Recollections of Marge Mansfield:


It was my fourth delivery of the day.


I rang Marci’s bell and the door was opened by a man I didn’t recognize.


"Hi, I’m Marge. I’ve got Marci’s Avon order."


"Come in. I’m Tom, her brother-in-law. Mom and Marci are a little tied up in the family room. You can come back if you want."




Well, when he said a ‘little tied up’ he wasn’t really accurate. They were really tied up.


"Who’s this?"


"Says that she has some Avon for Marci."


"If you are all busy, I can come back later."


"That’s OK, you can stay."


Marci and her mom looked at me with very ‘we’re sorry’ and ‘help us’ looks.


"You know, if she has been making other deliveries, she might have some cash."


"Good thinking, check it out while I wrap her up."


Obviously there wasn’t much I could do, so I just resolved myself to being tied up.


He worked fast and soon my hands were tied behind my back and held against my body with a rope tied around my waist.


"Open wide"


A balled up piece of terry cloth was stuffed into my mouth. A long, thin piece was wrapped tightly around my head, between my teeth, twice and tied off behind my left ear.


He had already tied my elbows together almost to the point of touching, and as he was tying my arms to my chest, the rope bracketing my breasts, I thought that he was taking an awful lot of time and going through an awful lot of effort for just a simple burglary.


I was sat on the couch and my ankles and knees were tied. Presto Remco, I was secured just like Marci and her mom.


During all this Marci and her mom had just sat there on the floor looking scared.


"Just some checks. But I’ve got her ATM card."


I was shoved onto the floor. Marci’s mom was hauled to her feet by her hair.


"OK ladies, give me your pin numbers or mom here won’t enjoy it."


Marci’s mom winced as he pulled her head back by the hair.


It was only money, so I nodded assent, as did Marci.


A few minutes later the three of us were regagged.


"I’ll just go make sure that you gave us the right numbers."


"Well, ladies, what should we do now?"


Now I was scared too.


But all he did was stand the three of us up, look at us, and make some very crude comments about our cup sizes, big boobs running in families, and Marci’s mom’s looking as good as ours.


After that we were all pushed back down to the floor, tightly hogtied, and blindfolded.


We all just lay there. We could hear him going through the house.


After what seemed like ages, the front door opened.


"Maxed them all out. Usual two hundred on them, but mom there had a thousand dollar limit!!"


"Good, I found what we were after."


"Let’s vamoose, before the kids get home from school and we have more to deal with."


That brought audible gasps of panic from both Marci and her mom.


It also meant that it must be close to four, it had been a little after one when I had arrived, no wonder my shoulders were cramping from being pulled back.


As soon as we heard them leave, we started trying to get free.


I was able to work the blindfold off, but that was about all.


Marci got her’s off. But despite all her rolling around and rubbing her face on the carpet, her mom couldn’t.


Other than getting two blindfolds off, all the three of us accomplished was to lose our shoes, work our skirts up to our hips, and ruin our pantihose.


Tied as we were, all we really could do was sort of flop back and forth from our stomachs to our sides.


The whole time we were trying to talk to each other, but other than proving that we could make noise, again accomplished nothing.


"Mom, Gramma !!!!!!!!"


The police came and took statements.


They had left our ATM cards, so as far as Marci could tell, nothing was actually taken.


As to what the one had meant by the ‘I found what we were after’ remark, we were all baffled until Marci’s daughter asked why her dad’s computer was on.


Marci’s husband was an exploration geologist for a large multinational mining company. Currently he was overseas at some conference.


Everyone speculated that maybe he had some files that might be interesting.

All in all it was a very, very nerve wracking, extremely terrifying, but strangely intriguing experience.


What nobody knew at the time, while our checking and savings accounts were being pillaged, my customer list, and order slips were all copied.






To Be Continued....