Horror Night







“Bye Mommy!  Bye Daddy!”  The young girl waved as she ran to the waiting car, wearing blue denim dungarees over a checked blouse, with black boots, and then climbed in as Jane and John waved back to her.  They were both wearing denim blouse with a khaki waistcoat and matching pants – John’s a pair of bellbottoms, Janes a pair of culottes that came to just below her knees, and long brown Frye leather boots.  Her dark hair fell to her shoulders, while John’s was cut like John Travolta’s.

“So when are Daph and Fred due here,” Jane said as they walked back into the large duplex.


“An hour or so, why?”


“Good – got time to make sure everything is cooking….”



The sun was just starting to set as the Lincoln pulled onto the driveway of the duplex, John coming to the door as he smiled and said “Welcome – come on in, dinner should be ready soon.”


“Thanks for inviting us,” Fed said as he got out of the car, then walked round and helped his wife Daph out.  Both were wearing denim jump suits – in the case of Fred, it was with a wing collar turned up, the zip open at the top and running down to his crotch, and a white scarf with thin coloured stripes tied as an ascot round his neck.  He also wore brown cowboy boots.


Daph had her pant suit zipped a little higher up, the culotte pants with a pair of long tight camel brown leather boots with a square heel that came over her knees.


“Come on in,” Jane called out as the guests walked in, “I’ve got the martinis ready.”


“Sounds good,” Daph said as she tossed her long blonde hair, John closing the door as a black Cadillac drove slowly down the road.



“This fondue is amazing,” Daph said with a smile as she dipped the toasted bread cube into the melted cheese stirring it as it sat above the spirit lamp.  “What did you put into it?”


“Chardonnay and Kirsch for the liquor, then Gouda and Parmesan, with a hint of garlic and pepper,” Jane said with a smile as she swirled the red wine in the large glass.  “I’ve got some steaks airing for the main…”


The thumb on the front door made all four look to the hallway.  “I wonder who that can be,” John said as he wiped his chin with his napkin, before laying it on the table as he stood up.


“Well whoever it is, get rid of them,” Jane said with a smile, “I want to enjoy this evening.”


“I will, I will,” John said as he left the room, Fred shaking his head as he said “It’s amazing who might appear unexpec…”


“All of you, shut the fuck up and put your hands on your heads!  NOW DIPSHITS!”


Daph screamed as john was pushed back into the room by the first of four men to come in – all dressed in boiler suits, with stocking masks covering their heads and pressing their hair down.  Leather gloves were on their hands and sawn off shotguns in the hands of two of them.  The third was behind John, who stood with his hands on his head, as the fourth dropped a large bag on the floor with a thud.


“What the fuck are you…”


“We told you to shut up,” one of the men said as he walked quickly over and hit Fed in the stomach with a clenched fist, driving the wind out of him and making him double over in pain, “so shut up, capiche?”


“Sorry to interrupt your meal – well, no we’re not, but I always wanted t say that,” the man behind John laughed, “bur we’re in charge, and you’re going to eb like fucking church mice, and do as you’re told.  Anyone else home?”


Jane slowly shook her head, shivering in fear as she looked at the masked men.


“Good – tie the fuckers wrists behind their back.”


“What do you want,” John said as the masked man behind him was asked a length of brown rope, and then he grunted as his arms were pulled down and behind his back, then felt the rough cords on his wrists as they were forced and secured together.


“That hurts,” Daph said as her arms were pulled behind her back as she sat in the chair, and she felt the rough cords rubbing on her bare wrists as they were tied together.


“Tough – it’s gonna fucking hurt,” the masked man growled as he pulled the rope between her arms.


“If you hurt her…”


“What, brave dick,” one of the men said as he pointed the sawn off shotgun at Fred’s stomach, “you’ll show her a new way of rapid weight loss?  Just do as you’re fucking told.”


“John, what’s going on,” Jane asked as her wrists were bound.


“I don’t know – they forced their way in and…  I’m just glad Jenny is at my parent’s place.”


