had been crossed out and replaced with a 5.  That too had been crossed out and replaced with a 7.  Opening it, he drew out a sheet of paper and started to read it by the light of a small pen torch.


City: _____________

Victim file #3

Name: Sherri Kent
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Loans Officer and Assistant Bank Manger
Children: 2 girls 21, 19 one at home
Material Status 1-10: 9.5


He paused for a moment.  His background checks were as thorough as always, and he knew this woman had an excellent credit rating.  The house was well maintained, the cars recently new, and his observation of her and her family showed they wore new clothes and tasteful jewellery.  Nodding, he read on.


Physical Status 1-10: 9


That was obvious – he thought back to when he had visited her bank today.  Even though she looked angry and flustered, her tailored clothes flattered her body, and she was wearing as always pantyhose and heels.


Time Alone 1-10: 8


This was his third visit – the first time her husband had called home unexpectedly, and the second her younger daughter was still there.  He had come by earlier, however, and seen her departing with her older sister and a large shoulder bag.  Her husband had left soon after, in uniform, so he knew she was alone now.


Target Home 1-10: 10


No alarm, no dog – she was secure in herself.  Nice.


Score from 40: 36.5
Target Ranking 7 of 20


The 7 had replaced the 3 and 5 as well.  Tonight – tonight was going to be Sherri’s night.


Date for assault: ______________________  Taking a pen from his pocket, he wrote in the date and slipped the paper back into the envelope, securing it in the glove compartment afterwards as he switched off the torch.  Pulling on a pair of gloves, he stepped out of the car and walked to the trunk, opening it and retrieving a large bag from the recess.  Closing it as quietly as he could, he walked quickly round the side of the house and approached the door that led to the kitchen.


Putting the torch in his mouth, the man quickly picked the lock with the aid of some tools, and as the door swung inwards he stepped into the kitchen area.  Switching the torch back on as he closed the door, he looked around the room before making his way into the open living area.


He could see a number of items of interest as he looked round – a few small paintings, some china.  He was particularly interested in where the safe was, however, so he started to walk round the room, looking in the obvious places.  His focus was on the search, so he failed to notice the pair of walking boots at the top of the staircase to a utility room until it was too late.  He cursed as he watched the boots fall down the stairs, making a clattering noise as they did so.


In her bed, Sherri stirred as she heard the noise downstairs.  Rolling over, she turned on the bedside lamp and sat herself up, slipping her feet back into her shoes as she did so, and stood up.  “griffin what did you do now, Hear Kitty Kitty Kitty" she called out as she started to walk down the stairs.


As she reached the top of the stairs, he heard her heels on the wood, and quickly made his way to a door by the kitchen.  Opening it, he saw it was a bathroom, and stepped inside, closing the door to just enough to hide himself but not so much that he could not see Sherri walking down.


As she reached the bottom of the stairs, Sherri turned on a standard lamp, illuminating the living room.  As she looked round, everything seemed to be in place.  She called out “Griffen here kitty kitty” as she started to walk towards the kitchen.


He stood behind the door, tensing himself as she heard the footsteps coming closer, and then seeing Sherri as she passed the open door.  Taking a deep breath, he silently pushed the door forward after she had passed, and stepped out.


The first indication Sherri had she was not alone was when the gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth, pulling her back until she hit somebody standing behind her.  She thrashed out with her arms, saying “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she tried to pull the arm away.


“Hello Sherri,” she heard a voice behind her say, and as she frantically tried to call out she called again “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” into his hand.


The voice said “I want you to stop struggling, or else I may have to hurt you.  Do you see this?”  She caught a glimpse of the knife in his other hand, and slowly nodded her head as she stopped struggling.  “Good - believe me, Sherri, I will use this if I have to, so are you going to behave?”  “Mmmmysss” she mumbled under the hand gag as the knife moved out of her sight.  She felt an arm move between her back and her arms, holding her tightly around the elbows as the other hand stayed firmly clamped over her mouth.


“Right - let's go,” she heard the voice say as she was marched forward towards the staircase.  At the bottom of the stairs, he whispered “Remember, don't struggle” as he frog marched Sherri back up the staircase and towards her bed.


