Gail Kempster looked inside the box, and drew out the picture of a mature woman, looking straight at the camera in her grey jacket and dress, her golden brown hair slightly curled as it fell down her face. Shaking, she put it to one side and took out a number of other items - a gold locket,  what looked like a length of climbing rope, a lock of golden brown hair, and finally a red candle, the wax running down one side.  She also took out another photo, and shuddered as she looked at the woman, this time lying across a bed, her eyes wide with terror and pain.


Trembling, she took out the form she knew had a profile of Mark’s victims and read it.


City: _____________

Victim file #1

Name: Gloria Wexman
Age: 42
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Director, Wexford Real Estate
Children: 1 boy 18, 1 girl 16
Material Status 1-10: 9


I’ve watched them for a while, and while they seem happily married I know her husband has been taking a few “business trips” recently, with the very attractive PA he hired.


Physical Status 1-10: 10


After all, at the office today she was a vision in royal blue, her clothes fitting her body perfectly.  This is going to be a real treat.


Time Alone 1-10: 9


Her husband was away, her son at a Scout camp, and her daughter at a sleepover.  She’s home alone - absolutely perfect.


Target Home 1-10: 9


There is an alarm, but I intend to start my visit before she goes to bed - she’s never really in her slumber before midnight, from what I have seen...


Score from 40: 37
Target Ranking 1 of 20



Date for assault: _____________________


Gail noted the date and put the form down.  That was when he was meant to have been in Canada at a conference, so it fitted.  But why a candle, and what was the locket?  She could not help herself, as she picked up the pages of handwritten notes and started to read them...



As Gloria sat at her computer, reviewing the sales figures for the last three months, she allowed herself a little smile. It had been a very, very profitable time, and all these late nights had certainly been worth it.


Also, she had managed to score a few points on Karen Bolland earlier that day, reminding her she had to deal with the Schumachers.  For a moment Gloria wondered how she had got on, but a glance at the clock on the screen diverted her attention away.


“Eleven already,” she said as she stretched and yawned, “How time flies when you’re having fun.”  She switched off the computer and stood up, walking away from her work and towards the staircase to her bedroom.  Her husband was away, the kids were out - she had the house all to herself.


Climbing the stairs, she walked into her closet and looked at herself in the mirror.  The years had been kind to her, even if she was starting to put a little bit of weight on, but the grey coat dress she was wearing still fitted her well.  She slowly unbuttoned the front, slipping it off and hanging it up, then looked at herself again in the white slip she was wearing underneath.  IT had thin spaghetti straps over the shoulders, with a lace skirt that was slit up to her waist on the left, and in her stockings and white shoes she thought she looked special, alluring, especially with her red lipstick and hair.


She didn’t hear the sound behind her, or notice the shadow in the mirror, until the latex gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth and she felt a strong arm wrap itself round her waist.  “MFMDFMFDGDFMFDMMMMMHHHLHPPPPP!” she tried to call out, but the grip on her was too strong as she was pulled back out of the closet and into the room.


“Hush Gloria, Hush,” she heard a male voice say behind her,  “HHRRURUMMHLLP!” she continued to call out, but a glint of light caught her eye as she saw a large hunting knife in front of her eyes, the steel blade glittering.


“I need you to calm down and keep quiet, Gloria,” the voice continued, “or else I may have to hurt you, and I don’t want to do that.”


Gloria’s eyes widened as she stopped screaming and struggling, the light dancing on her pupils.  “Very good, Gloria - now I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to go and sit quietly on the bed.  Do as you’re told, and you’ll be just fine.”


She nodded, and as she was released she walked to the bed and sat down, staring at the man who had held her a moment before as she crossed her legs.  He was about six feet tall, and looked as strong as he had felt.  A light blue shirt covered his chest; while on his legs were a pair of dark trousers and shoes.  She could see the white latex gloves on his hands, and the brown hair under the stocking he had pulled over his head.