“Did we say you could talk,” the man behind John said as he tugged on the ropes, Jane shaking as her husband grunted – and then her eyes opening wide as a long length of brown rope was passed around his arms and chest, then pulled tight, his arms forced against his sides as the rope went around in two bands.  She barely noticed as the same thing was done to her, her waistcoat pulled to the side as the rope pressed down on the denim sleeves.


“What are you going to do to us,” Daph whispered as she too had her arms secured, gasping as her pantsuit was stretched by the bands above and below her chest, the zip on her pantsuit slipping a little as Fred struggled against his own binding.


“Don’t you bastards touch my Whuuuffffff…”


“NO,” Daph shouted out as Fred was hit in the stomach by a clenched fist, then gasped again as the ropes were pulled even tighter – before they were cinched at each side with shorter lengths of rope.  One of the men blew out the spirit lamp, as the one that seemed to be their leader said “get them in the front room, and make sure the drapes are closed.”


“On it boss,” another masked man said as John felt the ropes tighten round his chest, and looked at Jane.  He saw the way the ropes had forced her waistcoat to her sides, and the buttons of her blouse were stretched as her chest was forced out…


Her beautiful chest…


“John?  John, what the fuck are you looking at?  There’s fucking armed men tying us fucking up!”


Shaking his head, he looked at Fred, but noticed he had a strange look in his eyes as he stared at Daph, the zip slowly moving down.


“What the hell do you want…”


“All n good time,” he said as the men frogmarched Daph and Jane into the main room, and down the short steps into the sunken centre, before they were forced to kneel on the cream coloured shag carpet.


“We’re going to get your – men – to do something for us in a while,” the leader said as two of them men knelt behind the women, Daph looking over her shoulder as she watched him wrap the rope around her ankles, the brown dominant on her boots as her legs were forced together, “but first we’re going to have a little fun.”




“No,” Daph whispered as a red rubber ball was pushed into Fred’s mouth, and then the mouth itself covered with a wide strip of white tape.


“Look, we’ll do whatever you say,” John stammered, “just don’t so thhhhthmmmm…”


“Better – I was getting fed up with your fucking back chat,” the leader said as Fred and John looked at each other, while Jane felt more rope around her legs below her knees, forcing her legs together as Daph started to cry.


“Oh don’t worry, bitch,” the leader said as he looked at her, “we’re going to take real good care of you and your friend – and these hunks of idiots you call your men will be happy as well…”


“What…  What do you mean,” Jane said as the rope was tied off, and then she whispered “no” as her captor reached round from behind her, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse.




“Say that again,” the leader said as he pressed the barrel of the sawn off shotgun against John’s back, “and you say nothing ever again.  Understand?”


“Please, no,” Jane whispered as her blouse was pulled back, and then the gloved hands started to firmly massage her chest, making her struggle to get out of the grip – but that only succeeded in making him grip harder.


As for Daph, she watched as the zip of her suit was pulled down, parting to reveal her bare chest as she shook her head – and then gasped as the gloved hands gripped and massaged her own chest, Fred staring as she closed her eyes and whispered “no…”


“Yes,” the man behind him said as both women felt their bodies responding to the attentions, their breasts firming even more – and that was not the only reaction as Jane closed her eyes, a low moan escaping as she said “please don’t do this to me…”


“We’ll do whatever the fuck we want,” the leader of the gang said, “and besides – I think these boys here are enjoying the show.”


“What…  What are you talking about…” Daph whispered as she looked at Fred, who was staring at her as her nipples hardened – and she saw the bulge in his pants.   Looking over, she could also see John looking at his wife, the white tape showing the shape of his lips and the ball in his mouth – and the bulge in his pants quite visible as well.


“The bitches are making their men hot,” the leader said, “they should have some fun as well.  Move it, assholes.”


John felt the shove in his back as he was forced to walk down the stairs, and stand in front of Joan as Fred stood next to him.   Joan slowly opened her eyes, and said “what are you…  OH god, not that…”


“Oh yes,” the masked man said as Fred watched the zip on his pant suit been pulled down to his crotch, and then his large cock as it sprung free from his y-fronts.  John shoo his head as the zip on his pants was also pulled down, and his member pulled out, as Daph and Joan looked at each other.


“You want us to…”


“To give these dickheads some head.”


