The character of Ginger Cavanaugh was first sent to me by Ed Overton - a Southern lady of later middle age, who keeps falling foul of the criminal fraternity.  Here are stories by myself, Jim Hanford and others that tell of her deeds...


A Bed of Nails


As any woman would, Ginger likes her hands to look nice, so she visits a small nail salon regularly.  It's just her bad luck she visits at the same time some crooks are trying to get into the bank next door.


A Day at The Lake


This tale of Ginger comes courtesy of Jim from Michigan, an old friend who occasionally contributed to the Yahoo group.  Ginger's son in law invites her for a Sunday drive, but his fantasies are about to become a terrifying reality for both of them.


Cat with Ginger


The Cat-woman is a notorious burglar, hitting small businesses when they are quiet and people are more at ease.  Saturday mornings are good, especially for small offices like the one Ginger runs...


Dial 4357


When Ginger's employer re-organises, and assigns her to a downtown office, she decides to move some stuff early - which means the bank robbers she disturbs have to be stopped....


Early Opening


Ed, a local bank manager, recalls the time he and his staff were held hostage - along with one of their most valued customers named Cavanaugh....


Eye of the Beholder


Ginger is going to a wedding with her friend Tina, but when they stop to pick up some beauty supplies at Tina's boutique they walk into a robbery - and both Ginger and her friend are taken hostage. What happens next - you decide...




The other tale of Ginger by myself, this relates the occassion she and Celeste Darkholme had to deal with a discipline problem at the Country Club - and then had to face unwanted discipline of their own.


Helping Hands


It seems as if Ginger has the most rotten luck, but until now she has not been a victim of robbery at her house.  Until now, that is...


Invitation to Danger


In which Ginger offers to help organise the Christmas party for her employer, only to be caught up in a kidnapping plot involving the rather spoilt daughter of said employer.  Ed Overton applies his dastardly mind to the problem.


Jury Service


When a notorious gangster is being tried out of town, the DA needs an independent jury. Members of the family of the defendant have plans however, for the chief witness and the chairman of the jury -- a lady named Ginger Cavanuagh.  Story is by Ed Overton.


Late Night


Ed Overton returns of a tale of what happened when Ginger had to work late one night, and met two masked men.


Manners Maketh The Man


A special request here, as Ginger visits her niece in the Midlands of England and falls victim to a pair of robbers who are well known for their - more polite approach to their craft.


Remember Them


On a visit to Oxford, Ginger starts to argue with a niece on family history and war medals - so how does a young girl called Soo figure in this?


Rest and Relaxation


When Ginger and her son-in-law take a break at a spa, and they agree to go for a bike ride with another couple, they did not suspect a gang of robbers would leave them in a stickey situation...


Robbery at the B&G Credit Union


Ed Overton tells the tale of what happens when a business that is managed by Ginger is hit by a well organised gang.


Store Robbery


Spandexm offers a shrt tale of Ed and Ginger, as they both get caught up in a robbery at a new store that caters for the larger chested woman... 


The Finishing Touch


Ginger has accepted an invitation to address the young ladies at a finishign school run by her friend Carol.  In this tale, based on a request by Bayezid, she finds she is not the only one interested in the school's collection of priceless silver and china... 


The Ring


Ginger had no special plans for that day - a game of tennis, and lunch with a friend, and that was it.  As the day progressed however, she found herself a part of a kidnapping plot conceived by a couple known only as The Baron and The Baroness...


The Wedding of the Godfather's Niece


Courtesy of Jim from Michigan, Ed is persuaded to accompany his mother in law, Ginger Cavanaugh, to a wedding hosted by a relative - one she is very uncertain of...


Wedding Belles


A nice weekend at the wedding of an old friend is what Ginger was anticipating - but some surprises awaited her.  The first was the bonus of meeting again an acquaintance of recent times called Dorothy Carr, or Dottie to her friends.  The second was ther kidnapping of said friend and the part she and Dottie were to play...






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