First Strike - Ginger Cavanaugh



"Here is a gold account, let's use this one" stated the lead robber as he flipped through the stolen credit card numbers they just got from the previous robbery. "Who does the account belong to" asked the second robber. "A Ginger Cavanaugh", he answered. “It appears she orders all the time, in fact, according to our people on the inside…” The lead robber picked up the phone and ordered $10,000 dollars worth of expensive jewellery to be delivered to Ginger Cavanaugh.

It was approximately
noon time on a bright sunny day when Ginger Cavanaugh, approximately 58 years old but looked like she was about ten to fifteen years younger, 5’6, 180lbs, lily white skin, short auburn hair, called her good friend, Karol.  ‘Karol, don’t forget to drop off the money for the office raffle tickets before you leave for your party”. “Yes, I will be over there about 3:00 P.M., to drop it off”. Ginger was wearing a light purple short sleeved blouse, black pants, and brown sandals which showed off her red colored toenails and also showed off her nice round behind and her 40DD breasts.   Ginger had on peach eye shadow on the lid and brown in the crease, mascara & eyeliner-----bronzer for the blush (like you got color from the sun on your cheeks) and pinkie/brown lipstick.  She finalized her attire with a 2.25 carat white gold diamond heart necklace with solitaire in the centre around her neck, 1.50 carat diamond stud earrings, white gold hoop earrings, 2.0 carat white gold diamond watch, on her left wrist, 1.25 white gold wedding ring set (two diamond bands and diamond marquise stone) on her left hand ring finger, and a 1.50 carat square ruby ring encircled with diamonds in gold setting on her right hand ring finger. 


Emilia, Ginger’s cleaning lady, a 47 year old Spanish woman, 5’4, 160lbs, long black hair, wearing a maid’s outfit, tan pantyhose, and black shoes, arrived at Ginger’s residence to do her weekly cleaning. “I’m going to run out for a few minutes, I’ll see you a little while, the check for the cleaning is on the kitchen room table”. “No, problem, Ms. Cavanaugh, see you later”.


Ginger left in her white Chevy Trailblazer to do some errands as the robbers observed her leave her house and decided to wait for her return.


The robbers walked up to the front door, and opened the door. Emilia said “Ms. Cavanuagh, did you forget something?” “No, we didn’t” answered the robbers, pointing a handgun at Emilia.


Emilia let out a gasp and the robber put a pistol to her head and said “be quiet, lady or else”.  Emilia nodded in agreement, as he dragged the cleaning lady into the den area. He removed a black zip-tie from his bag, and proceeded to tie Emilia’s hands behind her back. Next, he put a knot in the middle of a piece of black cloth, stuck the knot into Emilia’s mouth and tied the ends behind her head. He made Emilia sit down on the floor, and proceeded to tie rope around her chest. Finally, he tied used black zip-ties around Emilia’s ankles then below and above her knees.  “Now, we wait” the lead robber told his partner.


As Ginger arrived back home, she glanced at her watch which read 1:50 P.M.   Ginger exited the vehicle and walked into the house. As Ginger entered the house the lead robber approached her and asked, “Are you Ginger Cavanugh”? “Yes, I am, can I help you” answered Ginger as she glanced into the den area.  “Yes, you can, now get inside” answered the robber as he pointed a handgun in Ginger’s face...


Ginger put her hands up and backed into the den area where she saw Emilia sitting in a chair bound and gagged. “Now do as we say, nobody will get hurt, start by putting your nice jewelry inside this black bag”. Ginger nodded her head in agreement and started peeling off her expensive jewelry and putting the items into the bag.  Once all the jewelry was inside the bag, the lead robber stated "Kneel down and put your hands behind your back", barked the robber. Ginger responded, "My knees are bad, and I don't think I can kneel down, and also I'm claustrophobic as well, please don't tie me up". Ginger continued, " Please just lock me in a closet, please, please don't tie me up."


"Get down there lady now", he barked. Ginger proceeded to kneel down on the floor and complied by putting her hands behind her back, which he pulled out a black plastic tie-wrap and tightly secured the wrap around her hands.


Then he took two brown belts from the closet and tied it around her chest above and below her breasts securing her arms together making her soft yet firm 40DD breasts protrude outward. Ginger continued begging him to untie her, “please untie me, I’m begging you” but they did not listen to her pleas. He pushed Ginger face down on the floor and took Ginger’s sandals off her feet exposing her beautiful feet with freshly manicured toenails and he grabbed Ginger’s lily white soft skinned ankles, put the tie wrap around them and pulled it tight. He inched his way up and placed a tie wrap just under her knees then cinched a tie-wrap just above her knees.


The robber rummaged through Ginger’s purse and found about $973.00 in cash and a couple credit cards along with one debit card.  The lead robber asked Ginger, “What is the Pin number?” and she quietly answered 1234”. Ginger nodded her head in agreement with the number she previously stated.


