Get It On








Get it on, Bang a Gong, Get it on…


Laura stood at the side of the room as T-Rex played, and smiled to herself.  The twenty year old student was in her second year of reading Law at Edinburgh, and she was actually enjoying the party for once.  Her long black hair fell loosely over the shoulders of her red paisley mini dress, the deep cut neckline showing the tops of her breasts, while her legs were in a pair of knee length purple suede boots.


It was a good time to be a student, and there were a lot of good looking fellow students around, drinking, dancing, having fun.  But at that exact moment in time, what she really wanted to do was take a – short break.


Putting her glass down, Laura made her way out of the main room and up the staircase, finding the room she was looking for and walking in.  As she sat there, she wondered why she still felt a little out of the party, even though she was enjoying herself…


Washing her hands, she left the room and then saw two other women coming up the stairs.  Sara was a fellow student on her course, and the house the party was in was one she shared with three other girls – one of whom, Alison, was walking with her.  Sara had dark brown hair, and was wearing a brown and white mini dress that buttoned up the front, a wide brown leather belt round her waist, and knee length tight black leather boots.  Alison’s long light brown hair fell over the shoulders of her dark red checked shirt dress, her legs in over the knee grey suede boots.


Laura stepped back into the toilet, watching them as they passed her, laughing and whispering to each other.  She wondered what they were talking about – and then she stifled a gasp as she saw them kissing each other.  She had grown up in a quiet village, with a strict family, and had never seen anything like this before.


So why did the sight stir something inside her?  She shivered as both Sara and Alison laughed and walked to one of the bedrooms, Sara opening the door as they walked in – and then she heard a muffled scream as the door was suddenly closed.


Concerned, she walked slowly over and put her ear to the door, hearing Sara as she said “what do you think you’re doing?”


“Robbing you – what does it look like you little dyke,” a male voice replied, making Laura gasp – at which point the door was opened and she was suddenly pulled inside.


“Laura?  What were you doing?”


Laura looked at both Sara and Alison, who were standing with their hands palm down on their heads, and then at the man looking at her.  He was tall, and wore a blue boiler suit, black gloves – and a black balaclava over his head, only his eyes and thin lips showing.


“Listening at the door?  Are you like these two?”


Laura just stared at them as she saw two more men appear, dressed and masked in the same way, one of them holding a fun as the other two students looked at her.


“I’m a student, yes…” Laura then winced as a leather gloved hand slapped her, and one of the two men said “that’s not what he meant.”


“I…  I don’t know what he meant…”


“Oh for the…  Tie her up.”


Laura gasped as one of the men walked behind her and grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her as she felt something pulling her elbows tightly together, forcing her shoulders back, her chest up and out…


“You two,” the first man said as he looked at Sara and Alison, “valuables, in this bag, now.”


Sara nodded as she unfastened the gold necklace that was round her neck, dropping it into the canvas bag the man was holding, followed by her earrings and rings.  As Alison did the same, Laura felt more rope forcing her wrists together, before she felt the man behind her pulling her rings off her fingers, removing her earrings, and then walking over and putting them into the sack as well.


“This getting you excited, girl?”


Laura shook her head, trying to flex her fingers, unable to move her arms apart – but there was something exciting her about this situation, as the man turned back to Sara and Alison.


“You two lezzzies – pull your panties off.”




“Because,” he growled as he looked at Alison, “if you don’t I will get them – is that what you really want, a man to do that?”


“Alison – just do as he says,” Sara whispered as she lifted the skirt of her dress and pulled her panties down, stepping out of them and holding the white material as she watched her lover pull her own black panties off.


“Better – put them in each other’s mouth.”




“Alison – please?”


The other girl slowly nodded as Sara opened her mouth, and then slowly pushed her panties in, watching as her lover closed her lips before she gently kissed them while Laura watched.  She was transfixed, barely aware of the fact her arms were being forced against her sides as Sara pushed her own panties into Alison’s mouth, and then returned the kiss before they both had their lips covered with brown sticking plaster.


“Don’t worry,” the leader of the men sneered q she looked at Laura, “your turn will come – comfy?”


“What…  What do you mean,” Laura said as she twisted round – and realised her arms were now held firmly against her sides, two bands of rope framing her chest so that it was forced out and up even more, rubbing on her and making her feel slightly strange…




Alison nodded as she looked at Sara, while  the third man took her hands behind her back, Laura watching as the masked intruder took ropes and began to bind her wrists tightly together.  She was dimly aware of the bands of rope round her  getting tighter, as shorter lengths of rope were passed between her arms and her body – and then the masked man stood in front of her, grinning as he tied the end of a longer length of rope around the bands between her breasts, making them tighter still.