Stopping three feet from the bed, he whispered into her ear “Now, Sherri, I'm going to take my hand away. If you scream, then I will silence you permanently. Understand?”  She slowly nodded, saying “Mmmmndrstndplsstp” as she did so.


“All right,” he said as he took his hand away, keeping a tight grip on her arms as he did so.  “Now, you're going to do everything I tell you to, aren’t you?” he said.  Sherri nodded, saying “Yes I am - but you better realize I am head of the ladies aux at my church and I have a meeting at 7:30 so you better just quickly take what you want and go.  When I do not show at the meeting they will come looking for me.”


To her surprise, Sherri heard her captor laugh, before he said “Really? Sherri, why don’t you go and have a seat on the bed - no funny moves.”  He let go of the woman and watched as she walked over and sat on the bed, moving so that her view of the clock was blocked for the moment.


For her part, Sherri got her first real look at her captor.  He was six foot tall, broad shouldered in a white shirt open at the neck and dark trousers.  A large bag was over his shoulder, while Sherri could see the dark brown hair under the stocking he had pulled over his head and down to his nose.  He was actually smiling as he said “What time do you think it is, Sherri?”  As he said this, he took out the hunting knife Sherri had only glimpsed earlier and played with it.


Sherri swallowed and said “I laid down at 4:30 so probably 6 or 6:30 but when I do not show at 7:30 Hazel will definitely be over here.”  She saw him looking at her, sitting there in her slip, as he said “Hazel – early thirties, tall, well built, shoulder length blonde hair, likes to wear trouser suits?”  As she looked at him, wondering how he knew what Hazel look like, he smiled and said “I don't think Hazel is going to come over, Sherri.”  She stared at him before saying “she will I guarantee,” only to stop herself as he stepped to one side and she saw the clock, the time showing 11:40.”


“Hazel was here earlier,” he said quietly, “but you didn’t hear her.”  She stared back at the masked man, before quietly saying “OMG you’re him you’re the midnight caller but all my doors are locked and OMG.”  She put her hands to her face as he replied “Yes, yes I am - and you are going to do everything I say, Sherri. Your daughter is away, your husband does not finish his until 6.30 - nobody is coming.”


 Realising she had no choice, Sherri calmed herself down, nodded and said “what do you want?”  The man laughed again as he said “Can't you guess?  I want whatever you can give me, Sherri.”


She looked back at him and quietly said “Well, I will tell you where my money jewellery stocks and bonds are in the house, I will tell you the combo to the safe but please when you leave do not leave me bound and gagged for hours until my husband gets home. I understand if you have to tie me up while you're here but when you leave can’t you just lock me in a closet or something.”


“Oh don't worry Sherri,” he said as she stepped forward and placed his bag on the floor, “I'm not going to leave you alone for hours.  Now, turn round and lie on your stomach nice and slowly.”


“Why?” Sherri asked in a small voice, already knowing what the answer was.  She watched as he opened the bag and took out a roll of yellow duct tape.  “So that I can tie you up and take your things,” he said with a smile.  Nodding, Sherri lay down on the bed and placed her wrists behind her back.


She saw a smile on his lips as he said “Good - why don't you lie face down across the bed, and I'll get started.”  From his satchel she saw him produce a roll of yellow tape, weighing it in his hand as he looked at her.  Sherri slowly turned round and lay on her stomach, her face on the duvet cover.


She felt him climb onto the bed behind her and take her left wrist, before the pulling feeling of tape on skin let her know that he had started.  “Now, Sherri,” he said as he wrapped the tape around her wrist, “Let’s start with this room.  Where is your jewellery?”


“If you look in the bureau,” she said as she felt her wrists been pulled together, “you will see my jewellery box.  There’s more in the safe downstairs.  You’ll find our stock certificates and bonds in there as well.”


She looked over her shoulder as her wrists were taped together, the man working quickly yet tightly.  “Very good, Sherri,” he said as he tore the tape loose and smoothed it down.  “Anything else I should look for in here?”


