It Was Acceptable in the Seventies








The Lovers


“Now, you’re not going to cause me any trouble, are you?”


The two older women slowly shook their heads as they raised heir hands in the air, looking at the young man who was pointing a gun at them.  Esther was in her early forties, with long red hair, and was wearing a white and purple floral print mini dress, while Coral was 39, the same shade of long hair, wearing a purple mini dress with short sleeves and a deep square neckline. 


“No, we’ll do whatever you say,” Coral whispered.


“Good – kneel down, both of you, and put your hands behind your backs.”


They both knelt down, the hems of the skirts of their dresses ricing up as the young man knelt behind them, slipping off the stiletto heels both women were wearing before he used lengths of white curtain cord to bind their wrists together behind their backs.


“Well, I guess we are at least together for this,” Coral whispered as she looked at Esther.


“Yeah – let’s take some comfort in that,” Esther said as she looked into Coral’s eyes, and then grunted as the rope was pulled between her arms.


“Right – sit yourselves down on the floor.”


The two women sat on the floor, their backs to the wall where Coral’s guitar was and the large 20-inch television, watching their intruder as he unravelled a ling length of rope, and then bound Esther’s ankles tightly together. He then took the rope up and forced her legs together above her knees.


“Okay – now what,” Esther said – and the answer acme, as he took the rope over and tied it round Coral’s legs above her knees.  The two women looked at each other, as he said “I get the feeling you two really want to be together, and I equally don’t want either of you running around and getting in my way.”


“How thoughtful,” Coral said, her eyebrow arched as he played the ropes down and bound her ankles tightly together, then tied the end off.  He then went back to a bag that was on the table, and took out a wide roll of silver duct tape, smiling as he said “any last words?”


“We can talk later my love,” Esther said before he covered her mouth with several strips of the tape.  She closed her eyes as the young man gagged Coral in the same way, and then looked at both of them.


“Good – stay right there,” he said as he left the room, Coral looking to the phone table and seeing the wire pulled out of the wall.




Esther opened her eyes and looked at her, before she said “Whhlehgghnnhwhr.”


“Thrrh,” Coral said as she looked at Esther, wriggling her toes before she moved them and stroked over Esther’s foot with her own.  Esther nodded, and then leaned over, both women closing their eyes as they pressed their taped over lips together.


They rubbed faces, slowly lying down before Esther nuzzled Coral’s chest, then let her lover do the same as the intruder searched the rest of their home…




The Birthday Meal


Anna opened the door to her house and stood to one side as her twin sister Ella walked in.  Both women had long permed dark brown hair, Ella wearing a pale blue dress with a jacket style top and a wide knee length skirt and white heels.  Anna was wearing a black velvet jacket over a dark red silk dress that hugged her body, and black heels.


“That was an amazing meal,” Anna said as she closed the door, “fancy a nightcap before you head off?”


“Why not,” Ella said as she walked into the front room and turned the light on, only to stop as a male voice said “Ah – this is unfortunate?”


“Who said that” Anna said as she joined her sister and saw the broad-shouldered man standing there, dressed in black and with a domino mask over his eyes.  “Who are you?”


“Me?”  The man smiled as he said “I’m the man who is robbing you.  I’m also the man who must ask you not to raise the alarm – do as I say, nobody gets hurt.”


“You would not dare?”


“Want to try?  Please, both of you, walk over here and kneel down in front of the couch, hands behind your back.”


Both women stared at him, before they knelt in front of the grey couch, the cushions covered in a cream and grey tartan fabric.  Looking to the sides, Ella saw the duffel bag as he walked over and drew two lengths of rope out, before kneeling behind them.  Ella looked over her shoulder as he crossed her wrists and forced them together, the thin cord rubbing on her bare wrists as she looked at her sister.


“I hope I don’t regret that extra glass of wine,” she whispered as she felt the man tie the ropes off, and then heard Anan gasp as she said “well, I won’t tell if you don’t.”


“Fair enough,” Ella said as she then felt the rope pull her arms into her sides as the burglar wound it round her upper body, and then tied it off.  She looked at Anna as her arms were secured as well, and then they were made to sit on the couch.


“I need to make sure you two stay right here,” the man said as he bound Anna’s ankles together, and her legs below her knees, before doing the same to Ella.  Both women then grunted as he pressed white medical tape over their mouths, and said “right – thank you for everything ladies, stay safe.”


“Fhnnhee,” Ella said as he picked up the bag and left, then looked at Anna before they both slipped off the couch and turned themselves, probing with their fingers to try and get free…




Night Night


“Please – put something on so that I can tie you up and take your valuables.”


Ruth looked at the young man in her bedroom, holding her towel round herself before she said “all right – turn round.”


“Of course,” he said through the stocking that was covering his head as he turned, Ruth shaking her head as she dried herself off, then put on a long purple nightgown.  It was sleeveless, and had a deep neckline that hugged her breasts.


“Thank you – at least you allowed me to do that.  Now what?”


“Sit on the bed,” the man said as he turned round, and picked up some rope from the holdall he  had, “and I will tie your wrists together behind your back.”  Ruth nodded, intrigued by the discovery and the situation as she sat on the coverlet on herbed, and turned slightly as the young man sat behind her.


“I am sorry I have to do this to so beautiful and mature a woman,” he said as he guided Ruth’s wrists behind her back, and she felt the rope bringing them together.




“I speak the truth,” the man said as he tied the ropes off, and then passed more rope around Ruth, pulling her arms against her sides as the neatly arranged bands sat under her chest.


“You’re not going to take advantage of me are you?”


“Would you like me to?”


Ruth shook her head as he pulled the ropes tighter and secured the ends.  “I thought not – please, sit on the bed with your legs bent slightly.”


