Once Upon A Tie










The Ball Game


“Good afternoon – and welcome to World of Sport…”


Suzzanne switched off the television and sat down, placing her mug of Maxwell House on the side table and picking up the magazine.  The family were out, so she had the place to herself.


She was in her early thirties, her long auburn hair falling in waves over the checked top she was wearing, the long sleeves covering her arms with a long red waistcoat fastened over the garment.  She was also wearing a knee length black skirt, and a pair of kitten heels.


“All right,” she said to herself, “surprise me with a true Reader’s Story…”


“Hello – I’m here to rob you.”


Suzzanne heard the voice – and ten slowly raised her head to see a stranger standing there, wearing a faded blue denim jacket and rolled up jeans with a white t-shirt, black Dr Marten Boots, black gloves, and a stocking pulled down over their head to disguise their face. They also had a gun in one gloved hand, pointing at Suzzanne, and a canvas bag in the other one.


“I beg your pardon?”


“I’m here to rob you,” the intruder said, smiling under the stretched nylon.  “you’re not going to cause me any trouble, are you?”


Suzanne considered her options for a moment, before she said “I guess not…”


“Good – do me a favour, stand up, and put your hands behind your back.”


Suzzanne slowly stood and turned her back to the robber, noticing the bag as it was put on the couch, the brown rope that was taken out – and then the rubbing on her wrists as they were bound tightly together behind her back.  It felt rough – but there was something else she was feeling about this…


She then saw the gloved hands passing the brown rope round her below her chest, as her arms were forced against her side, and then the rope between her wrists once again.


“Good – sit on the couch, knees bent, feet flat on the set cushion.”


Suzzanne slowly sat at one end of the couch and brought her legs up, putting her feet down as the intruder knelt at the far end of the couch, more of the rough brown rope in their gloved hands.  She watched as they wrapped the cords round her ankles and forced them together, before it was taken round and between her slim limbs to make sure they stayed together.


The intruder then took another length of rope and used it to secure Suzzanne’s legs together below her knees – and she felt a shiver running up and down her every time the gloved hand stroked her legs as they were forced to remain together. 


It was the most peculiar feeling – only enhanced as her binder took another length of rope and tied it to secure her legs to her chest.  Suzzanne knew she was stuck there now – as the intruder looked at her, and said “open your mouth.”




“Please – no argument.  Just do it.”


Suzzanne nodded as she did as she was asked - and then felt the rough cotton on her tongue as the rag was pushed in, and the cords at the corner s of her mouth as more of the brown rope was tied round her head to make sure the gag stayed in place.  She was helpless now, as she watched the intruder search thew room, and then leave to search elsewhere.


She tried to move, but was tuck fast – and something else.  She was frightened, but more than that – the feelings she was experiencing.. the helplessness, the fact she knew she was unable to stop the intruder taking her things.


Or anything else…


When the masked intruder came back in, they checked the ropes and said “you look cute – enjoy” before she left.  Suzzanne shivered again – but was it fear, was it pleasure?


Or was it the fact it was a masked woman who had done this  and what did that mean for her?





Waiting for Pops


I don’t know if it’s right to feel this way, but as I watch the masked men, somehow I don’t really care…


We had been sitting at the dinner table when the two men came in.  They were wearing blue boiler suits, workmen’s boots, and had black leather gloves on – as well as black masks over their heads, so that we could only see their eyes and mouths – as well as the guns they were both holding.


Mom was sitting there , her eyes wide open, while Betsy was almost going to cry from the look of her.  She’s seventeen – I’m fifteen – but we all knew that when the masked man said we had to do as he said, we had no choice but to obey them.


One of them put his gun down where we could see it, and produced from his pocket a roll of white tape as his partner toll d to stand up and put our hands behind our back.  Mom was the first to do so – she was wearing a blue and white checked dress with short sleeves and a short skirt, with long dark brown hair – and Betsy and I watched as the man walked behind her, took her hands behind her back, and then we heard a ripping sound as Mom told us both to be brave.


I admit, I could not take my eyes off her – especially when he took the white tape round her body to keep her arms against her sides. 


He was told to “take care of the man of the house next”, so he walked behind me and I felt him take my hands behind my back, and then heard the ripping sound as my wrists were held together.  I was wearing a long sleeved white shirt and white pants with a thin grey stripe, so I felt the tape on my skin and my shirt – and then he passed the tape round me as well, so that my arms were stuck in place.