Wh... What do you want?  If it’s money, I can give you that, and jewellery.”


“That’s nice, Gloria,” the intruder said with a smile as he took a large brown bag off his shoulder and set it on the floor, “and I fully intend to take all of that - and more besides.”


“Well then - take it and leave me alone.”


“Oh no Gloria - we have the whole night ahead of us and I intend for you to enjoy every second of it.”  Gloria stared at him as he opened the bag, wondering what he meant.  “First things first, however - I need to make sure you cannot interfere in my searches.  Stand up and turn round.”


“Why - what are you going to do to me?”


She watched as he took out a pair of handcuffs and held them in the light.  “I need to secure you and make sure you can’t do anything - now, Gloria, stand up and turn round.”


Gloria got off the wooden bed and slowly turned, trying to control her breathing as she felt the steel bracelet snap shut around her right wrist.  She stared straight ahead, waiting for the second cuff to be applied, but instead she heard the sound of her captor looking in his bag,


“Lie down on your back, Gloria,” she heard him say, “and lay your hands on your lap.”


Turning round, she saw that he had a length of black climbing rope in his hand.   “What are you going to do with that,” Gloria said quietly.


“You’ll see - lie down.”


Sitting herself on the bed, Gloria swung her legs up and lay down with her head on the pillow, watching him as he fastened the second cuff around her left wrists and tied the rope to the chain in the middle.  Quickly, he pulled her hands up above her head, and fastened the rope around the centre of the wooden headboard, Gloria looking up as he did so.


Her wrists secured, Gloria tried twisting her hands round as her captor moved his hands down her body, stroking her arms and side before pulling the skirt of her slip over to expose the tops of her stockings.  She felt his hands smoothly moving down her legs, and turned to look at him.


“What do you think you are doing?”


“Admiring your body, Gloria - you have wonderful legs,” he said as he continued to stroke them.  Gloria was a little flattered, but also wary - why was he doing this, as his hand moved down her stockings and around her calves?”



He smiled at her as he went back to the bag and pulled out a roll of black tape.  She heard a ripping sound as he pulled the end free, and started to secure her ankles together, pulling firmly as she felt them been forced together.


“That hurts,” she exclaimed as he felt the tape pulling at her legs.  “I know,” the man said as he looked up and smiled, “It’s wonderful, isn’t it?”  Gloria was still wearing the white shoes she had worn all day, but he made no move to take them off.  Instead, after smoothing the tape behind her legs, he moved up and started to tape her legs together above her knees.


“There,” he eventually said as he stood up and Gloria looked at him, “that should keep you safe for a while.”


“I’m not going anywhere,” Gloria snarled at him, “just take my stuff and go.”


“Oh I’m going to take your things,” he said with another smile, “I’m going to take everything you have, Gloria.”


“How do you know my name anyway?”


“Oh, I know all about you, Gloria - I’ve been watching you for a long time.”  The man turned to a chest of drawers.  “Are you going to tell me where you hide your jewellery?”


“Top drawer on the left,” Gloria said.  She knew he was going to find it anyway, but something else was disturbing her - he knew all about her?  He had been watching her?  Who was he?


She twisted her legs as she watched him slowly, methodically emptying her jewellery into a bag, and then searching through the rest of her furniture.  As she twisted round, she moved her legs slowly to the edge of the bed, the skirt of her slip moving up even more as she did so.


“There’s money downstairs in the safe - I’ll even give you the combination.”


“Yes,” he said as he turned and walked back to Gloria, reaching down and stroking her face as he did so, “I know you will.”  He looked at the clock, which showed midnight.  “My time of night,” he said quietly as he reached back into his bag and took out a length of white rope.  Kneeling by her feet, he twisted her legs round and tied the end of the rope around the tape holding her ankles together, pulling tight as he did so.


Gloria’s eyes widened as she realised what he had just said.  “Oh fuck,” she exclaimed as she looked down at him tying the rope to the leg of the bed, “You’re him, aren’t you - The Midnight Caller?”