“My purse is in my bag on the table there,” she said as she felt him holding her ankles together, “and all my cards are in there.”  Again she felt the tape pulling, this time on her pantyhose as her ankles were tightly taped together, but she was surprised when he passed the tape around her shoes as well.  “Hey,” she called out, “those are brand new, you’ll ruin them.”


“I know they are new,” he said as he wound the tape around her shoes, “I watched you buy them last week.  You can replace them, however – I know you can afford to, Sherri.”


“Oh god,” she said as she heard the tape been ripped, “How long have you been watching me?”


“Long enough – I like to get to know the ladies I visit very well,” he said as he rolled Sherri over and helped her to sit up.  “Now, sit nice and still.  I don’t want to hurt such a beautiful lady as yourself if I can avoid it.”


“You think I’m beautiful,” Sherri said quietly as she watched him wind the yellow tape around her legs below her knees.  “Of course I do, I am very particular about who I visit,” he said with a smile as he wound the tape around her legs above her knees, tearing the tape loose and smoothing it down on the yellow band.  As he did so, he stroked Sherri’s legs, his gloved hands moving smoothly over her pantyhose.


“Now then,” he said as he stepped back and looked at his captive, “You said your jewellery was in the bureau?”


“Yes – first drawer on the left.”


“Thank you – don’t move now,” he said as he walked over and opened the drawer, taking out a pearl inlaid jewellery box.  “Key?” he asked as he turned to Sherri.  “Under the box,” she said quietly, and watched as he retrieved the small silver key and unlocked the casket.


She tried moving her arms and legs, but to little effect as she watched him emptying her jewellery into a small sack he had drawn out of the bag.   As he looked through the other drawers, she said “Please, just take my stuff and leave me alone.” 


“Patience, Sherri, the night is still young,” he said as he looked at her, smiling.  There was something in his look Sherri was unsure of, as he turned back to search through the rest of the drawers and wardrobe.  Eventually, he picked up her purse and emptied the contents into his bag.  Walking back over he looked at Sherri sitting there.


“Now,” he said as he took the knife from where he had left it on the bedside table, “I need you to give me the combination to, and location of, your safe.  Where is it, Sherri?”


“It... It’s in my office, by the kitchen downstairs.”  She gave him a sequence of numbers, which he noted down on a pad from his pocket.  “Very good, Sherri,” he said as he put the slip of paper back into his pocket, “and now I think you deserve a little reward for what you have done for me.”


“The only reward I want is for you to go and leave me alone,” Sherri said as she tried twisting round again.  To her surprise, and shock, he merely walked forward and reached for the belt of his trousers.


“I think you need to relax,” he said as he slowly unfastened the belt, and pulled the sip down.  “What do you think you’re doing,” Sherri said quietly as she watched his trousers drop, followed by his boxers, her eyes widening as she saw his member hanging down.


“No, please, not that,” she said as he lifted his penis up and stroked her lips with the tip.  “Yes, that,” he said quietly as he showed her the knife, “Take it in your lips and play with it, Sherri – or else you do not get to see tomorrow.  Think of how your lovely daughter will feel.”


Sherri’s immediate thought was “Thank God she’s not here,” but as he rubbed her lips with the tip she looked at him and opened her mouth, her lips stroking his tip gently as she sucked in and out, a popping sound as she let go.  “Very good, Sherri,” he said with a smile, “Carry on now – I think you know what to do.”


She opened her mouth again and drew him back in, slightly further this time as her tongue rubbed against his penis, stroking the tip as her lips closed around it.  She continued to do this, a little deeper each time as she felt his member enlarging within her mouth, drawing him in and pushing him out with her lips.  Each time it went deeper, each time she felt him growing, and each time she felt the tip further at the back of her mouth, her tongue stroking the base as he moved still closer.


She could feel the throbbing on the base of her tongue, as she released again.  “Keep going,” she heard him say as she drew him back in, his penis touching the back of her throat this time as she felt the throbbing growing ever stronger.  She kept sucking in and out, imagining this was her husband instead of an armed intruder, and hoping and praying this was all he wanted her to do as the throbbing grew more and more intense.  It was a surprise to her that she was beginning to suck more willingly, wanting to feel him in there and feel him release, but she put that down to wanting this to end more than desire.


