Just Relaxing




It was a beautiful floral arrangement – organzas, carnations and roses, and a large orange orchid in the centre.  Katie thought it made a lovely centrepiece as it sat on the table in her living room, while on the radio she could hear the new single from The Stranglers.


Golden Brown,

Texture like sun.

Lays me down,

Through my mind she runs…


 “Relax, Katie, just relax and let your chakra open wide” she said to herself as she sat there.  Truth to tell – she couldn’t say a lot out loud at that moment, but she needed to calm herself after the last half hour’s events.


It had been 10 in the morning, and she had just finished her morning Yoga session when the bell had rung for her intercom.  Picking it up as she towelled herself off, she had said “Hello?”


“Interflora – I have a delivery here for a Ms Katie Bryce?”


“Oh – I’m not expecting flowers.  Does it say who they are from?”


“I’m afraid not – can you come and collect them please?”


“Just a minute.”


She picked up a long white skirt that she had left on the floor the previous night and stepped into it, fastening the waist around her light purple leotard.  Walkign down the staircase, she opened the door to a young man in a brown bomber jacket and trousers, with a baseball cap over his head.  In his arms was a large basket with the most gorgeous selection of flowers in it.


“OH my – they are beautiful.  Where do you want me to sign?”


“If you could hold this basket for a moment, Ms Bryce?”  He handed Katie the flowers as he reached into his pocket and retrieved a clipboard from under his arm.  Katie looked for a card, but there seemed as if it was missing.


Putting her head up, she asked “Is there a card with this?”  only to be stopped by the knife that the delivery boy pressed against her ribs.


“Please, invite me in, then turn round and go in front of me up the staircase.  If you do as you’re told, everything will be fine.”


Katie looked at the young man, then said “Please, will you come up and I’ll give you a tip?”  Turnign round, she started to walk back up the staircase with the young man following.  From the florists van, another young person came out fo the passenger seat, slipped in through the flat door and closed it behind them.


As she entered the room, Katie walked over to a table and placed the basket on the top surface.  When she turned round, she saw that they young man had been joined by another person – a girl this time, dressed in similar clothing and with a satchel in her hand.


“Stay calm, Ms Bryce – we need to have use of your flat for a little while, but you won’t be harmed.  Gill – turn off that television and put the radio on will you?”


The girl nodded, then walked over and turned off the large set before switching on the radio.  As the sounds of Simon Mayo’s Midday Show started to fill the room, the young man pulled a padded chair away from the table.


“Sit down, Ms Bryce – we need to make sure you won’t get in our way while we take care of business.”




That had been some twenty minutes ago, and they had just finished securing Katie to the chair.  Starting by pulling her wrists behind the back of the chair, they had wound a length of rope around and between them so that they were tightly secured together, then passed the ends of the rope around her waist and tied the ends together behind the chair back.  More rope had gone around her upper chest and below her breasts, then secured again to her wrists so that her back was firmly held against the chair back.


While the young man had been doing this, the girl had placed her bare feet together, side by side, and tied them together with more rope, passing the ends between her legs to tighten the ropes still further.  She had then wrapped rope around the seat of the chair, just above her knees and around her lap, so that too was held firmly in place.  Finally, as she pulled her ankles back and tied them to the other ropes under the chair, the lad had wrapped a final length of rope around her waist and the wooden bars at the back.


The final insult had been when they pulled a length of white cloth, which had been knotted in the middle into her mouth and back so hard the corners of her lips were forced into a semi grin.  As the girl had held her permed brown hair up, the ends of the cloth had been knotted at the base of her neck, so that she could not call out for help.


Now she was staring at the two of them as they sat on her couch, looking at some sort of floor plan.  The white shoes she had slipped on when she first went down the stairs were now on the floor in front of her, upside down, as she recoiled when she heard what the two of them were talking about.


“You’re sure this won; take long?”  the girl said.


“I’m sure Gill – I’ll slip down the back stairs into the yard, break in through their back door and be out before you know what’s happened.  So long as this young lady here doesn’t try anything,” he said as he waved his knife at Katie who again recoiled back, “then it will be plain sailing.”


The clock struck 12, then 12.30 as the two young people stayed sitting in Katie’s flat.  Eventually, the young lad stood up.


“Right – it’s early closing today, so time to go to work.  Do you think you can manage her?”


The girl he had called Gill looked at Katie as she pleaded to her with her eyes.  “No problem – I’ll just go and get a drink while you’re down in the shop.”