The lead robber told Ginger, “We almost forgot the most important thing, we have to cut off your yelling power” which Ginger responded in her Southern accent, “I’m claustrophobic, please don’t gag me, I’ll be quiet”.  “Shut up and open your mouth” he yelled at Ginger. He pulled out a black cloth and put a small knot in the middle of the cloth as Ginger opened her mouth, and he stuffed the knot of the black cloth into her mouth just behind her teeth, she closed her mouth so the knot was completely behind her teeth then pulled the cloth hard to the corners of her mouth which forced her lips together and double knotted the cloth behind her head.


Ginger despised being gagged; which made it suffocating and uncomfortable where the gag was cutting into the corners of her mouth.  Ginger started to feel like she was choking, unable to breathe, and can feel the beginning of an anxiety attack coming on which made her struggle against the tie-wrap and gag. Ginger began to moan through her gag, flexing her hands trying to loosen the tie-wrap. “Be still, lady or I’ll make you still”, they told Ginger. 


The lead robber heard a car door slam and peered through the blinds which showed Karol, 51 years old, 5’6, 195lbs, a fair skinned woman with freckles, long strawberry blonde hair, was wearing a turquoise, short dress with matching jacket and low neckline, black pantyhose, a turquoise scarf, and black spike heels with eye makeup and lipstick. Karol had a pearl necklace, earrings, and a bracelet on along with one carat diamond solitaire ring with side stones, one diamond and emerald band ring with a Seiko gold watch.


Karol was one of Ginger’s closest friends and was looking forward to purchasing some quality Avon products. As Karol approached the front door, she read the note attached to the door which read, “Please come inside”. Karol smiled and entered the residence. Karol’s smile quickly turned to fear when she observed someone standing in front of her pointing a pistol at her.


“Now, don’t say a word, and put your hands behind your back” stated the lead robber. Karol was frozen in fear as the other robber walked towards her.  He grabbed Karol by the shoulder and spun her around. He grabbed Karol’s hands, took a black zip-tie from his pocket and tightly cinched the zip-tie around her wrists which were behind her back. Karol winced once he was finished tying her hands, then he used other belts from the closet around Karol’s chest securing her arms behind her back. 


He marched Karol to the den area and opened the door where the bound and gagged captives gave out another collective “MMPPHH” as they saw Karol being walked into the room. He led Karol over to where her good friend Ginger was located on the floor, and forced her next to Ginger. “I figured you needed some more company” the lead robber told a gagged Ginger. Next, he pulled out several more black zip-ties, bent down and grabbed Karol’s black pantyhose clad ankles, wrapped the zip-tie around her ankles and cinched it tight. Then he tied Karol’s knees in a similar fashion to Ginger.


Finally, he went behind Karol and took out a piece of black cloth and knotted the middle of the cloth. Karol glanced around at Ginger who was staring back at her and noticed that she had a similar black cloth wrapped between her teeth so there was no need trying to fight it so she opened her mouth nice and wide. He leaned over Karol, stuck the knot into her mouth, pulled the ends towards the corner of her mouth and tied the ends behind her head. The robbers took an envelope out of Karol’s purse that contained 3-$100 bills and another $50 in $10s and $20s plus debit card and credit cards.


For the next couple hours, Ginger, Karol, and Emilia remained bound and gagged as the robbers paced back and forth. It appeared the robbers were waiting on something but the ladies did not know what. Ginger looked at Karol, wondering, they had already ransacked the house, stolen the credit cards with PIN numbers but all they could is moan and grunt trying to communicate.


As Ginger lay on her side, she began to discreetly wiggle her hands and feet to see if there was anyway to get free but the tie-wrap felt like it was slicing into her skin so she abandoned that idea. The knot in the gag was pushing her tongue back into her throat and was cutting off her air. The gag was tied so tightly that the cloth was cutting into the corners of her mouth.  Being bound and gagged like this was the most horrible and miserable she had ever felt in her entire life. Ginger was fighting hard to keep the panic from rising into her throat. She wants this to be over but is scared that it will end horribly, she is praying as that is her only hope she has left.


Karol was lying on her side very, very still and had her eyes closed to either block out what is happening to her or to pray. Karol was very pale and her breathing has become quite shallow. Ginger finally hears her take a deep breath through her nose and let it out slowly so Ginger realizes she is trying to calm herself down and cope with what is happening to her. Karol’s gag was wet from saliva and cutting into the corners of her mouth, while her hands and feet were starting to feel pain and numbness from the zip-ties that she is bound with.


After a few hours, a brown van pulled up and someone exited the van and approached the front door. As the robbers heard the door shut, they peered out the window expecting their “person on the inside” to be delivering the items but they saw  Debbie, 43 years old, 5’3, 150lbs, long blond hair, wearing a sleeveless white blouse, blue striped pants, tan pantyhose, and black heels, and went straight towards the front door. Debbie was dressed nicely since it was company policy to give the delivery a personal touch since it was such expensive items.