“Well, since you asked so nicely…”  Ruth turned herself round and put her feet flat on the bed, looking at the purple nail varnish on her toes as he took more rope and tied it round her legs above her knees, gathering the skirt of her nightdress as he did so. 


She then watched as he wound the rope down her legs, securing them together just below her knees and round her calves, and then round her ankles as the hem of her nightdress flared out under the tight bands.  Twisting her legs from side to side, she nodded as she said “Well, I am not getting off this bed – at least I can still talk.”




“Ah?  What do yhhmhnnehhh,” Ruth said as the intruder pulled a folded purple and black scarf over her mouth, muffling any noises she made as he secured the ends at the base of her neck.


As he walked over and began to search her drawers, Ruth glared at him – while at the same time, wondering why she was also feeling so excited at what he had done…




I was still a recent full-time burglar, I guess, when I broke into the apartment off Dollis Hill and started to place the items of jewellery into my bag.  I really had no idea what or who the residents were like – but I found out when they walked in.


Two sisters – probably early twenties or late teens, dressed in the style of dress that suggested young professional assistants.  One of them was wearing a grey sleeveless dress with a diamond pattern printed on it, buttoned up the front like a waistcoat, the skirt coming to just below her knees. 


Her sister was slightly taller, and was wearing a minidress with a patterned skirt, short sleeves and front, as well as a faux grey waistcoat.  Both girls had long chestnut brown hair – and shocked expressions as I told the taller girl to sit on a brown seat, her hands on her head, and then her sister to lie face down on the couch.


I had brought with me two lengths of rope and a large roll of silver duct tape – tape I used to tape her wrists together in the small of her back, then fed one of the lengths of rope under her stomach and used it to secure her taped wrists to her back.


Rolling her over, she watched as I taped her ankles together, as well as her legs above her knees – and then pressed strips down over her mouth to keep her nice and quiet.  She pushed herself up against the back of the couch as I made her sister stand up, and taped her wrists together behind her back before using the second length of rope to make sure they stayed against her back.


I then made her lie on her back next to her sister, her shoulders against the arm of the chair as her sister rested her head at the back.  Both of them watched as I taped her ankles and legs in the same way as her sister, and then taped over her mouth a swell.


“Stay right there, I’m sure help will come soon,” I said as they watched me collect the things I had found, and then left them to spend some quiet time together…



Rosemary’s Binding


I did look a bit like Mia Farrow the day this happened – thin, short haircut – and I was wearing a tight black jumper and a floral mini skirt.  Being taken by surprise, and the edge of the blade against my throat, meant I was going to do exactly what I was told by the person who surprised me.


They told me to sit down on the floor and put my hands behind my back, and I was expecting some thin cord or a couple of turns – it’s not like I had not been in this situation before.  So when whoever this was kept winding rope round my wrists, and I felt the weight of the bands pulling my hands down, I knew this time was going to be different.


I then felt the rope going round my shoulders, wound tightly as if it was a noose that ran down from between my shoulder blades to my back – by the time hey had finished, my arms and wrists were locked into place.


It was the strangest feeling – and then I heard the ripping sound, and the tug on the skin at my cheek before they wound the packing tape tightly round my head, covering my mouth and stopping me making any more noise that a low mumble. 


I could only watch as the person in question walked round – imagine my surprise when I saw it was a young woman, dressed in tight fitting black clothing – as she took along, a very long length of rope and wound it round and between my ankle, securing them tightly together.  More rope then went up from the top of that binding to just below my knees, so they were almost fused together.


What I had no idea of was why she had done this to me – until she smiled and walked behind me, her gloved hands pressing on my chest as she whispered into my ear what she was planning to do to me, with me, for me…






Emily grunted as the thing white rope forced her wrists together, the two masked men frog marching her mother out of the drawing room as a fourth man pointed a gun at her.  They had walked in as they were having dinner – six of them, two had gone off with her father, two with her mother, and now as she felt rope going round her arms at her elbows and forcing them closer together, two with her.


“You’re hurting me,” she said as the ropes were tied off.  She was in her early twenties, red brown hair cut at her neckline, wearing a light brown dress that came halfway down to her knees.


“Tough, kid,” the rough voice said behind her as she saw the white rope again, passed round her body, forcing her upper arms against her sides as her chest was forced up and out, the dress stretching over her breasts as the ropes were pulled tighter.


“What….  What are you going to do to me,” Emily whispered as she felt the tension on her arms and chest.  She could hear other noises as well, her mother saying something and then only muffled sounds.




Emily then squealed as she felt the gloved hands stroke her chest, the thin rope passed under the top band of rope and then separated as it was taken over her shoulders and down her back.  The man then walked in front of her and pulled the rope between her legs, hiking the skirt of her dress up as it rubbed on her panties, and then taken between the bands of rope as they pressed more firmly on her chest.  She stifled a gasp at how it mad her feel, before the rope was wrapped round itself and then tied off.


“Sit down kid,” the armed man said as Emily was pushed into an old wooden chair, watching as her ankles were put together and secured with more rope, which was then taken round her white stilettos.  She could not move her feet apart, but as the man then secured her legs she twisted in the chair, felt the ropes rubbing on her everywhere, and gasped out.


“I see the lesson has begun.”


“What…  What less…  what lesson,” Emily whispered as the man stood up, the rope between her legs again as she stopped moving – then moaned into the gloved hand covering her mouth as the other hand squeezed her chest.  Emily twisted to try and get free – and then felt the ropes rubbing on her between her legs, felt a dampness there – and moaned softly as she felt her breasts firming up.


“Gag her.”


Emily felt the sticking plaster as it was pressed down over her mouth, and then both hands massaging her chest, closing her eyes as she submitted to what her body was saying…







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