“You can’t be…”


“Do it or they die,” the leader growled as both women felt their chests in the firm gloved grip, Daph trying to ignore the dampness she felt elsewhere as the fingers sunk into her firm flesh while Fred was made to stand in front of her.  She looked at him, as he slowly nodded, and then gently kissed the tip of his penis, looking over as Joan did the same for John.  Her lips then slowly parted as she kissed his cock, her tongue running over the tip before she moved back and looked up.


“Keep going,” the voice whispered behind her as she nodded, Fred almost smiling as she put her lips over more than the tip, sucking gently as she pulled back, and then edged forward.


As she did this, Jane tried not to cry as she kissed her husband’s large cock, tasting the sweat and saltiness as she pulled her head back, and then John was made to take a step forward, Jane gasping at the embrace on her chest as she took it in hr mouth, her lips closing over it as she began to use her tongue on it.  John could not help but react to this, a muffled moan coming out as she felt the low pulsing, and started to suck gently.


John nodded as Fred moaned as well – Daph had started to suck on his own cock, and he felt the throbbing increase as she did so.  For her part, she could feel the throbbing on her tongue as she creased his cock, sucking more and more as it grew, forcing her own tongue down as it filled her mouth and she could only moan.


The assault on her chest only seemed to heighten her excitement, as she twisted round – and she noticed Fred moaning as well, his bare chest exposed as his suit slipped down to the top band of rope.  She wished she could kiss his chest, have him treating her in this way, but then as her nipples were pinched she tried to scream – and her husband’s member only grew larger, stronger…


Joan was now moving her head back and forth as she felt the tips of her husband’s cock at the back of her throat.  It seemed much larger, throbbing more and more as she used her tongue as well, and then felt something else – a pulsing.


Hmmswhhttlhrrdd,” John moaned – he could feel the pressure starting to build in himself as well, as he tried to ignore the discs of pressure against his back, but he could not deny how turned on he was by what his wife was doing to her…


Hmmmshwwthhlhrrdd,” Fred moaned as Daph increased the speed and intensity of her own sucking, tasting the pre-cum now as the throbbing grew stronger, unable to do more than let out low guttural moans as the man behind her moved on of his hands down into her pant suit.  He never even noticed as Daph felt the gloved hand in her panties, blushing and sucking even more to cover her own fear and embarrassment…




Joan’s eyes opened wide as John suddenly screamed and let go of his load, the hot salty flow hitting the back of her throat as she was forced to swallow.  Daph glanced over – and then her own eyes opened as Fred suddenly began to shoot his load as well, the hot flow making her want to retch, but she had to swallow as well as Fred moaned and closed his eyes.


As she did, Daph watched as the man behind Fred reached round and removed the scarf from around his neck, wondering why he was doing that as Joan felt her own captor unfasten and pull her pants down, exposing her damp panties as the leader said “take it all in ladies – then we’ll take these fine examples of manhood to talk  business, while these two fine men take care of you.”


As the flow finally ended, Daph moved her head back, coughing as a thin white line ran down her chin, and said “whatdhhufhnnkkuhhrrghnnthdddhhghhdddd” as Fred’s scarf was pushed into her mouth, and then white tape pressed firmly over her lips.


“No – no, dear ghhhdhnnhhhh,” Joan said as he panties were cut away, and then pushed into her mouth before it was taped over as well.


Phllssdhnnthrrtthm,” John said as he and Fred were made to turn round.


“Don’t worry – we’ll take real good care of them,” the leader of the gang said as they were forced to leave the main room, before the two women were pushed onto their sides, and then made to lie on their backs, their bound wrists pressed between their bodies and the thick carpet.


The leader looked at Joan, as the other masked man looked at Daph, before they each pulled up their stocking masks to uncover their mouths.