As the ropes dropped to the floor, he grabbed her breasts with his gloved hands, squeezing as she tried to get away from him – but at the same time, she as dimly aware of the fact his caress was making the strange feelings that were passing through her somehow more intense…


She closed her eyes and tried not to make any sound, then noticed that Alison now had ropes being passed round her arms and upper body, stretching her dress so that one or two of the buttons were threatening to give way – and saw the way Sara was watching her.  As Sara looked over, she nodded, the sticking plaster crinkling slightly as Laura felt the hands pressing in again.


“HEY!  Just do what you need to do!”


The masked man stopped and walked behind Laura, as she watched Alison close her eyes before the ropes were taken under one arm, up and around the back of her neck under her hair, and then under the other arm before the ends were secured off.  She then gasped as the ropes were suddenly pulled back between her legs, hiking her skirt up and pressing on her own panties before the ends were secured to her wrists.


“What… What did you do,” she gasped as she twisted round, and then felt the ropes rubbing between her legs, rubbing her where she had only touched herself before, and feeling the electric shocks as they ran through her…


“Oh shut her the fuck up.”


She heard the ripping sound as the man tore a strip of sticking plaster from the roll, and then felt the adhesive tugging on the skin round her mouth as it was pressed firmly over her lips, silencing her, meaning she could only make muffled groans as she watched the other two.


The man did not take long to secure Sara’s wrists and arms, before she and Alison looked into each other’s eyes, and then gasped as two of the masked men reached round from behind them and groped their chests.  They both shook their heads, as the leader said “forget it – they’re not going to enjoy it, even if you do, and we don’t have the time.  Get all three of them on the floor.”


Laura was shocked to feel the man behind her pulling on the rope between her legs, making her fall down onto her knees as the other two were pushed down with gloved hands on their shoulders.  She then saw the two men taking more ropes and passing them around the ankles of Sara and Alison, forcing them together as the two women pressed their covered lips together.  She was beginning to feel faint because of how the ropes constricted and moved on her, rubbing on her as she was dimly aware of her own ankles being forced together with rope as well.


It was the strangest of feelings, and by all rights she should be petrified – but that wasn’t the case.  As she watched Sara and Alison, she realised they were all in this together – and she had to admit, with their dresses stretched tightly over their upper bodies, their chests so prominent, the sweat lighting their skin, she was…


Was she finding them attractive?  Was she actually getting pleasure not just out of how they looked, but out of what was happening to her?  She tentatively pulled her wrists up, feeling the ropes rubbing between her legs, rubbing her there, and groaning into the fabric covering her mouth as she realised she really wanted what was happening to her…


She was then made to lie face down on the floor, as more rope was passed round her legs below her knees.  The man took the rope around and between her limbs, stroking the bare skin of her legs as he did so.  That made her squirm as well – and as she squirmed, the ropes rubbed even more…




It was Sara and Alison’s turn to turn their heads and look at Laura as she shook on the ground, the masked man pulling her ankles back and securing them to the rope they could both see between her legs.  The binding had sunk into the purple suede, the material lightening under the tension of the binding, her heels sitting on her exposed bottom as she turned her head and mumbled “hmshshrreeee…”


Laura could only watch now as the masked men continued to bind the legs of both Sara and Alison, securing them below their knees so that they made their boots squeak as they rubbed together – and then they too had their legs bent, their ankles tied to the ropes around their arms and chest, before they rolled over onto their sides.


As Laura watched the men leave, she saw that Sara and Alison were wriggling on the floor towards each other, as the music came through the open door from the party below.  They both seemed to be ignoring it, the music, as they twisted and shuffled towards each other, the sweat glistening in the dim light coming from the doorway as Laura watched.


When they met, they kissed, twisting round as Laura watched.  Subconsciously, she started to move her wrists as they did so, moving the rope on her sex and making her damp, making her more sensitive, making her groan as she body started to shake.


She was forgetting the things she had been taught at home – she wanted to feel this, to feel this excitement, the way her body was responding as she twisted round in the ropes, the shocks constantly running up and down her now as she closed her eyes and groaned.


A groan that made Sara and Alison look over, as Laura’s body started to shake and she opened her eyes wide, the muffled scream as she felt the fluids flow form her, as she felt the pleasure, felt the excitement…




Laura slowly opened her eyes as the waves of pleasure lessened, and looked at the two women staring at her over the brown fabric strips.




“Hghdddd – hmshrhheee…”




Laura looked at both Sara and Alison as they started to move over towards her, wriggling on the floor as their bodies moved under the bands of rope.  When they came alongside, Alison said “hruhhnnhswhl?”






Laura thought for a moment, then slowly nodded before Sara pressed her covered lips on the young woman’s – and she returned the kiss, before Alison did the same.


“Whnwhghtfhrrhh, whthlk.”


Laura slowly nodded as they twisted round, the music still playing from downstairs, wondering how long it would before anyone noticed their absence.  Laura prayed it would not be for a while, as she felt the passion building again…







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