Betsy asked if I was all right – I nodded, but I was not feeling the same as before.  There was something about this feeling of helplessness – and then I watched him take care of Betsy.  She was wearing a black and white striped sleeveless mini dress, but as Mom and I watched I realized she was becoming a young woman as well, especially when the band of rope held her so still…


We were then forced to walk into the front room, Mom sitting on a blue couch and Betsy on our longer floral one as I was made to sit on the floor.  The man who had taped me before then knelt down and taped my ankles tightly together, the hem s of my trouser legs flaring out under the white band, and then taped my legs together above and below my knees.  When he was finished, all I could do was twist round – and wonder why I felt as I did before he covered my mouth with strips of the tape.


So there I was – bound, gagged, and watching as the two men made Mom and Betsy lie face down on the couches they were sitting on.  As the man started tot ap Betsy’s ankles together, his partner looked at me and smiled -it as if he knew what I Was feeling, but how could he?  I mean, I was the one unable to do much more than wriggle round, and unable to do more than try and talk but hear a moan.


A moan?


I had to admit I was feeling different, as Betsy had her legs taped together below and above her knees.  I could feel something happening in my pants, and looking at my sister and mom as they were taped like I was  - they looked so different…


Betsy was then rolled over onto her side, as the man tore a strip off the roll – and then he told her to close her eyes.  Mom looked over and shook her head saying please not to do that – but then the other man put his gun to her head.  I have to say, I was excited by the site of that as well, as she went quiet, and Betsy had the tape pressed down over her closed eyes – and then more strips down over her mouth.


She lay there, her head on the arm of the couch, as I watched her and then watched as they taped Mom’s legs together in the same way, and then blindfolded and gagged her as well with the tape.  But why did they not blindfold me?


And why was I feeling this pressure, this throbbing in my pants?


As Mom was helped to lie with her head on the arm of her couch, the men looked at me and then one of them sat to guard us as the other one left the room.  I tried not to look at him – partly out of embarrassment, but also because as Mom and Betsy struggled and tried to talk, it was catching my own attention.  I wriggled a little as well, but the thing that really concerned me was that throbbing I was feeling, and how large the bulge I could see in my pants was getting as I did this.


The throbbing that was making me feel so warm, so strange, so wonderful…


And then my eyes opened wide as I let out a low moan, and I felt the dampness.  My cheeks felt red as I looked at my family, and then at the man, who nodded, smiled and then came over, removing my glasses and telling me to close my eyes.  I felt the tape as it was pressed over them, and wondered if I would feel that way again…




Sisterly Bonding


The house was meant to have been empty – I mean, it was the summer of ’76, the hottest summer on record, everyone was meant to be outside enjoying the sunshine, not at home where they may cause a problem for honest burglars.


And yet, there they were – two young woman, one nineteen and one seventeen I guessed – and me in my black jumper and pants, my black eye mask, and the starting gun in my gloved hand which I hoped to God they would not realize was not a real gun.


The older girl had long curled light brown hair, and her eyes were wide behind her Dierdre Barlow glasses.  She was wearing a yellow short sleeved pilot’s suit, a thin black belt round her waist, and wedge sandals.  Her sister had long blonde hair, and she was wearing a red velour pilot’s sui with short sleeves, a white belt round her waist, and white trainers.


I let out a soft prayer of thanks as they slowly raised their hands in the air, and then I told them not to try and raise the alarm – all I wanted to do was tie them up and gag them so they would not raise the alarm while I robbed them.  I told them to walk in front of me, and told them to take me to the older girl’s bedroom.


So we left the room, walked up the staircase, and we walked into a well furnished room with a double bed against the wall.  Smiling, I told them both to lie face down on the bed, and to put their hands behind their backs – something they did with no complaints as I put the bag I was carrying on the floor, and drew out two lengths of white rope.


I always come prepared for the worst.


So I started with the older girl, crossing her wrists in the small of her back and then taking the rope around and between her limbs to hold them together  as I pulled the ropes tighter with each pass, for a moment, I could have sworn I heard her sigh, but I ignored that as I secured the ends out of reach of her fingers, and then went to the other side of the bed.


Hr sister was a different matte r- she was scared, and I could hear her pleas as I started to bind her wrists together.  Her sister was talking calmly to her, trying to tell her not to worry, to relax – and again, I should probably have picked up on the way she was saying it.  At the time, though, it was just me saying to listen to her sister as I completed that binding.