“The shop?  They’re going to rob the shop downstairs?”  Katie thought to herself as she looked over her shoulder while the tow intruders walked out.  She lived above a dress shop, and it always closed early on a Wednesday.  Katie thought it over as the girl walked back in.


“You’re into yoga,” she said as she sat down and picked up one of Katie’s books.


“Ys I m” she mumbled through her gag.


“Yeah, I tried it for a while – too much like hard work.  Look, I ‘m sorry we did this to you, but if you stay calm it will be over soon.”


Katie pulled at the ripe around her wrists, but there was no give and only a little movement as the ropes tightened and held them against the back of the chair.  Gill sat down and drank from her cup, reading the book and watching Katie as the radio continued to play…



Come on Eileen,

Oh I swear what I mean….


The young man walked back in, the satchel bulging.  He walked over kissed Gill passionately and then came other to Katie.


“I’m going to take the gag out.  Do you promise not to scream?”




Untying the knot, he gently eased the cloth out Katie’s mouth, as a line of droll fell across her bare skin.


“Please – you seem to have got what you came for.  You can go now – I won’t call for help, I promise.”


“Sorry, Ms Bryce,” he said as he brushed her hair back, “but I can’t allow that.  I’m going to untie you and let you go to the toilet, and then I’m going to tie you up again.  Just sit still.”


IT took tem minutes, but eventually Katie was able to rub her wrists as he began to coil the lengths of rope up.


“Gill – take her to the toilet and make sure she cleans herself up,” he said as the girl helped Katie to her feet.  They walked to the bathroom door, and Katie went in as Gill kept the door open.


As she sat on the toilet, Katie looked at where the rope had marked the skin around her wrists.  “If I’m going to be tied up again, I need to protect myself,” she thought as she stood up and wiped herself, before flushing the toilet.


“May I ask a favour?” she asked as se came out fo the bathroom.




“I want to put something on my arms – that rope really marked my skin, and if you’re going to tie me up I wan some protection.”


“All right,” Gill said as she took Katie by the arm and walked her into her bedroom.  Katie went into a drawer in her dressing table, and drew out a pair of lace gloves she had worn to a wedding some weeks before.  There were no hands, but they went up to her elbows with a little lace trim,


As she pulled the gloves over her arms, and hooked the cords that kept them in place over her fingers, Gill searched in another drawer and brought out a wide, long blue scarf and a pair of Gill’s clean underwear.


“I suppose you’re going to use them to gag me?”  Katie said as Gill walked back over to her.


“We are – we can do it now or you can let my boyfriend do it.”


“I’d rather you did,” she said as she stood there.  Gill folded the panties into a ball, then pushed them into Katie’s mouth as she stood there with her lips apart.  Closing her mouth around the cotton, she stood still as Gill tied the cloth over her packed mouth, pulling it so tightly her lips were visible under the material, then tying it off again under her air.


“Come on,” she said as she took Katie by the arm and led her back into the front room of the flat, where the man was waiting with a length fo cord.


“We’ll let you sit on the floor this time,” he said as he doubled the cord over.  “Turn around, please.”


She stood there as her wrists were placed together, the rope passed around them and then pulled together as the ends were fed through the loop.  “Good idea to protect your arms,” the man said a she passed the rope around again, “IT makes it easier for me to be more secure.”


Ur wlcm” Katie said back through the cloth as he tied the rope between her arms.  Taking a longer length, he passed it around her arms and chest below her breasts, then above, and repeated this several times as her arms were pulled into her side.


“Nice gag, Gill – really does the job,” he said as he helped Katie to sit against a wall, and the young girl smiled broadly while he bound the captive’s ankles together.  Katie looked up at them, and realised that despite what they were doing, they really were just a young couple in love.


“Once again, we’re sorry about this Ms Bryce, but you should be all right now.  Are you sure you don’t want anything – we haven’t taken anything from your flat.”


Katie knew this was true – both of them had been in the room with her since Gill had brought her back in, and it looked as if they were satisfied with what they had.  She nodded and said “pls – gnw.”


The two young intruders looked at each other as they picked up their bags and headed out of the door.  Through the open doorway, Katie could see both of them make their way down the stairs, and she heard the front door close behind them.  She turned her head and looked at the basket of flowers on the table, moving her legs so that her ankles were at her side under the skirt as she did so.


“They really are beautiful flowers,” she thought to herself as the clock on the mantelpiece struck three.  Katie sat there, focusing again on her inner peace as she waited for someone to come and free her.  “Even in this, there is hope and love and a chance of redemption,” she said as she started to chant to herself.