He looked up at her and smiled, as she stared mutely down, fear paralysing her tongue. She had heard of him, and now had an inkling of what was to come.


“Relax, Gloria,” he said as he stood up and looked at her, “We have the whole night ahead of us.”


“Please - please don’t hurt me,” Gloria whimpered as he reached up and untied her wrists, bring them down to her lap as he untied the rope and laid her manacled wrists on her lap.  “For later,” he said quietly as he picked up a roll of silver duct tape, and unlocked her left wrist.  Holding it in his gloved hand, he tore the tape loose with his tape and wrapped it around her bare skin, before unlocking the other cuff and taping her wrists  together.


“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Gloria kept saying as he taped her wrists together, and then placed the roll and the cuffs to one side.  Returning to the bag, he took out a length of white climbing rope, flecked with red, and tied it between her wrists, pulling the tape even tighter around her wrists as he did so.  Gloria bit her tongue as she watched him take the rope down and wrap it around the tape between her legs, and then down and around her lower limbs before passing it between her ankles and bringing the rope back up.  Finally, he took her right shoe off; leaving it on the floor as he gently stroked the sole of her foot.


“Please, just leave me alone,” Gloria pleaded as he took out another length of rope and walked to the edge of the bed, tying one end to the top leg of the bed before leaving it on the counterpane on the bed.


“Oh no, Gloria - I have so much to give you tonight,” he said as he wrapped the rope around her forearms, forcing them to push her breasts out as he tied the rope in place and then took it to the other side of the bed.  Gloria looked at the way her breasts had been forced together as she lay there, feeling the rope tighten as he secured it to the other top leg.


“And now, Gloria,” he said as he looked at her, “I think it is time for your first lesson.”  She had no idea what he meant, but as he climbed on the bed and straddled her waist, she had a sinking, gnawing, horrifying realisation of what was to come.


“Oh god no,” she whimpered as he placed his gloved hands on her breasts and started to knead them, his strong fingers probing into her flesh as she lay there.  She had never been treated in this way by any man, and as she stared back up at him she could see how much enjoyment he was getting out of this.


“You have a wonderful chest, Gloria,” he said as he continued to massage her flesh, “and it was made to be enjoyed.  I certainly am enjoying this.”


Gloria could see how much he was enjoying it.  “No, what are you going to do,” she said as she raised her head slightly to look at him.


“Oh, I think you’ll like this,” he said as he got onto his knees, and slowly pulled the zip of his trousers down.  As his cock fell out, Gloria’s eyes widened as she said “Oh please, don’t make me do this.”


“Oh but I will,” he said as he held it one hand and raised her head with the other, stroking her lips with the tip.  Nnnnn,” Gloria whimpered, but she opened her mouth, taking it in and stroking the base with her tongue as he moved forwards.


His cock filled her mouth, but as she played with it and wrapped her tongue round it she could feel it growing in there, and throbbing.  Despite herself, she started to suck it in and out, her eyes closed.  “Hopefully this is all he’ll do,” she thought to herself as she licked the tip, before pushing it out with a soft pop and then sucking it back in again, “and then he’ll just finish robbing me and leave me alone.”


She felt him taking her head in both hands and lifting it up, as the tip of his cock stroked the back of her throat.  She kept sucking him in and out, the speed growing slowly in time to the increase of the throbbing, not wanting to anger him and just wanting the whole thing to end.  AS she heard him pant, she realised to her horror that her own body was starting to respond as well, but she tried to ignore it as the throbbing intensified and she could feel him starting to cum inside her mouth.


Eventually he let forth, the strong hot flow causing her to gag, but as he held her head she had to swallow, taking in the fluid and the taste and hoping, praying this would be the end of it.


“Thank you, Gloria,” he eventually said as he withdrew his cock, getting off the bed as Gloria looked up at him.  “Now, the combination to the safe, if you please.”