Eventually, she felt him let go, the warm sticky flow hitting the back of her throat as it went down.  “Keep sucking,” she heard him say, and as Sherri kept pulling him in she felt the flow continuing, making her want to throw up as it went down.  Eventually, to her relief, she felt it ebb as he withdrew, taking a cloth and wiping he penis as he did so.


“Please,” she said quietly as she watched him pull his trousers up,” take my things and go.”


“I need to clean you up first, Sherri,” he said as he took the cloth and wiped round his captive’s face.  “Thank you,” she said as she felt the cloth going round her lips, but to her horror he then started to push the cloth into her mouth, forcing it in before taking the roll of tape and tearing off a strip.


“Keep those lips closed,” he said as he smoothed the tape over her packed mouth, tearing off more and pushing it down as Sherri felt herself been silenced.  As he stepped back, she stared back at him, wondering why he had done that.  “I can’t trust you to keep quiet,” he said as she pushed her onto her side, allowing her to lie on the bed as he picked up his sack.


“Stay there now,” he said with a smile as she left the room.  Sherri tried screaming for help, but all she heard was “MMMMSMAMMADSMMDMSAMDM” as she listened to the sounds of him moving round downstairs.  Realising she was not going to be able to call for help so long as he was there, she moved herself up so that her head rested on a pillow and tried to relax, tears falling down her face as she did so.


How long she lay there she was not sure at first, but when she heard the side door of the house open she glanced at the clock.  It showed it was 1.30 in the morning, as she heard a car door open outside.  “Thank god,” she thought to herself, “he’s going,” but then the bag on the floor caught her eye, and she wondered what was going to happen next.


She heard the door closing, and then the sound of his footsteps as he climbed back up the staircase.  “I hope you don’t mind,” he said as he came and sat next to her on the bed, “but I took some of your china and paintings as well.  I was right – you have exquisite taste in clothing and in art as well.  I’m glad I decided to visit you.”


As he talked, he looked at Sherri lying there – not tall, but pleasantly shaped, and he could see her breasts pushing the fabric of her slip out.  Her hose was smooth, and as his hand stroked the back of her legs Sherri gave an involuntary shudder.


For her part, Sherri was confused.  She was scared out of her wits, but at the same time something about this situation had got her – well, excited was the wrong word.  Maybe it was the way her legs were rubbing next to each other as she tries to twist round, maybe it was the fact she really could not call for help, but something made her feel different here.


“I brought you some water,” he said as he showed Sherri a plastic bottle.  “If you promise not to scream, I’ll help you to sit up and take that gag off.”  He watched Sherri looking at him as she nodded, and taking her by the arm he helped her to sit on the edge of the bed again.  Reaching up, he peeled away the layers of tape and caught the now soaking cloth in his hand.


“Thank you,” Sherri said as he opened the bottle and out it to her lips.  “Ah ah – not too fast r you’ll choke,” he said as the water flowed into her mouth, a slight dribble escaping down her cheek.  She looked at him as he took the bottle away, and said “Please, just leave me alone now.  I promise I won’t raise the alarm.”


“Oh, I can’t go just yet Sherri,” he said with a smile as he stroked her cheek.  “It would be impolite of me to leave such a beautiful woman in this way, especially one who has helped me so much.”  As he said this, he moved his hand up the inside of Sherri’s thigh, touching her crotch as he did so.  She shrunk back slightly as she said “What are you doing.”


“Treating you the way a lady should be treated – now hush, Sherri, I don’t want you to say a word.”  As he said this, he moved behind her and started to stroke her breasts, feeling her nipples as he did so.  To her own surprise, Sherri said “please, don’t do that, don’t...” and she moaned.  His touch was making her body respond, as he encircled her nipples with his fingers.