Nhhplhsllsdhnttt,” Joan mumbled as the leader straddled her bound legs, the pants now at the band of rope above her boots, and leaned over, his rough lips encircling and sucking on her firm nipples as she closed her eyes and groaned loudly.  Daph shook her head as the other man looked at her, and sat over her legs, massaging and gripping her chest as her nipples appeared even more prominent, and then kissing them as his tongue ran over them, making electric shocks run through her…


Joan looked into the covered eyes of the leader as he looked at her, then smiled as he worked his way down, and started to kiss her damp clit, his tongue teasing at her as she wriggled.  She was afraid, but also so turned on by what she had been made to do, that she groaned – especially when he slipped his tongue past her petals, and found that oh so sweet spot…


Daph was twisting round as her nipples were sucked on and kissed, the man reaching down and stroking her clit as she parted her legs as much as she could.  The denim was wide open now, as he slipped one gloved finger down the tip of her mound, and then eased past her petals as she felt her own internal heat growing…




“It will be my pleasure,” the leader growled as he kissed her clit again, and then Jane heard the zip as it was opened, and then him as he lowered himself onto her, raising her own hips in an automatic response as she felt him slip in so easily, felt her body grip him as his cock…  His enormous, engorged, throbbing penis entered her and she wanted it despite herself…


Daph groaned as she was entered as well, and raised her hips, her muscles gripping the masked men as they started to rock to and fro, losing herself in the euphoria she was experiencing despite the fact he was – he was raping her.  It was so wrong, and yet felt so right…


“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you you little fucking bitch,” the masked man growled, Daph nodding as the scarf soaked up the saliva in her mouth, pressing her tongue down as the tape moved with her lips, wanting to vent her feelings, express how she felt, and yet…


Jane was sweating, not just from the heat, but the way he was making her feel.  Was it so wrong – she loved John, but he seemed so much more powerful, as he thrust forward and she felt the throbbing inside her increase, driving her closer and closer to the edge as she felt something new inside her – well, not now, but different as well…




Jane looked over as Daph screamed into her own gag, her attacker throwing his head back as well as he came in her, working her and then coming out as the blonde flopped to the floor, panting through her nose.


“You’re a wonderful fuck,” the masked man said as he pulled the stocking back down, and then rolled her over, pulling her ankles back as he took a final length of rope and tied her ankles to her chest ropes.  She rolled over, looking on with misty eyes as the leader of the gang finally let Jane have her orgasm, grunting as he came in her as well, and then drew out before he hogtied her as well.


As they rolled onto their sides and looked at each other, they heard Fred and John grunting before the other two masked men came in.  “We got the stuff,” one of them said as he held up a leather satchel.


“The keys?”


“Got them as well,” the other one said as Jane recognised the keys to her husband’s office.


“Good – let’s go.”


As they left, Daph looked at Jane, her pants down at her knees, the ropes rubbing on her bare chest, the tape covering her lips.  Jane looked over as well, as she said “hhrruhllrhht?”


Slowly nodding, Daph twisted round, her jump suit hanging down her arms and back, her chest bouncing as the ropes made her feel so different.  Whtthhrrwhghnndhhh,” she mumbled back as she looked at her friend.  Jane looked over, and then started to push herself across the carpet, a look in her eyes Daph had never seen before.




Jane looked at Daph, her eyes looking quizzical, before she said “ulhhkshhtlhktht.”


Whtu…”  Daph then closed her eyes as Jane rubbed on her chest with her taped lips, a new sensation running through her as she looked over.




Daph looked at her friend, and then slowly nodded as she pushed herself forward, and gently gag kissed Jane’s chest, then looked at her.  Jane nodded as well, before they moved again, their tape gags touching each other as they both started to moan…




One month later


“Are you girls sure you will be all right on your own,” John said as he and Fred loaded the last of the fishing tackle into the van.


“Of course we will – Jenny’s at her grandparents again, and we need this time,” Joan said as she stood with Daph.  Joan was wearing a tight sleeveless jumper, white leather miniskirt and knee length white boots, while Daph was wearing a white top, grey hot pants and white boots.


“IT’s just…”


“Fred,” Daph said as she walked over and stroked his cheek, “the police have been and gone, and we have the alarm system now.  We’ll be fine.”


“Okay – see you tomorrow morning,” Fred said as the couples kissed, Daph and Jane waving as they drove off.


“I thought they would never leave,” Joan said as she closed the door, then sighed as Daph took her head in her hands and kissed her.


“So,” Daph said with a smile, “who gets to be tied up first…”








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