Diplomatic Baggage








“Come in,” Lady Margaret Adair said as she looked out over the Champs-Elysees.  It was early Spring, and the young women walking up and down the street were dressed in the latest Chanel and Dior fashions.  From the fourth floor of the hotel, the heads of the women were covered by a variety of hats, but that was no problem.


The door opened, and Lady Margaret turned to see Evelyn wheeling in a trolley.  “Your afternoon tea, my lady,” she said as she closed the door to, and wheeled the trolley to where a small table sat between two chairs.  The young brunette wore a grey coat dress, with a white apron tied round her waist, and grey shoes with short heels, as well as a lace cap on her head with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.  “Shall I pour?”


“Please,” Lady Margaret said as she walked over and sat down, her legs together, her ankles to the side as she had been taught at her finishing school.  The daughter of a senior diplomat, she had received the best of educations, and was now in Paris to attend some of the shows.  Her outfit reflected her style – a light pink fitted jacket and knee length skirt, a white camisole top, and white heels.


She watched as Evelyn laid the plate of sandwiches on the small table, then poured the tea and stood to one side. 


“Have the tickets for the theatre show arrived,” she asked as she lifted the cup and saucer and took a sip.


“They have, my lady,” Evelyn said quietly, “may I ask which outfit you will be wearing tonight?”


“If you will lay out the blue evening dress, and the matching gloves, and then fetch my pearls and bracelets from the hotel safe?”


“Of course, my lady.  Will you require me for anything else at the moment?”


“No, I think that is all for now.”


“Very well my lady – I will lay your clothes out now,” Evelyn said as she gave a small curtsey, and then made her way through to the bedroom…

“So, what brings you to the show tonight,” the tall man asked Margaret as she stood at the bar, holding her champagne glass in her gloved hand.


“Merely a wish to see the play,” she said as she looked at him.  He was olive skinned, but tall and ruggedly handsome, wearing a tailored suit, pale blue shirt and tie.  “I did not catch your name, Mister…”


“Oh forgive me – it is Fazir.  Prince Fazir el Bann.”


“No – you must forgive me Your Highness.  Lady Margaret Adair.”  She held out her hand, smiling as he took it and kissed her fingers.


“A pleasure – so why is such a charming woman as yourself alone in this theatre?”


“I prefer to travel alone – apart from my maid, of course.”


“Of course” the prince said with a smile.  “And you are staying?”


“On the Champs-Elysees,” Margaret said with a smile, “if you will excuse me?”


“Of course,” Prince Fazir said as he watched her make her way to the rest room.  A moment later, he summoned a man, dressed in a black suit, over.


“Lady Margaret Adair – find out where she is staying, and when she is due to check out.  I may wish to talk further with her…”




“Good morning, my Lady,” Evelyn said as she came into the room, laying the tray down on the table as she went to open the curtains.


“Good morning,” Margaret said as she sat up, smiling as Evelyn put the breakfast tray over her lap.  “What is the weather like?”


“A beautiful day my lady – what will you wish to wear today?”


Sipping her tea, Margaret said “lay out the red Dior dress with the white dots, Evelyn, and other items.”


“Very good my lady,” Evelyn said as she went to the wardrobe.  She was wearing a short sleeved black dress today, the skirt coming to her knees, light coloured stockings and black heels.  Taking the dress out and laying it on the chair, she then retrieved a pair of red heels, as well as undergarments, and laid them out before heading to the bathroom.


When she returned, she collected the breakfast tray as Margaret stood up, and waited as she headed to the bathroom before taking the tray from the room.  When she came back, Margaret was coming from the bathroom, a bathrobe wrapped round her. 


“Whenever you are ready, my lady?”


“Of course,” Margaret said as she removed the robe, and put on the white bra and panties, before she sat on the bed and slipped on the dark stockings, attaching them to the panties.  She then put on the red shoes, before standing and allowing Evelyn to slip the designer dress over her head, and fasten it at the back.


“Thank you,” Margaret said as she sat at the dressing table, and started to apply the deep red lipstick.  They both heard the knock on the door as Evelyn said “excuse me my lady – it is probably just the cleaning staff arriving early.”


“Of course,” Margaret said as Evelyn walked to the door, opened it – and then stepped back, her hands raised as two men came in.  Both were smartly dressed, but one was pointing a Luger at the young maid – and the second was wheeling in a large crate.


“What the – who are you,” Margaret said as she looked round and stood up.


“Quiet,” the armed man said as his partner closed the door, “stand up, and join your maid over here.”