“I thought I told you to be quiet, Sherri,” he said as he started to knead her breasts, his captive moving in response and starting to moan as well.  “No, please,” Sherri started to gasp, “Don’t do that...”  She felt him getting off the bed and walking round, and to her dismay she saw him start to drop his trousers again, stepping out of his pants and shorts and standing in front of her semi-naked. 


“I said you had to be quiet,” he said as he walked in front of her, “and you are going to be.  Open wide.”  Sherri took his penis as he pressed it against her lips, feeling it swell already.  As he continued to play with her nipples she felt her lips closing around his member, sucking even harder than before as it started to engorge in there.


“If it’s another blow job, I’m happy,” she thought to herself as she felt him starting to throb again, and closed her eyes, hoping for the whole evening to be over.  To her dismay, however, she felt him withdraw and opened her eyes.


“I think I need to keep you quiet another way Sherri,” he said as he walked to the set of drawers and took out a pair of her panties.  Balling them up, he stood in front of her and said “open wide. “


“No please, I’ll blow you again,” Sherri said, fearing what else might happen.  “I have a better idea,” he said as he held the knife to the side of her cheek.  “Open wide.”  Sherri did as she was asked, allowing him to stuff the clean panties into her mouth before he pressed several more strips of tape over her mouth.  She could see he was still hard, and wondered what else he may have had in mind.


Sherri looked into his eyes, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm“as she tried to ask him questions.  She watched him as he walked round the bed, climbing on behind her and reaching round to stroke her stomach with his hands.  Sherri tried to move out of the way, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as she struggled to get loose, but realising with a sickening feeling she was helpless.


I wonder what you have on underneath that lovely silk, Sherri.   Let's find out.”  He slipped his hands under the straps and pulled her top down, revealing her black bra underneath.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm” Sherri said as she felt his hands moving down her arms, stroking them delicately from her shoulders to her wrists, caressing them before they moved round to her front.  Well now, isn't this nice,” she heard him say as his hands cupped around her breasts, holding them firmly as he stroked her shoulders with her lips.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm” Sherri moaned as she closed her eyes, trying to ignore her attacker as he kneaded her breasts.  Black under white, very chic, Sherri,” she heard him say, and she started struggling again, calling out “MMMMMMMMMMMmmmm mmmmmmmMMMMMMMMm m” but getting nowhere.


Let's see what's underneath, shall we,” she heard him say as his hands moved under the shoulder straps of her bra, pulling them down and exposing her breasts to the cool night air.  She felt her nipples begin to harden, and shook her head as his arms came round again and started to knead her bare skin.


“Yes, Sherri, yes,” he said as he continued to massage her breasts, his fingers encircling her nipples as she felt them hardening under his delicate touch.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm” she said as she closed her eyes, wondering what was happening as her breasts firmed in response to his touch, her nipples hardening with every pass.


He continued to do this for a few minutes, sensing Sherri responding to his touch, before he got off the bed and walked round in front of her.  He picked the knife up and looked at Sherri, saying “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as she watched him.


That looks a little uncomfortable,” he said as he looked at the front of the bra.  Sherri stared back at him, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm” as he knelt in front of her, held the knife against her stomach and said “Let me help you with that.”  She shook her head again, but sat very still as he used the knife to cut the bra apart between her breasts, allowing the cups to fall to the side as he pulled the halves down both arms.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm,” Sherri said as he put the knife beside her, leaned forward and massaged her breasts again.  She closed her eyes, throwing her head back and saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as he watched her, placing his lips on her nipples and sucking gently as he did so.


As he continued to do this, Sherri could feel herself responding, wanting this more – it felt so wrong, and yet so right as well.  She opened her eyes and looked down at him as he released her nipple.


So, Sherri, how are you enjoying this so far?  By the way your chest is firming up, I think you are having fun.”  He continued to massage her breasts as he said this, watching Sherri going “mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm” even as she shook her head.


Pushing her back onto the bed, Sherri watched as he lifted her legs up and began to stroke them, moving his hand up the inside as his fingers stroked against her crotch.  She knew what he would find as he got nearer – she had been trying to dent how her body was responding, but there was no way of avoiding it now as he found her spot.