She knocked on the front door and the lead robber answered the door. “Yes, I have a delivery for a Ms. Cavanaugh” Debbie told the man. “She isn’t here right now, I’m her husband, I’ll take it for her” replied the lead robber. “No, since it’s a very expensive package, it needs to be signed by Ms. Cavanaugh”.


“Well, Ms. Cavanaugh is sort of tied up at the moment, and can’t come to the door, let me take it” answered the man. Debbie stated, “I’m not sure if that is a good idea” as she stepped inside the door.


Ginger was wondering who was at the front door since she was not expecting any packages, she tried to get a better view. Debbie heard some faint moaning coming from the den off to the left and looked that way. As she turned towards the den, Ginger and Karol were able to make their way towards the front door. Debbie’s mouth dropped open when she saw Ginger and Karol lying on the floor, hands bound behind their backs, ankles and knees bound, a black cloth pulled between their teeth. Debbie immediately tried to go towards the door but the robbers grabbed her by placing his hand over her mouth.

Debbie put her hands behind her back where the other robber cinched a black zip-tie around Debbie’s wrists. He knotted another black cloth, reached around Debbie's head, "Ok, blondie, open your mouth" he told Debbie. Debbie saw what was coming and opened her mouth and he put the knot into her mouth behind her teeth, and double knotted the ends of the cloth behind her head. Finally, he looped some loose rope around Debbie's chest, above and below her breasts and tied the ends at her hands.


“Good, take her to the back with the rest” explained the lead robber. He marched Debbie to the den area where the bound and gagged captives gave out collective “MMPPHH” as they saw Debbie being walked into the room. He led Debbie over to where Ginger and Karol were located and forced her to the floor. Next, he tied Debbie’s ankles and knees in a similar fashion to the other ladies.


He started by tying rope around Debbie’s chest above and below her breasts making them protrude outward then finally, he raised Debbie’s pants leg exposing her tan pantyhose, and tightly cinched a black zip-tie around her ankles, pulled them together then lastly, he wrapped tied a black zip-tie around Debbie’s knees, pulled the zip-tie tightly which stretched the fabric of the pants showing off Debbie’s well rounded thighs. “Ok, now all of you sit tight and relax, we’ll be back to check on you later” he told their four bound and gagged captives.


The robbers opened up the package and saw the items that they had ordered earlier, approximately $10,000 worth of jewellery. They checked on their captives, making sure that they were still tightly tied and gagged then left the residence. Once outside, the lead robber told his partner, “We need to get this van out of here so it doesn’t look out of place”. The lead robber drove Debbie’s van away as his partner took their car along with the expensive jewellery, and items that they stole from their captives. The robbers withdrew several thousands of dollars from the women’s bank cards and even went by Karol’s house to ransack it since Karol was indisposed.


The sound of the door closing was followed by a moment of silence, which was broken by four people trying to communicate through their gags.


Emilia and Ginger rolled closer so their bound bodies were back-to-back, and their hands were touching. Karol spent several minutes trying to find the knots at her wrists, but she kept struggling and she couldn’t get a handle.


To their left, also on her tummy, lay Karol. She had rolled onto her right side, and was alternately pulling on the zip-ties securing her ankles to her wrists. With each tug, her breast heaved, and the belts surrounding her arms and chest, above and below her large breasts, pulled the fabric of her turquoise colored dress so tightly across her breasts that he could see her bra between the buttoned opening in front. Her gag was already smeared from her lipstick and getting wet from her drool. Her green eyes met Ginger, and pleaded, “Please! Help!”


To her immediate left lay Debbie. Her hands fluttered helplessly as she tested the zip-tie holding her wrists together in the small of her back. Her eyes registered a mix of fear and panic as her heavy breathing and grunting through the thick cleave gag were accompanied by the squeaking of her black patent shoes as she tested the ropes around her slim ankles. Her cheek was pressed firmly into the floor, and then she raised her head enough to look up.

At that Emilia rolled the opposite direction and backed up against Debbie, who was lying on her side with her back toward her, while the gag talk continued between the other Ginger and Karol.


On the far left lay Ginger, lying on her stomach, helplessly bound and gagged. Her entire body heaved as she tried to fight the zip-ties and grunt through her gag. There was hardly a peep from her because of the black cloth that was wrapped around her mouth. The knot was placed into her mouth behind her teeth and the ends of the cloth pulled to the corners of her mouth to force her lips closed around the knot. All you could see was the black cloth coming from the corners of her mouth which contrasted nicely with her lily white skin.


They struggled and there was no way to get loose----the gag is too tight to slip off by moving their faces against the floor and even when we managed to get our fingers together, they couldn't get the other untied.  The women were feeling completely vulnerable and hopeless.  Their bodies are cramped from being tied in one spot, hands and arms going to sleep.  It was no consolation that they were bound and gagged together.  At first they tried screaming for help, but that was pretty muffled because of the gag.  Other than sounds of crying, they are pretty quiet.


They were found around midnight when neighbors heard strange noises coming from inside the house. The women were untied and police called who determined it was another home invasion. 


It was, however, only the first…