I then took more ropes from the bag, and crossed the younger girl’s ankles before I bound them together as well.  She started asking Casey – I presumed she meant her sister – how she could remain calm when they were being tied up by a masked intruder.


Casey just said it wasn’t so bad – and when I tied her ankles together, she named her sister as Joanna.  I then made sure her legs were secured together below her knees – and this time there was no mistaking her sigh as I put the rope between her legs, stroking them with my gloved hands as I did so.


I was beginning to wonder if Casey had a little secret, a I secured Joanne’s legs below her knees, and then I made the older girl kneel as I doubled over a longer length of rope.  Passing it round her, I pulled it tight – and the sigh was definite this time as she sister turned her head and looked at her.


So I asked the question – yes, that one.


“SO you like being tied up?”


“Oh yes,” Casey whispered, “I love it when my boyfriend does this, and you are as good as him – so make it tight.”


Well, I had a request to oblige – so I formed two bands, above and below her chest, and then made sure the bands were cinched between her arms and body as Joanne asked her why she liked it.


After all, she was still scared, so Casey looked at Joanne and said she had to realise there was nothing she could do – so she may as well enjoy how it made her feel.    I took from my bag a black headscarf rolled it into a band and tied a double knot in the middle, and then pushed the knot between Casey’s teeth before tying the band tightly round her head.


“Enjoy it?”


“Thrshshmhh,” Casey mumbled as I lowered her down and then hogtied her, before I walked round and helped Joanne to kneel.  Her sister watched as I bound Joanne’s arms as tightly to her sides as I had Casey, the younger girl nodding as she said “you’re right - if I stop struggling, stop being afraid, it does feel – different.”


“Thlldduhshhm” Casey mumbled as I tied the ropes off, gagged Joanne in the same way as her sister, and then laid her down and hogtied her as well.  The tow girls rolled onto their sides, facing each other, and I left them to try and talk and describe how they felt while I searched for their jewels…




Short shorts


Jill and Tonya were flatmates, as well as work colleagues – and this particular Sunday afternoon, they were at home listening and dancing to music.


There’s a new dance that is going around
Called the Bump
Do the Bump
You can do it to the rhythm of that rock 'n'roll sound
It's the Bump
Do the Bump

Hey hideho here we go
Nice and slow
Hey hidehi standing by your baby's side
Hey hidehe count it out along with me



They were standing side by side, Tonya in her candy striped cap sleeved and tight blouse and denim hot pants, and Jill wearing a pink crop top with her own denim hot pants, bumping against each other as the music played on the radio – and then they saw the door open and a young man walk in.


He was wearing a denim jacket, jeans, a white t-shirt – and stocking puled down over his head, as well as an embarrassed look as he said “Ah – unfortunate.  Please don’t raise the alarm.”


“Who are you,” Tonya asked – and then she saw the gun in his gloved hand.


“I’m not going to answer that,” he said quietly, “but you are going to do something for me.”




Tonya saw him reach into a bag he had over his shoulder, and take out a roll of silver tape before he said “tape your girlfriend’s wrists together behind her back.”


“I’m not her girlfriend.”


“Right now, I don’t really care,” the young man said as he looked at Jill.  “Just do it.”


Tonya nodded as she took the roll of tape from him, and whispered “I’m sorry” into Jill’s ear as she took her hands behind her back.


You're nice
I've told you once or twice
And here is my advice
You're everything a girl should be
So, here, I'll whisper in your ear
And make it very clear
How beautiful you are to me”


Jill bit her lower lip as she felt the tape on her skin, holding her wrists together.


“Good – now, tape her ankles together, and her legs – above and below her knees.”


“All right,” Tonya said as she made sure Jill’s legs were held together, and then stood up, handing the roll of tape back to the young man.


“Good – stand in front of her, and put your own hands behind your back.”


Tonya looked at Jill, her eyes wide as she twisted round, and then said “don’t worry – I’m here as well” while her own hand were taken behind her back, and she felt the tug on her owns kin as he wrists were forced together.


“I met a devil woman
She took my heart away
She said, I've had it comin' to me
But I wanted it that way
I think that any love is good lovin'
So I took what I could get, mmh
Oooh, oooh she looked at me with big brown eyes”


“Think the music is trying to tell us something,” Jill said as she watched the man kneel down, and tape Tonya’s ankles together, and then her legs above and below her knees.