“Well, you feel like you’re enjoying this,” he said as he stroked the lips of her vagina through the hose, continuing to play with her breasts with the other hand as he did so.  Moving his hands towards her hose, he pushed both of them gently under the top and pulled her hose down, exposing her crotch as he lowered it to the top of the tape above her knees. 


“What am I going to do now, Sherri?” he said as he looked at his captive, her eyes closed as she said “MMMMSMMAMSAMMFMSMFSDMFDMMG” in response to his fingers stroking her crotch.  He moved round her, continuing to tease her there as he lowered her onto the floor so that she was facing the bed.


“Hgdtkmnw” Sherri heard herself say as he knelt behind her.  He was masked, he was armed, but by god he was gentle, enticing, arousing – almost gentlemanly in the way he had got her feeling so bloody horny.  She felt his body pressing against her, and raised herself up as he started to move into her, the juices making his entry smooth and painless.  She immediately began to grip him as he slid in, holding him in place as he pressed against her.


His hands moved back to her breasts, continuing to play with her nipples as he kissed her on the back of her neck.  “HGDDDDSDSDSDAMDMDDDDD” she called through the tape as she felt him push into her, her own body gripping tightly as she felt the throbbing in her passage.  She could feel him growing and filling her even as she gripped him tightly, feeling herself starting to explode as he started to throb as well and thrust forward.


The intensity of feeling was more than she could bear, as her eyes closed and she went “Ngggg, NGGGGG, NNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG” with each thrust.  She could feel herself cuming too, and despite the fear, despite the threats, she did not want it to stop.  It felt as if she was going to explode, even as he was going to explode with her.


Eventually, they came together, the hot fluid pulsing into her as she let out a loud moan and felt her won juices flowing in response.  The Caller held her tightly as they both felt each other flowing, before he eventually withdrew and stood up, lowering the skirt of her slip as he did so and pulling her pantyhose back up.


“MM?MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Sherri said with her eyes closed as she felt herself been picked back up and laid down on the bed.  As she opened them again, she felt the man lying behind her, his arms around her chest as he played lightly with her nipples.


“I hope you enjoyed that, Sherri,” he whispered into her ear, and to her own surprise she heard herself saying “mmmmmmmm” quietly.  “Let’s just lie here for a little while,” he said as his fingers played with her breasts, Sherri just laying still and wondering what was coming next, letting out little moans every so often,


“Do you like having your nipples played with,” she heard him say, and she said “Myssmsmmm” in response.  “In that case,” he said as Sherri looked at the time of 3 am on the clock, “I have a surprise for you.”   She felt him helping her to sit up and watched as he walked round, a smile on his face as he stood there half naked.


He reached into his bag and took out a roll of white tape.  Sherri looked at her breasts, which were still enlarged from the events earlier, her nipples erect and hard, before watching him as he walked forward, tearing the end loose from the roll as he said “You'll like this.”


He stuck the tape under her left breast, wrapping it tightly round the base of her breast as he held it, massaging her nipple as the tight wrapping forced her breast up and out.  She stared at him, shaking her head and saying “PlsdntdthssmmaMDSMMM” as he took her right breast and then repeated the process, making it more prominent as before wrapping the tape around both breasts.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m” Sherri said as she kept shaking her head, but she could not deny the feelings of excitement she felt from the way her breasts had been wrapped and nipples played with.  How does that feel, Sherri,” he said as he stepped back, watching the woman as she opened her eyes and almost screamed “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” at him in frustration and anger.


He simply smiled as he said “Now, what do I have in here, hmm?”  Sherri watched, her eyes widening as she saw him take from his pocket a pair of small metal clamps.  Shaking her head very hard, she screamed out “mmmmmmmmmmmmm” in a begging tone.


This is the part all the women I visit like,” he said quietly as he attached a clamp to each of her nipples.   She screamed in pain as the metal closed over the delicate tissue, but her cries became even louder as he tore off strips of white tape and fixed them over her nipples in an “X” to keep them in place.


Sherri started kicking her legs out, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she tried to work them loose.  She knew it was a futile attempt, but there was something else bothering her – the sensation was driving her crazy, making her feel even more aroused than she already was, making her want a man – any man.