She gave him a sequence of numbers as she watched him play with the hunting knife.  “Very good, Gloria,” he eventually said, “I’ll go and try that now.  Don’t move, don’t scream or I will be back to make sure you never scream again.”


Gloria lay there, panting slightly as she tried to process all that had happened.  If this was indeed the Midnight Caller, then she knew he was going to be here for hours yet, and take everything, but if a blow job was the worst he was going to do, maybe, just maybe she would cope with it - and have something to tell the Bolland woman.


She opened her eyes as she heard him coming back in.  “Thank you, Gloria, that opened the safe,” he said with a smile as he looked down on her.


“Good - now just go and leave me alone.”


“Oh I can’t do that - we have the whole night ahead of us.”  As he said this, he slipped his hand between her legs and stroked the inside of her thigh, moving up to the crotch as he did so.


“What do yooooooohhhh,” Gloria said as she felt his fingers stroking her clit.


“You will do exactly what I say,” he said with a smile, “or I will kill you right here and now.”  Moving down to the end of the bed, he untied the rope that held her feet to the leg and removed it, coiling the rope and placing it to the side as he slowly untied the rest of the binding around her legs.


“Please, I’ll give you anything, just leave me alone,” Gloria pleaded as her legs were released.


“Yes,” was all the man said as he stroked her legs, leaving the rope to the side as well, “I know you will.”  As he said this, he untied the rope from the top of the bed, unwinding it from her arms and throwing it to the floor on the other side.  Picking up the hunting knife, he waved it in front of Gloria’s face, the sweat glistening in the lamplight before he took it down between her legs.


NNGGggggg,” she mumbled, fearful of what was about to happen, but as she felt the cold steel against her skin she also felt her legs moving apart as he cut through the tape around her ankles and knees.  She breathed a sigh of relief as he removed her other feet, but then started to massage the soles of her feet, the sensation running through her like an electric shock.


Ohhhh,” she moaned as his hands moved up her legs, stroking the inside and outside as he worked on both legs, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling if not the situation.  As he stroked the inside of her thigh, she felt his hands against her crotch through the hose, and could not stop herself from moaning as he did so.


“What are you doing to me,” she moaned as she felt his hands caressing her stomach and then her breast again, his fingers teasing round her nipples as she moaned once more.


“Showing you pleasure,” he said quietly as she felt his hand on her cheek.  She also felt steel, and as she opened her eyes she saw the blade out of the corner of her eye.


“I’m going to cut your wrists free,” he said quietly, “don’t move.”


She felt the steel running down her bare arms, and shivered as the blade cut through the silver tape, her arms falling to the side as the tape gave way.  Before she had chance to react, however, Gloria was rolled over onto her stomach and she felt her arms been pulled behind her back, followed by the click of steel as the handcuffs went round her wrists once more.



“what are you doing - ohhh,” Gloria said as she felt his hands on the back of her legs, moving slowly up and down them as he stroked the flesh and her ass, her cheeks been pushed in and out by his strong grip.  She wasn’t sure what to make of what he was doing, as he pulled her skirt up to show the top of her pantyhose.


“You have a very pert ass,” he said as he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “and I want it Gloria - I want it so badly.”


“Oh no, please, anything but that,” she screamed out, only to see the blade at her face again.  “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet, or I would hurt you, Gloria?”


“No, I’ll be good, just don’t hurt me...”  She felt him get off the bed, and turning the head she saw him draw a large pink ball from the bag, with thin straps running either side.


“No, don’t gag me,” she said as he knelt on the floor next to her.  “I told you to be quiet,” he whispered, “and if you won’t I’ll keep you quiet.  Now open wide.”


Gloria clamped her mouth shut, determined that was not going in her mouth.  He sighed and reached up, pulling back onto her hair until she screamed “Owwwwmmfmfrmdsgmgfdmg,” the ball pushed between her teeth and her lips barely closing round it as he pulled the strap tightly around her head and secured them together.