“No idea,” Tonya whispered as the two girls were forced closer together, the man using the silver tape to hold their upper bodies together as it pressed on their arms, their breasts rubbing against each other.


I was sleeping and right in the middle of a good dream
Like all at once I wake up from something that keeps knocking at my brain
Before I go insane I hold my pillow to my head
And spring up in my bed screaming out the words I dread
I think I love you.”




Jill looked at her flatmate, but before she could reply, strips of the silver tape were pressed down over her mouth.  Jill had to watch Tonya’s eyes as the same thing was done to her, but the message was clear between them.


“Mhtthttt,” Tonya mumbled as the man left the room.


“I don't know what I'm up against
I don't know what it's all about
I got so much to think about

Hey, I think I love you so what am I so afraid of
I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for

I think I love you isn't that what life is made of
Though it worries me to say I never felt this way”


Th two women closed their eyes and pressed their taped lips together, moving against each other, making it clear how they both felt as the music continued…




A generational story


They made Mummy take care of me first, that night we were all held captive.  Granny had come round to see us while Dad was away for work, so there were the three of us.  I was about eleven at the time, and there are photos of me with my curly brown hair.


That night, I was wearing a black dress with white polka dots, a red belt round my waist, as well as dark tights and a pair of black leather go-go boots which I really liked.  A real contrast to my mum – she had red-brown hair and was wearing a short sleeved fess with brown and cream stripes, as well as white knee length boots and white glasses.


And then there was Granny – I got my hair from her, and she was wearing a sleeveless taupe coloured dress and gold heels.  She also had on glasses – brown ones for her.


I had gone to my room while Granny and Mummy talked, but when the door opened and I saw the man standing there, I wondered what was going on.  He was smartly dressed – like Daddy when he goes to work – but he was also wearing dark glasses and black gloves, and he told me I had to come down to join the rest of the family.


I went with him to the front room to see Mummy and Granny sitting on the couch, their hands on their heads and two more men wearing glasses behind them.  One of them handed Mummy a length of what looked like curtain cord, and told her to show him her Guiding skills.


I knew Mummy – and Granny – both led Guide troops.  After all, I was in Mummy’s troop. So when she smiled and told me to stand with my back to her, and to trust her, I did as she asked me to do.


What I was not expecting was for her to gently cross my wrists, and then use the cord to make sure I could not move them apart behind my back.  When she had finished, she held my arms and told me to be  brave, as she used a longer length of cord to make sure my arms stayed by my sides.


I knew then something was not right, but I had to rust Mummy, so she told me to sit in the armchair and push myself back.  She then knelt in front of me, and smiled as the man handed her two more lengths of cord – and she used one to make sure my ankles stayed together, then the other one to keep my legs together below my knees.


I then saw the man hand some cord to Granny, who nodded  as she lent behind Mummy and took her hands behind her back.  Mummy smiled and told me that Granny was going to do to her what she had done to me, and then the man would do the same thing to granny, so that we would all be the same.


I nodded and watched as Granny then took the longer length of cord, and wrapped it round Mummy’s body, making two bands as her arms were held against her sides.  I had to say, she did look as if she was comfortable as I tried to move my legs – then laughed at the squeaking sound.


Mummy then sat at one end of the couch, Granny kneeling down as she used more cords to make sure Mummy’s ankles stayed together, and then her legs below her knees, the white band on top of her boots.


She twisted her legs as well, making that funny squeaking sound, and smiled as one of the men knelt behind Granny and did the same thing to her – wrists tied together behind her back, then around her body and arms before she sat on the other end of the couch, and her ankles and legs were tied together as well.


Two of the men hen left the house, as I finally asked Mummy what was happening.  She smiled and said the men were thieves – and they had to make sure we could not stop them.


Or raise the alarm.


I nodded as we sat there before the man looked to the door, and then stood up, taking a roll of brown sticking plaster from his jacket pocket a he did so.  He tore a strip off, and then told me to purse my lips – which I did, before he stuck it down over my mouth.


I wasn’t able to talk or even open my mouth, as he did the same to Mummy and Granny, and then left the room, turning the television on as he did so.  We had to sit there and watch, only able to twist round a little, before the police arrived a couple of hours later.







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