“Nice, aren’t they?” he said as he watched Sherri moving from side to side.  “You look tired - why don't you lie down?”  He pushed Sherri over onto her side, causing her to go “mmmmmmmmm” as she lay down.


Oh, I am glad you're enjoying this,” he said as he lifted her legs up onto the bed.  “Make yourself comfortable on your side,” he said as he walked back round again and lay behind her, stroking the bare skin of her breasts as she felt the pain and pleasure of the clamps.


They lay like this for what seemed to Sherri like an eternity, although when she looked at the clock again it showed 4.30.  Her captor was holding her close, his hand delicately stroking her stomach as she heard his slow, regular breathing behind her.  She didn’t know what scared her most – the fact he was still awake, or the fact he might fall asleep.


She wriggled round, realising that despite the pain she was actually enjoying the feeling of the tape and clamps on her breasts.  It seemed to be keeping her in a  continuous state of excitement and pleasure – a feeling she did not really want to end, even as she wanted this intruder to go.


She felt his hands moving down her body again, and bucked slightly as she felt his stroke between her legs.  She hadn’t realised she still felt that way down there – or that she was still damp either from earlier or from now.  He stroked her legs again, watching her wriggle round as the clamps held fast.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” she said as she felt him stroking her legs.  She could feel a damp patch building between her legs, but wanted to try and hide it as much as possible, fearful of what he might do.  As he moved behind her, stroking her legs the whole time, she heard him say “Well now, Sherri, I wonder what else I can do for you now?  After all, you have been so accommodating this evening, I don’t want to leave without something special happening.”


She turned her head, saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm” as his hands moved around her bottom and moved slowly to the front of her legs  Let me see - oh now, you are enjoying this aren’t you?” he said as Sherri bucked slightly, saying loudly “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as she tried to twist out of the way.  Her efforts proved in vain, however, as his hands pulled her slip up and went between her legs.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm” she said with her eyes closed as she felt his fingers brush against her pussy, small electric shocks going through her in response to his touch.  “I can tell you are enjoying yourself tonight, right? You are a naughty girl, Sherri,” he whispered into her ear as he leaned over.  “Tell you what - I think you need a bit more security.  Roll onto your back a minute.”


As she rolled over, Sherri looked up as the man moved her legs up so that her feet were flat on the duvet cover.  Taking the yellow tape, he wound the tape round her legs from the top of her thighs to her ankles, forcing her bent legs to stay in that position.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” Sherri mumbled with her eyes closed as she felt his hands stroking her legs again, wondering what was going to happen next.    As his hands moved between her legs again, she cried out “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as he rolled back onto her side.


Just to stop you kicking out, Sherri - I don't want you to hurt yourself.” He said as he lifted the front of her slip up again.  “Oh, and what have we here,” he said as Sherri went “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm.”


Oh now, Sherri, you look a little damp there.  I wonder why,” he said as he pressed down on Sherri’s breasts, making her jump as she called out “MMNDSNSADNDASND”


“Oh well, let’s continue,” he said as he rolled Sherri onto her stomach, passing his hands round between her legs and gently massaging the lips of her vagina through the hose.  Sherri was hurting in this potion, but as she felt the touch she sighed “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” as she felt her body respond to the touch.


“Don’t move,” she heard him say, and she felt the cold touch of metal on her bottom.  Sherri closed her eyes, afraid of what was going to happen, but to her relief the only thing she felt was her hose parting at her behind as he cut down the seam.


It took her a few minutes to realise what was really happening.  “NNGGDFGFMMMMDMSFNNTTT” she called out as she felt his hand between her legs again, and felt his body against her legs.  There was the sound of a zip been pulled down, and then she felt something else against her bottom.


“Plsdntdstsss” she moaned as she felt his penis against her bare skin, the thick muscle moving over her behind as he continued to massage her crotch.  She moaned again, knowing what was about to happen, fearing it and wanting it at the same time.