“Now then,” he said quietly as he climbed back onto the bed, “where were we?”


Gloria felt his hands coming round her front and caressing her breasts again.  Plsdndnttssss,” she cried out as he felt them been pushed in and out, but she also felt her own body responding to this pressure, and she found herself closing her eyes and saying “MMmmmmmdsfmgmfdmgm” despite herself.


“Just relax and give in to the moment, Gloria,” he whispered in her ear as he started to rock back and forth on her legs, ignoring the blows from her heels as she moved his hands over her body in time to his rocking.


As she closed her eyes, Gloria could not believe the situation she found herself in - lying face down and been assaulted by one of the most wanted men in the country.  Two things crossed her mind as she felt warmth spreading in her groin as a response to the massage she was getting.


Firstly, was it better to just give in and let him have his way?


Secondly, how jealous were the ladies going to be that he’d chosen her?


“MDMSMSDFDGDDDDD,” she found herself moaning as he pushed her breasts hard into her body, but as he climbed off and she kicked her legs up she wondered what was coming next.


That answer came quickly as he climbed back on, and she felt his fingers stroking her crotch between her legs.  A fire was starting to burn down there, and as she lay there she heard herself saying “MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdsffmmmmmmmmmmm” in response to his stroking.


“He’s going to rape me,” she thought as he continued to tease her, “but why doesn’t he get on with it?”  The answer came as she felt her hose been pulled down her legs, and his fingers actually going into her vagina.


“MMDGMDGMFMMG,” she moaned as she bucked to the touch on her clit, but instead of turning her over she heard the zip going down again, and the touch of his erect cock against the cheeks of her bum.  He moved his hands out from her legs, and Gloria’s eyes shot open as she felt something been rubbed between her cheeks.


“HSDDRGDDDNNNNNN” she screamed as she lay there, but nothing could have prepared her for the sensation as he entered her anus, the force pushing her buttocks apart as she screamed “NNNNNNNFDSGSGNGNNNNNNNNNNNNN” into the rubber ball.  As he thrust forward, she screamed again, but this time she could also feel herself starting to cum between her own legs, a sensation she had not felt for oh so many years.


PLssmsdmsfnfndngnnadfnng,” she moaned as she felt him thrusting still further forward, pushing into her pelvis as she felt herself buck and a flow starting in front of her.  She pushed herself up and down, unable to stop the response of her body in time to his thrusting as she felt the throbbing in her ass intensify and the pressure growing.


“MMDSMSMMAFDMFDMMMMMDMGMDMAMADMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she screamed out as she felt him starting to cum, and also the shocks running up and down her own body as she started to cum as well, the fluid flowing from between her legs even as she felt the hot thrust between her ass cheeks. 


“NNNNNGG.....  NGGGGGGG.   NMMMMMMMM...   NNNFGDMMMMFMAHHHHHH,” she moaned as she felt him pull out, and her head slumped even further into the mattress.  She offered no resistance as he pulled her legs up and wrapped rope around her ankles, binding them together and then running the rope up to the length of black rope still attached to the headboard.


Whtddddujstdtm,” she mumbled as she looked up at him while he secured the rope to the black length, leaving her ankles fixed above her knees.  He looked at her, before taking his pants and zipping them back up.


“I showed you who is in charge here,” he said as he leaned down and stroked the hair away from her face.  “Now, I have some things to look for downstairs, so I’m going to leave you nice and comfortable in the meantime.


Mmmmmhw?”  Gloria watched as he walked round, stroking the soles of her feet and looking at her red painted toenails.  “Oh. You’ll see,” he said with a smile as he pulled her hose back up, and then tied a second length of white rope between her cuffs, pulling them up and securing them to the rope above her.


I have a little something,” the Caller said as Gloria turned to look at him, “to keep you amused while I’m busy.  You have so many nice things downstairs, and I may be some time.”