“If this is a robbery,” Margaret said as she slowly walked over, “take what you want, and then go.”


“That is precisely what we are going to do, Lady Margaret,” the man said with a smile.  As the two women watched, the second man opened the crate at the side, both of them looking inside as he took out several leather straps, a roll of black tape, and other items.


“All right now – do as I say,” the armed man said quietly.


“And that is?”


“I ask you, Lady Margaret, to take that dress off.”


“No – no I won’t…”


“then her death is on your conscience,” he said as he pulled the safety back, and aimed the gun at Evelyn.  Margaret swallowed and said “I need my maid to help me.”


“Do it,” he said quietly, as Evelyn walked over and unfastened the back of the dress, Margaret letting it drop to the floor and then picking it up as the man said “please, hands behind your back, Lady Margaret.”


She nodded slowly as she moved her hands behind her, and felt the second man folding her arms before he used leather straps to secure her wrists together.  IT was tight, but she said nothing as the man looked at Evelyn and said “you as well – strip.”


Evelyn started to cry as she unfastened and stepped out of her own dress, revealing the tops of her own stockings and the fastening to the light purple corselet she was wearing.  “Are you going to tie my wrists behind my back as well,” she said – then she gasped as instead, a leather belt was fastened tightly round her chest, with a little ring at the front.


Margaret then had a leather strap passed round her own arms and body, under her breasts, forcing her arms against her body as it was pulled tight.  The armed man smiled as he said “very good ladies – sit on the floor, legs bent, and you,” he said as he looked at Evelyn, “hands on your head.”


“Just do as they say Evelyn,” Margaret said as, with as much dignity as she could muster, she sat on the floor, Evelyn joining her and watching as the second man fastened a leather strap round her ankles, securing them together, and then made her put hr hands to the side of her legs as he bent her legs.  He then used a second strap to secure her wrists to her legs, as the armed man put the pistol down.


Taking a strap in his own hands, he bent Margaret’s legs up, and then fastened it round her thighs and torso, Margaret grunting as her legs pressed on her chest.  “Is this completely necessary,” she grumbled as the belt was pulled tighter.


“It is – for your comfort and safety,” the man said as Margaret looked at Evelyn.  The young woman was now having a second leather strap passed around her elbows and legs below her knees, forcing them together.


“We’re not going to stop you,” Margaret said, “so why do this?”


“Partly, to make sure you do not stop us,” the man said with a smile as she watched Evelyn having her legs secured to the belt round her chest, “but in this case, it’s to make sure you do not get hurt during the trip.”


“Trip?  What treeephmmgddd,” Margaret said as a red ball was pushed into her mouth, straps fastened round her head to keep it in place and then under her chin.  Evelyn looked at her mistress, before her mouth was opened and a cloth pushed in, and then her mouth covered in strips of black tape.  Both women then watched as the men checked the crate.


“HmgdddNNNNNNNNNN!” Evelyn called out as they then lifted her into the crate, lying on her back with her head against the left hand side of the crate, and her feet at the far side.  She was too scared to move – and as Margaret was also loaded into the crate, sitting against the right hand side with her red shoes still on her feet.  One of the men then removed Evelyn’s shoes, before the side of the crate was closed, and they heard them making sure it stayed closed.


There were air holes drilled in the sides, but as they heard more straps been tied round the crate, Evelyn looked at her mistress and said “rrrwnebbnkednpped, mlde?”


Margaret nodded as they both felt the crate move.  From the noise and the bumps, they knew the crate was being rolled along the corridor, and then lowered in a lift, before it was lifted and loaded onto something – something that then rove off as they felt the vibrations, and heard the engine.


Both woman tried to get comfortable during the journey, before the vehicle stopped and they were lifted onto something else.  Margaret could hear people talking, and other noises – and then she heard what sounded like a plane engine…


“Hey – has that been cleared?”


“Diplomatic pouch – straight on.”


“Hmggddd,” Margaret mumbled, the drool running down her chin as she saw the look of fear on Evelyn’s face, as they were moved again, and then lifted up.  The crate came to a standstill – and then they heard the doors close, the engines start, and the plane they were in slowly move along the tarmac…





“Whrrwww,” Evelyn said as they finally sopped moving.  They had been in the air for some time, and then taking in a van – along some very rough roads – before been finally placed on the floor.  The side was opened, as a blast of warm air hit both of them.


“Please,” a voice Margaret recognised, “forgive the mode of transport Lady Margaret – but this way I was sure you would accept my invitation.”


Both woman looked at Prince Fazir el Bann as he said “welcome to your new home…”







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