“Hold still,” she heard him say as she felt the member between her cheeks, and Sherri closed her eyes, fearing what was about to happen.  Her fears were realised as she felt him entering her arse, her body bucking and her nipples aching as she felt the warmth between her legs starting to grow, the throbbing and aching starting.


The man put his arms around her waist, holding her close to him as he thrust further forwards.  She could feel him starting to throb and grow there, making her go “ngdmmmmmm” as she felt him starting to thrust forward.  It felt dirty, it had never happened to her before – and she knew her body was responding to every single thrust, throbbing between her legs even as he throbbed behind her.


She bucked with him, moving despite herself as one with him as he thrust further forward and started to throb inside her.  She could hear him calling out, saying “NNGGG” with each forward movement and thrust, as she felt herself starting to cum as well.


“MMMMMMMMSADMMDSAMDASMDSAMMMM” she called out through her gag as she felt him engorging, becoming larger and stronger with each thrust, until she felt a flow both in her rear and from between her legs.  She groaned loudly as she felt the cum from both directions, the sweat glistening on her forehead as he continued to empty himself into her.


Eventually he stopped, moving back and allowing Sherri to roll onto her side as he climbed off the bed.  She closed her eyes, listening to the sound of him pulling his pants up before he moved her over on the bed.  As she opened her eyes, she saw him at the dresser, dropping a condom into a bag, then his rucksack before he turned and sat beside her.


“Wyyymmmmmm” she mumbled as she watched him stroking her legs.  He looked over at her and said “You are a wonderful woman Sherri,” as he stroked her moist hair back from her face.  “A very beautiful and special woman, and I only visit those women whom I think will appreciate been treated to my tender mercies.  I want you to know that you have not disappointed me.”




“No, no – I thought you would be spectacular, and you were.”  He walked to the bag and took out an digital camera, which he used to take photographs of Sherri as she lay there.  Putting the camera to one side, he picked up the knife and walked over to where Sherri lay.


“Nplsdnt,” she said as she squirmed back, the knife against her cheek.  To her relief, she watched as he cut a length of her hair away, placing it in a small plastic bag as he stepped back.  Looking at the clock, she saw it said 5.30.


“To remember a wonderful woman by,” he said as he replaced everything in his bag, picking it up and throwing it over his shoulder.  She watched him as he walked off, the dawn light starting to peep through the closed curtains.  He took one last look at Sherri lying there, before turning off the bedside lamp and leaving her there, a dark stain spreading from in front of her crotch.






Gail stared at the last sheet of paper, unsure what to think of what she had just read.  It couldn’t be possible – this was just a nightmare, one she had walked into without knowing.  Against hope, she prayed it was just a product of Mark’s imagination, but as she looked back into the box file those illusions were quickly dashed.  There was a picture of this woman, Sherri, coming out of a bank in her jacket, skirt and blouse.  Next to it was another photo, this time of her sweat soaked body as she lay there, bound in yellow tape and looking at the camera with eyes both fearful and exhausted. 


There were other things – the form, the background papers, the plastic bag with the lock of brown hair – and then there was this report.  Placing the sheaf of paper on the table, she sat down and put her head in her hands.


When she had started to go through his effects after the funeral, she had found the hire agreement for this storage area, and thought he used it for work related items.  Instead she had found this row of steel cabinets, lining all sides of the unit and standing five drawers high.  In each drawer was a selection of box files, and she had picked one out at random.


Now she did not know what to think – Mark Kempster, her husband of thirty years, the father of two girls, family man, hard working manager of training – he could not have done this, it had to be  a lie.


And yet there it was, in his own handwriting.  She had recognised the name of The Midnight Caller – one of the FBI Most Wanted list, accused of hundreds of aggravated burglaries, and attacks – and it looked a if it was him.  The car crash had taken him two weeks ago with no warning, and now, now...


She closed the box file and put it back in the open drawer, closing it as she looked round.  How could he, how could he have...  She wanted to run out and scream, but something was stopping him – a desire to see what else he may have done.  Walking to a different cabinet, she opened it and took out another file, laying it back on the table as she sat down.


“Please, let me be wrong,” she said to herself as she opened the top of the file and looked in...








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