Gloria’s eyes widened again as she saw him take out a white object, no bigger than a cigar, and press a button on the side.  Reaching round her, he slipped the object into the front of her hose, holding her up with one arm as he positioned it in her crotch before lowering her down.  As she felt the vibrations against her clit, she screamed “fhfhdfsdfdsmfmmdsmasdmfggfdg”, helpless to stop the sensations it was causing.


“Be back soon,” the Caller smiled as he left Gloria on the bed, squirming round and wondering what was coming next, as she felt her body jolt and twitch in response to the stimulation between her legs.







“Well, you look as if you’ve been having fun.”


Gloria opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder to see the Caller lying beside her, his arm around her as he played with her breasts.   Her wrists had been released from behind her, and were now cuffed in front of her as she lay on her stomach.  She could feel the dampness between her legs as the buzzing continued, so when he reached in and removed the vibrator she said “fnku.”


“My pleasure,” he said as he stood up and walked round the bed, reaching behind Gloria’s head and untying the cords that held the ball in place in her mouth.  As he pulled it out, the saliva dripping from it, Gloria worked her mouth and said “Could I have some water please?”


“I’m sorry, who are you talking to?”


She turned and looked at him as she said “Could I have some water please, SIR?”


“Better,” he replied with a smile, “but in a little while.  We still have so much time to spend together.”


Gloria looked at the clock, which showed the time as 3:30.  “Why won’t you leave me alone,” she said with a quiver in her voice.


“Because we have time yet to spare,” he said as he sat next to her and stroked her cheek.  “So many different things to do.”


Gloria looked over her shoulder as he started to untie her legs, stroking her muscles as he did so.  Eventually she let out a sigh and started crying as her legs parted, pleading “Please, just go and leave me alone.  You’ve done enough - I won’t get in your way.”


“I thought you wanted some water,” he said as he unlocked the cuffs and helped Gloria to sit up.  She rubbed her wrist as he brought a bottle of water out of the bag and handed it to her.


“Don’t worry - it’s not drugged or anything,” he said as Gloria looked suspiciously at it.  Unscrewing the top, she sipped at the clear liquid, before starting to gulp it down, the fluid relieving her dry and sore throat.


“Why are you doing this to me,” she finally said as she looked at him standing in front of her, twirling the knife in his hand.


“Why you?  You meet all the criteria I set for myself,” the Caller replied with a smile.  “Besides, I believe women such as yourself enjoy the attention - am I wrong?”


Gloria looked at him, aware she was blushing as she said “Well - I have to admit I have not felt that way in a long, long time.  But it’s wrong - you can’t treat women like that!”


“And how do you treat the women you work with - do you not seek to screw them over at every opportunity?  I just make sure it is physically as well as emotionally.  Now, drink your water - I have another treat for you.”


“What - what are you going to do to me now?”


“Hush, Gloria,” he said as he walked behind her and knelt on the bed, “Just let me take care of you.”  She felt him pulling her hands behind her back, whispering “not again,” as she felt the cold steel of the cuffs been fastened around her wrists again.


“Do you like my knife,” he said as he flashed the knife in front of her eyes.  “It scares me,” she whispered as she felt the blade against her shoulder, grimacing as it passed around her neck and under the straps over her shoulders.  As it slipped like butter through the silk, and she felt her top fall down, exposing her beasts to the cool night air, she felt her nipples hardening as she exclaimed “Oh god....”


“Wait,” she heard him say as she saw the climbing rope beside her been taken, and then felt it been draped over her shoulders.  The Caller wrapped it around her breasts, pulling them together and out as he tugged at the bands, pulling the rope around her back so that her breasts were squashed together, her nipples forced out.


She saw the latex covered hands coming round and tracing round her nipples, and as she closed her eyes she was surprised to find herself saying “Hmmmmm - that does feel good, but please stop - I don’t want you to do this.”


“Your voice says no, but your body says yes,” she heard him say as he squeezed her nipples, making her squeal in pleasure as they hardened under his touch.   As he let go, she said “Please, stop, stop,” but there was no conviction in her voice.


A ripping sound made her open her eyes again, and as she felt something sticking to the nipple of her left breast she looked down to see blue tape been wound round her chest, pulling her nipples into her breasts as it held her in a tight, vice like grip.  “Oh god,” she groaned as the tape went round her body, feeling the pressure on her nipples as he encased her breasts in the tape.


“I think you will like this,” she heard him say as he smoothed the tape down behind her back, and walk round to look at her.  “Please,” she pleaded as she looked at him, “Just go and leave me alone - I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”


“Let’s find out, shall we,” he said as he looked into her eyes.  Walking to the chest of drawers, he took out a pair of knickers and wadded them into a pad, Gloria’s eyes widening as he walked back with the wad in the palm of his hand.


“No, please, don’t do ,mvmmmfdmsmdsmf,” she moaned as he pressed down on the blue band, making her open her mouth and allowing him to push the entire mass behind her teeth.  “Keep that in there,” he said as he walked to the wardrobe and took out a long, thin silk oblong with a brown, green and red pattern printed on it.  Pulling it into a thin band, he tied a knot in the middle and forced that into Gloria’s mouth, pulling it round her head and forcing her to close her lips over it as he tied it at the base of her neck.


Whtduthnkurdng,” she moaned as he pulled her forward, unlocking the cuffs and leaving them on the floor as he held her wrists together, then pulling the black rope from the headboard.  Placing her hands together in front of her, palm to palm, he tied them tightly together in front of her, before making Gloria lie on her back across the bed.


Thefkgnhrts,” she screamed as he pulled her hands over her head and down the side of the bed, her elbows screaming as he took the rope and secured it to the leg at the bottom of the bed.  This had the effect of stretching the tape still tighter over her breasts, making them ache and throb as she lay there, trying to twist her arms round.


“Comfy,” he said as he climbed into the bed and straddled Gloria, his hands pressing down on her breasts as he massaged them gently.  NGgmmfmfmfmd,” she called out as she looked up at him, wanting him to stop and yet feeling the way he was stimulating her as well.  The conflicting emotions in her head were making her swoon, as his hands caressed her stomach and stroked her, moving up and over her arms.


She saw him pull the stocking halfway up his head, revealing his lips as he leaned down and kissed her breasts.  “MGMGFMDMDMFFMGFM,” she screamed as she felt the touch of his lips on her flesh, even as she bucked her body and raised her hips up,


The Caller made his way down her body, stroking her legs as he moved them apart, and kissed her crotch as he slipped off the bed.  This sent an even greater shock through Gloria’s body - she had not been kissed there for many, many years, and she had forgotten the effect she had on that.


She felt his hand on her ankle as rope was passed round it, secured and then used to pull her leg to the side, the rope running to the head of the bed, and then her other foot to the bottom.  She twisted round as she felt his hands on the inside of her legs, and his lips on her feet, sucking her toes through her hose.  Mggmfmdmmmmm,” she quietly moaned as she felt herself react to this approach, especially as his hands moved up and stroked her crotch.


MMGFDMgfdmfgmd,” she called out as she raised her head to look at him, picking up the knife and waving it round.  She looked at him as he passed it between her legs, and screamed “NNNNNNNNN<” as she felt the stockings part at the crotch, and then felt his lips on hers down there.  “MDMDSMMDSMDSMAGMFSDMDGMG” she called out as her body rocked to the touch, and she felt a dampness between her legs.


“I can see you’re nearly ready,” he said with a smile as he stood up, and dropped his pants, stepping out as she saw his cock enlarged and hanging down.  PLSssassadsdffdnstn - llbu,” she said as she walked round and pulled a large white scarf out of his bag.


“No, I want you there,” he said as he took the scarf and blindfolded Gloria, ignoring her screams of “plsasdmbfgtkfds, dntdsthsshhshstmmmmmmm,” as he walked back and kissed her between her legs again.  MMMDSMmgmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as she felt him moving between her legs, the darkness possibly even more frightening than what she could feel happening between her legs as he moved his body in place.


She tensed herself as she felt his lips on her breasts and stomach again, the electric jolts growing in intensity as she lay there.  pllsmmmfdmfdmmfdmgmgfdgmmfdmgmddfmoffkkkmmmmmmmm” she called out as she twisted round, and she got her desire as he slipped in between her legs and penetrated, the mass making her scream “MMMMFDGFDFDFFDDFFGGGDDDDD” as she felt him moving in.


“FFKNNGNGNHHLLMMMMMMGDDDDDDD” she screamed as she felt him pushing inwards, and she felt her hips starting to move involuntarily with him, thrusting forward as he pushed in the opposite direction.  She was petrified, terrified, and yet so aroused, so ready to be fucked as she felt the throbbing in her passage and gripped him tightly, feeling him expand and grow within her as well.


“FDTTKTKGFKFKKKMMMMM,” she screamed as she felt herself starting to sum as well, hot fluid flowing from between her thighs as he pushed further in, the pain and the ecstasy growing in her until finally she felt the flow bursting forth, even as she went “YSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” and her whole body shook in response.


How long he stayed there, he wasn’t sure, but eventually she felt him withdraw and she relaxed, exhausted, exhilarated, and drained at the same time.  She felt the cloth been removed from her eyes and saw his face, his mouth exposed as he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, and then her eyes.


“Thank you, Gloria,” he said as he unclasped a small locket that was around her neck, and placed it in her pocket, “You were fantastic.”


Plsggg,” she mumbled as she felt tears running down her cheeks, 


“Soon, soon,” he said as he looked to the window.  She watched as he took a red candle out from his bag and set it on a plate, lighting it with a match before he turned off the lights.  The candle flame flickered in the dim light, as Gloria watched it, transfixed and wondering what he was going to do next.


He took a red scarf this time, and tied it tightly over her eyes, saying “You’re going to like this,” as he tied it tightly round her head.  Gloria squirmed round, wondering what else he could possibly do to her.


She felt her hands been moved from above her head, and placed on her lap as the rope was secured to the sides of the bed.  She moaned “Plslvmlnnwww,” as she twisted her head round.


“Stay still,” she heard him say, and she wondered what was coming next.  The answer came as she felt a sharp, hot sting on her breasts, and something flowing very slowly over her skin.


“MMGMFGDMMMMMMM” she cried out as she felt it again, and again, and again, and she realised what was happening.  He was dripping hot wax onto her exposed breasts, the wax splattering and dripping over both the tape and the skin as he did so.  It was a totally new experience for her, and one she was not sure of how to take.


“Different, isn’t it?”


Plsssswhrrudndng,” she called out as he dripped more wax on, the wax dropping on her stomach as well.  She was excited by it, but it wasn’t something she was particularly enjoying.


There was the feel of cold steel on her skin again, and then a sharp pain as the tape was cut through and pulled away from her left breast.  She felt his lips on the nipple again, soothing the red raw feeling she was having, and then on the other side as well, before he said “The sun is coming up, Gloria - I think it is time for me to go.”


She lay still, wondering if he was telling the truth or not, but as she felt her hair been tugged and the sound of scissors cutting her hair, she realised he was taking a lock as...


“A souvenir,” she heard him say,” of a special night.  Goodbye, Gloria.”


Mmgmgnnnngggg,” Gloria moaned as she heard footsteps retreating, and the door closing downstairs.  She was too terrified, too scared, too...  too exhausted to move as she slowly moved her legs to and fro, and trying as hard as she could to get herself free.  As she felt her legs gain more freedom, she wondered how long she had before someone came home and found her...








Gail looked at the photo of Gloria, lying on the bed, the red wax on her chest and stomach as the tape was moved to the side.  She still did not understand how her husband was capable of this, but as she put the items back in the box there was another thought in her mind.


Why was she so excited by reading about it?





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